How to Have Sex with Filipinas

filipinaImagine a place where the sun is always shining, the landscape is breathtaking... and the local tropical beauties are always friendly, outgoing, and energizing, through thick or thin, acceptance or rejection, by day or by night. This place is no myth... and you can go there any time you want.

Tucked away in Southeast Asia is a group of islands known as the Philippines. And the women of the Philippines – Filipinas – are the blue ribbons of the entire region. They are cute, they are sexy, and they will always make you feel like a king

If you’ve been considering an Asian adventure, this is the place to be. You will rarely spend a night alone while in the Philippines.

Come take a walk with me, and let me show you how it goes with the Philippines and Filipinas.


My first night in the Philippines was also my first night of sex in the Philippines. And this is actually quite common for many guys. In my case, it also involved the least amount of game I’ve ever had to use. Here’s how it went down…

I was at some random bar fairly late into the night with a friend. I was extremely tired from travelling and wasn’t really focusing on women for the night.

When we walked in, my friend went to the bar to get a drink and I grabbed a seat around the fire pit. While enjoying the warm flames, I overheard two people talking about my American hometown. I looked over and some nerdy, overweight white guy was hitting on a cute Filipina.

So I felt compelled to chime in…

Me: Hey, are you guys from [X city]?

Nerdy Guy: I’m not, but this woman is.

Her: Actually, I’m originally from here. I moved to the US with my husband a few years ago, but he passed away a year ago, so I came back.

Me: Oh. I’m really sorry to hear that…

Her: It’s okay. But I really like people from [that city], you are all so very nice.

Now, at this point she became cheery and completely turned her body toward me and froze out the nerdy guy, who was desperately trying to get her attention back.

Meanwhile, I still kept it friendly. Even though she seemed pretty adjusted to the whole widow thing, Filipinas are fiercely loyal (even after death) and I was just too damn tired. But, she was reminding me of fond hometown memories, so I thought I’d chat her up, while still staying aloof.

After about ten more minutes of talk, the nerdy guy stormed off, and the Filipina got up and proceeded to take a seat right on my lap. I started running my hands all over her out of habit (even a tired man knows when to give rewards).

She then proceeded to:

  1. Order a drink for me and pay for it

  2. Order a bowl of spicy soup, pay for it, and insist that I eat it

  3. Grind all over my crotch (while having a casual conversation) until I got hard

At this point I was feeling pretty awake! Then the last bit of conversation happened:

Her: Are you staying around here?

Me: No (logistics, logistics!), I’m actually at [x place]. What about you?

Her: Yes, but I don’t want people getting the wrong idea if we arrive together. We can meet there, and you can sleep in my bed, but nothing is going to happen, okay?

Me: No problem. I’m exhausted anyway. I could use a nearby place to sleep.

I got no sleep that night. But it was a fantastic welcome to the country.

What Makes Filipinas So Unique?

There are many factors that set Filipinas apart from other Asian women, and just other women in general. It’s an intriguing mix of cultural and physical factors that end up making them wonderful partners for able men like you:

  • They are taught womanly grace. While growing up, all Filipinas are taught what is known as “Delikadesa” or womanly honor. This means that they take pride in having integrity, in working hard, in never acting lewd or starting a fight in public, and in being reliable partners for the men in their lives.


  • They speak amazing English. This is actually something you don’t really think about until you step foot in a non-English-speaking nation. I know Chase prefers nonverbal interaction and remaining relatively “exotic” when seducing women abroad, but I enjoy connecting with women and the ability to screen them through conversation. Most Filipinas learn English from a young age, so working your charms and getting them to invest in you should be no problem.

  • They are attractive. Now, as in most places in Southeast Asia, you won’t find too many women here who are absolute bombshells. But a very high average of Filipinas are generally cute to fairly beautiful, and they’re everywhere. I cannot stress the level of abundance of cute girls in this country enough. It’s a sight to behold.

  • They are wildly sexual. Maybe they’re not quite on the level of Brazilian women, but they are definitely the most sexual in all of Asia. Filipinas will give you romps in the sheets you won’t be likely to forget.

  • They are generally well-educated. This mostly applies to the bigger cities, but if you encounter a Filipina in a main hub, she is likely to be intelligent, discerning and often fairly well-traveled.

  • They are religious. This is a big selling point for a lot of Western men. The Philippines is the only nation in Asia that is predominantly Christian. Filipinas are often strongly religious, which can create a strong spiritual bond for those who enjoy religious girls.

  • They are fiercely loyal. If you date or marry a Filipina, she will definitely be a ride-or-die woman who will stick with you through any situation. The woman that I slept with that first night in Manila told me that I was the first person she’d gone to bed with since her husband. I showed her a good night, but I could tell that she was still thinking very fondly of him.

  • They are traditional. They expect men to be men and women to be women. They take pride in creating a positive home environment, and always put the needs of family over careers, money, or material objects.

  • They are really fun. Girls in the Philippines are pretty much up for anything. They don’t take themselves too seriously, they have a genuine zest for life, and they will happily go on any adventure that you lead them to.

  • They are generally kind and great caregivers. One of the longest relationships that I’ve ever had was with a Filipina, and I really didn’t appreciate just how good she was to me at the time. We lived about an hour apart, and she would drive to and from my place without any hesitation pretty much whenever I asked her to (and again, I always gave her a proper reward). After sleeping together, she would always offer to make me food or would even read me a chapter from my favorite novel! I took it for granted – and even went as far as being put off by it – because I was so used to the normal Western girls I dated who made absurd demands of me, which I never refused because I was a Grade A nice guy. But years later I’ve come to appreciate just how important a tender woman is.


All that sounds pretty good, you say? So how does one go about getting a Filipina of his own, you ask? Well, let’s have us a peek…

Step 1: Fall in Love with Travel

As noted in the first article in this series, you must have a desire for travel before you can bed the beauties of the world. I’ve seen a lot of men who just go through the motions when they’re on trips; they’ll stay in a generic hotel, see a couple of landmarks, and then leave thinking that their destination was no better than the home they left.

But the guys who have the most fun, and the most success with foreign women, are the ones who have a lust for travel. They want to learn about the culture they are in, interact with people, break free from the beaten path, and return home with some damn good stories to tell. Like the time I had sex with a girl in a hostel dormitory with 12 other people in close quarters… but ah… a story for another day.

Those guys are usually ones who are passionate about life in general. Because let me tell you something… travelling to a completely new place halfway around the world is terrifyingespecially if it’s your first time. But you’re eager to get into the swing of things and be aggressive and decisive, you will create an experience for yourself that you’ll remember ‘til old age.

So, if you decide you want to venture to the Philippines…

Step 2: Start in a Big City

You can often find decent success in some of the small coastal regions if you’re looking for some beach lovin’. But if you want to find ridiculous success amid a plethora of women, go to one of the big cities like Manila or Caloocan, where women are abundant (and a lack of family members looking over shoulders to play moral police is nice).

Step 3: Go Anywhere and Approach

And yes, I do mean anywhere. In the Philippines day game is your friend. You can meet girls on the street, in restaurants, in stores, anywhere. Heck, night game is your friend too. Feel free to try out the usual go-to venues like bars and clubs. Filipinas are just so very friendly (and all want Westerners). Even if they end up not being interesting in a sexual encounter, they will always provide you with positive energy and some type of stimulating interaction.

And if you find one you like…

Step 4: Connect with Her

The Philippines is another one of those places where aloofness and subtlety is really not necessary. When women like you, they will often tell you exactly how they feel about you (sometimes they may have a friend do it if they’re shy). And they will often ask for your Facebook, since number closing is frequently illogical in a foreign country.

That’s not to say that you have to invest as much as her or write her a love poem, but be sure to:

Step 5: Always Go For Sex

filipinaAlways go for sex. You won’t necessarily always get sex… because a girl may care about another guy and want to hold out for him in some way or another. But if she is down for it, there will be virtually no resistance if you give her plausible deniability and dominate the situation.

Filipino culture has very little of the moral judgment against sex that is present in much of the West (and especially in most of the Anglophone countries - it’s something of an outlier in that regard), so you’ll have surprisingly few moral or emotional reservations to overcome - much of the resistance you’re accustomed to in the West simply isn’t here. Which means, of course, that if a woman wants you, things are pretty simple.

That means you have so much to gain, but virtually nothing to lose. So keep pushing things toward their natural end, and you are sure to be rewarded.

Note: Most Filipinas are Deeply Monogamous

Despite the fact that these beauties are in great abundance, there is a definite chance that you will be one of only a couple men she has slept with. One-night stands do happen, but I’ve also known of a handful of people who have gone to Philippines and come back with stories of having had a serious girlfriend. Or come back with the girlfriend herself. Or even come back with a wife.

So, what if you want a Filipina girlfriend?

  1. Follow the exact same process outlined above
  2. Ask her to come out with you again
  3. Sleep with her 1 or 2 more times (often one will do the trick)
  4. Ask her to be your girlfriend

Alternatively, if you are really feeling it and want to cut down on the entire process…

  1. Follow the steps from above
  2. After you sleep with her, ask her to be your girlfriend

This second method is also surprisingly effective. Filipinas strongly believe in loyalty and monogamy. So don’t be surprised if a girl gets really attached to you after you sleep with her. And heck, don’t be surprised if you get more than a little attached yourself!

Note #2: Avoid the Ladyboys (and Hookers)

This may seem like a joke… but it’s not. Southeast Asia is chock full of ladyboys (from guys who just dress up like women to males who actually have sex change surgery). It’s basically considered a third gender over there. And the thing about Southeast Asian men is that they can actually appear surprisingly feminine.

Oh, how many times I’ve heard Western men say “That’s stupid! What kind of idiot would go home with a girl who is actually a guy only to return with horrified looks on their faces when they find out that their lady friend was not all “she” was cracked up to be.

So be careful. Avoid super touristy bars where there are more likely to be ladyboys and hookers. There are more fun spots anyway. If something seems amiss with your girl, it probably is. If you’re not sure, ask someone, they will almost always give you an honest answer.

In terms of hookers, I’ve known guys who have been hit on by hookers and simply avoided the topic and money and got some lovin’ gratis. If that sort of thing floats your boat, go for it. If not, there are plenty of real, non-hooker girls in the big cities. So if your alarm bells are going off, move on son!

Note #3: Let Her Down Very, Very Easy

If you find yourself with a girl who is deeply attached to you and you don’t feel the same way, let her down easy. Filipinas feel very ashamed about unrequited love, and her family may even come after you if you treat her poorly!

So show her that you’re a caring man, and be gentle if you have to cut the cord.

Note #4: Watch Out for Jealous Filipino Men

Filipinas love Western men, and Filipino men are fully aware of this fact. Some of them hate the fact that Western men travel to their country and go around plucking all of their women.

If you find yourself being confronted by a Filipino man, especially if he’s drunk, do only these two things:

  1. Let the girl handle it. I know it’s counterintuitive and you want to be manly and all, but most Filipino men walk around with knives and/or guns somewhere on their person. They last thing they want to hear is someone Western guy trying to be macho or slick to get himself out of the situation. And if they don’t speak great English, it may be hard to convey your point anyway. They will always be pretty gentle with women, and they can communicate perfectly, so let the girl try to talk down any threatening men. And if that doesn’t work…

  2. Walk away. It’s not worth it to risk your life over some girl that you want to get between the sheets. Kindly apologize, excuse yourself, and live to play another day.

Wrapping Up on Filipinas

Keep your nose clean and stay away from dangerous situations (and “women” that aren’t quite what was advertised), and you’ll have an absolute blast in the Philippines. The women really are some of the most friendly women you will meet anywhere in the world, and they really do have few qualms about sex.

This nation of islands will without a doubt leave a very strong impression on you if you explore everything that it has to offer. It’s all at your fingertips: the food, the beaches, the surf… and of course… the women.


Many a wanderer has found a new, warm beauty to share his bed with here every single night. Just stay vigilant and stay smart, and you’ll always have a good time.

So suit up, buckle up, and prepare for the ride of your life - a great time with a cute Filipina is a not-to-be-missed experience.

Carpe diem,


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Richard Weddel's picture

Excellent article man! I

Excellent article man!

I remember I slept with a Filipina Kali practitioner who was in a weapons class my teacher held for about 3 years. That girl could've kicked my ass at the time!

Nothing was better than watching her twirl those sticks around and around, except for maybe seeing her on top of me ;)

Haha, too bad she moved back to the Philippines =/


Also, are you going to do an article about Latina women?

rentau's picture

I'm from philippines and what

I'm from philippines and what can I say about this article is that most of what was said is true. I just wanna add that most of this woman i think had a relationships before and had sex with their ex's. Hence it's not an issue in your country so you can ignore it. In philippines if a woman sleep with lots of different guys they are labelled as a slut and the rich and hot guys dont want them anymore even if their stunningly beautiful except those average guy. They are all yours, we don't mind because we really have a huge population here and myriads of beautiful ladies. Plus age doesn't matter here that much, only looks and money. ^^

Anonymous's picture

Facts please not fantasy ;)

I travel frequently to the Phils on business and leisure and recognise many of the points as true....but come on, the fantasy story is ruining your credibility lol. Beyond the actions of the woman which are laughably wishful.....if you found a bar with a roaring fire and enjoyed the flames in a country that is NEVER cold....then maybe you should have looked closer at the stamp in your passport.
Baguio City MAYBE has such a bar....but you never landed there on your first night.

All you need to know is two things: be happy and friendly and it will be reciprocated; abusing your fortunate wealth by dating girls much younger than you is just as wrong in the Phil's as it is at home! Respect other not abuse others!

Colt Williams's picture

Fact and Fantasy



I appreciate you offering your expertise of the Philippines! I wouldn't call what was in that bar a "roaring fire." It was a pretty small area with a little fire that seemed more like decoration than anything else. I'm not too familiar with Manila as I spent most of my time in Davao, so I couldn't tell you what it was called. As for the woman...nothing wishful about it. It was certainly one of the most striking experiences of my travelling life, and I think one that was at the far end of the bell curve of filipina/souteast asian women. But, I think that's why it was such a good example. Its particulars are at the far end, but this woman was a great model for the mentality/ideals of filipinas.

You're definitely right about being friendly/respectful. As you know, the philippines is really a place where you get out what you put in. If you're friendly and nice, people will be kind to you. If you're nasty and arrogant...well, there are many guns, hah.

Enjoy your next trip over there, and have an extra good time for me!



Fililuvr's picture

Age doesn't matter

What's wrong with dating girls much younger than yourself? That's just a post-modern, western fabrication, pedalled by a post-feminist society where the older women can't face the fact that en were designed to remain sexually active much longer than women.

Young girls may well be happier with older guys, because of the money, yes .... but also because he is more considerate. But it doesn't really matter - it's up to the two people concerned. If there is an age gap that's wrong, please tell me .... what is it? 5 years, 10, 15, 20, 30? And when you have told me its 10, explain why not 11, or if yu said 15, why not 17?

Just call me Joe's picture

Age is just a number

My subject is a direct quote from a young lady, although honestly I don't remember if it was from a Filipina or and Indonesian.

Nothing is "wrong" with an age difference if both individuals are ok with it. The only people who think it is wrong don't like the competition and are jealous. Women who complain about it tend to be older and don't like the idea that men of their age are dating their daughters instead of them. Men who complain about it tend to be younger and don't like the idea that old guys with lots of money can get a date with girls their age, when they can't.

Anonymous's picture


I think our buddy Colt is more right than wrong. This is not the only blog that praises Filipino woman. There is a common thread to all of these, and that is the wonderful traits of these Island women. They constantly rank up of the highest of all woman in South-East Asia (not just in South-East Asia but the entire world) and not just with Americans, British, Canadians, Australians, heck even Japanese love them, and that is something considering the dolls in that country.

Although I am and older guy and bar hopping and getting laid is not my lot in life, I will agree with how wonderful these girls are. To be sure they get a reputation as Gold Diggers, but so does any poor country with pretty women. Thailand, Cuba just to name a few. But buddy Colt is bang on about Filipinas. They are the sweetest girls you ever want to know. I should know I married one. And she is a complete sweetheart. (for 5 years now) she has most if not all of the traits described here. (and even though she is an older woman, what a figure on her) She just loves to look good for her man, and makes sure she stays in shape for him. They know how to keep a man coming back for more. I wouldn't trade her for any woman. Especially stuck up North American women (and I am being kind here) who forgot (or want to forget) how to be real women. And before any of you out there think they are subservient little robots. Filipino women are some of the most liberated woman in the world. (Especially in Asia) They have a certain amount of clout in the family, but they will never go toe-to-toe with the man they love, they hate making a scene. Heck the the Philippines have had two woman Presidents now. Score Filipino's 2- USA 0

Yet they still have not lost their femininity, nor do the want to. As I said these women love being women, like most women they know how to get what they want, and not my being abrasive or having shouting matches with their husbands or boyfriends. They do it with charm and flashing their baby "browns" (Filipinas don't have blue eyes)! They can melt any man's heart with just that right amount of sugar! I know that too!

Anyway Kudos to you Colt, you have found as I have found that Island Paradise known as the Philippines! And the Wonderful cute and sexy women who live there!

Vive la difference!

The Boss

Vincent Carruthers's picture

another melted heart...

My heart has been melted by a beautiful Filipina as well.
My relationship here in my home country ended after 15 year (betrayed upon), and in stead of moping about it, I thought... what the heck. I knew from previous vacations (with ex) in Thailand how beautiful Thai /Asian girls are (compared to the plain, fat, short haired women here) and how many of them you see. But I knew that Filipinas are much better in English, and I wanted to share some thoughts with the lady.
So I made contact with a lot of Filipinas through dating sites on the Internet. I was not in a rush, so no need for me to become too pushy. In a few weeks I had a long list of beautiful Filipinas.
I always talked/chatted with them respectfully. Finally I chose one, I had made sure she was not a bargirl, made arrangements to meet her, flew to Manila and BAM!
I have since then visited her three times (one month each); three times traveled through Pilipinas with her.
I am 47 and she is 34. I could also have chosen a 22 year old girl, but I am very happy with my Filipina beauty.
How about the sex? Well... eh... let's say I got more than I ask for. She wears me out. Day and night. Next to that: she is sweet, fun to be with, entertaining. She takes good care of me in every way. I return the favor.
I am "a one woman guy", so I stay faithful to her.

My experience is based on one Pinay, but the positive stereotypes are true, so far.

Ryu's picture

Nice article

Just want to share my friend's article - how one man banged 96 women in 5 months in the Philippines.

I remembered his article while reading yours. Props to your well written article by the way.

Anonymous's picture


Loyal, hell no. they are the biggest sluts ever. Great in the sack except swallowing, been with hundreds and not a single one has swallowed. I had the misfortune of marrying two of them, each a greater nightmare tan the previous. Not no but hell no.

Emily's picture

Poor You

If all the girls you've been with are the same and not one is different you're definitely a big loser in making choices - consider that you have married two and I suppose both have failed.

And right, I'm Filipina and I swallow... if you're good looking enough.

Ghee's picture

Poor You

*sucks at judgement*
If you repeat the same process, expect the same result.

"...if you're good looking enough."
Right on!

Another Filipina here, loyal to my man even if I'm allowed to have fun. Oh, and yes...I'm older than my hot, British boyfriend of 5 years.

Just call me Joe's picture

Mostly right

I would put it this way, on how to have sex with Filipinas:

1. Be white. Other races may be successful, but being white is an enormous advantage. Age doesn't matter as long as you are old enough, and if anything, there are 18 to 20's women who refuse to date anyone under 30. If you are under 25, you might have a problem competing, but there will still be plenty to choose from. The median age of women in the US is 38. The median age of women in the Philippines is 23. Do the math on the odds. The average age of women I've "dated" is 22, and that number hasn't changed in 25 years.

2. You have to approach her or make the first move in some way. They will smile from afar, but if a Filipina approaches you without your invitation, she is either a guy(!), a hooker, or she is trying to sell you something as her job. If a pretty girl approaches you first, Stop! Think!, "Is this a girl?" Look at height first. Think harder if she is over 5'4". Do not blindly believe everything you think you see. Hookers probably won't approach you either unless you are in a bar, they would use a pimp on the outside. You can turn the ones trying to sell you something into the sack after a conversation and number swap. If you see a girl you want, and she sees you, but she is working behind a counter and you can't even say hello, don't fret. You can leave a note with a coworker to give her with nothing but your # and "Txt Me". She'll txt you as soon as she gets a break and you'll be sleeping with her by the next day. I am not kidding.

3. Think quick. When you meet a Filipina you have two seconds to decide whether she is a keeper. Do not give her your real name unless you think you might marry her. They know how to google and can track you down. Make sure you are using a local CP number because if she calls the hotel looking for you, "Joe" won't be listed and the staff won't put through a call with just a room number. Do not allow chaperones, you would be dating her parents or cousin, not her (I've been able to get co-workers/friends at the same time, but not cousins or sisters). City girls can go out by themselves. If you are in a remote province, you might have trouble. Best to stay where you can be anonymous. If you are the only white guy within 50 miles, you are not anonymous, and potentially risking your life in some parts of Mindanao.

4. If your seduction skills are really, really bad or you fancy a married woman, remember that ALL Filipinas are for sale, the only exceptions are some of the super rich girls and foreigners who happen to be part Filipino and live/work in the Phils. Any hooker you randomly meet would take P2,000 and expensive call girls could be had for a little more. If you make such an offer to a good girl, she will give out a puff and tell you to get lost. You can turn any good girl into your plaything with three months of her salary; it seems to be the magic amount that turns any "get away from me" into "OK, just an hour, right?" (Filipinas can't tell time). This works for store clerks, hotel staff, flight attendants, daughters of judges (ahem). For some extra zeros, you can literally turn on the tv, choose almost anyone you see there (not independently wealthy and it is hit or miss, mostly miss, on foreign born celebrities), and if you know who to call, she can be at your hotel within 12 to 48 hours. I am not kidding. And no, I'm not going to reveal who to call.

5. Have a two date rule. I use this everywhere, not just the Philippines. The rule is: If she doesn't sleep with you on the first or second date without a legitimate good reason (like the calendar or genuinely short on time), dump her and get someone else. Don't waste your time. Many girls will proudly announce on your first meeting that they are virgins. Ignore it. They'll forget about it as soon as they get aroused. A 20 something year old virgin who has been saving herself for years for her wedding night will give it up to a white guy she just met a few hours earlier. But afterwards she will think she is in love with you, so don't forget Rule #3. I am not kidding. Also, Filpinas learn fast.

A comment on looks. I've noticed that the average Filipina is not very attractive compared to other Asians, or even Americans. But the very best looking Filipinas are incredible looking, the best of the best. I am a very hard grader, I've only in-person seen five perfect "10s" in my life. Three of them are Filipino-white mix, one is the former VJ Cindy Kurleto and another is Miss World Megan Young, who is a delight to talk to. I won't mention the name of the 3rd. The one I've "known" is as pretty Kurleto and Young; she is of equal caliber. Imagine sleeping with a girl less than half your age (If you are over 36 of course) who is the top five best looking women you have ever seen in your life. Your taxi drives by a billboard with her picture in an ad. And you are just some guy named Joe. I am not kidding.

Filipinas are simply one of easiest nationalities of women to get in bed. You can't strike out.

Anonymous's picture

Had to laugh at what you

Had to laugh at what you wrote because it is ALL true...hahahahaha. including the fact that they are NOT that good looking but all are for sale, it is just amazing !

Jason2014's picture

Hey Joe

Joe, why are you so keen on paying hookers thousands of pesos for one encounter? They only charge local Pinoys a few hundred, so a little game should get you the local price if she fancies you, shouldn't it?

Just call me Joe's picture

I don't myself

Hookers have different prices, of course you can drag the bottom for less. I am just saying you wouldn't have to go over that number for a pretty, upscale, articulate, hostess-type hooker, 7's and 8's if that is what someone wanted. I've never been one to try to "get her as cheap as I can", because whoever she is, if she's happy, she'll make you happy.

My personal quality standards are very high and my time is money. I can't tell you how many Filipina models, actresses/tv dancers, and national beauty pageant contestants I've been with. Probably evenly split with pretty, smart, college students or fresh grads (although the former group are sometimes also in the latter).

I only bring money into the picture if she is not moving fast enough or for a special order (such as off of the FHM Sexiest Women list or some other tv usual, if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it). Sure, if you just want to get laid and don't care with whom, you can get a girl for free. The questions are do you want THAT girl that you've picked out and/or how much time do you want to waste. If she is taking too long, I change the game on her.

Just call me Joe's picture

Money and scams

There are a lot of scammers out there, especially mothers who post the pictures of their datable daughters or of celebrities in hopes of getting gullible foreigners to send them money.

On the other hand, make sure your liaisons do not impose a cost on her for jeepney or taxi or anything. Give, in person only, your sexmate enough money so she can pay transportation to see you and doesn't have to ask you for it, and round up the change. If she buys something for you, sneak in a way to get money to her to pay for it ("I only have a 500 for your jeepney, but don't worry about it" the next time after receiving a heartfelt gift will increase her performance in bed as she becomes more in love with you).

However, under no circumstances should you send her money unless you have known each other for a long time and are sure she will marry you (with your consent), and then it is only for specific needs relating to getting her out of the country. If you want to meet someone that lives outside where you are staying, you have to go there because if you send money for her to come to see you, you will be left waiting. You may often run into the case where a Filipina will tell some sad story, usually involving a hospital and a relative, or maybe a business venture, and asks for money. The answer is NO! Recognize the the pattern: Sad story. Ask for money. They actually have tv shows that feature this plot. But you don't necessarily have to find another girl. If her family knows she is dating a Joe, they may be pressuring her to ask. You have to ascertain whether her request is under protest but at the behest of her family, or whether it is of her own accord. If the former, she will be very ashamed upon the plot being exposed and after you accept her apology, she will want to make it up to you in bed, and in the latter, tell her to leave now, and she just "failed the test".

Anonymous's picture

Was too easy

I'm like the worst guy with women, zero game, but even I can say it was too easy picking up in the Philippines. Only place in my life it every has been easy. Anyway, I'm in the Marines and I just got back from the Philippines for temp duty. There were many other military guys from all branches there at the time staying at different hotels. Most nights we'd walk down the main strip that was mostly nothing but different strip clubs. The strip clubs are different over there, no nudity but somehow it's ten times more fun. The women in these clubs treat you like kings and tend to be genuinely into you, although they've been genuinely into several other guys that night. Still it's easy to find your favorite chick at the clubs and just have fun hanging with and talking/joking with the dancers as well as the waitresses.

Most guys went the easy route and would pick a female from one of the clubs (dancers or waitresses) whom they'd have to pay for. Lots of times though after 1 or 2 paid dates the girls would see them on the side for free if they liked the guy enough but once again this is something they did with lot's of the guys there. It was no big thing to see some guy at the hotel walking with a chick I'd seen a different guy walking with a couple days earlier. I think for most of the guys it didn't feel like prostitution but it was, and I've always had a thing about renting women, I just won't do it. If every man has a code, mine is I won't pay for sex no matter how much I suck at pick up.

What I did was post my picture on a local internet dating site. I've always considered myself pretty good looking but on this site I was making a killing. I actually had to take my picture down after a few days because I was getting more girls texting me then I could handle, and it was like the male/female positions had swapped. I don't text a girl for 3 or 4 days because I'm too busy and I think she's forgot about me and bam, I get a text saying how she wants to see me. The craziest thing is the women I did meet up with and talk to I was able to just be myself. I didn't have to think about being cool, body language, leading, not forcing rapport or any of the normal rules when dealing with women. Hell, it didn't even matter that I didn't have any game because I didn't need it. I just was myself and was able to enjoy interactions with the girls in the clubs as well as the ones I was more intimate with. I realize this doesn't help me in the "real" world but I'm just telling what it was like over there for me. In the end I went to a disco saw a chick that looked kind of like Eva Mendes had the confidence to go right up to her, and spent my last 4 or 5 days with her exclusively. She still writes me to this day.

I don't understand why the Philippines is like this. There seems to be a normal abundance of men around but the way the women behaved you'd think men were scarce over there. Oh and by the way the story about being white really helps felt like hogwash to me. I'm black and I easily could have banged way more women then I did. And that story about the one guy banged 96 women in 5 months seemed ridiculous before I went over there. Now I think I could easily make those numbers or better with the same time.

So that was the Philippines experience for me, and that wasn't even in the big city of Manilla. Honestly, sometimes I think rather than trying to learn all this girlschase stuff I could just be a lazy prick move to the Philippines and still be a pimp lol.

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game is foolishness - natural is better-but depends on locatio

I agree with you its much more a natural feeling there and interaction for sure
No guard up no stupid funny stares like your some crazy weirdo just making fun conversation ,....they go with it and are polite.

i too am a man of colour and fairly decent looking by most standards. I have traveled several times in Philipinnes and have done very well for myself on many levels.....

Next time visit thank me!

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Spot on and few more tips from a Filipino Man perspective

Colt, your pretty spot on about Filipinas. Though you forgot to add that Filipinas can be quite possessive as well as I'm with one myself for nearly 4 years at time she goes a little nuts over making sure I don't see other women.

Knowing a little tagalog also goes a long way because you can pick up if there bs'ing or not.

For those that want quality type of women, I'll explain it in tier terms. Especially the Upper/Middle Class quality of women.

Tier 1- Mostly women that are 9-10 overall take a decent amount of game but not as bad as back in the States. The reason I say it because to these women get scooped up pretty quickly by locals, especially if you got the $$$ and car.

Advantage these type of women have best of both worlds Western and Pinoy values all rolled into one roof. University educated have decent jobs (no bs issues about money blah blah), decent family background so you don't have to worry about a girl using you as a ATM. But as I've said before locals scoop up these women quickly so you better have something else to offer not just looks alone.

Tier 2- Women in this tier are the middle class mostly university educated as well, might have a family or two that are working abroad could be parents/sister/brothers/relatives. On average women in this caliber are 6 to 8 on rating scale some are single moms, some have only had one or two bf's. Having a car and $$ is a big booster (pogi points) in contrast to tier one in that is mandatory. Here's just be respectful and look presentable and the rest is history.

Tier 3- Lower class you'll encounter these at malls/stalls/KTV bars these can sometimes be a hit or a miss. So better have your bs meter on tip top shape. Women are much easier to get in this caliber as Colt as said.

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What absolute crap..the

What absolute crap..the scenery is total crap and far from breathtaking,, although the pollution in the air takes ur breath away. The sun always shines? NAHH it is just fuckin HOT and HUMID..all the time..not nice at all. The VAST majority of even the BEST educate Filipino women are NOT well travelled at ALL! Simply they just have not been ablt to afford it! As a matter of fact MOST of what this guy has posted is utter garbage, including the bit about them bieng bombshells! Hey go by all means..but it is crap what this guy says!

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crap ??

You are in the minority. Yeah MAnila is poluted but leave it, get to the coast - it's idyllic. There are ugly, average, attractive and stunnung girls, like everywhere. They can be possessive and they ofetn double cross - but they are sexy, sweet, funny, charming and easy to be with..... not like most western cuktures. They are not pushy, loud, selfish, arrogant - they are FEMININE. You had a bad time - try again.

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Heaven on Earth

I discovered the Philippines and in particular Angeles city eight years ago through a website specializing in Angeles called Asian Escapades and have never looked back. I moved here four years ago and it was the best decision I ever made being able to have a new stunner every night, often two!

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Nice article about fantastic women.
I am a widower who four years ago was fortunate to meet a pinay ( Philippina) the plan is to get married very soon. The age difference is big but the true love and devotion is there. Everything you describe in your fantastic description/article is correct. My wife to be fits in 100%
I'm from Sweden and we have a large pinay community in our city, but sorry to say many of them have their hart in the Philippines not with their husbands. The plan is to suck as much money as possible out of their spouses as possible to build up their economy back home, which the plan is to return to, with or without their husbands, doesn't matter. My wife to be just got back from Cebu after not having been there for ten years dos not want to go back in the near future. My life is here with you, I'm happy now and I want to live here with you and my daughter. I'm so happy and grateful to have this life here.
We don't send money on regular basis like others do, we sometimes help out a little.
But basically these women you describe are simply a gift of god, with few exemptions
I'm a happy man to day because of my pinay woman.

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