Unmasking the Secrets of Beach Pickup: Why It's EASY

beach pickupWhat’s better than spending a day at the beach?

That’s right… spending a day at the beach while picking up hot girls… and then taking them straight back to your place to sleep with them.

When I started putting together the pieces of a perfect beach pickup, pulling girls from the beach back to my room for the sake of immediate hedonistic escapades, even some of the more experienced seducers among my friends said they were impressed…

… but for the sake of full transparency, I’ll have to admit that it’s really not as hard as it sounds.

Sure, you need to have the process of a proper pickup down, no doubt about it. But there are a couple of factors that make seducing women at the beach a lot easier than elsewhere.

In fact, it can be one of the EASIEST types of pickup you’ll ever do… if you know how.

And today I’ll teach you that “how” with another case study: beach-to-bed in 2-3 hours or less… step by step.

Why Beach Pickup is EASY

The first thing to realize is this:

It is easier to sleep with a girl the day or night you meet her than it is to sleep with her on the second or third date!

This is why we constantly harp here on getting guys to move faster. Moving slow not only makes the whole thing take longer… it actually reduces your odds of getting a girl.

It’s just another one of those counter-intuitive things that don’t even seem to make sense at first.

But you see, here’s the thing: when you first meet a girl, you can start slow… and then gradually pick up momentum.

You can stair-step the interaction towards the bedroom, little by little… And you can take her on an emotional journey. You can slowly but surely go from strangers… to acquaintances… to building chemistry… to getting more and more intimate.

You can systematically take her from one emotional state to the next… creating the kind of experience for her that women read about in romance novels, and that they hope to experience at least once in their lives.

If you just take her number, on the other hand, and then try to meet her again some other day, this is more difficult. Between the time that you exchange digits and the time you are supposed to meet again, life can throw all kinds of monkey wrenches in your plans:

  • She is going to drop out of that “state journey” you take her on. In fact, her life will take her on a completely unrelated state journey… and the next time you get in touch with her, she is likely as far from the state you want her to be in as she could possibly be.

  • She is going to get busy… life happens. We all have a lot going on this day and age… hey, it’s the 21st century. Hot girls are no exception. If anything, they’re usually MORE in demand than other people.

Beach pickup is easy because it is focused on now… not later.

Bermuda, Bahamas…

…come on pretty mama – getting swept off her feet by a handsome stranger at the beach is really one of THE most exciting female fantasies.

The setting is perfect… what place could be more beautiful, more romantic, more sensual?

And the mood is just right… especially if you meet girls in the late afternoon as the sky starts to turn from blue to golden to purple and finally to red… all before night falls so you can get intimate with one another under a perfect star sky.

It doesn’t really get much better than that!

But let me give you a real world example of one of the girls I picked up as she was sunbathing a couple of feet from the ocean… that’s going to give you a better idea about how to take advantage of this perfect setting.

An Angel, a Devil and a Vixen…

If you’ve read any of my articles, then you know I’m not a huge fan of gimmicks. I don’t think you should do anything goofy at all… James Bond is not a goof – he’s suave and sexy.

One of the best ways to approach a girl at the beach is to simply go in with an indirect opener and then transition into a normal conversation before framing the interaction sexually.

We usually advocate direct openers during the day, but the main reason is that most women are busy when you run into them at the mall or at a train station. This is usually not the case at the beach… and you can take your time to build some chemistry before forcing her to make a decision about you.

And that’s how I went about it in today’s beach pickup case study as well…

I actually had every intention of getting some work done, I had brought my laptop to the beach with me and I was sitting in front of my bungalow having breakfast and answering some business emails, when I saw a beautiful Asian girl with jet black hair and the perfect slim figure sunbathing in her bikini… RIGHT in front of me.

beach pick up

So much for my productivity.

Do you ever get those two little fellas sitting on your shoulders, the angel and the devil, whispering in your ear?

The funny thing is, when you first start learning seduction, the devil’s busy telling you to just give up and go home.

But once you know that you have a very good shot at actually making something happen, it’s the angel who reminds you that hey… you’re here to get some work done, not for play time with sexy seashore vixens!

But we’ve also discussed in previous articles that our limbic brain usually overpowers our cerebral cortex (or at least, that’s my excuse!), and I simply couldn’t resist her figure!

As it turned out later, she was a professional dancer in a trendy club, and does ballet in her spare time… so you can’t really blame me now can you?

Business emails… less interesting…

Half-naked Asian dancer… more interesting…

The Approach

I thought of an excuse to chat her up – I just walked over to her and asked for some information. Again… you don’t need any magic bullets here.

Normal is good.

Most guys don’t have the confidence to be “normal” around hot girls, so that works just fine and is already enough to set you apart.

From there, it’s merely a matter of keeping the ball rolling… whatever answers she gives you are more ammunition for you to spin further conversation threads from, and if she’s not totally disinterested, you should be able to get good rapport within 2-3 minutes tops.

At that point, you start steering the interaction in the directions you want it to go…

She’s not the jealous type now, is she?

Oh, that’s good. I don’t like jealous people… in fact, I quite like being single and I think variety is what makes life interesting…

…and we’re off to the races.

(For more details on what to do after you approach a girl, check out our flagship eBook, How to Make Girls Chase).

After about 20 minutes, I bounced her back to my room with some lame excuse… maybe some pictures I wanted to show her, or I may have told her that I need to pick up my sun screen.

To Ravish or Not to Ravish… That is the Question

beach pickupIf you’ve read my articles about the California Pimp, you know that it is perfectly possible to have sex with a girl 20 minutes after first meeting her.

Now, that doesn’t work every time… but if you get the right vibe with a girl, you would be surprised how wild some of them can be, and how fast!

In fact, a spontaneous sexual adventure with a stranger is many a woman’s fantasy… so long as she feels safe and there are no consequences, most women are completely open to the idea.

I’ll say that again – there are two obstacles to “instant seductions:” safety, and the consequences she may fear.

  1. Safety: Maybe you’ve read about the study that identified the best sales people – the best closers are those who qualify the buyer better and build trust faster. That translates to seduction as follows: you need to only talk to girls who are actually interested in you, and you need to make them feel completely comfortable around you very quickly. If you can do that, the safety concern is gone.

  2. Consequences: Surprisingly, this doesn’t usually refer to pregnancy or STDs. Most women are much more worried about the social consequences of hooking up with a stranger… meaning, their reputation. They don’t want to be judged, neither by him, nor by their peers. But if you communicate to her that you’re open-minded and non-judgmental, and that this adventure is going to be your little secret, you can put her mind at ease about the consequences as well.

That said, escalating on a girl you’ve met a mere 20 minutes ago works only about two out of three times, in my experience… and that’s if she’s attracted and you do have the right vibe.

One out of three will not engage and probably shut down… and then leave, never to be seen again.

It’s something everyone should try a couple of times, just to get a feel for how fast you can really escalate and how sexual women really are… but if you want to have a 95% chance of sleeping with a girl, spend 3 hours with her before you start making any moves.

And that’s what I opted for in this beach pickup as well… mostly because I could read her body language and it was obvious that she wasn’t 100% comfortable with being in my room just yet.

And so I took her back outside for a drink at the beach and then a swim before I was ready to try again.

It’s Not Slutty if It’s Different Area Codes…

Here’s another reason why it’s often a LOT easier to pick up women at the beach than elsewhere: most of them are on vacation!

And on vacation, many of the usual rules go RIGHT out the window for most women.

The same girl that will give you a kiss on the cheek goodnight and not go home with you because she wants you to think that “she’s decent” may spend the next vacation on some island in Greece having a threesome with her surf instructor and his tall, dark and handsome friend, the hotel animator.


No social consequences!

As we discussed above, often the ONLY thing that keeps women from being as wild as - AND WILDER THAN - men is their fear of being seen as an “easy slut”… they fear gossip and the judgmental eyes of their peers.

But when they are thousands of kilometers from home, the rules change COMPLETELY.

If you ask any Italian: who are the most difficult women in the world to pick up, he will undoubtedly tell you that it’s the Italians. Whereas all the American tourists that come to Rome every year spread their legs at a moment’s notice…

On the other hand, any seducer in California will probably tell you that he has a much easier time picking up Italian tourists than he does his fellow American locals!

Sure, a part of that is the “novelty factor” – women often go for foreign men because of the mystique of the exotic, because of the sexy accent and simply because it’s something different that she hasn’t tried before.

But an even larger factor is simply this: she need not worry about society’s rules and regulations when she steps out of her society for a week or two.

And this is where YOU come in. B-)

Sexy, Salty, Sensual…

As I mentioned, I took this girl for a swim, and that’s really the best way to close the deal when you’re picking up a girl at the beach.

You can pick her up in the shallow water and dunk her under…

… I’m sure you’ve heard that women find men who treat them like their bratty little sister insanely attractive?

Or you can swim out with her to where no one can see you, and make out like teenagers and feel each other up…

… except you’re both wearing next to nothing, and the waves will press your bodies against each other.

And once you’re at that point, it’s merely a matter of taking her back to your room for a shower.

Just to get rid of the salt, of course.

Not to do anything naughty at all.


A good friend of mine, a fellow dating coach from Hawaii, actually skips that step in his beach pickups altogether… he’ll chat girls up at the beach, carry them piggy-back into the ocean and then has sex with them right there and then. (And you thought 20 minutes was too fast!)

That’s not my preference, because I find it a bit uncomfortable and I also like to always be safe… but, it certainly goes to show what’s possible.

beach pick up

Beach Pickup: Easy as Pie…

Maybe you’re starting to see how smooth and easy it all can go down when you spot a beautiful girl at the beach.

The thing is – every time you approach a girl and she fully engages (what some people call the “hook point”), you SHOULD be able to sleep with her the same day, and in no more than three hours.

The only reason why that would not happen is usually logistics – if you meet her in a big city, she’s busy and you only have three minutes together. Then by the time you (try to) meet her again a few days later, all the emotional momentum from the initial encounter has been lost.

If she comes out again, it will often be a rational choice at that point… she’s no longer swept up in the moment.

But at the beach, in a well-run beach pickup, you have her right there in front of you, in the perfect setting… with PERFECT logistics of (usually, if you’re on vacation too) having your private room right there near the ocean.

It’s up to you to make HER sexual fantasy come true…

…that’s your duty and obligation as a seducer.

It’s a tough job, I know, but someone’s got to do it…

Onward and upward,


Ricardus DominoAbout the Author: Ricardus Domino

Ricardus was one of the most prolific and respected coaches in the men’s dating advice industry. He’s dated some of the planet’s most beautiful women, ranging from a Miss World contestant, to a model for Coca-Cola, to one of “Brazil’s Next Top Models.” His specialty is daytime street stops. He is most remembered for his “Are you single?” opening line. Ricardus is currently retired from the dating advice industry.

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Hey Ricardus, great article, but i was wondering how to modify the pickup if there aren't any nearby hotel rooms etc. Living in Australia, it is about an hour drive to any beaches for me and so if I'm out and about on the beach i don't have a room or anywhere to get intimate. I suppose there is a chance she will, or i might be able to use the car, but what suggestions do you have for this kind of scenario. Fooling around in the water sounds fun, but what else is there?

Sik Vic's picture

Any suggestions on trying to pick up the hottest one sun bathing when they're in a group or just with one other freind and the hot freind knows she's hotter and it's obvious that everyone notices her I tried the normal approach and got ignored like she expected me to try but wasn't interested or maybe she didn't understand English idk well at least I tried I felt it was worth it cuz yeah she was a dime!

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Hey dude do you know the best beaches in Europe, south America, Australia around the world to pick up women, in the uk Bournemouth beach is #1.

lets get a list going...

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Great post! I live on Maui and am working on my beach game. Can you tell me who your Hawaii dating coach friend is? I'd love to hit him up for some coaching. Mahalo!

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Really love the article, nice a straight to the point. I'll be sure to send it to those who need it.

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