Book Excerpts: Get Girls in Bed (Without a Bed)

get girls in bedIn response to the "Move Girls" post, a reader named Anon Guy comments:

Chase, hey,

This is an awesome post and I am religiously reading your down-to-earth blog.

I have a dilemma of not owning my own pad (yet), and if we propose that it is a zero-sum game, and that it all boils down to sleeping with her for the two to become lovers, do you have any practical advise on guys who do not own a convenient, private space to make the magic happen?

I guess back seat of my car could work, but it's not really private, and will probably be a million times harder to pull that off.

But based on countless posts I've read so far from you, it seems like the only way is to bed her some way or another.

Let me know. Thanks!

In fact, you don't necessarily need a bed to get girls in bed. You can do it without one... sometimes, not having a bed even makes it easier.

How can this be so?

As revealed in this segment from my eBook How to Make Girls Chase: Every Tactic and Technique You Need to Get the Girl(s) of Your Dreams, there are a number of distinct places you can, effectively, get girls in bed without a bed, and there are a few more reasons why sometimes these places are even easier to bed girls than, well... beds.

Want to know more?

Here are some ideas for alternatives to your place where you can take a woman to get intimate:

  • Her place (check to see if she has roommates / her own room first)
  • Hotel / motel room
  • Back seat of your or her car
  • Park bench
  • Beach
  • Dark alley or stairwell
  • Bathroom

It can actually be easier to get women intimate with you in a strange place like the back of your car or in a bathroom than at your place or her place. Why is that so?

Well, remember when we talked about women having automatic responses to certain words and phrases, like, “Can I get your number?” Women also have automatic responses to certain scenarios for intimate escalation. For instance, she knows if she’s in your bedroom alone with you, her defenses need to be up and she needs to make sure she knows what she’s doing. She’s going to move more cautiously and defensively. She thinks to herself, “Uh-oh – alone with him in his bedroom means sex. I’d better be careful.”

But if you’ve suddenly dragged her into a bathroom, it’s going to tend to be very new and exciting for the vast majority of women. It may very well be the first time a man has ever dragged her into the bathroom before. Because of that, you’re able to get intimate with her very quickly. There are no defenses based on prior experiences; only the thrill of the moment.

You don't have to end up agonizing over how to get a girl in bed if there aren't any beds around. All you really have to do is figure out where the most secluded, private place around is... and then get her there, and then physically escalate with her.

In fact, as it turns out... not only can it be easier to sleep with a girl for the first time in an unconventional place - it can even be more exciting, and more fun.

To get not only your logistics handled, but your game (and batting average with the beautiful women you meet!) imporved overall, you'll want to grab a copy of my eBook. In it, I put together an unbelievably comprehensive, 406-page how-to guidebook on picking up and getting together with girls. I break the process down step-by-step into the most minute details so you understand everything, and then I sum it all back up again in an easy-to-remember, easy-to-follow and dead simple to use process to get you getting wild success with the girls of your dreams today. If you haven't picked up your copy yet, you owe it to yourself to go here and download it right now:

Talk with you again soon.


Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.


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Anonymous's picture

How do I even suggest this?

Chase Amante's picture

"Hey, how close are you from here?" [she answers] "Have anything to eat at your place?" [she answers] "Cool, let's go there."


A's picture

Hey Chase,

Been reading your blog for the past couple of months now, and I think there's less than 10 articles to go until I have read everything on your website.

Awesome stuff to say the least, I feel like I've hit a goldmine after reading your pieces.

From your writings I can see you are not the biggest fan of seducing women in clubs since it's loud and not conducive to many aspects of seduction. However, I keep seeing guys who do pretty well in clubs. Can you write a piece on gaming in clubs? Particularly what to do on the dance floor when conversation isn't really an option?

Thank you.

Best regards,


Chase Amante's picture

Hey A,

Actually, I cut my teeth in nightclubs. Most of the stuff I've developed myself and a large part of my personal style was developed and tested out in nightclubs; when I'm testing out new things, that's usually still where I go. You'll see me recommend against them though because I think they're an unnecessarily difficult environment for most guys, and because they're a terrible date idea (unless you've done a lot of work making the club "your" turf... and even then, it introduces way too much uncertainty).

I talk about nightclub pick ups generally in this post:

How to Pick Up a Girl

and working without words here:

BW's picture

Chase man,

Been working hard on escalating faster lately, and one hole I seem to have found in your article set is this: bedding a girl fast is a great way to get way ahead in her mind, but I've found that, with more conservative girls, this can lead to a sort of reaction-withdrawal following that first night--societal convention makes her feel apprehensive about continuing contact with you, she's "not that kind of girl", etc. I seem to recall you mentioning overcoming this with one of your long term ex's. Can you advise how you worked around her apprehensions without falling too far into "chasing a relationship"? So far I've just played it cool and dodged the issue, tried the hard push on the nervous ones, and let the ones who resist beyond that go, but am wondering if I'm missing out on a second opportunity with the more resistant ones.

Thanks bud,

Chase Amante's picture

Hey BW,

Great to hear you're escalating faster (and that it's paying off!).

You're talking about what's commonly termed "buyer's remorse" (but actually isn't buyer's remorse) in the community.

The "bad deal" feeling tends to come from a girl feeling like she slept with you too quickly and now you'll think poorly of her... so she goes into auto-rejection.

Some quick fixes if you're running into this problem:

  • Have sex with her multiple times the first night,
  • Have her spend the night and have sex the next morning, and
  • Have breakfast with her, or have a meal with her the night of if she can't spend the night.

The main thing you're doing here is showing that you still like her after sex. The big worry a lot of girls have is, "Oh crap, I slept with him too fast and now he thinks I'm a slut. I can't have him around me or his impression of me will affect how I think of myself."

By sleeping with her multiple times, you're communicating to her, "I continue to be very attracted to you," and by having a meal with her afterward and talking with her more, you communicate to her, "I continue to like you and respect you as a person." These two combat her tendency to assume you now think she's a low-value girl by showing her you think otherwise, and prevent her going into auto-rejection.

Hope this helps, brother.


Jeff's picture

Hey Chase and Ricardus,

You guys have a lot of great articles on this blog and they've truly made me a better man. The highly valuable posts for me have been understanding the facts about law of least effort and investment - truly changed my life over the past couple of months.

Now because I'm now pulling all sorts of women, I'm beginning to hang out with a couple of girls more and more and liking them more and more.

I'd really like you guys to do a piece on relationships here. I remember you saying that we shouldn't be the ones requesting a relationship - so let's say I'm seeing a girl for months and she's yet to bring up the idea of a relationship. Do I keep doing what I'm doing and keep it this way until she wants a relationship? Or is she expecting me to lead and express 'feelings' and 'request' a relationship? lol sounds lame but I hope you understand what I'm asking. I tend to get in this pickle and screw things up from time to time.


Chase Amante's picture

Howdy Jeff,

Very cool to hear how knowledge of effort levels has impacted you, man. It's pretty awareness-shifting as soon as you start realizing it, isn't it?

Shifting gears into a relationship is definitely something we've neglected to cover on here so far. Seems like I'm starting to get more requests on this one - hearing from more guys now saying they've got their hands full with women but want a relationship with one. Which... ain't such a bad problem to have, all things considered ;)

Anyway - I'll see about getting one up on this soon.


Kevin's picture

Hello Chase,

Firstly, I love all your articles! I'm only starting to give them a go. I have a question about how to get the girl to the places. Okay her place, back of my/her car, park bench and the beach is pretty straight forward. But stairwells? How would I take her up there? And when I do, I should straight away make out with her? Hope you can help me out with this! And I'm also curious about dark alleys and the bathroom, although I don't intend to do it there.


Rico Suave's picture

Prior to take girls to those secluded areas you already have pshysically escaleted and making ot out with her passionatelly in the location you already are with her. After that you take her hand and led her to the secluded area. Even as an alternative you can say " let´s to to a quiet place" and continue from there.

The issue here is to know the accesibility of those secluded locations.

Once you are there and ONCE YOU STARTED HAVING SEX NOT BEFORE if she starts to feel unconforatable then quietlly you lead her to a motel you may asy is neccesary "let´s go to a place place we can chill and relax" That´s it. After all she already enganded in sex, even though she may back off while you are heading to the motel is a risk worthwile taking. But only if comes impossible to keep being intimate on the chosen secluded location.

Hope this helps.
Rico Suave

Anonymous's picture

Hey Chase, just wanted to say that I love your site. Been reading your articles regularly for the past year and my success with women has skyrocketed as well as my confidence. Not only have you made me a better seducer, you've made me a better man, thank you. Anyway, your formula has worked for me in multiple occasions. I meet up with girls at startbucks, get something to drink, deep dive and off to her place or her car. I don't have a car right now, I'm saving up for one, so I've done the deed in their car in few occasions. The other occasions it was backed at their place because I don't have my own place at the moment. The times I layed them in the car, the girls were just super into me and they were just waiting for an excuse to do me, so I insisted we get some alcoholic drinks, chill and drink them in their car. Did that and got layed. My last few dates though having been as successful though. I met the girls, got them into me, but these girls still lived at home with their families and I don't have my own place. They were into me but not "take me now" into me but I know if I would have got them alone with me and persisted I would have mated with them. They had their own car but had a hard time finding a way to get them to chill in their car. They were somewhat conservative and were not crazy about drinking or smoking in their car. What I want to know is what are some good ways to get a girl to hangout in her car or your car when neither person has their own place. Better yet, how do you get a girl you just met to go back to a hotel room? I can't think of any excuse. I was only able to pull that off once before I even found your site insisting we get a room and smoke some weed. It worked because she was super into me to the point where nothing I would have said or done would have been wrong lol but how do you do this with girls that are only semi into you or even really into you?

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