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Tactics Tuesdays: The 5-Second Kiss

Chase Amante

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five second kiss
The 5-second kiss lets you kiss her as soon as you meet her. It’s fun, it’s quick, and it starts things off with a bang (or a smooch).

This is a fairly niche tactic. But it’s still worth knowing (and still fun).

The way the 5-second kiss works is this: you see a girl, beckon her over or pull her over to you, draw her in, and kiss her. And you do so in about five seconds.

You can use this in bars and nightclubs, on the street during the day, or anywhere. Here’s the catch: it only works on girls who are ‘in the mood’ for it, and it only works when you are ‘in the mood’.

The reason you’d do this is for a fun start to an interaction, to break up an otherwise monotonous outing for yourself, or just to feel more ‘alive’ when you’re out at the bar (or wherever). Also, if you’ve never done this, it’s worth doing once, due to the limitation-shattering it provides.

This is not necessarily something you will do to raise your odds of success with the girl in particular you use it with. Though it can sometimes lead to a hookup.

Instead, this is something you use for the pleasure of it, the momentum of it, or to let yourself see what you can do.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.



SZ's picture

Chase, you know anything else that would increase your sexual energy besides working out?

I want to become obsessed with getting super talented with girls.

I'm tryna sleep with around 100+

What do you think I can do to get my success in about 2 years with women. I read on the boards it takes like 2-3 years to start getting more success with cold approach, is that really true?

I'm just trying to get my numbers up in a short amount of time. I need to find a way to meet more women daily

I wanted to also ask about being a loner.

It seems that I have close friends that I consider as brothers, but they all happen to move all of the time. Or I just have people I'm kinda cool with and we don't hang out after a while.

So I'm kinda a loner, I'm thinking I can't depend on any friends at all. It sucks to be honest, u have no close friend at all.

I want close friends, but they always move away and I don't have any and the cycle repeats itself. So I feel it will always be like that.

Is it OK to be this way? Can I still have fun and live a happy life with no friends?

How about being a bachelor forever ? Is that possible? Can you achieve happiness being a bachelor your whole life?

Do you recommend being a loner and a bachelor your whole life?

2. I try to approach girls, but their boyfriend is always around the corner literally. Any idea on how to avoid this? It's like every chick has a boyfriend and when I go to approach, he comes out nowhere around the corner. Any tips to stop approaching these types of girls?

3. I have been invited to parties, but these parties are talking than anything. It's hard for me to try to pick up because the girls are in their own social groups talking to each other and everyone knows each other and I'm the only one that does not know anyone. It just seems awkward to come into their convos. Any tips of what I should do in those scenarios?


SZ's picture

I wanted to add, wouldn't we be loners anyway if we continue to seduce girls until very old age?

Even right now most people I know are settling down, shit even many years ago they settled down.

I don't want to be that guy who hangs with young pups because they get labeled lame.

So how do I deal with picking up women and not settling down until I'm around 50 or 60 when everyone is settling down and not tryna have fun?

SZ's picture


Imma have to work full time while going to university, I might be able to take night classes, but I'll mostly do it online.

I still want to get the college experience though. It's sucks because I have to work full time as well.

I know night time classes are not as good as morning and afternoon classes.

I hope there's a way I can still have a college life and meet and sleep with girls in college while I work full time.

Tell me what I can do.


Lawliet's picture

Hey Chase,

I want to ask about the "Don't pay on the date".
Which is great! If we pay for all the girls, we will be broke af.

Though, you mention if they pay for you, it makes them more attracted to you and will likely easier to sleep with them.

Now if it's a waiter based restaurant, you can let the pressure flow in and hopefully she picks up the bill.

But what it's a self serving like mcdonalds? What if they're hooked and ready to be pulled but the waiter hasn't delivered the bill yet? What if in situations, it's not food, but movie, or something like that.

How do you make reservations for things like a movie, and make it either dutch or if she wants to watch a movie, she pays for it without sounding like a penny pincher?

Making her pay always makes me worried because what if she says, "Hey, i want to watch this movie, but I have to pay for you? When we go watch something you like, it's dutch..."

And penny pinching (talking about prices too expensive) is bad for attraction right?
Her: "Let's go here to eat!"
Me: "Oh that's so expensive! Let's go here instead"

Her: "Let's go watch this movie here!"
Me: "Oh that threatre is so expensive! Let's go here instead...or if a day based price, "Let's go on X day instead!"

I'm pretty blunt at this, because i haven't thought of a better way of doing this.
But I don't want to give in to paying for her or going to expensive venues...

Just some food for thought.

Re: No spot next to a seated girl
This goes back to your How to approach a girl sittting down article.
However, it's based on the assumption, "There's a spot next to her!"

If it's on bus, or class, or etc., seat might not be vacant.
How would you make a smooth approach here?

Thanks bro,

larry's picture

You would take a woman to McDonalds? Seriously? What makes you think that making a woman pay for a date will make her desire you? Other way around in my experience. If you don't want to "give into her" or take her to expensive venues then maybe you aren't ready to date yet.

Lawliet's picture

And what about things that you two share?
Will you get her to pay?

Let's say snacks before heading to her place to enjoy a movie or buying things for whatever you'll be using together..etc. Situation where it's not clear to go dutch.

And would we want to be 50/50 for the subtotal for the purchases?
It feels off...but coculd be the media I've been exposed to.

What do you think?

larry's picture

When you tell a woman you want her to pay you are telling her that you are a cheapskate and that she isn't worth spending money on - in other words she's not a worthwhile investment. You've put effort into attracting a woman and getting a date - now you're going to go cheap on her? If she offers to pick up the tab, offer to go dutch or at least leave the tip. I she insists on picking up the tab then still offer to leave the tip. That sounds like a fair compromise to me and don't forget that most women still make 80 cents to a man's dollar so she is always paying more than you

Someguy's picture

Just that thouse 1 dollar per ,08 dollars is payed for with a life expectancy reduction of about 10 percent, due to choice in jobs and workload. You also totally underestimate the economic potential of being young, beautiful, feminine and cared for. Free stuff beyond your imagination like 200.000 dollars for just being nice and in love.

The current system is indeed very unfair to butch lesbians. Everyone else is either a man (or at least can become one) or has the option to be young, lean, feminine and beautiful at some point in their lives. Large parts of western population are lost in advertising bullshit-frames about deserving happiness, by eating icecream and staying "as they are" (they don`t. they get fat.).

Giving free stuff to a women is natural, I agree. But it has to come from a position of power and freedom. Most men are not there. For most men the best advice is to not give money to women, but play it tight and invest in their own buisiness/education/career/health/happiness. This leads to overall increase of male sexual market value and female competition. And give her orgasms of course :-) Maybe even for free.

Anonymous's picture

I don't know what to do chase,

Right now I'm stuck; I have no money, crazy amount of debt, no friends, no pool of girls, not smart, no skills, no car, no job, gained a lot of weight. It's been like this for years.

It's super hard to get a job because I have no car and in order to get a car i need to have a job. Where I'm at you need a car for everything.

Pretty much, I have a lot of stuff I have to work on and I want to do it fast because I've been living like this for a while.

It's depressing to be honest, I'm working on fixing it, but I'm a little overwhelmed because I have so much to work on and I want to turn things around as soon as possible.

I was wondering if you could maybe give me some advice on how I can turn this all around and come out on top.

Maybe an article on how to come out on top from when you're down, turning your life around, and shitting on your peers and doubters?

I would really appreciate some quick advice now though.

I want to change my life quickly for the better, and I want to be extraordinary, not regular.

I'm not confident though for some reason, I want to be confident that I can be extraordinary and be unique with how I make money and live life. I don't want to be ordinary, but the doubt creeps up on me.

I want to be on top so bad! I'm hungry to become better than my peers, but my failures give me low confidence. I want to have confidence and actually do it.

I'm not smart, so I know I can't get good jobs and seeing these low paying jobs don't help.

My smarts also give me doubts about making any attempt at business.

But, I'm really hungry, very, to succeed and to turn around all of those things.

I envision myself confident, muscular, with a business, super nice car, fine women, and more.

I just down know where to start.

Maybe you can help me think of something that I never thought before, I would really appreciate the help! Love the site!

Anonymous's picture

Hi Chase,

I was wondering if you could help me solve this problem,

I make a big deal out of every single thing.

Like the gym, it took me forever to sign up, was it because I was lazy? No.

I was just like it's gonna be too far, I'm new to a gym, never did this before, what if I don't like it.

All these negative thoughts to stop me from doing it. I make things harder than it is.


I am addicted to YouTube and the Internet, I can be on there all day, which I have for years. I even read about bettering my life and that takes many hours. I'm also addicted to sleeping and being in bed. I just love it.

I even have a job where I work whenever, but I barley work.

It sucks man, I just like to relax so much, I've been like this my entire life.

I want to be more of a worker a hustler.

Could you help ? Thanks

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