Pickup Footage Breakdown: What Day Game Really Looks Like

Day game is something that is extremely foreign to a large body of people. It’s an exceedingly rare thing to see a man approach a random girl on the street simply to get to know her because he thought she was cute, which can cause a lot of guys to back off and move into more familiar territory such as night game.

However, as it’s been previously discussed, pursuing women only during the night can lead to a large imbalance in the type of women you’re meeting; you’re meeting girls who appear to be hot, rather than women who are hot.

What’s a man to do if he has no experience talking to random girls on the street?

footage: day game

Sure, you can throw him out there and let him take tactics from paper and try to translate them to real life, but having a successful model to emulate will carry you that much further and accelerate your learning curve that much faster.

And this is why we’ve come together to develop a series that takes some of the best video footage from the world of pickup in order convey our message more clearly; not only are you going to read about these topics, you’re going to see them in action.

Just like I’d analyze a field report on the discussion boards, I am going to take these videos and display them while providing my own commentary below with specific references to different parts of the video.

You’ll get to look in-depth at someone who either consciously or subconsciously does things that work with women – all with some commentary from me that will lift the veil on everything that appears to just magically work.

First up to discuss is a short, sweet interaction demonstrating how easy things are once you’ve got your fundamentals running and can come off as an attractive, high-value guy.

Sasha (Sasha Daygame)

Sasha begins the interaction by paying her a compliment, which she had a pretty neutral reaction to.

However, you can tell that she most certainly was interested in talking to him, as she pulled his arm back into the conversation when he feigned leaving, which instantly got her investing in the conversation.

He follows up the compliment quite rapidly by making use of his quick wit with a joke. Putting a woman at ease during a conversation is absolutely vital to any interaction; if she’s not comfortable, she isn’t going to invest in you, because you are a stranger in her eyes.

Being quick-witted is something that a lot of guys claim does not come naturally to them. When nervous guys put themselves up in front of a girl, they’ll often try to make use of an entertainment type humor rather than humor that relates to her and puts her at ease.

This is why at 0:23 Sasha does not make some offhanded comment, try to deep dive her, or share a story – she still has to buy into the interaction before anything even starts to flourish. And, naturally, the first thing that comes to him is to simply talk about their interaction and go a bit over the top in explaining that he’s not a robber… he’s actually a lot like her.

And that relation went quite far, as she was quite interested in him. She begins investing in the conversation and they lock into a conversation getting to know each other.

At this point, it’s game on for deep diving.

The primary tool for keeping a deep dive going strong is to ensure that you always stay on track by talking about interesting topics.

One tool for doing just this that Sasha uses in his interaction but a lot of guys lack: thread-cutting.

Thread-cutting works by moving off of conversations you’d rather not talk about. Most guys latch onto topics and run with them until they are tired out, but a master of the deep dive knows to cut off topics that are likely to be uneventful.

Sasha uses this technique at 1:00 – he first starts talking about what she is doing today, but realizes that there is untapped potential for setting a sexual frame by calling her the sexy secretary.

As the interaction moves on, it hits quite an interesting point – she asks him for his Facebook, which is a huge sign of interest.

And Sasha goes straight into qualifying her.

He set this frame now and it is evident throughout the rest of the interaction. They aren’t just going to be people that are casually acquainted through Facebook; instead, he lets her know that she has to put in work and invest in him. She does, and he reinforces those qualifications and closes on his own terms by insisting on a coffee or tea date.

Ending things on your own terms not only shows that you’ve lead the interaction, but it shows that you’ve properly built up compliance from her. And this is as smooth as it gets.

You can see more of Sasha on his site, Sasha PUA (link is to his video page).

Chris (Good Looking Loser)

I really like the way that Chris opened this girl. It’s a similar style to what I enjoy using, simply because it’s so effective at getting her attention before you say anything meaningful.

Chris first gets her attention by making eye contact with her at 1:20 and giving her a solid but confident “Hey, how are you?” She brushes it off at first, not knowing if he meant to talk to her, but she reestablishes eye contact and is clearly drawn in and attracted by him, which means the interaction is set to move forward.

Once he’s properly gotten her attention, he then pays her a compliment and is very straightforward in saying that he wants to get to know her.

Chris launches right into building compliance, which, as we know, comes in steps. He already knows that he wants to move her to his car in order to escape the summer heat, but that requires having her invest and comply in smaller things first, such as him telling her to repeat her name twice before initiating a deep dive.

As we discussed earlier, one part of deep diving includes directing the thread to certain topics. Another big point is to relate back to what she is saying in order to form a closer connection.

Typically the exchanging of where you’re from causes a barrier, because you may not know exactly where they are from. But Chris is able to show that he does in fact know where she’s from, and brings up a powerful role model in her life by doing so.

The interaction is at a high right now, and the connection is hot, so Chris takes this moment to take her to his car by being persistent and moving past her token resistance.

He goes off on a bit of a tangent around the 5:55 mark, but brings it back by playing it off and introducing a sexual dynamic at 7:10 by complimenting her on her legs and feeling them. This is something that Chris does often throughout the video: he recovers by cutting any threads and getting her to comply to something or launching into a sexual dynamic, which primes her for another one.

Chris follows it up by getting her age (which should definitely be a part of talking to younger women) and asking her to guess his. It’s quite funny how he plays off the age difference between a 30 year old and an 18 year old. Typically, society views such an age difference as weird, and they acknowledge this, but also make it sound okay by acknowledging it’s a purely spontaneous, sexual setup at the moment.

Fast forward to around 15:57 where he decides to kiss her after she sarcastically calls him a little angel and you’ll notice that, if you have a conversation with a girl and a sexual dynamic is present, she’s going to be all for kissing you.

That’s probably the easiest way to explain whether or not she will be accepting of a kiss. If you can answer yes to the following questions:

  • Has she complied throughout the interaction?
  • Is she showing signs that she’s attracted?
  • Is she cool?

Then you can kiss her. For some, kissing her and having her be accepting of it can cause relief to rush over them in an awesome way because they realize that she is a sexual woman who is accepting of your advances. Plus, it’s outright fun to kiss an attractive girl that you’ve just met.

Chris has more available over at GoodLookingLoser.com.

Willy (Willy Beck)

Be warned: this last interaction shows a lot of footage; nearly a half hour. But for anyone looking for a simple conversation and direct opener that turns into more, this one is definitely a video to look at.

One thing to notice about Willy is that he stays very cool, calm, and composed throughout the interaction. He isn’t jumping through any hoops or doing anything out of the ordinary – it just all looks natural, which is something that every guy wishes to emulate.

In fact, Willy does a lot of silly stuff in his interactions – he’s just out there having fun and knows the steps to get a woman home with him. See 3:44 for a spontaneous dance that’s just for fun and loosening any tension.

When things are going this well and it’s near the sunset, which is the ideal time of day for a pick-up, a quick date logistically feels like the most natural thing that you could do.

Unlike the previous two seductions, this one is in for the long haul, so you’ll notice that the steps of the interaction are much more spaced. They get moving, go on a date, and really have a good amount of time to get to know each other. When you have no time constraints there’s absolutely no need to rush the night.

When they settle down for coffee at 4:23, you’ll notice that Willy does not do a lot of the talking in the conversation that unfolds. When he deep dives her on an undesirable job (retail), he establishes a connection and locks into learning about her and allowing her to share herself.

After sharing that connection, he relates to her at 6:55 by sharing what his worst job was.

Noticing a pattern here?

Deep diving is often thought of as this big topic that is all about getting to know a girl. Oftentimes beginners (and even more advanced men) will run into the problem of simply not relating to a girl, making all that information that she’s just shared with you almost useless. If you do not relate back to the point and make her feel more at ease with you, the connection is not going to be established. Therefore, make it a rule of thumb to always relate back in a way that makes her feel understood.

The next big point in the date is where he grabs her number; and it’s not when you’d expect him to do it. At 19:55 he grabs her number, and this is during the middle of the date.

When you’re running an instant date like this, it’s always a great idea to get her number in the middle of the interaction rather than at the end. And, as you can tell, she’s pretty happy that he’s asking for her number, as opposed to the typically quizzical faces that women get as you ask for it.

This all boils back to making her want it before you go for it. Most women on the street aren’t keen on giving their phone number to some guy they just met. But after a few rounds of compliance and getting to know each other, relief will wash over her as she realizes that you like her enough to ask for her number.

After the continued sexual tension from playing around with each other’s hands and arms builds into a nice peak, she’s pretty breath-taken. However, she still manages to get out a few yes’s to get them back at her place to seal the deal.

Willy’s site, with tons more content, is BigWillieStyle.ca.

Wrap-up: Ongoing Series and Suggestions

As you can tell, pick-up doesn’t appear to be so hard when I’m showing guys who manage to do everything perfectly during the day. If I had to boil these kinds of interactions down into the biggest points that these guys nailed to make the interaction come off as a success, it’d come down to these three points:

  1. Both the guy and the girl were attracted to each other.

  2. Each of them deep dove the girl about her life, directed the conversation, and related back to her.

  3. They all used touch and knew how to close out the interaction with her.

Moving forward, I’m going to include some more pick-up video breakdown articles that highlight where guys have messed up an interaction, as well as include a wide variety of topics and lessons to be learned from looking at what guys do in-field so that we can all learn from them.

This type of article is a blast to write because it not only discusses in the ins and outs of a tactic, but it also takes previously discussed tactics and shows you what they look like in the real world.

You can look forward to an article discussing night game in the next incantation. Also, feel free to suggest in-field footage that you’d like to see me break down. As soon as we do our best to make sure that the content is legit, I’ll break it down and offer a new lesson every time.


Ross LeonAbout the Author: Ross Leon

Ross Leon is a member of the Girls Chase Forums and an occasional contributor to Girls Chase. His focus is on body building, relationships, and personal self-development.

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Good Looking Loser's picture

I appreciate you guys including me in your project very much.

I happy you used that video because is a girl that I definitely saw again (and again, again, again).
So it wasn't a flake.

Ross Leon's picture

Thanks for providing solid content for us to analyze.

Glad that it worked out for the both of you ;).

Paul96's picture

Great breakdowns! Loved it could you please review a Jon Matrix infield footage or Yad both from daygame.com In my opinion some of Sasha's other videos he puts them on a huge pedestal and is too clown like, the one you showed was quite smooth though. Great work, appreciate it Ross

Ross Leon's picture

Hey Paul,

As for Sasha, I really enjoy his videos. He comes at it with a magnetic high energy which is very entertaining to watch, as well as succeeds in pulling women into such a state. Often times the ones that will react badly to that are resistant to high-energy states, which can give off the appearance that he's putting them on a pedestal.

Also, checked out the men that you recommended; they definitely seem like guys that we can talk about on here, if we got confirmation that their footage is legitimate (it looks the part).

It wasn't my intention for this to be a review of respective channels, but rather to offer an inside look at how other men interact with women, talking about what to do and what not to do.

Anonymous's picture

These girls don't seem like middle class or above girls, they seem more chill than the gruff entitled east coast Washington DC type woman. Nor do I see any footage of black guys and how non-black women respond to them.

DO you have any footage of a middle-to-upper middle class pickup and also black men in action?

Good Looking Loser's picture

the girl in my video is from a super rich family (oil money)

Ross Leon's picture


Yeah, I hear you on including a variety of women to appeal to all tastes. The idea with the series is to have a special focal topic of discussion: for example, this week we focused on successful day game, the next part of the series may focus on night game, dealing with rejections, picking out weak points to get past a plateau, etc.

As for a variety of men, I tried my best to include a variety, but I can only use what is out there. If you're looking for a black man approaching non-black middle-to-upper class women on the east coast, I highly suggest checking out Justin Wayne on YouTube. He already has his own break downs of his content which explain how he gets those women.

ldn's picture

Check out videos by Justin Wayne for black dude in action. Cool and composed style.

I'm partial to Sasha's style though :) quirky but it works very well.

Joy's picture

That last video... damn I miss Toronto. It feels weird (in a good way) to hear people talk about your home city and the streets you used to roam after you moved out. I want to come back.

I know this isn't really pickup related. Sorry.

theemann31's picture

Seriously, this is one of the most helpful posts I have seen here, I'm still a student to the game of getting girls (18 year old virgin) but now I really see where I went wrong in my first few attempts. I read up here and approached 15 girls and got rejected 15 times a week ago and after reading this post and seeing those videos I know why. Crappy fundamentals, not getting any investment from the girl, failure to deep dive and relate or qualify etc. Thanks again for this, I would love to see just one more post like this one if at all possible. Thanks again


Ross Leon's picture


Glad to help! I'm planning on making future posts like this since this one was well received; keep an eye out for "Pickup Footage Breakdown" articles on the main page.

Devin's picture

Hey great post, I love how it really puts everything in perspective and makes the content here feel more like tweaking regular conversation as opposed to doing something super different and strange.

I feel that, for me at least, this article may have been fleshed out a bit better if some minor things done "wrong" or failing to see anything like that, if some alternate paths/things you could do at various points in the conversations were pointed out.

I realise that the last two videos are pretty lengthy and doing this sort of thing would probably make the article much, much longer, but thats feedback I feel would improve and already great read.

All the best

Ross Leon's picture


Yeah, I realize that there isn't too much constructive criticism from me, and that's mainly because I chose pickups that were done extremely well.

I'd rather start off the video series showing guys doing everything right; later on I'm most likely going write one showing men what NOT to do, which will allow for guys to recognize if they are making any of the same mistakes that I am pointing out.

Wolf's picture

This is a great series, but you know you gotta look out for the brothers too, haha.
I saw you mention justin wayne and id like a break down of him and im sure you can find a few more black guys doing approaches.

We need to see different races talking to different races, because that will give everyone confidence. We all know white people are the most well received race, so if you're white and have alright fundamentals, you'll attract a lot. Being black is a big disadvantage when it comes to attracting all races of girls. Even harder if you're a dark black man.

anyway, I'd really appreciate it if you can put some justin wayne up here and more black guys picking up girls. I'd rather see different black guys than justin wayne because I feel he's a little too gamey sometimes.

You should also add some club pick ups too.

Thanks for this series!

Bobby's picture

As a black man,I have been pissed for a long time that black women won't notice me in the streets as non white women!
See,I hate being labeled and refuse to accept stereotypes.So I developed my own style and the women who are the most interested in me are non white and usually they date white guys.Women are most attracted to masculinity,so if you transcend race,you will appeal to a lot of women and this is what matters the most.
Don't wait to see men of different races do their thing,you should take the initiative and be that guy if that's what you want:)

Paul96's picture

Thanks for feedback, the way I see daygame is that the majority of the time interactions should be low energy just because from the girls perspective its all ready a crazy spontanious thing to be stopped on the street. One of the most important thing is to show her your still a normal person, night clubs etc might suit high energy better. Not only that but girls can be overwhelmed and in the moment give out there number then they go home and think do I really want to see that guy again, or is he just going to be making jokes the whole date. If you research the London daygame model, it essentially explains why 'Sasha' style game is a lot of fun and gets girls laughing but essentially doesn't get you dates, and there way is a lot more efficient they apply law of least effort and qualification principles etc anyway I don't mean to sound nerdy or over analytical I along side you have had years of experience in daygame and have my own opinions :) thanks Ross.

David Riley's picture

Hey Paul,

I'm a huge advocate for guys to find a style that best suits them. I run a very straight forward version of direct game. Girls have a simple choice they're either going to sleep with or they're not. I don't leave much room for in between. It allows me to deal and focus with girls who are truly interested me. I've developed this style after years of refining. If anything I wouldn't be surprised if Sasha changes and attempts his style in weeks to come. Anyway it's all about learning experience. We need to correct and direct each other so we can all reach the next level. Anyway good points from you.

Take care,

Just Dave

J.B's picture

Keys to the VIP. For Nightgame examples.

robertnyc's picture

Ross - this was a helpful article but I can't help but wonder if Chase or any one else associated with Girls Chase will be doing their own infield videos or audios. Chase's approach to pickup is very unique so I think some infield videos or audios (audios with subtitles like Tom Torero does) would be helpful to round out the Girls Chase site. I'm a bit surprised that a site that is as popular as Girls Chase does not have any videos or audio, which lots of smaller sites have.

Also, videos which are not infield but just educational demos (like Social Coach James has) would also be helpful and not too burdensome. I think Chase did an audio demonstrating how to give girls commands that is up on the GC web site which was helpful.

p.s. - I had the same concerns when I heard that Girls Chase is considering doing interviews with dating experts, which from the announcement I took to mean the typical well known commercial pickup artists that we probably are all already familiar with. I'd like to see more video and audio content from Chase and his team without diluting the Girls Chase method with other commercial PUA's. I think a lot of us came to Girls Chase because we didn't particular like the methods taught by the other commercial PUA's.

David Riley's picture

Hey Robert,

Thanks for concerns I will be sure to this comment directly to Chase.

Just Dave

Chase Amante's picture

Hey Robert-

Re: video / audio content on the site, I'm something of a technophobe myself (weirdest thing in the world for me when I had a student ask me to tape a microphone to my chest so he could hear what I was saying to girls back when I was still coaching in-field), and if I did do it, I'd want to do it correct and not half ass it - good video, good audio, a cameraman to film us from a distance so it doesn't have just that found footage look, etc. I do have a product outlined around recording in-field pickups from meet-to-bed (or meet-to-apartment/hotel, at least) that I'd like to do which I think would be super fun and hopefully educational, though this is a little too unwieldy to turn into a regular weekly / monthly sort of thing if you ask me.

Thanks for sharing your concerns on the interview series. Both Dave and Colt emailed me your comment, and I shared it with Chris (our social media guy, who's brainchild this is) and Faroon (who'll be conducting the interviews) and both agreed we'd probably be just another copycat interview series if we went the originally proposed route. I think that was my own lack of forethought there; Chris'd proposed making it some sort of regular roundtable discussion between guys on the site initially, but I said I don't think we have enough guys who want to do video here so why don't we just interview guys from other sites. Thanks for pointing out the unoriginality / off-brand-ness of that idea.

Chris & Faroon proposed in that light that we keep it in-house and sticking to interviewing GC authors and senior forum members, so we're going to take it that route now. I don't think we have enough guys in the community willing to get on video though, so we're going to make it an audio-only podcast format rather than video interviews.


R.A.D.'s picture

This came more than handy because ive been dedicating to get good at daygame only for the last couple of weeks and its not easy at all when you go for random girls.

Its actually great to have videos because it made me realize its not that you have to be super creative or spectacular on the initial approach instead being simple and direct works better. That is something ive been struggling with lately so watching that in practice really helped take off some presure and approach more instead.

In this particular article i like the first video better, mainly because its in my city so that helps understand the girls reactions and the context better, but also because you can see how he keeps things simple he builds the connection with her a little step at a time, maybe its also because its more related to my style.

great idea for an article, now to put this in practice!

David Riley's picture

Hey R.A.D.,

Glad to hear that you took something away from this article. I will say from experience little things and having a simple process goes a long way. Things don't have to be really complicated girls. You just have to know how to start a conversation and be able to lead it like in the above examples.

Just Dave

Luca's picture

Now keep in mind this is not a critique, especially since all of them sealed the deal, but HOLY FUCK do these approaches look cringeworthy...
Like seriously bad; and I say this as someone with zero actual experience... I somehow always thought you'd have to be A LOT better and smoother than these guys here to get a girl "hooked".
It really is an eye-opening experience, I guess mainly because of the fact that reading the theories and the conversations I always pictured an extremely flawess interaction, almost magical, which clearly is not the case here; now this seriously makes me wonder how good I could do if I actually tried it for once... THANKS GUYS!

Anonymous's picture

I have this girl living here from time to time, and she is scorching hot. I have flirted (what I call flirting) with her a couple of times (complimenting on her looks, striking an interesting conversation, setting a sexual frame, ect). I find it difficult to notice someone's interest at the heat of the moment, but from what I observe she takes the flirting okay (while looking at me with those hungry sex grazed, shirt ripping eyes). She is currently assistance to our family owned business and one afternoon while doing paperwork, she strikes a weird conversation about discreetness. We were talking about business and the way things are going and things needed to be done then it started getting a little personal. Well in short, she said one thing I said another, then we started moving to a different subject talking about discreetness of our personal lives, then she brought up sex. That became a whole different area of focuse. First question: was that a window for her wanting something more? She is more experienced than I am (I'm still a virgin) so I don't have enough confidence to assume attraction. I have asked myself from time if its cool if I slip a touch (like the example from the 2nd video). I will have time to think about that the next time she's sleeping on my bed. Its not that I'm scared to make a move, its just I would if I could. So I guess my 2nd question would be, is it okay? I don't expect a reply, but if you do I could really use some links to some articles. That would be helpful.

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