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Match Your Ejaculation to Her Climax, and Make Her Fall in Love

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timed ejaculation
Simultaneous orgasm is a major booster to sexual satisfaction and in-love feelings. An easy way to make her feel more in-love: cum in her at the same time she cums.

Know one of the easiest ways to make a woman fall completely in love with you?

Ejaculate in her right as she climaxes.

I had a girlfriend I hadn’t finished inside of for a while. She was paranoid about getting pregnant. Either I’d finish in her mouth or on her belly or (on rare occasions) in a condom inside her... which are always weaker orgasms for me because condoms just aren’t any fun. The sex through all this was still good; however, it was not phenomenal.

Then at one point I yielded to my passions and ejaculated in her as she climaxed (then had to reassure her for a few minutes after “Don’t worry, you’re not going to get pregnant, you’re not ovulating...”). She got super flirty, happy, and horny for me – much more visibly than usual. She came over again that night; more great sex, but she was still afraid of me finishing in her. So after I gave her a few orgasms from vaginal sex I switched her to anal. I had her bring her knees up into the anal sex orgasm position, and very soon she had a thunderous climax and I finished in her in the midst of her cumming.

She was even hornier and flirtier the next time I saw her, with those huge beaming smiles women only give you when they are thinking about really good sex. She told me “I don’t know why I am so horny all of a sudden!”

But I knew. Incidentally, that next time in bed, I did not match my ejaculation to her climax... and her extreme horniness disappeared.

Matching ejaculations to women’s orgasms has been something I’ve done pretty much forever. I’ve had girlfriends remark on it in wonder: “We always finish at the same time!” And when I’ve asked, they’ve claimed it hasn’t happened for them with any other guy.

I never understood why more men don’t do this. It’s the single greatest, easiest, and most fun way to make women obsessed with your cock and head-over-heels in-love with you.

Yet almost no guy (if the women I’ve talked to about it are to be believed) does it. (and yes, it does work with condoms... though of course going bareback always adds a dimension to sex that isn’t otherwise there)

Tactics Tuesdays: Orgasm Anchoring

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orgasm anchoring
You can train a woman to do and enjoy something – or to cut that something out – with a simple (but mighty) operant conditioning tactic called “orgasm anchoring.”

Have you got something you’d like a girl to do, but she isn’t that excited about? Anchor it with orgasms!

Or maybe there’s something she does, and you’d like her to cut it out? Anchor it with orgasms!

This article presumes you’re adept at making women climax from sexual intercourse already. And ideally, that you’re able to string together multiple vaginal orgasms in her. If you’re not yet, or you’ve got a girl who’s sexually closed off and hasn’t learned to cum yet (or to cum easily / multiple times in a row), give these two articles a gander:

Also, you should probably have a decent grasp of how anchoring works. I’ll give you a quick overview, but I suggest you check out my full article on it here:

That discussed, let’s talk about how to make women you’re seeing do what you’d like them to do... with orgasms.

Where to Touch on Her Body Before You Get to Foreplay

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touch pre-foreplay
What do you do when you get a girl who will let you touch her and cuddle with her, but not touch her breasts, buttocks, or crotch? You touch her other places... in sexy ways.

You’ve got a girl back at your place, making out with you, yet she’s resistant to sex. “We shouldn’t do this,” she tells you. “I have to get going.” Et cetera. You’ve heard it all before.

Do you want to plow ahead? Just keep trying? That can work. You won’t always have the drive for it though.

Here’s the deal: so long as she’s there, spending time with you in an intimate situation, you are still able to touch her and do things to turn her on, even if she yanks your hand off her crotch or won’t let you get her shirt off. There are more things you can do, and they seem harmless enough she will let you do them. And as you do them, she’ll get more and more turned on – and after you’ve done them for a while, those shirts, bras, pants, and panties come flying off.

I’m not going to go into a full discussion of foreplay today. You can read my articles on how to get a girl in bed and physical escalation once she’s in bed for more on that. You might also want to read our articles about giving women cunnlingus if you need details on that.

Today we’re just going to talk about places you can touch and ways to touch that turn girls on, without being full-on erogenous zone foreplay.

The 8 Types of Orgasm Routine

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8 types of orgasm
There are 8 kinds of orgasm a woman can experience. And with this routine, you can communicate your sexual expertise to her – and leave her dripping to hook up with you.

Hey, guys! Today I will post a technique that I have been using since 2009! And it is probably my most successful technique. It’s a real gem, folks! Not only that, but many other skilled seducers I know of have gotten laid with this exact technique over the past year. It truly is a powerhouse.

This will be a long post, but not because there’s too much to remember. I really want to give you every detail and cover the theoretical background and potential pitfalls (and how to avoid them). I’ve also included some good examples as well as good sex talk transitions you can use. Do not get freaked out. That said, this post is best fit for intermediate to advanced seducers. Depending on your level, I will share variations of this technique. I will also suggest, for those of you who are truly advanced, ways you can further spice it up.

Not too long ago, I shared a very detailed report on the forums.

In that thread, a poster named “yash” made the following request:

Could you go more in detail on The 8 Types of Orgasms? I don't think I've seen an article on that ever on the main site, plus I haven't seen it in the boards, but I would love to know the process for how to pull each one of them off.

Yash is right. I haven’t shared it on the main site, which is why I will do it now. Last time I posted it was on mASF in 2010 (the pickup forum back in the day where all the legends were made – a place that no longer exists). So yeah, a revisited version is in order.

The routine (or gambit) was one of my first sex-talk routines, and it is still one of my favorites. When I discovered and wrote down my theory on sexual prizing, I had to make a routine based on it. That was the “8 Types of Orgasm” routine. I have of course made many gambits based on the concept of sexual prizing, but this is the classic version.

Even though I made it when I was 16, it truly rocked my world. Girls would go easily from orange to green… and not just green… I mean they’d go straight luck-o’-the-Irish chartreuse! I used it 2 weekends ago, first on Thursday with a super-hot, introverted, 20-year-old girl who did not show me much attention at first. But she lighted right up after this routine. I used it again Saturday as a 1-shot-1-kill on a 21-year-old chick who literally asked me to take her home right away.

I am about to share something juicy.

First things first. I do not consider this technique super advanced, as I pulled it off successfully when I was intermediate (still with a few failures, which you will not experience that much if you are an advanced player – but again, failures are what transform you into a calibrated seduction master).

With that in mind, let us get on with it.

The Pleasure-Loving Man: Bring Out a Woman's Wild Side

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woman's wild side
All women have a wild side. But they won’t show it except to certain types of men. The pleasure-loving man knows how to bring this side out.


Raw Dogging: The Truth About Unprotected Sex with Women

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unprotected sex
There are two big downsides to going bareback on girls: pregnancies and infections. But nobody talks about the upsides. What’s the truth about unprotected sex?

In my article last week on how to best please women, I mentioned having unprotected sex as a pleasure booster and devotion inducer. When you shag a girl raw, and especially when you cum in her, all other things being equal (i.e., the sex itself, and the experience of it, are also just as good), the experience for her (and for you) tops anything you can achieve with a condom on.

I also mentioned this was not an endorsement or a recommendation, and that you’d better know the risks. And that the risks for it aren’t minor (diseases and pregnancy being the Big Two).

We had a few readers ask for more on the topic in the comments of that article, however. One comment was:

How are we having sex with these girls raw with no consequences? Lol

How do we get girls to have sex raw with us?
How do we know if she does this with everyone or not? How do we know we’re special ?
How do we know she’s clean
How do we not get her pregnant
How many girls would you advise we do this to?

I’m really curious, I love raw sex, but my safety is more important

Another reader requested a proper article on having sex raw.

So, I’m going to give you the politically incorrect truth about raw dogging women – including women you’ve just met. Because there’s a lot of good information in the sex education you’ve had, but it had one problem: it went heavy on the fear, and light on the benefits.

We’ll talk both today.

7 Tips for Toe-Curling Sex that Keeps Women Hooked

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how to please a woman
Science tells us 7 factors matter for how pleased a woman is with sex. Whether it’s your first time with her or your 1000th, you’ll want to use these 7.

I have a fun post for you today on how to please women so thoroughly you get them hooked on you.

We’ll talk about getting her hooked your first time in bed... as well as keeping her hooked for a long time thereafter.

These tips come from discussions I’ve had with fellow lovers of women the years (men with triple-digit notch counts and plenty of experience pleasing all kinds of women) mixed up together with the very best science out there on female sexual satisfaction.

We’re going to start with the science, then get to the how-to. Of course, if you just want the practical “how to” on how to please a woman, you can always skip to it right here (or use the table of contents on the left).

Either way, by the end of this article, we’ll get you hooking just about every girl you wrangle into bed. The women you sleep with, from here forward, will not be able to get enough of you.

On with the show.

Bust LMR with Fractionation (and Sidestep Women's Resistance to Sex)

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LMR fractionation
When women resist sex, it’s easy to get frustrated. But you can beat this resistance (or often even preempt it) with a little dose of fractionation.

Hey, guys. I hope you are doing well. Today I’m going to discuss a very frustrating subject, something that if you can’t deal with can make or break a seduction at the worst possible moment – the last minute before sex.

Last-minute resistance (LMR) is what you face right before you get down to business. You could be in bed, both hot and horny, and just as you make your final move before sex (usually when you try to touch her more intimately or take off her panties, etc.), she resists. In its most simple terms, LMR is “resistance to sex” during the final phase of the escalation process.

Throughout the years, we have published several articles on Girls Chase about LMR. Here are a few:

And a report by me covering a real-life case of last-minute resistance!

This post will cover another technique you can use – in any situation – whether you met her during the daytime, nighttime, social circle, etc. As long as you are at your place, her place, or anywhere you can escalate things in peace, this technique can be used.

Additionally, this technique is rather simple to pull off and not very risky. Sure, as with any technique, practice will generate mastery, but compared to many other techniques, this one is a relatively safe bet, and I would say it’s fit for seducers at all levels.

Becoming the Beast, Part 4: How to Fuck Her Like a Beast

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fuck her like a beast
Want your girl to shriek her lungs out in bed? Or have the most earth shattering orgasms of her life? Then learn how to fuck her like a beast.

Oh, I hope you knew I was making my way to this article. (here are parts 1, 2, and 3 if you’ve just tuned in)

Women love ferocious men, because we live in a ferocious world. And there are many steps you can take toward cultivating that ferocity and turning it into habit. When you have achieved that, you will become the man women love – the man who could kill his enemies and take what he wants without remorse. It is the most exciting thing a woman can perceive in a man. It reaches down and tugs somewhere on her animal spirit that only a fellow animal spirit could touch.

This desire culminates in the most sacred of all physical unions – that between cock and pussy.

But before we start, a few caveats.

One, we are assuming this woman is fully willing and interested in having sex with you. Do not turn this into something it’s not.

Two, if you are too rough and she seems to not be enjoying herself, stop.

Three, if you are too rough, she might love it on one hand but feel like a meat sleeve on the other. You can lose girls even after amazing, animalistic sex because they realize you are too crazy and primal for a relationship.

Finally, this is not the only way you can have sex. There is room for romantic sex and fun, goofy sex; but for the most part, you should be having hard, rough, animalistic sex.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s proceed.

Tactics Tuesdays: 3 Ways to Make Women Undress

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make a woman undress
You can undress her yourself. But what if you want to make a woman undress on her own? There are 3 ways: tell her to, use barriers, and take her pants off first.

I know you’re used to the ‘standard’ way to get a new girl into bed. Bring her home, kiss her, continue to escalate on her... rub your hands up and down her, start to peel her clothes off her. She resists, you persist. Rinse and repeat until she’s naked. Then, intercourse.

Today we’ll talk about another way to do this. Rather than you be the one to take her clothes off, today’s article is about how you can make a woman undress herself.

You can use this with girlfriends and new girls alike. It can help you break through tough bouts of resistance. And it can make the escalation process a lot more fun. Tired of having her take your hands off her or stop you from disrobing her? No problem. Get her to take her clothes off herself instead.

We’ll cover three (3) different ways to do this in this article. And in my opinion, each of these is more fun than the one before it.