Day Pick Up: Take Girls from Street to Bed in a Snap

day pick up…and when I say “street-to-bed” in a day pick up, I’m not talking about the red light district either!

When I first started approaching women, that was THE big motivator for me – okay, at the time it wasn’t even about taking them straight back to my bedroom just yet; in fact, if we’d have sex on the third date that would have been fine for me back then.

But, all the beautiful girls I’d see downtown every day had me *wishing* I knew what to say and do to meet them, and to start some form of relationship with them.

Today, first sex on the third date has become a very rare occurrence, and I’ve since learned that given the right circumstances and the right guy, almost all women will have sex on the first date, no problem… so all you need to do is CREATE the right circumstances, and BECOME the right guy.

We’ve talked about this topic on the blog before, and about what it takes to be that sexy man that women want and to create these circumstances to pick up a girl fast - feel free to review these two articles real quick and then come back here.

Back with me?

Great… then let’s talk about how to make that happen RIGHT after you approach a girl in the street during day pick up.


Day Pick Up: The Guerilla Approach

The header on this one sounds a lot uglier than the actual technique behind it.

The basic idea is really simple. If you can get a girl to sleep with you on the first date, as discussed in the two articles I’ve linked to above, then all you need to do is to take her on the first date right after you pick her up.

And if you get a very flirtatious vibe from her, feel free to sexualize the interaction a bit with chase framing or even a California Pimp approach. If she gets engaged as you do this, you can bounce her straight home immediately… that’s the stuff 15 minute lays are made of.

Of course this will in part depend on HER situation – how much time she has, and where else she has to go that night. But if you keep talking to a couple of girls, and you do it in the right place and at the right time, chances are one of them will be free right now.

Here are a couple of day pick up situations in which you are likely to find a girl that has time to go on a date RIGHT there and then:

  • It’s the plain afternoon and she’s strolling around in a slow pace and clearly not in any hurry to get anywhere
  • If you live near the beach – it’s a pretty safe bet that a girl who’s hanging out there on her own has brought some time with her
  • It’s six PM, just after office hours, and she has the rest of the evening off.

I want to touch on that last one in some more detail, and this works especially well if you live in a great city. One thing you can do is to just hang out near a busy subway station down town or in the business district, and all the girls who are leaving the office will walk past you.

Now all you need to do is stop them, chat for a bit and find out what else they have going on later on… if she’s free, BINGO – you’re on a date. And, as we discussed above, it’s not too hard to sleep with a girl on the first date once you have the process down.

And when it comes to the process, picking up girls is a bit like sales – if you don’t have a process for selling, you are at the mercy of your customer’s process for buying.

Or, in dating terms: if you don’t have an outcome that you’re steering the date towards, the outcome will either be random, or completely on her terms.

(Dating on her terms usually means her getting wined and dined, and then rewarding you for such generous behavior with some affection on the third date, or after three weeks, or after three months… good doggy. Careful though – you might also get rewarded with being just friends).

On the other hand, if you present yourself in the right light and create the right circumstances, she would be extremely annoyed if you didn’t sleep with her on the first date (see: auto-rejection) – whether or not she wants that to happen depends on a lot of factors, but once you’re able to fabricate the kind of situation in which a girl wants to have sex TONIGHT, you had better act on it or she will leave sexually frustrated (and hating your guts).

And yeah, it’s quite funny to sexually frustrate a woman (if you have never done it, do it once… just for the experience of turning the tables for a change), this can also undo a lot of the work you’ve done earlier in presenting yourself as a sexual man.


Preparation for Proper Day Pick Up

day pick upMaybe the idea of pulling this stunt right now and unprepared seems a bit daunting… approaching the most beautiful girls you can find in broad daylight, and then convincing them to go to bed with you immediately – certainly not something a lot of guys can do.

And I can certainly relate to that. The first time I walked around a city all day with the intention of doing this, I stressed myself out so much about it that I ended up being unable to even ask a girl what time it was.

You definitely want to be in the right head space and just in general, have as much going for you in this situation as possible… so here are some tips.

  • If possible, go with a friend. I don’t recommend you approach girls together during the day, I really think it’s best to talk to girls that are alone and to do it while you are alone as well… the reason being that the social pressure on her will be significantly lower, and so she will be able to respond positively to your advances without having to worry about being judged for it.

    That said, hanging out with a friend all day and just occasionally splitting to chat up the beautiful girls you happen to come across is a LOT more fun than stalking the city on your own all day – it keeps you chatty, extroverted and in a good mood.

  • If you can’t bring a friend, take an MP3 player along with you. Some upbeat music will keep you in the mood to pick up girls, and you can even use it to record the interactions you have.

    The first time you record yourself on a day pick up, you might be shocked… we often think we come across one way, but when we see ourselves on video or hear a recording of our voice, we find out that the impression we make is entirely different from the one we had intended. We often have no idea what’s going on with our nonverbal communication until we see and hear them from the outside.

    If you are looking for a small, convenient MP3 player that makes excellent recordings without an external microphone, I highly recommend the Sansa SanDisk Clip - it’s the one most professional seducers I know use to break down their own interactions and tweak their delivery and the way they come across on the approach.

  • Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals – check your voice before you go out. I know for me, girls tell me my voice sounds almost Berry White sexy on some days, while on other days I cringe when I record myself. And all it takes to fix that and get a sexy voice going is some awareness. Project your voice from your diaphragm (or from your hara, if you’re into such things), breathe deeply, and speak slowly. Check your voice before you go out, with a microphone if you must.

  • Cologne – this isn’t a huge factor, and it certainly isn’t part of the 20% that account for 80% of your results… but it can definitely help. Women’s sense of smell is 8 times more refined than men’s, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure you smell really nice. Don’t overdo it though – a spritz or two is plenty.

    As for artificial “pheromones”… there doesn’t seem to be conclusive scientific evidence on this one, but if you’re willing to experiment, give it a shot.

    I played around with it a little bit a few years back, as I’d hang out with a couple of girls I had already slept with previously. I’d go to the bathroom in the middle of our date and apply some pheromones and in all cases, they immediately started to try and seduce me when I came back… one even sat on my lap and put her hands down my pants.

    So – feel free to see how this works for you. The idea is simple – we find people attractive who are healthy, and the right pheromones signal health as much as good genes and facial symmetry do.

  • Make sure you have impeccable breath. I don’t recommend mouth wash, as it’s one of those quick fix solutions that aggravate the problem more in the long run. As so often, the basics are where it’s at – eat healthy food, brush after every meal and floss daily. You might also want to take some mints along, in case you want to grab something to eat while you’re out.

  • There are two chemical substances that can enhance your performance as you meet women (actually, there are a lot more, but most of the other ones aren’t legal and I certainly don’t recommend them). One is alcohol – not something I would do during the day, but a drink or two can make you (and her!) more chatty so once you have her on a date, feel free to order a cocktail or a beer.

    Speaking of beer – does regular surveys and has found that the one question that most correlates with the willingness to have sex on the first date is: “Do you like the taste of beer”… this doesn’t apply much to day pick up, but something to keep in mind. Hmm, where could you find girls who like the taste of beer? I wonder now!

  • The other substance is caffeine. If you feel a little bogged down or low on energy, the first thing you want to do is, again, check your fundamentals. Get plenty of vegetables, proteins and whole foods and drink a lot of water. Get enough sleep every night and try to work out every day.

    That said, if you do feel somewhat tired for whatever reason and you want to take advantage of the day to meet women anyway, feel free to spike your state a bit with coffee or, also very good for this purpose, Guaraná pills. Just don’t overdo this, remember – the most attractive vibe to straight feminine women is a good first impression with a masculine vibe – calm and powerful, not hyper.

  • Girls might ask you what you’re doing out approaching girls, or even just what you’re up to today. Have an answer ready – ideally, you want to be in a place where you never have to go out specifically to meet women because you’re doing so many cool things with your life every day that you come across a lot of hot girls anyway and you just chat them up where and when you see them.

    While you’re still practicing this skill set, however, it makes sense to sometimes take an entire afternoon to do nothing but talk to girls. And if you want to get good at guerilla day pickup FAST, you might even want to do that three or four times a week at first.

    Consider combining this exercise with an actual purpose such as doing some errands – the shopping bag in your hands will also make you look like you’re actually out for a reason other than chatting up chicks!

  • All top athletes use visual rehearsal to increase their performance. Olympic ski jumpers close their eyes for a few seconds before they dash down the slope and visualize the perfect jump. This is not redundant… spend a few minutes doing this before you leave the house.

    You might also want to go over your process for day game before you go out and read the plan on exactly how this day is going to go down. Once you’re done, however, put the paper away, forget all about it and let your subconscious mind do the heavy lifting – it has been well prepared by this blog and Chase’s programs and DVDs.

    At most, keep 2 or 3 things in mind you want to focus on and practice today – you won’t be able to hold more than that in the forefront of your mind anyway, so if there are more than three things you want to practice, pick three for today and leave the rest for another time.

  • Finally, pick the right venue. I recommend you brainstorm a list of places to meet girls in and near your city where you could meet new women. Are there any central squares, shopping streets, train stations, malls, large book stores, beaches, etc.?

    Try one or two of these venues today, and then move on to another place next time you go out. You don’t want to hit the same location every time… in fact, you might even make a list of all the places that are ideal for meeting women and then rotate through the list.

day pick upFinally, if you really want to get serious about this “pick up game”, go to the same venues on different days of the week and at different times of the day. You’ll likely find out that a certain subway stop has a TON of beautiful women passing through it at 5pm on weekdays, but is completely dead on the weekend… or the other way round.

That wraps it up for today – and while “guerilla pickup” is a somewhat advanced strategy, it is really quite simple once you are able to get girls to sleep with you on the first date consistently – simply find a time and a place where girls hang out when they’re free for the rest of the day, chat them up and take them on a date right there and then.

Not what many people call an “instant date”, which often implies that you have coffee with her for 30 minutes. Instead, chat her up and immediately start doing all the things you would do on a regular date with her… and chances are, two to three hours later you’ll be sleeping together (or, in some cases, 15 to 30 minutes later).

Now go get ‘em!

Onward and upward,


Ricardus DominoAbout the Author: Ricardus Domino

Ricardus was one of the most prolific and respected coaches in the men’s dating advice industry. He’s dated some of the planet’s most beautiful women, ranging from a Miss World contestant, to a model for Coca-Cola, to one of “Brazil’s Next Top Models.” His specialty is daytime street stops. He is most remembered for his “Are you single?” opening line. Ricardus is currently retired from the dating advice industry.

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Lance's picture

Hi, Chase & Ricardus,
I think I've heard you two mentioned that the voice tone is very important in cold approaching for quite a few times.
I also remember you two both agree that we can get the inspiration from movies, so what are some of the movies (& the characters in them if possible) that you would recommend?
Thank you.

Godsninja's picture

• Ryan Reynolds (Van Wilder)
• Sean Connery
• Harrison Ford
• Tom Cruise
• Pierce Brosnan (as James Bond)
• George Clooney

Any movie with a main character that you think is sexy/attractive/cool/powerful. One of my favorites is Heath Ledger as The Joker :]

wardog's picture

This is actually bad advice, working out every day does you no good. Muscles need some time to recover after a workout and that's when they adapt, not during the training. If you work out every day, you'll hurt your progress. There's something called overtrainig and except if you follow an extreme split plan, working out every day is a surefire way to get you there.

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