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Tactics Tuesdays: Conversations Where the Girl Doesn't Talk Much

Chase Amante

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girl doesn't talk much
Sometimes you’ll meet girls who won’t contribute to conversation. When this happens, you’ll have to step up and do the talking yourself.

One of our forum members by the name of Witcher had a few questions about deep diving, one of which was this:

Deep diving demand[s] from the seducer to ask girls a lot of questions, How to not make It look like an interview or audition? This is the impression I have doing it and It feels a little weird.

Of course, one of the keys to deep diving is that you not make it feel like an interview... which means past a certain number of questions, if she hasn’t begun to participate much yet, you need to turn your questions into statements. You can do this with cold reads (instead of: “What do you do for work?”, make it: “You look like either an anthropologist or an entrepreneur, I’m not sure which”). And beyond this, if she doesn’t get more involved, you will need to start to tell stories and otherwise steer the conversation with your own content.

The better your fundamentals, the faster you hook girls in... and the more likely you are to end up in conversations where girls pelt you with questions and/or open up about themselves from the get-go. Yet even if your fundamentals are in a class of their own, you will still encounter women who seem, for lack of a better term for it, ‘conversationally impaired’.

Could be she isn’t interested. Could be she’s not in a social mood. Could be she’s just a quiet person and not particularly talkative.

But if you find yourself in such a conversation, with a girl who sticks around and passes your compliance tests (so you know you’re not wasting your time on a disinterested girl), yet nevertheless doesn’t contribute, you will need another approach.

You’ll need to be able to run the conversation when the girl’s contribution is all or mostly absent.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.



Kaelos's picture

What are you favorite compliance tests in these situations so you know you’re not wasting your time on a disinterested girl?

Hum's picture

Not chase, but I don't see why you need to differentiate. If they are complying to your requests then just pretend they know how to carry on a conversation and use the same approaches you would for a non-vegetable girl.

Mario's picture

Im sorry mr Chase , but PLEASE can you do another article on LOOKS and how to stop comparing yours to other guys . Thanks

Lawliet's picture

Hey Chase,

Marios comment reminded me of an incident I had.
And yes this comment may contradict your "Looks don't matter" and your " I can't get girls because of BLANK"
But I'm not advocating looks are the only way to girls pussy, they do have an effect as you'll read in the following.

I remember being out with my friends at a coffee shop and then one of the girl barista walked over to us and said one of my friends is pretty cute. And...she already had a boyfriend.

That's interesting as it shows
1. Girls with boyfriends are not blind
2. If we are attractive enough, girls may potentially approach us (related to your previous article "Waiting to get approached by girls"

I'm trying to max out my fundamentals.
But god damn... how good looks can really have an advantage despite lack of dressing well and doing hair.
The guy looks good even with messy hair and just a t shirt on.
And he's skinny and tall, not even muscular or whatever guys boost (compared to the barista's boyfriend who is built)

If I had that looks, that'll make life easier :) hands down.

Anyway, Have you had girls walk up to you and say such things?
I haven't, and to be blunt, I admit I am a little jealous ;)


Lawliet's picture

Thanks for writing this, I think it answers my comment previously :)
if my comment was the innovation, I'm honored! Thank you!
Hopefully will get to your level eventually, Chase, you are my model!

Re: Weird things
Idk, but lately I've noticed some weird things lately from girls...

Like on the bus, when they would look at me as they gave onto the nearby bus pole for balance.
Looks away, walks to the next pole and then walk back? to the pole near where I was sitting?

Or when they would be near me, not facing me or anything, and then start fluffing their hair and it literally gets into my face... How rude, right? ;D

But yeah, a lot of silly things happen. I dunno if it's coincidence or approach invitations but let's see.

Anyway, I initially took some of these (ex. rude hair in my face) as approach invitations so I say hi.

I can't remember all of them but I don't remember anything "warm and open and totally hooked" reactions from beginning.. They would just

Her: Hi
Her: Puts her headphones back in

Me: ... (wow...ok then).

Ok maybe that example is too lame.
There was time I went into anything fun or accomplishing today?
Or simply "How's your day going?" for those who give approach invitations.

Strangely as I think it's approach invitation, their replies are not terse, but they would look away after replying as if it's the end of the conversation. Like, they're not hooked? But then why approach invitation then?

So it makes me doubt, maybe all the hair flicking in my face was a "Hey smell my new shampoo K bye! or hey get some lice from me buddy!" or maybe it was a signal for someone else she was looking at (remember they didn't look at me as they fluff the hair, it just goes in my face) while she was doing her hair thing?
Or maybe that was coincidence then?

Or lastly, Maybe the hair thing in my face and also silly behaviours that seem out of place are just coincidental and I'm just thinking too much into it... after all, it's not like I did much new things to my fundamentals lately, I actually think I went backwards because I'm leaving my facial hair wild for now so it grows out enough before I shave or trim.

But hey, I'm not them, so I dunno what they're thinking, but you have the experience and can probably give me the answer key... or even the solution ;)

Am I on the right track it's AI or just thinking too ? I do find myself thinking many are giving me AI when I'm just wearing my usual look, not anything particular...


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