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Our Folks

Ever wonder who's bringing you all those amazing articles, life-changing programs, and eye-popping perspectives? Here's the team behind Girls Chase... lain out in characteristically unconventional format, of course. At our disposal is a cadre of top-caliber talent hard at work bringing you ever-better material and an ever-better experience. We're committed to continually raising the bar to provide you more and more - so stay tuned, because the best is (always) yet to come.

Check our people out below.

chase amante


When Girls Chase launched in 2008, it was with some reluctance from Chase Amante. He'd been watching his students in excel in seduction, taking and using the expertise he'd spent years developing with women encountered in just about every arena imaginable, but he'd resisted requests for years that he launch a site devoted to teaching a more fundamentals-based approach to getting girls. “I'm not sure there's a market for this kind of thing,” he remembers telling people who pushed him to launch Girls Chase. “Nobody really wants to think he needs to get better with women, or that some other guy can teach him.”

Eventually he relented, beginning a blog, but not devoting much time to it at first. Only in anticipation of the release of How to Make Girls Chase, designed to be a compendium of his acquired knowledge and planned to be a last farewell to publicly teaching and talking about picking up women, did he begin upping the activity on the site - and begin to see its potential as a channel for changing the way men and women interacted for the better.

Now, in late 2012, Girls Chase is small but ambitious. The free information on the site's blog has touched the lives of millions of men, and its book and programs have transformed the lives of thousands of them. As the business grows, Chase's focus has been on maintaining an extremely high level of quality on the site. “I'm not too interested in beating the competition,” Chase explains. “What I'm really interested in is doing things in this space that no one else is doing. There are a lot of people out there who are still completely clueless about dating and relationships, and that tells me the majority of the market isn't getting the message. That means we aren't doing a very good job, and it's something I'm trying to fix.”

You can read more about Chase here. A list of Chase's articles may be found here.

ricardus domino

Ricardus DOMINO

If you could describe Ricardus' approach to life in one word, that one word would probably be this: FUN.

Ricardus first zeroed in on committing himself to seriously upgraded abilities with women in 2002 - a couple of years even before Chase. Under the adopted name Karea, he quickly became one of the most prolific and respected coaches in the industry, and his “credentials” - such as dating some of the world's most beautiful women, from a Miss World contestant, to a model for Coca-Cola, to one of “Brazil's Next Top Models” - have long been the envy of most of the other instructors in the space.

Ricardus has an eye for breaking down and analyzing social dynamics at a level of detail that few can match - a talent that caught Chase's eye and made him a perfect fit for Girls Chase. As one of the site's most frequent contributors and as the head coach of the results-driven phone coaching program, Ricardus has quickly carved out a niche for himself as a valued and valuable part of Girls Chase.

You can find a list of Ricardus's articles here.

michael labrie

Michael LABRIE

A smooth-talking, slow-dancing, woman-loving Frenchman if there ever was one, Michael had already known Chase for years before he approached him with an interesting proposition: “What eef we did Girls Chase... en French?

Seeing a need in a French market filled with men who desperately needed real resources on getting better with the fairer sex, Michael set to work on a brilliant translation of the business' flagship product, Chase's book How to Make Girls Chase, capturing not just the content of the work, but the voice and the spirit, too.

Now working closely with Chase to ready the site for its French-language launch, Michael is as excited about Girls Chase's next frontier as anyone. “Thees is going to be a lot of fun,” he says.

genaro geneta


With arguably the most important job in the company - interfacing with its customers - Genaro's played a key role in helping the business to reach new heights. His no-nonsense demeanor and customer-first attitude has continued the Girls Chase culture of service-first, satisfaction-centric learning, teaching, and consulting.

Whenever you write in with a question, comment, or query, it's Genaro who gets your message first, and it's because of him that the lights stay on and the business keeps running, even when Chase and Ricardus are out in exotic locales somewhere around the world.

sophie tate

Sophie TATE

When Sophie isn't charming the socks off of playboys and millionaires (and earning more than her share of free drinks in the process), she's heading up the marketing and public relations efforts for Girls Chase.

Sophie's expertise lies in getting outsider businesses insider treatment, and she's been hard at work on building exposure and the brand for the company. Without Sophie's PR savvy and marketing maven status, “This business would still be doing 5,000 visitors a month in traffic, instead of 500,000,” Chase says.

And according to Sophie, she's just getting started.

xander christiansen


Calling himself “the King of Conversions,” Xander's the newest edition to the Girls Chase team, but he's already made a splash. Doing a lot of the IT work Chase had previously been trying (not very successfully) to do himself, Xander pulls it all off with both eyes closed and one arm tied behind his back.

“I don't like to think of myself as a coder,” Xander says, “more like a really cool guy who happens to make good websites.”

The way Xander tells it, the work of an IT professional and conversions specialist is never really complete. And as such, he's continuously working on the next big website revolution.

“Evolutionary changes are for hacks,” he says. “If you want real change, you make revolutions.” And indeed, revolution is the name of the game for him.

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