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Glenn Pearce: Eliminate Approach Anxiety

In this 60-minute podcast, we discuss a whole host of tools designed to help you eliminate approach anxiety, permanently. At the end of it, we discuss Glenn’s 12-week one-on-one coaching course, where he helps a limited number of men completely destroy their approach anxiety for good.

Included in this podcast:

  • How to find great women just about anywhere (01:42)
  • Was Glenn scared to talk to girls when he started? (04:09)
  • How Glenn got over his own approach anxiety (05:30)
  • Why the fear of approaching is different from other fears (08:36)
  • Visualization as a technique for beating approach anxiety (10:47)
  • Does self-esteem have an impact on approach anxiety? (15:28)
  • Conditioning oneself to not approach women… and why men do this (19:43)
  • Glenn’s “Hot Girl in the Room” Effect: what it is and how it works (21:07)
  • Illusory value: why her value before you approach is an illusion (24:30)
  • The “Safety Straightjacket”, and how playing it safe leads to rejection (26:23)
  • Some of the most common ways guys play things too safe (30:40)
  • How long does it take for a guy to stop “holding himself back”? (32:07)
  • Thinking about dating progress in terms of the Master’s Wheel (34:20)
  • Speed of progression: how long does it take to make progress? (37:12)
  • Case study: what life’s like for a student of Glenn’s (39:00)
  • The first thing Glenn recommends you do to get more results with girls (42:10)
  • How long does it take to go from “scared” to “successful”? (43:47)
  • How to use habits to program yourself into the “Good Direction Trap” (45:18)
  • When in Glenn’s 12-week program the “Good Direction Trap” kicks in (47:26)
  • What kinds of excuses do guys use to not approach new girls? (49:01)
  • How Glenn gets guys to stop using excuses (51:35)
  • How to use “Instant Attraction Generators” to telegraph attractive traits (53:53)
  • What’s the success rate for students of Glenn’s to beat approach anxiety? (55:41)
  • How long training with Glenn lasts (58:17)
  • How to get a free 10-minute call with Glenn (59:34)
  • A brief summary of what Glenn covers in his 12-week course (60:14)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this podcast and have taken some great lessons away from it. And I hope you’re able to coach with Glenn! He’s an absolutely outstanding coach – can’t recommend him highly enough. Be sure to sign up using the form below.

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