How to Have Sex with American Girls

We’ve written many posts on this site geared toward Western men on how to game and have sex with women from various regions of the world. Such as:

These are all great pieces with loads of information to sink your teeth into courting foreign beauties. But what about guys from other parts of the world who want to game here in the States, or American girls traveling the world or living abroad? What about those who want a taste of lady liberty for themselves?

american girls

This one is for you.

Most Women Prefer Foreign Men

She was a bombshell of a brunette. Beautiful sea-green eyes, long, slender legs that shone with the perfect beach tan. A slim body, and even a witty personality to boot. We had spent an hour strongly vibing with each other. We discussed our adventures in travel, our business goals, our life outlooks… we couldn’t have been any more in sync.

Then, at the hour mark, a well-dressed man walked up to us and asked if we knew where the bathroom was. He had a classy English accent and had looks that were reminiscent of a scruffier Hugh Grant. Even though he had only uttered that one sentence, the girl was put into a trance. Our wavelength was completely broken. She was under a new spell.

I tried my hardest to reestablish our amazing rapport, but my efforts were to no avail. “Do you know who that is?” she asked me without a moment’s hesitation. She was giving all of the telltale attraction signs, and for all intents and purposes had written me off as a viable romantic option.

Before I had time to process what was happening, this single Englishman had become the talk of the entire party. Or more specifically, the talk of all of the girls at the party. I pulled over a couple of female friends to ask what the deal was. They told me that they absolutely swoon for English accents and that pretty much every girl in the room was trying to get him to notice her.

Before long, I saw him engaging with the beautiful girl I thought was all but mine that night. And after about twenty minutes of playful touching and banter, they left together.

I never did see either one of them again.

The Novelty Effect

I’ve been to a lot of places in my day, and, no matter where I go, it seems that a very high percentage of women would rather have foreign guys as short-term sexual options:

  • Asians would rather have non-Asian men
  • Latinas would rather have non-Latin men
  • Africans would rather have non-African men
  • Americans would rather have non-American men

Now this could differ in terms of long-term options, but these are definitely the majority trends for quick sexual encounters.

Why? Because it’s a novel experience. Call it the grass is greener effect, if you will. If a girl encounters and Englishman or an Aussie, she thinks to herself…“I could either:

  1. Sleep with an American guy like I do or can whenever I want to
  1. Or I can sleep with this Aussie who is only in town for a week.”

The choice is obvious. Wouldn’t you do the same? Imagine if a gorgeous Colombian girl walked into the bar that you frequent. Suddenly that pasty bar girl from Ohio wouldn’t look so appealing…

So if you’re a foreign guy in America – especially if you’re just visiting – you already have an advantage in terms of getting fast sex with American girls.

The Age of Sexual Freedom

american girlsI’ve talked to many of my foreign friends from more traditional cultures and they always tell me how shocked they are about the sexual state of women in America.

It’s not so much that they were surprised about the amount of sex (some of them are from Brazil after all), but they were taken aback by how older women were encouraged to live like they were in their teens and twenties, and how women in America are encouraged to believe that they don’t need men except for as pleasure providers.

Although women in more traditional masculine cultures can be highly sexual, there is always a very marked and distinct balance and interplay between masculine and feminine energy and influence.

However, this interplay is very slowly and steadily disappearing from American culture. I think this is due partly to media and advertising, and largely due to constantly advancing technology. If a halfway decent looking girl wants to have sex, she can go to a bar and have droves of men hitting on her and validating her. If she’s feeling too lazy for that, she can go on OkCupid and affirm one of the dozens of orbiters who are trying to take her out on a date. If she’s even too lazy for that, she can just mindlessly swipe on Tinder until she finds a guy who is deemed suitable for her immediate needs.

Thus, our culture is perpetuating two things for our women: super-abundance and hyper-validation. As such, women view sex as less and less of a big deal and less and less of a required investment on their part. If a guy who is anything less than dominant tries to make them invest more than they’re willing, they can just axe him and move on to the next willing agent.

A few nights ago I was actually talking to a girl on the phone who I’d met for about five minutes during the night out. She was a 45 minute drive away and desperately wanted me to come pay her a visit. I told her that my car was in the shop, and even if it wasn’t, I probably still wouldn’t make such a long trek. Since it was her idea and she was driving, I suggested that she come to me. She vehemently refused.

When I coolly asked why, she responded: “Because I have the vagina. And that’s how it works. Maybe I’ll just get on Tinder if you can’t do the job.”

Clearly she had been used to axing guys left and right, and yours truly was no exception. I was able to see through the shit-test that this was, but there was definitely some real intent behind it. And this phenomenon is only going to get worse…

How to Get American Girls as a Foreigner

1. Dress well

Dressing well with a very sharp sense of fashion doesn’t really seem to be much of an issue for most foreign men. So don’t let the casual dress of most American people change that fact. Keep dressing well and allow yourself to stand out from the crowd and attract the gazes of curious American women as you peruse our streets and venues.

2. Hit the streets and ask questions

As a foreigner, indirect game or indirect direct can really be your bread and butter. People are always interested in helping others who are from a different country – and the nurturing nature of females is especially geared toward this disposition. If you ask a girl about cool places to see and then just tell her that you’re from a different country, you will usually be able to see her attraction spike almost instantaneously.

Furthermore, American girls have different expectations for foreign guys. American girls expect foreign guys to be much more overt, touchy, and strong in their approach. Two guys – one American and one foreign – could go in with the exact same approach and get two very different reactions.

Aggressive (uncalibrated) American guy: “That guy was soo creepy! He just kept touching me and just came on wayyy too strong. Guys just don’t take a hint sometimes.”

Aggressive (calibrated or uncalibrated) foreign guy: “He was really strong and just took control. I haven’t met a guy like that in a really long time. I guess that’s just how Italian guys are. It was pretty hot.”

3. Head out at night with an American (if you can)

One of the easiest ways to have sex with American girls is to be introduced by an American guy. If you have an American guy friend or can meet one during an outing, this will greatly improve your chances of success. In the mind of an American girl, there are few statements more powerful than “Hey, this is my friend [X], and he’s from…” You’ll just watch her face light up. Even if she was previously being cold, she will at least open up a little if not change her demeanor completely.

So if you can, make your job a lot easier: instead of constantly approaching girls, get introduced to them instead.

4. Social circle

american girlsIn the same vein as heading out with an American, doing some social circle poaching can be an amazing tool in the foreign man’s arsenal. If you have a friend who is American whom you are visiting, or make friends with one who brings you into his social circle, half the battle of having sex with American girl has already been won. Why?

  • You’ve already been “vetted” and have the trust of your friend transferred onto you

  • You’ll have a chance to actually sit down with girls and get to know them (maybe woo them with some travel stories?)

  • You’re probably in a good location, or at least have access to a good location for closing logistics

  • The girl already knows that she has to stay where you’re staying or invite you to her place if she wants to have sex with you

  • It allows you to possibly have sex without having to go out at all

  • It allows you to make a relationship for recurring sex if you really get along with a girl

5. Don’t stop playing up the fact that you’re a foreigner

Use your accent, talk about the differences between America and wherever you’re from, talk about how soon you have to go back – do whatever you have to do to keep emphasizing that you’re a foreigner and not here to stay. Few things are as powerful in seduction as the concept of scarcity.

If you keep highlighting the fact that you’re a guy that a girl won’t meet very often, and a guy who won’t be around for long, she will be ten times more motivated and accepting of the fact that she wants to sleep with you. Use this fact to your advantage.

6. Compliment her

There’s become this strange expectation among certain American girls that interactions with guys have to be combative or contesting. So sometimes you’ll see that when Americans compliment girls, they’ll get offended, or think it disingenuous, or briskly thank him and walk away, or accuse him of being a “player”. This phenomenon can definitely be prevalent in America’s biggest cities – especially at night.

But foreigners are almost across the board immune to this effect. If you compliment an American girl as a foreigner, even the iciest of ice queens will genuinely thank you and possibly begin to blush somewhat. So foreign guys, definitely come direct with your compliments and intentions with American girls. As long as you’re genuine, a well-placed compliment can carry you a long way down the path of having sex with her.

7. Be physical

I think that physicality should go without saying for the most part. You may have an advantage as a foreigner, but you still need physical touch in order to properly build attraction. As mentioned earlier, American girls will allow you much more leeway in terms of strong initial physical touch, so be sure to use it. This point is especially important for those foreign men who find themselves to be more on the shy side.

8. Isolate her and close

It’s easier to isolate a girl as a foreigner as well. Because you’re unfamiliar with the territory, you can ask her to show you around, or to go in a different room with you to continue your amazing conversation, or to go on a walk with you and point out the best aspects of the city. Essentially, if you’ve been building attraction properly, you can pretty much use any reason under the sun to get a girl alone with you and keep the vibe going.

But once again, the vibe is useless if you don’t escalate. Once you isolate her, she’ll be expecting you to escalate. I have known some American girls to champion the escalation on their own end because of their strong attraction to a foreign beau, but that should not be an excuse for you to not take action. Close her and give the both of you a night that neither of you will forget.

A Note About Arab Men

After years of going out to every type of venue under the sun, I have come to an unfortunate conclusion: American girls are very wary of Arab men. This could be part of a greater negative cultural perception that we have in the US. I think an equally important factor is that Arab guys actually tend to use conspicuous consumption the wrong way. Rich Arab men tend to throw around their money – which is fine in itself – but do so in lieu of actual game. They behave like the stock trader who tries to throw his job title or earnings amount around in order to convince himself that women should be falling all over him.

The Arab men who I have seen to be particularly successfully are masculine while still being playful. I think that being somewhat playful is important for all minority men, because there already is such a strongly ingrained perception of aggression (read: over-aggression). So playfulness helps to disarm the girl while still maintaining attraction to your underlying masculinity.

And What If You’re an American Guy?

american girlsEven though this post is geared toward foreign men, American men need not despair. You could still date and sleep with droves of American girls as well. And luckily for you, there’s not only one post geared toward all of the tools you’ll need to make this happen; there are nearly 1000 of them.

And they are all housed on an amazing website where you can learn to have sex and date the American girl of your dreams. All you have to do is put forth the effort.

And if you’re reading this, it looks like you’ve taken an important first step.

Wrapping Up

You can definitely tip the sexual scales heavily in your favor if you are a foreign man. Our women will likely welcome your advances with open arms and open legs. And when you return home, you’ll have something more than a statue of liberty as a takeaway.

Will she be your American girl?

Carpe diem,


Colt WilliamsAbout the Author: Colt Williams

Raised in the American Midwest, Colt Williams made a name for himself in dating with a style based on soulful poetic seductions and playful dance floor antics. His style is all about inspiring girls and drawing them into one’s world. You can book phone coaching with him here, or get a copy of his guide to getting laid on Tinder, the product of months of study and experimentation by him on the medium.


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Anonymous's picture

Good article Colt.

Something bugs me about the context in which it is written, though, and it's this: I feel that it is written largely for a white or black audience (such as given by your Englishman example). I'm an Asian fellow, specifically Chinese. And we're not exactly known for having pleasing English or our physical features. I've also hit up on other seduction forums on how to get laid in Roppogoni in Tokyo as a foreigner and the tips they give specifically apply (yes, the poster made a point to say this) to white or black guys, saying you've got it made because a lot of those girls are curious and will want to sleep with those guys even if they got no game.

Sometimes, it's hard to decipher exactly what works for what kinds of people. For me personally, I find it frustrating when a girl won't even give me the time of day but lights up as soon as someone much taller than me and just as sociable and attractive enters the picture.

GC Reader's picture


I am a 25 year old male of Jordanian heritage who was born and raised here in the USA (Missouri to be specific). From my experience here in America I have noticed that American women of minority backgrounds are very receptive to me. My experience is mostly limited to Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas. Now while American women of minority backgrounds (especially Black and Mexican women, Asians too these days) are very receptive to me, White American women tend to give me the cold shoulder unless they are more of the very progressive crowd types that travel a lot and are very educated.

My issue as an American with a more foreign like appearance is that I constantly hit brick walls with the kind of White women I see at bars and approach. Sometimes I have approached them only to be given the "did you just talk to me?" type of stare. In social situations I see them avoiding me at times like at parties I had back in college.

So far the White women I have been with were European (Swedish, French, Czech, Russian, Italian, German, Swiss, and Finnish). A lot of these women by my standards and the standards of my friends were highly attractive but a part of me wants that American girl with the Heather Graham looks.

Is the stigma against Arabic men this powerful throughout the USA? I do understand that Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri are not the most open minded areas in America but due to cost of living I am stuck here for now.

Marty's picture

Oh yes, I've been waiting for this!

And in the meantime, I've formed some of my own conclusions... which I'm glad to see confirmed (and expressed very succinctly) in this article. Over the past year or so I have gotten a sense that American women are quite liberal in their ways and open to seeing the man move matters forward smartly; but the flip-side is that they have an abundance of other options, such that if he misses the slightest hint, be that an approach invitation or an escalation window, he may be sunk for good.

Women from other (European-origin) cultures even when living in America seem to be more forgiving of the occasional hesitation, yet also less emancipated and consequently more skeptical of a man's overall intentions. It's quite a shocking divergence among the American and non-American women I've recently taken on dates and it holds surprisingly true.

Now what's interesting is to learn what I should be saying about myself. As a newbie I always eagerly confessed I'd been here several years and intended to remain Stateside. These days, I tend to hint that I have travel plans for overseas interviews and am by no means committed to sticking around in town; I'm even sometimes creative about the length of time I've spent here to date. Looks like this nuanced approach has Colt Williams's stamp of approval ☺


bolt's picture

Hey colt been having success with white girls at white frat parties but it seems like black girls at black fraternity parties are a different dynamic. Could you do a post on this topic?

Estate's picture

Great article. I've brought this up on the forum many times. As a foreigner in America, once you get all of the above into your head, it's all true. Having se with American women is almost too easy as the "foreign" aspect just gives that allure or mystery.

But I have to admit. Since I'm not "visiting"... I do find myself having some difficulty turning things into more than just sex. While it's probably easier to get sex or short term things as a foreigner, when the time or the girl comes along where you're open to trying something longer term with her... well... it's a whole other ball game. Then reality hits home about actually spending more time or exclusive with someone who's just "different".

Any thoughts/comments?

Jason T's picture

I get laid. A lot. And the thing is, I'm a nonwhite, good looking American guy. I love white chicks, and I rack 'em up like it's nothing. Why? Because white American women LOVE good looking nonwhite men. It's the truth. We're something different. They grow up watching that tan kid from Twilight or the Rock or whoever looks exotic and white women want that in their life. They don't want the typical Ralph Lauren-wearing white guys they're surrounded by, like their dads. It's boring to them. Hate to say it ,though, there are LOTS of unattractive nonwhite men, so white women don't have too many options in this regard. There are too many ethnic looking guys, like the guys you see hanging outside Home Depot... yeah, no woman wants those guys. But those of us who do have our sh*t together, have model looks, and tight game, are exactly what white American women want. So they go for guys like me. And it's incredibly easy for me to sleep with white women.

What's interesting is that American nonwhite women, LOVE white guys. Again, it's not that they want non-Americans, it's that they want something different, and Latinas and Asian women love white American men.

Now, you guys are right, however, that being foreign can be a plus. But don't forget that there are a lot of stereotypes and creepy baggage that comes with being foreign. In fact, being all-American is actually sexy, even to fellow Americans. The culture is sexy and when you're nonwhite but born and raised in America, it's all the more sexier to white women. Same goes with being a white born and raised American when it comes to Latinas, Asians, and other nonwhites.

In my experience, what women love the most are guys who are from another area of America, with a different American culture. This is game, fellas. I'm from Boston, so when I go out to Miami or LA or the South, you better believe I come with my Boston accent and game. And I rack 'em up like it's nothing. If you're from the South, work that cowboy game on those girls who aren't from the South. Again, something different. In this case, a different American culture being used as game on American women. This is by far, in my opinion, the best angle to have when it comes to being different.

Cheers and happy hunting, fellas.

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