How to Pick Up a Girl

how to pick up a girlIt's Friday night, and you're sitting at home by yourself. No girlfriend to spend time with, no gal you're kind of sort of seeing to call... not one girl to keep you company.

A thought pops into your head: "Maybe I can go out and pick up a girl!"

But, just as quickly as it popped excitedly into mind, a bunch more thoughts rush in to dampen your spirit, and you realize that you really just don't know how to pick up a girl.

You go to a bar or a nightclub, and... use a pick up line? Then what? Buy her a drink? And then just hope somehow at the end of the night the two of you end up in bed together.

No, no... you know it isn't that simple. There's a lot more to it than that. You just don't know what that "lot more to it" might be.

Fortunately though, by fate or fortitude or because you knew where to look, you found this post. As a guy who's spent the past six years studying, refining, and honing his ability to meet girls and get them in bed fast, and who's spent much of that time teaching other men to do the same, I'm rather uniquely qualified to help you succeed.

And helping you succeed at getting girls is exactly what this site, and this post in particular, was built to do.

So, without further ado, let me present to you the step-by-step guide on exactly how to pick up girls, so you can beat back those spirit-dampening thoughts and start succeeding with women.


The 10 Common Mistakes Men Make Trying to Pick Up Girls

Guys do a lot of knuckleheaded things when they're trying to get girls to like them, talk to them, and eventually go home with them. More opportunities for successful nights have been squandered by guys making dumb mistakes with girls who liked them or would've gone home with them than by just about any other reason.

Here now we're going to have a look first at the 10 most common mistakes men make trying to pick up a girl, so you can know what they are, identify these mistakes in yourself if you're making them, and stop making them right away so you can find success in picking up the girls you like.

Our top 10 mistakes men make trying to pick up women:

  1. They go to the wrong places. When most men think of picking up a girl, they think of big loud nightclubs. But big loud nightclubs are a stretch for many men out there – for many guys, it'd be a lot easier to strike up a conversation with a girl in a bookstore or on the street. You can do the club scene, and it can be a lot of fun, but do keep in mind there are a lot more places to meet women than big rooms with pulsing music and strobing lights.
  1. They focus on the wrong things. Doing well with women isn't about having good "pick up lines" or dressing flashy. It's your presence – how you are, including your posture, your body language, your eye contact, your voice tone – and what you say after you first say hello that matters most. Those are the things that get women attracted and cause them to want to move forward with you. But most guys focus on the wrong things, and are left scratching their heads when their pick up attempts fall flat.
  1. They don't emulate winners. Ever have anyone say the phrase "Just be yourself" to you? Well, there is a kernel of truth in it – but it's no good until you've spent enough time trying to emulate others that you know what parts of yourself are good as-is and what parts need tweaking. When you're meeting new women, who are you trying to be like?

    If it isn't a guy you already know does better with women than you do, you're probably missing out on implementing a lot of the more effective things he does. In business, we call it benchmarking. In sports and in the arts, they call it having an "influence." Whatever you want to call it, the people who do best don't figure it all out on their own. They learn from those better than themselves and go from there.
  1. They don't know how to target. I'm either going to do a post on this or maybe even put an entire program out on it at some point, but being able to target the right women to meet is so very key to succeeding. It's why men who are very experienced will at times go out and talk to one woman, and that's the woman they take home later.

    It does require you to spend some time learning how to do it, but once you've developed the ability to discern which women are open to meeting someone new – pay special attention to body language and eye contact – is she focused on her friends, or does she seem distracted – it all gets so much easier you'll find it difficult to believe you ever got by without looking for these signs she's interested before.

    Oh, and, while I know they seem like the bright shiny objects of a bar or nightclub, don't chase after the girls partying hard on the dance floor, because they're not in a "meeting a cute guy" kind of mode. Instead, wait until they take a break and stop dancing, or find a girl who's relaxing by the bar already. I guarantee you it'll go over better than trying to get to know her while she's bouncing up and down.
  1. They miss escalation windows. Of all the ten mistakes listed here, this one's the most painful. Missing an escalation window is what happens when a girl wants a guy to move things forward, and signals for him to move things forward... and he just doesn't. And then she gives up.


    This happens to lots of guys early on. It used to happen to me a lot. It happens because either a guy doesn't realize she's signaling him to move things forward, or because he's moving too tentatively and doesn't capitalize on the signals he gets.
  1. They're too much fun. Fun kills the mood; it messes things up. At least, the kind of fun that most guys try to pull off. Being sexy and a bit fun is great; being goofy, silly, slapstick-y, or just platonically fun is, on the other hand, terribly counterproductive. It communicates to women that a man is more a fun friend than he is a sexual option. No good.
  1. They never go beyond the surface. How many times does a guy have to have an average go-nowhere conversation with women before he realizes go-nowhere conversations don't take him anywhere? Most guys never get past the surface with women in their conversations, and never really get to know the girls they're talking to. Because of that, they never end up feeling connected to the women they're meeting – and the women they're meeting never end up feeling connected to them, either.
  1. They don't move women. The #1 way to get a girl committed to talking to you early on, and the #1 way to see if she's serious about you, are one and the same: you ask her to move with you. But most guys are so scared she'll say no that they don't ask; or else, they just plain don't think of it. So, she never commits to the interaction, and it starts feeling awkward. And then she leaves. And guys then guys are even more cautious the next time and wait even longer before asking a girl to go sit with them or accompany them to another part of the store or coffee shop or bar or lounge. Egad.
  1. They don't invite women home. Goes without saying a guy won't do too well picking a girl up if he never asks her home. Yet all the time, men go out to meet women with the hopes of finding a new girl to take home that night, and still never ask any women they meet to go home with them. Make sense to you? No, me neither.
  1. They come ready to lose. How many of the above wouldn't even be an issue if men came playing to win and kept that mentality the entire time? Probably at least half of them. But most guys are so ready for failure that they miss the signs that are there that women want things to move forward, and they fail to take actions they need to take to make the night a success.

    Being ready to lose is different from having nothing to lose; the guy who has nothing to lose does whatever he wants because he has no fear of losing. The guy who's ready to lose doesn't even try, because he's confident he's going to fail no matter what he does. It ends up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy and, just as he expected, he ends up going nowhere fast with the women he meets.
Those are your 10 most common mistakes men make trying to pick up a girl. Maybe reading through you see some mistakes you make; those are all mistakes I made when I was new, and I see guys making them every day (or, at least, every day I'm not holed up in a cave in some third world country writing articles like this or doing business stuff like I am right now).

How do you fix those mistakes, you might ask? Well, I'm glad you did. Allow me to present to you...

how to pick up a girl


How to Pick Up a Girl

First things first: there's no shortcut to becoming a compellingly seductive man. That is, being a sexy man, engaging women in great conversation, and just generally being bold and confident and experienced enough to know how to move things forward and when to do so.

All that takes time.

And while, over the long-term, those are the things that are going to benefit you most and do the most for transforming you into a consistently successful seducer of beautiful, wonderful women, over the short-term there are a few things you can focus on to even out your odds a little bit.

  • Choose your locations wisely. If you like party girls, you ought to be hitting up parties and nightclubs. However, if you like more sensual, seductive women, you'll fare better in lounges and house music venues. And if you like intellectuals and educated girls, your best bet is going to be the bookstore... or the street. And if you're not sure, check out my free ebook Finding Your Niche; that'll help you narrow down where to begin.
  • Ditch the pick up lines. Some cheesy line isn't going to win a girl's heart over. But if you open strongly and confidently with a direct opener, you just might speed the process up quite a bit. If that seems a bit much to start out with, you can always lean on the trusty indirect direct style of opening to get the ball rolling.
  • Move girls fast. I can't stress enough how important it is to be moving women. Moving a woman forces her to commit to an interaction with you – or bow out of it entirely if they have no intentions of doing so. Asking a girl to move is the moment of truth for an interaction – the girls who are genuinely interested in you will go with you (although you might have to ask / insist a few times); the ones who are just being social won't. To minimize time spent on girls who are just being social and maximize time getting girls invested, move women you meet five to ten minutes into talking to them – or faster. And say goodbye to the ones who won't accompany you – trust me on that one.
  • Actually get to know women. As in beyond the surface layer. Use deep diving and your prowess as a conversationalist to get to the core of her person. In other words, don't just find out where she moved from, but find out why she moved and how she came to that decision and whether she'd make the same move again if she had to do it all over. That's how you really get to know a girl in a hurry.
  • Move faster in general. Not just in physically moving girls but in all aspects of your interaction and seduction. The longer you take, the more time you're allowing yourself to make mistakes, the more time you're allowing outside factors to coming in and influence the progress of your interaction (like some random drunk guy or your girl's overprotective best friend), and the more time you're allowing that initial excitement she had upon first meeting you to cool off. Waste not, want not; if you want to pick up girls, don't forget to pick up the pace.
  • Invite women home and get physical. This is the endgame in a pick up, the part that differentiates a cool conversation you had with a girl from an actual pick up, where you took a girl home with you (or went back to her place, or to some other convenient location where the two of you could be alone together). You went out specifically to meet a girl to get together with, yeah? Well, asking her home and getting physical is the final piece of the puzzle in accomplishing what you set out to accomplish.

If you stay on-point and follow those steps, you'll have a much better chance at success.

A few more pointers that will serve you well:

how to pick up a girl
  • In bars and nightclubs, look for girls who seem a bit distracted, are looking around a lot, or aren't paying as much attention to their friends. Something else is on their minds, and much of the time that's finding a new guy.
  • On the street, keep your eyes peeled for girls who stare at you hard; they're the ones you most want to stop and say hello to.
  • When you're getting to know a girl, make sure you're keeping the focus of the conversation on getting to know more about her – her hopes, her dreams, her past experiences, what she wants for her future – and less about yourself.
  • Touching is good and important and you should be doing it often in the beginning. Start touching women the moment you meet them – particularly as a beginner, it's one of the main ways you'll differentiate yourself from the platonic guys who'll only ever end up being just friends with those women.
  • Be looking constantly for ways to get investment. When you're deep diving, you'll be getting women investing nearly continuously in the conversation, because they'll constantly be thinking about how to answer your questions and they'll be doing most of the talking and most of the impressing – and that's very good. Look for other ways to get compliance throughout your interactions as well – getting investment is how you get women more and more accustomed to following your lead, which is necessary for moving things forward at critical junctures.

And... there. That's your crash course in how to pick up a girl. So, the next time you find yourself sitting home alone on that Friday night, don't fear – just bookmark this page, head back here, and take these lessons with you when you head out into the world. I'm certain you'll find meeting a new girl less of a mystery and more of a straightforward process than you did before.

And that alone means you ought to have a lot fewer lonely Friday nights, and a lot more Friday nights spent in good, welcome company.

For a lot more step-by-step direction to help you pick up the girls you want, I created the How to Make Girls Chase ebook program. It's my cover-to-cover instruction manual on everything from meeting girls to getting them alone with you, getting physical with them, and taking them to bed.

Because a man who knows what women want and how to give it to them is what every woman is searching for.

And women can go years without meeting a man who knows how to be that kind of man.

Just click on THIS link to download your copy.

Happy reading (and picking up!)...

Chase Amante

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.


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RicK's picture

I am 21 yrs old I have no luck on girls or woman at all I live with family I go to the bar but no girls their my looks are not so good and my face look shit.I have no luck on pick up lines at all or have any games to try!!!
would you try to help me out here plz maybe you can show me how or what plz help me out here

Your friend Rick Mikulaj

shak's picture

just as quickly as it popped excitedly into mind, a bunch more thoughts rush in to dampen your spirit, and you realize that you really just don't know how to pick up a girl.

Bru's picture

Hey Chase, I've read most of your articles; very helpful stuff! However I have a few questions still. I'm not sure where to stand when I'm trying to pick up girls. Like at frat parties, I stand with my friends in a circle hoping to spot attractive girls with peripheral vision without looking too awkward or out of place at a party. I don't know what I would do if I were alone because I'd rather not stand near a wall awkwardly until I spot a nice looking girl. I'm not quite 21 yet so I can't just post up at a bar and chill with a drink.

Along these same lines, when I'm trying to nab some girls during the daytime on my campus, would it be better if I was sitting on the quad or somewhere else that is frequented by many girls or if i was walking around? If I was sitting, I'd feel an urge to look busy so I wouldn't appear to be awkwardly doing nothing. But I feel like messing around on my cell phone isn't convincing and makes it seem like I'm faking looking like I have a purpose for being where I am. Perhaps I should read a newspaper or something, or maybe I'm just overthinking it and I don't need to be doing anything at all. Your thoughts on this matter would be helpful. I suppose if I wandered around campus slowly I could stop girls and talk to them, but having the option of chilling somewhere and waiting for attractive girls to walk by to be stopped appeals to me.

Also, it's spring so girls are starting to lay out in bikinis and looking hot. I want to approach these girls but they are laying down, so should I just talk to them and ask if I can sit down next to them immediately or after a couple minutes?

I realize there are lots of questions in here so I will try to summarize: 1. Is it acceptable for me to stand in a circle with my friends at a party somewhat outside the mass of dancing people or near a wall and then peel of when I spot an attractive girl, or will I look too much like a wallflower? 2. Should I be looking semi-occupied when I'm out by myself and chilling in 1 location or does it seem fake and/or make me seem too closed-off and unreceptive (thoughts on newspaper or cellphone?)? 3. Should I just sit down next to these hot tanning girls, or do I ask them if I can sit, and how soon into my interaction with them should I sit? I realize you are busy but thanks for taking the time to read this! Hopefully others will find these questions useful should you respond.

Gambit13's picture

I consider myself good looking and have been told so by woman. However, the thing I hate is girls want guys to approach them and start a conversation with them, but then they aren't interested or think the guy is a creep for approaching them and talking to them WHICH IS WHAT THEY WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE! Anyone who can solve this riddle is a genius.

andypeps's picture

Two rules you must always follow that will get you any girl
1. People want what they can't have (don't be too available)
2. Be a MAN
Part of being a man is being able to approach the opposite gender. I know it will be nice for women to approach you but they have not be conditioned to do so. Until then, just be a man and approach them and then you can ask them why girls never approach guys. I use this question a lot and it works every time because it gets them talking. Actually, thats how i got the girl (gorgeous by the way) i'm sleeping with right now. I'll take you through a routine..........
I introduce myself and ask her name (remember strong body language and eye contact)
I chit chat for a bit and then tell her "can i ask you a question?"
she says yes and i say "how come girls never approach guys?"
and immediately follow with "you see when i walked in here girls where looking at me with interest but none of them will approach. Im the kind of guy that is not afraid to approach a girl but it would be nice for a change if it was the other way around"
She laughs and says " im the kind of girl that will approach a guy"
so i say, " really, well im guna walk away and i need you to find me and show me how you would approach me" so i walked away and started talking to some guys
A minute later i see her dancing towards my way and she comes close and starts dancing infront of me so i take her hand and spin her around so she is facing me and i go in for the kiss and that was it.
I tell her that im going to make her my girlfriend for the rest night and she laughs and says okay. I make out with her some more and she asks if im going to take her home tonight...well you know how it ended.
This girl was hot and the best part was she was not even drinking.
As a rule, i never take drunk girls home...thats just me.
Just be confident and have a plan and the rest is history.

David's picture

Well the very first day I read some of your articles: Talked to 3 random girls ! Get one's phone number ! Move her around the rave ! Almost get to move the 2nd girl and she suddenly told me that she had to wait for a girlfriend or something I couldn't tell if it was real or not anyway I just left I guess I need more experience hehe.

What can I say you are a genius ! I'm from south america and your tips here also worked like a charm !

Sometimes I get chased by some girls some of them cute some of them not so much so I always thought that if I try harder I can get girls I really really like now I'm sure of it! it's amazing when you become self-aware of the things you do right !

I just broke up of a 3 year relationship so my game was really off, well I don't even know if I got one ever... Now I do :D !

One last thing I'm senior web developer and I got some advice for your website contact me if you are interested and thanks so so much ! and again you are a genius!

Modern Man's picture

#1 is so key. So many guys get the idea that they have to go to nightclubs because of the pick up industry. In reality it's much easier to get to know a girl in a more low key situation. I'm not knocking nightclubs because they can be great for picking women up but I've always had a lot more success in a place that I could talk.

Akki's picture

Hi, I am 22 years old and my question is that i do speak well with girls at nightclubs, but after reading this i feel my follow up question after the introduction bit are
where i mess up. I usually ask hi, my name is so and so whats yours. Then i call her name and ask how her night is going. the bit after this i am not too sure what to ask. any suggestions would be of great help

Anonymous's picture

Hey Chase, So today i was talking to a friend of mine who is pretty good with the girls, girls i dont move fast with he seems to get in about a week max. so i asked him for advice on how he does it and he said that he had a certain "Recipe" that worked on every girl without fail. is there a certain sequence that should be followed when picking up girls? although your blog is full of useful information I haven't found a certain algorithm for picking up women. if there is in-fact a certain Recipe, then could you create a post on how your meetings with women go?

DAVE's picture

Since the numbers show that fewer and fewer men are approaching women these days because they are fed up with this game whose rules you seem to support ( because that's the way it is so live with it).Maybe, just maybe, guys no longer wish to be treated that way, and will hold out for later in life when women can no longer afford to play games like this.

J.B.'s picture

I love this web site information is right on point. I am self taught ladies man and expert pickup artist. This site goes far beyond than just saying you need confidence. You give real tips. Keep up the good work.

Marco's picture

Hey everybody! Great site, thank you for the tips. I think I am not ugly, nor too much shy, but I have a big issue - with whom should you be if you want to pick up girls? I've been often to clubs with different groups of friends, but they look always focused on our own group and not very interested in meeting new people - so i feel both ashamed in front of my friends if I'm the only one who tries to pick up every girl around, and ashamed in front of the girls to look as a "lonely wolf"..
Any comments or suggestion about how to do? I should probably team up with one or two boys with the same mindset, but I don't know how to do that either..

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