How to Tell a Sex Story, Part I

Sharing stories is a good way of conveying your personality, which is the pillar of what creates attraction. What attracts women are the elements, or we might call them the traits, of your personality that are attractive.

For example, you can display higher value by sharing a story of yours, which can be done by telling the girl you’re talking to a story in which you are experiencing an exciting event, or just simply communicating to her that you have an exciting life. Maybe the story communicates social proof, or preselection – where you meet other girls.

There are no doubts that all this works, but what I wanted to talk about today is the usage of storytelling as a tool to convey a sexual personality. Say, by sharing sexual experiences in order for you to be perceived by her as a sexually experienced man.

sex story

Further you can also share a story in order to make a girl horny – as your story will be like an erotic novel to her ears, allowing her to fantasize about the event by herself (women love pornographic literature – such as erotic novels).

And, sharing sex stories can also work to set the right frame. As I mentioned in my introduction post about sex talk: the frame will define her perception of you; which means that if she perceives you as a sexual man, she will treat you like one. How people perceive you plays a crucial role in defining their behavior toward you.

So now, in this article we will lay out the different steps in how you can pull this off properly.

  • How to transition into a sex story

  • How to actually tell a sex story

  • Short Recap

We will get right into the first step.

sex story

If you talk to a girl and you just suddenly start sharing a story where you had sex in the middle of the Sahara desert, you will come across as very un-calibrated. We need to figure out how we can transition smoothly into the topic without making it weird to her.

Many times, when you meet a woman who is very attracted to you (who you simply click with), the interaction become sexually loaded very easily, and sharing a few sex stories will just be completely natural. Sometimes you meet women who are sexually open and sex becomes very easily a topic – in which case sharing a sex story is very easy. Sometimes you are just lucky – your current situation allows you to deliver a sex story.

Yet, at times we are not that lucky. Here I will share some techniques that can make it easier for you to get sexual and share sex stories, even if luck isn’t completely on your side.

Open Loop Transition

An open loop is basically what you see every day on television when you are watching TV shows. It’s synonymous to “cliffhanger”. You only give the receiver half of the goodies, while holding back the rest, making the receiver beg for it.

An open loop is all about making the person you are interacting with wonder about “what comes next”. Such as, when you are talking to a girl, tell her something, but do not go all the way – again, make her wonder what comes next.

So what I do when I want to share a sex story is:

  1. You tell a girl that she reminds you of someone.

  2. If she is at least somewhat interested in you, she will ask you “who?” and wonder who you actually remind her of.

  3. Then, take your statement back and justify your move by telling her that you can’t tell her.

  4. She will wonder why, to which you answer that the story is too dirty for her.

  5. Now you can see that she is actually BEGGING you to tell her this story.

Here is an example:

Alek: You know, you are a very sweet girl. You remind me of someone I will never forget [it is important to hype it up], whom I met last year in France.

Linda: What girl? / Why will you never forget her? / What was so special about her?

Alek: Never mind! I take it back

Linda: Why! Tell me!

Alek: The story is a little too wild; you seem too innocent for such a story.

Linda: I’m not that innocent; I like wild things. [she qualifies herself to you]

Alek: Ok… here is what happened…

You can, if you like, change out “her” with “this thing” or “this”. For example you can tell her that certain events that are taking place during this night remind you of something really exciting. “This reminds me of something really crazy taking place when I was at a beach party in Croatia”. Or maybe you see an object that reminds you of something – “the type of glasses they have here reminds me of this freak show in Germany… oh gosh that was one really crazy night” – hopefully, your girl will ask you about what happened that night.

The second she asks you more about a particular event she is on the hook. But then you want her to beg even more and maybe even make her qualify to you (i.e., her following your lead, trying to make sure “she fits you”; in other words, chasing you). You do this by telling her that she is not fit to hear the rest of your story – you disqualify her with the purpose of her qualifying herself back.

sex story

For example, you tell her the story is too dirty for her, or that the story is not good for “innocent girls who just want love, who don’t want to have sex before they get married” or who might freak out. Girls being curious beings, will most of the time qualify – which will give you the frame of the dominant one being chased – i.e., women will tell you that nothing is too dirty for them, that they are not “innocent beings”, and that they “want to have a lot of wild sex before they marry”, which are all very good qualifications if you ask me, as when a women admits to you that she is freaky, the path to going to bed with her becomes rather short.

Once a woman qualifies to you, always reward her. You do so by giving her a very juicy sex story.

sex story

Basically, sex stories should be about an event of your life that is unique, sexy and cool. There needs to be an element in the story that makes it exciting. Maybe you had sex in a weird location? Maybe something special occurred during the intercourse? Maybe you had sex with someone special (for example your best friend’s sister)?

In other words, there need to be something in your stories that people find worth listening to. Nobody cares about usual encounters – that is simply not exciting, as we all experience those. What people want is juicy stuff.

So skip the story about “the romantic dinner date that led to sex”. Instead, tell her a story about how you had anal sex in a club bathroom, how dirty you felt, how wrong, yet how good it felt. That’s the juice you should be seeking…

But now, what if you are a virgin or a man who hasn’t had that many sexual experiences? Well, in this case, you have two possibilities. The first one being that you use a story you’ve heard from someone else or read somewhere else. Or… you can wait until you have gotten at least a few lays before considering using such a technique. The choice is yours.

The Structure of a Sex Story

Let us now focus on the actual structure of the sex story so that you know how to set it. To simplify the following, let us say that a good sex story (or any other story for that matter) follows these particular steps:

  1. Introduction: this is where you introduce the scene. The characters, the scenario – time and place, etc.… you can feel free to go in details about the characters, what they look like, their ages and so on. I also highly recommend you to be extremely detailed when you want to define the environment.

  2. The buildup: here you build for a climax. In our case, you describe how you met a girl, what occurred earlier that night, how things went. You also describe the seduction process – such as when you kissed her, touched her, embraced her (remember, be detailed). You do not at this point talk about the sex, as this goes under the “climax” part of the story. Build up the story well and you will really have a girl’s attention, which will make her way more receptive to the actual climax of the story (the sex sequence)... which is something that we want. Also, do not deliver the climax too early, as she won’t be as warmed up, and the results of the sex story will be much lower. During the “build up” you simply warm her up for the climax.

  3. The climax: this is where you deliver all the juice. This is where she will be given a release. This is where you will describe the actual sex encounter. As you talk about the sexual encounter – the intercourse itself – make sure you go as detailed as possible. Explain everything that is happening, how it is happening – describe every move that took place – leave nothing out.

    Also describe how the “hero” (i.e., you) of the story is experiencing the event, how he feels about what is taking place (in other words, tell your girl how you felt when you were penetrating this random girl… or how the blowjob felt…) .Be rich with your words, make it poetic, describe your feeling. Use rich description as Drexel Scott explained in his recent posts on sexuality game.

    But also, describe how the girl in the sex story felt about the experience as the intercourse was taking place. Again, be rich with your descriptions.

  4. The ending: the ending is where you end it all… as simple as that. You do not talk about the sex (which belongs to the “climax”), you just talk about what happened after the sex has taken place. Here you can lay out the tone you and a girl had after you’ve had sex; you can talk about something you did after you’ve had sex; or… how you and the girl you shared the experience with parted ways. No need to talk too long about this or go into too many details.

I will cover even more points in my next article in this series on sex stories, and share more tips about how you can add even more “juice” to your stories. But before I end this article, I would like to share some small tips that can make big differences.

More Juice

sex storyHere’s our list of more tips you can use to give your sex stories more juice:

  1. Always share the story in a positive way – negativity simply kills everything

  2. Be passionate when you talk about your sex adventures. This shows women that you truly love experiencing exciting sexual events

  3. Always be rich in your description

  4. You can use your hands – body language. This can help you making the descriptions even richer (for example gesturing a penetration… while you talk about an actual penetration)

  5. Avoid talking about sex or sharing any sex stories when her friends are around (it might raise her anti-slut defence)

… and that’s it for today. I wanted to be detailed in the section about “transitioning” into a sex story, as I believe many men struggle (or will struggle) with this. I agree that there is a lot more to say about this topic. But do not worry; the next article will cover everything missing in this one. This will be a two part series.

Sex Story Part I Recap

In this post we have discussed how we can transition from a normal conversation with a girl into a sex story.

In order to achieve this, we are using “open loops” as a transition technique. The intention of such a technique is to make women beg us to tell a story. By making them ask for it, it becomes a natural thing to her that you tell her, as she is now the one asking for it.

The way we make her beg for it is by letting her know that we have a story she might be interested in, but at the same time telling her that we won’t tell her. This makes her chase, and generates a desire within her to hear what you have to say.

Further, we discussed how to actually share a sex story, where we pointed out that details are king. We want to make the story rich and passionate.

We also covered four (4) sequences we want a story to go through, which we labeled as:

  1. The introduction: where we set the scene

  2. The buildup: where we build the momentum up before the climax

  3. The climax: where we actually tell the sex scene from our story

  4. The ending: where we finally end the story

Remember to share your stories with a lot of enthusiasm and passion and you will watch women melt in front of your eyes. Try it and enjoy it.

Next article will cover more elements in “sex story” telling. Stay tuned.


UPDATE: "How to Tell a Sex Story, Part II" is now live - check it out to get more juice.

Alek RolstadAbout the Author: Alek Rolstad

Alek Rolstad launched his pickup career at age 14, an early starter and seduction savant. His unique style of game focuses on “sex talk”: a way to make sex the primary topic of conversation. Sex talk lets the user excite girls rapidly, and filter for girls open to fast, raunchy, kinky one-night stands and sex. Alek plans to offer phone coaching to students of Girls Chase soon… Just as soon as he can find somewhere to hold phone calls on sex talk and threesomes where he won’t be shocking his roommates.

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Drexel Scott's picture

Genius and 100% agree.

A lot of guys seem to struggle to get into sex talk without coming across as weird.

This is a great article on how to do it smoothly--get her to ask to tell you in a cool indirect way.

P.S.-- Have you heard of the "Instant Female Arousal Phrase?" It gets any girl soaking-wet and ready to BANG...even if you just met! Check it out right here:

Anonymous's picture

Hey chase... This dwells from your topic, ...I really want to apply thos stuff in highschool because I know the story. I just dont wanna wait till im out because this is the one place boys really want women. Ive never had a gf and no social value in my school. You might be lieves its easy in hs bit not if your a nobody with special looks. You could just build the social circle until one comes..but a guy like me doesnt have that choice... I have to take action. Because theres ALOT of competition at my school. I have to approach becaise they will never approach me...but i approached alot...but never got results. I dont wanna approach everybody...because they think im a creep. But i dont wanna wait

Marty's picture


As always with your articles, this was a lot of fun to read as well as having practical application. I love your unique tone!

What about for fantasies—could the same method be used to relate a sexual fantasy to a girl, do you think? Obviously to be credible it would have to be someone you already knew or at least had seen once before, but could you pique her curiosity by mentioning a sexual fantasy involving her and having her urge you to share it?


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