Reversing Poor Past Precedent with Girls You Like

reversing bad precedentAlex writes in with a question about a follow-up article to the one on precedent: “Dating and Relationship Precedent: Why It’s So Very Important.” Here's his email:

Hi Chase and friends at

Your articles are amazing! I found Chase's article on precedent to be thought-provoking:

I was wondering if you guys think writing a secondary article on how to recover after precedent has been set poorly would be a good follow-up idea.

For example: Say with this particular girl, I've moved too slowly with her, been overly helpful, white-knighted her, and acted overly insecure. As a result, I ended up losing her. But what if I want a second chance? Do you have any suggestions on bouncing back after setting poor precedent?

I know it would be best to move on, and I wish I knew about setting good precedent back when I was inexperienced, but sometimes I just want a second shot. I think it would be excellent to have an article on bouncing back after poor precedent, if possible.

Let me know if you guys think this would be a good suggestion!


This is a sticky issue, and it's not one with an easy fix... not even a remotely easy fix. It's also a totally irrational problem to have, in the grand scheme of things, and it's one that's rooted firmly into a scarcity mentality of some sort or another - it may be that you don't feel you can ever meet another girl as amazing as this one (you lack absolute abundance), or it may be that you don't know if you're ever going to find another girl at ALL (just a complete lack of abundance mentality) - or, at the very least, you've just plunged so much time and emotional investment into this girl that your psyche won't let you let go.

The rational option is always, "Go out, forget about the girl you've dug yourself into a deep pit of despair with, get more skilled with women, upgrade your game and your fundamentals, and go date and sleep with 10 more women hotter, cooler, and more interesting than this one."

Yet, it's a question that comes up SO MUCH from guys, that it's probably worth addressing on its own: how do you change a girl's perception of you when it's already pretty low?

It will require you to move mountains and pull off feats that few men ever have, but if you're willing to give it your all, I may as well lay out the tools for you. So, by popular request...

reversing bad precedent

First, before we start talking technique, we need a few disclaimers.

Because, you see, you can NEVER reverse precedent. Not completely. You don't get to clean the slate and start completely fresh with someone you've already established past precedent with, unless you're going to hypnotize her and do a mind-wipe on her... and even then, there are going to be subconscious emotions lingering in the background (but, seriously: don't hypnotize and mind-wipe anybody... not cool).

You're best off thinking about your relationship with someone like a large home. Here, we're talking about all kinds of relationships - sexual and romantic relationships, yes, but also female friends and girls you've entered into extended non-sexual courtship periods with (e.g., you've been friend zoned or became an early boyfriend).

Just like homes, you can grab a young and inexperienced girl, and that's like buying a new home. No effects of past owners to worry about, and basically the only thing influencing your future relationship at that point is the quality of construction: was she put together carefully with high quality materials, sound architecture, and careful planning, or was she slapped together with shoddy workmanship, materials, or both? This is the difference between a girl of good breeding, and one who's grown up abused, in a broken home, or crazy / cluster B.

Or you can grab a more experienced girl - that's like buying a home that's had a few or even many owners before. If the home's had great owners, it may be almost as good as new, and probably is an even more interesting, expanded, improved version of its original self. Or, if it's had especially bad owners (abusive and neglectful lovers, partners, and friends), it's in disrepair, falling apart, and is virtually uninhabitable.

Once you've got your new home, you can either maintain it and keep it in great shape and maybe even make some additions to it (pool, Jacuzzi, garden, more trees, etc.) - that's setting great precedent. Or, you can do all kinds of things wrong - neglect it; throw wild parties; punch holes in the wall and throw baseballs through the windows; let the foundation sag; let cracks set in and water damage occur; let termites invade; or even set fire to the home. Do enough damage, over a long enough period of time, and even if you get wise later and start to try to repair that damage later on, there will always be underlying problems.


The Way Doubt Works

Let's say you manage to turn it around with a girl you really messed up on before. That could be because you were:

... or weak, supplicating, or tryhard in any half-significant way.

Now, you patch things up, and everything seems fine - you've effected a turnaround.

What happens in times of duress?

All those old wounds, doubts about your trustworthiness and masculinity, and lack of respect for you come pouring back into the fore. Again and again and again, any time you have a shred of tension in the relationship.

Why? Well, imagine a house with significant foundation damage: termites sawed their way through the interior, or water damage weakened the foundation, or a big blaze created a number of structural defects, warping metal and cracking cement. You can patch all this up the best you can, and in good times everything will be fine.

But, with time and stress on the house - during a big storm, for instance, or a flood - all those old problems come roaring right back again, the home still weakened, its foundation still never what it originally was, or what a house of similar quality and workmanship and age that's been maintained properly from Day 1 still is.

reversing bad precedent

Screwing things up in a big way at ANY stage of a relationship does PERMANENT damage. You can patch up the drywall and caulk up the cracks; you can replace wooden beams termites drilled through, and sand away and paint over fire damage and replace melted appliances and put down new carpets.

But the damage is done, and it is not going away, and you will see it again as if you'd never made any repairs the moment things get hard at home again.

Your Emotions are Short-Term Friends - Not Long-Term Ones

What we just talked about - that long-term foundation rot that cannot be reversed - is not something your emotions believe in or care about.

That's because emotions are focused on maximizing your short-term: they want you to feel good NOW.

It's important to understand this when you're looking at doing things you know are irrational. Chasing down one special girl that you've messed things up in a big way with is one of these things.

Why? Because she's replaceable. I know it doesn't feel that way; you may even be insulted, or want to strike back at me for saying so - how cold and mechanistic your thinking! How dispassionate your mind, and loveless your heart!

But I've been there. I've spent a decade there. If you haven't read it yet, you need to read this immediately:

If you've read that and you're still here, either the message didn't sink in... or you're as stubborn as a mule (or maybe you're really legitimately living out in the middle of nowhere, and there ARE no other options, and you're taking care of a sick parent and just can't leave your small town to move somewhere with other women you can meet - aside from that, I can't think of any excuse that's valid enough to justify continuing to live a punishing, miserable existence of chasing after someone who doesn't want you, when there are cities full of women you'll find just as captivating when you get to know them, rather than thinking about them as one-dimensional abstract strangers, waiting for you to relocate and start building some skill with them).

Either way, we've already covered some precedent-challenging situations in some previous articles, and I'd recommend you refer to these before you go on with this one:

  • The Ultimate Guide on How to Get a Girl Back: if you liked a girl, but haven't slept with or dated her yet, and she's now suddenly gone, this is the article for you

  • How to Get Your Girlfriend Back: if you're endeavoring to get back your ex-girlfriend, read this article to find out first where you stand, and then what your options are

  • Making a Girl Jealous: Dos and Don'ts: if there's a girl you like but she's losing interest, and you don't have terrible precedent with her, sometimes this is all you need

  • 3 Second Date Strategies to Make Her Flirt and Swoon: in this article, I discuss a turnaround strategy for those unfortunate scenarios when you've tried to sleep with a girl, but it didn't happen - and now she has as much interest in you as she does a chunk of reed bed

  • How Preselection Works to Get You Girls: virtually all turnaround strategies tie back to this - whether it's implying that you're now far more scarce because you have a lot more women in your life, or it's directly showing her this by letting her see you with sexier, hotter women than she is, preselection is the only surefire way of taking a girl who thought you were a lifeless meatloaf and making her burn with interest in and desire for you again

  • Why to Use Scarcity with Girls You Meet: this is the other big piece of the puzzle, which again ties back to preselection - if you're scarce and no longer devoting time to her, she's usually going to assume that another woman (or women) may very probably be the reason why

Read these, know them, internalize them; and, you can see that this girl's emotions are just as much short-term friends as yours are. People want what they cannot have; you can't have her, so you go crazy wanting her. You then show her that she cannot have you (and that you are something she WANTS to have), and then she goes crazy wanting you.

Often what ends up happening by that point though, is that now that she wants you so desperately, you're too busy dating these other women you've met... whom you've realized you like way better than this old girl, and with whom you don't have all that terrible past precedent that's going to muck things up for you in the future.

Nevertheless, that probably sounds like an impossible scenario to you right now, when emotions are firing like pistons from hell: of course you will love this girl forever and never value her any less than you do right now! You know it.

So, I'm going to give you an overview of and some details about the tools that you can use to reverse some of the poor precedent you've set with women before - at least enough to get them chasing after you again.

reversing bad precedent

There are five (5) methods you can use for reversing poor past precedent:

  1. "Whoops... that wasn't me"
  2. "I just realized you're not who I thought"
  3. Preselection explosion
  4. Other value explosion
  5. The life-altering experience

Again though, none of these are shortcuts. Why? Because you must change SIGNIFICANTLY between whom you were before and whom you are now.

That means if you're reading this article thinking you're going to go say a magical set of words or tweak a few minor behaviors and months or years of poor past precedent will go away, you're in for a rude awakening.

You must be different. And she will probe and pull apart and test you harder than you have ever been tested in your entire life to find out whether that difference is real, or merely a mirage.

You can't fake this one until you make it. You either are it, or you aren't.

Let's look at the ways you do that.

#1: “Whoops... That Wasn’t Me”

If you acted weak around a woman because you went through an emotionally draining period the likes of which you'd never experienced before, but now it's over, you've figured it out, and it's never going to happen again, you can use this one.

This is, in effect, the "temporary insanity" defense.

I used this one myself after an emotionally draining breakup - the first one I'd gone through, and while I'd been logically prepared for it, I hadn't been ready to deal with the emotions. So, it did a number on me. Both the ex-girlfriend I broke up with and the girl I courted for a relationship after (whom I'd known before) lost a ton of respect for me over a period of a few months. Both of them treated me with a kind of, "Uh... what happened to you?" vibe, and the ex even asked me what happened to the Chase who was always in control of everything.

And then I snapped out of it. I promptly apologized for my simpering to both women; I told both that I'd gone through a new emotional experience I wasn't fully prepared for, and I confessed that I handled it poorly; and then I dropped most contact with both and started sleeping with a lot more women, and in short order scooped up a girlfriend who was taller, more beautiful, and more accomplished in her career than both.

The result was that both the ex and the girl I'd been chasing both started chasing after me, hard. Both tried repeatedly to invite themselves to my place, to sleep in my bed, or to get me to come over to theirs and get me to sleep in their beds.

By that point though, I was over both of them - and I just declined, declined, declined. That was just a messy part of my life I had no interest in reopening, with all kinds of bad precedent I had no interest in having come revisit me with either woman.

It's been many years since that, but they both still ping me, ask me to meet up, or send me pictures of themselves.

The key to this one is, your weak, crummy behavior must legitimately NOT have been the real you, and it MUST be gone the moment you say it is. If you're going to revert back to being a pushover again, telling her it was temporary insanity is only going to make you look even weaker, because she now won't believe any of your future attempts to paint yourself strong - you've already shown her this one was just a ploy (and that's true for any of these; if you go from weak to strong and stay strong, she'll always be skeptical, but at least part of her will believe that's the real you; if you go from weak to strong, then back to weak, she'll never believe you're legitimately strong no matter WHAT you do, and you will forever be relegated to paper tiger in her mind).

#2: “I Just Realized You’re Not Who I Thought”

This is one I used way back when I was first starting out with women, and I chased a girl too much. One night, I almost had her... and then she ditched me for some other guy, and left me to pay the tab.

Man, that knocked me for a loop.

I blew up at her and excoriated her over email, then thought better of it the next day and realized I was being a giant pussy. I got back in touch, apologized for using her as my emotional tampon, told her I think I had the wrong idea about her, and that we'd be better off not being friends anymore so that neither of us was giving the other the wrong impression.

Then, I cut contact with her.

I'd run into her every so often in the nightclub, and she was always a mixture of regretful / reaching out toward me. After a month or so, she approached me to tell me she was "single now." I just told her that was nice, wished her a good night, and then went about my business meeting new women.

I didn't handle that one exactly perfectly - I'm on the fence about whether the emotional blow-up was a good thing (making her feel strong emotions, before manning up, apologizing, and then cutting her off - emotional roller coaster effect), or a bad one (I just looked like an emotionally out-of-control weakling). But, I'm pretty sure that had I had better fundamentals and better game at the time, and had I had a calmer, more explanatory ending discussion with her, rather than just sending her a couple of email blasts (much weaker than talking to someone in person), she would've chased harder than she did.

I also used a bit of this with that girl I'd been courting for a relationship that I mentioned in #1: I told her if we weren't going to date, I needed to go hit the dating pool, and that I wouldn't be able to spend as much time on her. She protested; I said I could still see her a little bit, but I needed to put my time into dating and not hanging with platonic friends... and then didn't even talk to her again until I had a new girlfriend. The implied message there was, "I thought we were going to be something else, but now I realize my mistake, and can no longer devote any real time to this relationship, which isn't providing for me what I need it to."

reversing bad precedent

The key to this one is, you've got to cut contact by 90%+ after letting her know she isn't who you thought she was... and you've got to go focus on YOURSELF after this (not HER). If you do it in a high strength, respectable "I thought you were one thing, but I think I just misread the situation" way, she's likely to realize that she was misleading you, and she's also going to realize she valued you all wrong - you're not a guy who's going to hang around forever, and your value to her is only available as a mate.

Many times guys just disappear from girls' lives when they give up, and the girl never knows why or what happened. This way, you're giving her an explanation: it's a nicer way of saying, "Your value to me was as a prospective partner, but I no longer believe in those prospects. Thus, my value to you is no longer available - I need to go make it available to other, more reliable prospects instead."

#3: Preselection Explosion

This one's simple enough (if not necessarily easy when you're just getting your feet under you with this whole "getting women" thing): you just go out, meet a lot more women, get them chasing after you or get a new girlfriend, and make sure the girl you're trying to turn around some bad prior precedent with sees it.

Straightforward, right?

The only challenge here is technical: can you pull it off? This one's going to take some time and some reinvention of yourself if you aren't already there (if you are though, it's somewhat of a cinch).

If you roll in the same social circles with the girl you're trying to make jealous, your best bet is usually bringing new girls along with you - for a few reasons, it's typically a lot harder to run jealousy plotlines in social circles with other women in those social circles - including:

  • Once one girl's rejected you, it makes the others more likely to

  • Once one girl's rejected you, you'll have a harder time with every girl at or above her level of social status, leaving only the girls beneath her unlocked

  • Dating or having lower social status girls chase after you will not bolster your attractiveness in this other girl's eyes one bit - those girls are beneath her, and if you're dating them so are you

Therefore, it's usually better to just meet girls from outside the social circle, and bring them to events - the more of them and the hotter and more charismatic they are, the better. If you've got one really hot girlfriend to replace her with, she'll go out of her mind second-guessing herself and kicking herself in the shin wondering how she missed the chance to be with you the first time around; if you've got a constantly rotating series of gorgeous, magnetic women spending time with you, she's just going to assume she missed out on a good thing (and will usually to try to jump back on the bandwagon).

Either way, be prepared to watch her go from "indifferent" to "I must get him!"

If you're not in her social circles, you can use social media for this - if the girls themselves are posting pictures and status updates and commenting to you publicly, this is more effective than if you're doing it yourself, which can look tryhard to any socially sensitive individual - or you can find an excuse to have her call you, only to let her know, as I did with that girl I courted for too long in an emotional moment, that you have to get off the phone in a minute because your girlfriend's almost here.

A note of caution, however: if you enlist female friends, wingwomen, or other women you have platonic relationships with to try to create jealousy, this will almost always backfire, from every guy I've seen try doing this. The reason why is that you will not behave congruent with the behavior of a man who legitimately has other attractive, desirable women in his life; instead, you will leap at any chances she gives you to turn things around, and break form and start chasing her again the instant you see an opening - which will turn her right back off again and convince her it was all just an illusion.

You can't fake this. You must DO it.

And the good news is, usually in the process of doing it, you'll realize you like the women you're dating now WAY more than that girl you were chasing after before.

#4: Other Value Explosion

This one generally takes a fair bit (years) longer than exploding your preselection, but it can also be very effective. Essentially, all you do with this one is select an area of your social value, and just grow the heck out of it.

I won't bother delving much into it, since it's the longest time horizon of any of these, the most work, and the least likely to pay off with the specific outcome you want (reversing bad precedent and making this girl chase after you), simply because you may fail to achieve noteworthy success, or you may take so long to do it that by the time you're there, Dream Girl is already married with children.

But, for the sake of understanding this one as an option, just think of greatly increasing your social prestige by getting 15 minutes of fame for something, or become financially successful. I've heard lots of wealthy people - everyone from celebrities I've seen interviews with, to friends who've struck it big - talk about how the moment their success starts getting around, old girlfriends start crawling out of the woodwork, testing to see if they can get back together and "give it another shot."

Even preselection isn't that effective. Get rich or get famous or rack up prestige (of a sort appealing to women), and you'll find you have little trouble attracting old flames, no matter how bad you messed things up with them before.

For practical purposes, however, this one is usually not worth much realistic consideration.

#5: The Life-Altering Experience

This is the one where something crazy and completely life-changing and perspective-altering occurs in your life, that dramatically shifts the way you conduct yourself, and the way other people see you.

That's something like:

  • Going away to join a Buddhist monastery in the Himalayas for 6 months
  • Travelling the world and seeing 6 continents over the course of a year
  • Working to help starving African children for half a year
  • Joining the military and going on a long tour abroad

Basically, anything where you go somewhere far away, stay there for an extended period of time, and have experiences unlike what most people in your (and her) neck of the woods experience.

Things that don't count (usually):

  • Attending a class or a seminar (e.g., Landmark Forum)

  • "Realizing" something via introspection or talking to your grandfather

  • Almost dying (e.g., in a traffic accident, heart palpitations because you ate too much candy, etc.)

  • Coming to your senses in some other quick / expedient way

I say usually because if you have an especially dramatic experience (like, you almost got killed mountain climbing, and realized while out there and alone and thinking you without doubt were going to die of exposure that you've been living life with your priorities all scrambled, and now it's time for you to just do and stop wasting time twiddling your thumbs with people and hesitation and not chasing down your dreams), this can work.

The caveat with this one is, again, you must literally dramatically be PERMANENTLY different. If you tell her you're a changed man because you spent a year living in a rural Indian village without electricity, running water, or frozen pizzas, and then you begin chasing after her all over again or acting weak or needy, guess what - no change is registered.

This one is about having a REASON for change, and tying it in together with ACTUAL change. You don't get to just say you're different and have her accept it without you backing it up with actually being different - as I said, no shortcuts.

Reversing Bad Past Precedent

And those are our five (5) different ways of turning around bad precedent.

After reading this list (assuming you have some bad past precedent you want to wipe away as much of as possible), you're going to have one of two reactions:

  • Excitement - if you're now ready to go out and genuinely reinvent yourself, and are using changing what this girl thinks about you as your motivator; or

  • Disappointment - if you were hoping for a magic pill solution ("Just tell her THIS, and the past two years of horrible precedent will disappear as if they NEVER happened!")

You can't do away with precedent. The only thing you can do is reframe it ("That wasn't me, because I was emotional and weak - here's the real me") or bury it ("I may have chased you then, but women much more desirable than you chase me now, and if you want me you're going to have to chase me even harder than they do").

And either of those requires you to make a dramatic, permanent shift in how you deal with women, and how you deal with this woman in particular.

Because if you revert to the old version of you, who did things all wrong, you'd better believe you're going to meet the same end with her that old you met - there's no tricking a woman into being with you and staying with you... not gonna happen.

Thus, the key to reversing old bad precedent is to dramatically changing you - and once you do that, everything else kind of just falls into place.

Chase Amante

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Alexander's picture

changing what other people think about you

Hi Chase !

first of all, I'd like to say thanks a lot man for all the effort you make in writing such an amazing article about Dating for men & those fantastic articles about the self improvement & the mindset, I truly believe that if Casanova was living in 2013 I'm sure he will be reading girlschase :D

but I have a question, I'd like to know how to change what other people see you & think about you, in my experience I've learned that disappearing for some time and changing your look can really help to neutralize how other people see you, and from there it's all about keeping your new image alive, but I like to know if you have even more ideas about this matter.

cheers !

Chase Amante's picture

Re: changing what other people think about you



Well, that's essentially what this article was all about! The precedent you set is what decides how people see you and think about you - to change how they see you and think about you, give them new precedent, and give them reasons to reconsider whether the past precedent you set may not be representative of who you really are, and/or who you are right now.

Going away for a while and changing your look can help, but you MUST have real, obvious behavior changes to go with them - people are going to expect you to be more like your old self than not, even if you don't resurface for decades (e.g., meeting you again at a high school reunion after 10 years - they'll wonder if you're still quite the same, but if you are, it won't take long for them to figure this out).


Anonymous's picture

I'm the excited one -

I'm in the category of the excited. Due to bad precedent, it's seeping into other parts of my relationship with this person.

Can you give a way to word the #2 option plz. It's important so if you could give a text example or conversation example that would hit home so that it's done as "respectfully and strongly" as possible.

Thanks Chase.

Franco's picture

There's no magic pill.


You are claiming you are in the "excited" category, but then you are asking for a "magic pill" text to somehow change a girl's views.

If Chase wasn't clear enough already, there is no text or conversation that is going to change bad precedent until she sees that you have clearly changed yourself. If you think that there is a text that can convey this instead of ACTUALLY changing yourself, then you missed the point of the article.

And since I've been in the situation before where I set bad precedent with a girl who was extremely into me, I can tell you that there ISN'T a magic text or conversation that will turn things around. She needs to see you again after a long period of time and change, and as Chase mentioned, by that time, you will probably be meeting higher quality girls anyway.

- Franco

Michal's picture

Franco, I think he meant that


I think he meant that he needs to make "the speech" and then cut contact and change himself. Maybe it is a girl that friendzoned him so he wants to show her that he wants to improve himself. And if he knows now that he has no chance with her because she sees him only as a friend and he is willing to lose this friendship in order to have possible chance with her in the future once he improves, then he needs to send "Listen, I dont think we should hang out this often, I plan to do this and this and I just did not want you to feel like I am avoiding you" kind of message. And then go and improve.

You might be looking at it differently, because you seem like a master to us beginners, the way you present yourself on this site. So your point of view, even though you surely had this problem too, might be a bit clouded at the moment. And it is good you reminded that there is no way to talking yourself to her pants but to me, it seemed a little harsh-tone. But problem can be lost intonation because of the text communication.

I did the same thing once, then I realized I did not change much but... I did it with a girl from a class a year ago, she met me after a blown up date. Where I was in an appartment of that date girl, did not close, missed a train, got home at 5 AM and had to get up at 6 for Friday. She was excited to see me, I was horribly underslept so I was dismissive so she talked like 90% of the time. And this summer she really had a thing on me at one outdoor party.

We were not really hanging out, we were meeting at class and talking sometimes after. During exam period we used to chat on facebook almost every night and then I read article about long chatting with girls. And I thought, this was my way out of friendzone, so I told her one night - as Chase says how strong guys talk less, in brief and on point. So after some small talk I just texted her, that I am not going to continue chatting with her every night as we used to do, because I have a big exam on Thursday and after that I have plans for winter. And I wanted to focus on other things and that sitting behind computer does not seem as a good investment of my time no. So I am just letting her know so she would not feel like I am avoiding her. And since the world is big, we might never see each other again, so I said my goodbye. And her only reply was something like "You dummy, I want to keep seeing you!:) We can arrange something. Ok, good night now!" And then I met her on that Friday after the blown up date and on that party this summer. I did not improve much, just my wardrobe, I was working out with my body weight so I fixed my rouneded back from ice hockey a bit, facial hair and internalized some knowledge from this site.

So I would suggest short and to the point message. If during chat, just ignore what her objections, just get the message out and then excuse yourself that you had a long day etc. Making it clear you are not ditching on her, because you have plans, which will take most of your time. And then go radio-silent. Maybe mention something like the exam I did, she then asked how it went and I just answered with "good, I got 2" (our rating is 1,2,3 and then 4+ = second try, 4 means fail). And then I never contacted her again.

Anonymous's picture

Hi Franco, He did mention

Hi Franco,

He did mention that most guys just vanish from the girl's life with no explanation: "Many times guys just disappear from girls' lives when they give up, and the girl never knows why or what happened. This way, you're giving her an explanation: it's a nicer way of saying, "Your value to me was as a prospective partner, but I no longer believe in those prospects. Thus, my value to you is no longer available - I need to go make it available to other, more reliable prospects instead."

I would do that myself. I'm only curious as to how the text or convo to "disappear" would go in way that's strong altogether. It wouldn't matter, it's only just!

Chase Amante's picture




Best if you draw her into saying that she's dating other people or something of the sort, and you can just be surprised / flummoxed, and go, "Oh. Really? Okay, yeah… um, I understand. Yeah, no, that's totally fine and cool and you should do it. Me, it's probably time for me to really go hit the dating market in earnest myself right now too. Yeah, I've been being silly; I think I was spending a little too much time on you and thinking you were one thing when you're something else, and that's totally my bad, I shouldn't be putting thoughts on you like that. Anyway, I can't really be plunging a lot of time into this relationship anymore, because I need to be focused on my love life, but you know, we can still be friends, just not hang out quite so much."


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I think people who do not want to be fake will get this article more. I realized one thing, thanks to your articles, about this precedent thingy in summer. When you meet new people and new girls, they are more receptive and because they are hoping their Perfect guy might have arrived to them, they have stronger emotions and are more interested. And because this particular girl might have thought that too, she later realized that I was not him and her emotions, respect and other things were not that strong. Which means, even if I had got together with her, I would have known she would not see me as the most interesting, coolest or greatest guy in the world, "never" she would. Because for her some guy who picked her up and fucked with her on a festival might be more manly man to her than me, because he proved himself as more manly in this area. And I thought I did not want this. To know that I am only like 80% man for her. I know she would be happy that we go together because she "somehow" changed her mind, wanted me and then we got back together. So happy as if she did it or something she wished for happened. But long term, with kids, I would have this feeling as if she would see me only as a father of her children and not the manly man and might even leave me with kids on my neck because dude charmed her while I bored her during a bad period of time.

So I had conversation with a female friend about this. I dont know how we got there, but basically she thought as If she is greatest girl for me in the world OR that she tought I wanted to be with her, I dont know now. But I remember how I quite made quite cocky laugh how I did not want that. That I only expressed my feelings because I thought she would like to know how other people see her, because usually people do not do that in .. em.. detailed version. But that I wrote that because I did not think we will see each other again and WROTE that so she could read it if she would feel down and needs something nice to read. And continued with something from this article, that she would never see me as much of a man as if we have just met and go together and that I did not want that. And that was the reason. And she first said if I was lying about those things I wrote, and I said I did not but the reason I see good qualities in someone does not mean I want to be with them, then she said something, dunno what it was.
And then couple of days later she was chasing me and at one point I know I could have had her in bed because it was really obvious from her that she wanted me to fuck her but I told her about my trauma. And we talked about that but at the end she started to think of me as some impotent guy and lost all interest. Which I understand but it kinda deepened that hole in my soul.

I mean, people can make lots of excuses and I basically lied, because at that time I wanted to be with her. But because the kind of friendship we had and it was from start it looked like that now she got the final piece of a puzzle. That explanation you mentioned here.
I also realized that based on what people say. They obsess over some girl, than they meet some other girl and this one shows up. Their current girlfriend is causing drama or [insert whatever], they break up and then talk to this girl they were obsessed with. Then, they get together with her and after a week they have this internal bleeding of how they thought it would be different. That it is not all rainbows and unicorns and happy songs and smiley shinny aura. So even though I have never experienced this with a person, I kinda get it. Because it is the same feeling with things or tests or other life opportunities - jobs, acting parts, parties whatever it is.

Because there is the other side of that coin too, your side. You have built up so much expectations for her that when you get her, she can't match them. She is no match for the goddess of Mount Perfection, you had painted with gold colors in your head. And you do not know what happened because it is her.

It is very helpful to not just read your articles but also think about them. I got this realization based on some of your articles, based on a hint that it provided. Based on my analyzis during a rainy day, looking out of window towards cloudy sky.

The realization was also that the expectations we had about people can horribly deceive us and then mislead. That the best might be to expect nothing or only like "Oh, I got there, let's see if it can go further" kind of expectations.

Because I used to be like - if I talked to a girl I started to picture her as my girlfriend, how she would act on walks in parks, on fairs, in coffee shop, in an appartment, in a bus on our way somewhere, going to shopping malls and such things. And that is also the reason why having a simple goal like "talk to this girl for 4 minutes" can be so powerful, because once you talk to her for 10 minutes you are now suddenly made it past your goal and your mind is usually "ok, I reached my goal, now I can just relax and do whatever I want." And at the end, you maybe end up talking to her for 2 hours and become lifelong friends or even parthners. Because you seemed relaxed.

Well, it is a lot of characters here but I just wanted to point something out.


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Re: expectations



Absolutely - expectations can really throw a monkey wrench into the gears if you aren't careful about them. Best is, as you say, dropping expectations of your own about how any given thing will proceed forward (a removed "I'd like this to happen" objective is best, sans the emotional hoping / dreaming / fantasizing), along with working to make sure you're creating the right kind of expectations yourself in the people you meet to help guide them toward the right end (e.g., nice guys set the expectation of "I'd love to be your totally platonic, sexless buddy" when what they really want is to be a girl's lover / boyfriend - recipe for disaster right there).


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Amazing Article By Demand & Getting a Maybe When Asking Girl Out

Seasons Grettings to you Chase,

I just read the article title and i basically just rushed through my reading. Im going to read it over, but all i can say now is that this ARTICLE IS AMAZING. Your site just gives me hope to change, resources and the motivation to change. I love this! this is by popular demand ( its a lot of work to get this going though ) and 1 ive been waiting on. I met a girl about 2 months ago at school and asked her out two weeks ago. she said "maybe". I asked her out to lunch when she is free. i think since she is in my social circle that the best way to deal with this slight bad precedent is to use preselection and my fundamental increase now since its not too bad. Its just that i didnt move a little faster when i could and she didnt invest enough.

Anyway, this article is 1 of the best ive enjoyed so much in a long time. i have 1 question today though:

The story i told above of me asking out a girl and getting a "maybe" to go out, when i get a maybe, how do i move forward? This response fazes me and i dont know how to respond. Can you tell me what a maybe means? i feel slighty excited and like its a soft letdown. What should i do and am i correct. What are some things i could say after getting a maybe?

The things i did wrong were:
1) Asking her out a bit sloppily with a shaky, nervous voice

2) Asking the question in a tone as to say "Im not sure you will say yes but i HOPE YOU DO SAY YES!

3) Taking too long to do it

4) Forgetting a have a good converstation, build a good yes ladder, getting her investing in me before, moving her, then asking her out. something like that...

I want the second chance and it wasnt extremely bad precedent. Just a few errors.

So how do i deal with a "maybe" and bounce back better when she says it or next time i ask her out? Thanks in advance!


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Glad you like the article. "Maybe" means "no, but I'm not socially savvy enough to not lead you on AND not hurt your feelings, so I'll opt for not hurting your feelings but potentially leading you on."

Anyway, it's usually better to go build up some preselection and give the girl cause to get re-interested in you again rather than push right away and get a firmer "no." If you can do a sufficient enough job of making her reconsider her earlier position, she may end up being much more receptive to a date request the second time around.


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Religious Views and Seduction!

Hey Chase,

A thought that has been buzzing me when i read 1 of your articles about "Dating Without Sex, Why it Usually Doesn't Work" was a few thoughts: it seems to me that you have moved dramatically from religion based on your writing on this site. You stated that you were a big believer in Christianity and going to church.
Now most churches meet on a Sunday but i see phrases made along the lines of going to bars and clubs to meet girls maybe on a Friday or Saturday, then doing day game on Sunday.

What i have realized is that most persons who pursue seduction and girls, slowly put there religion on pause or stop. What i want to ask today is:

1) When was the last time you went to church? and how often do you go?

2) What are your views on what the bible has to say about fornication, going to hell for disobeying gods word and living a life of fornication just to be able to fulfill your sexual needs and living a happy life?

Now im not judging here, just curious to know. I realize and agree with you that in modern times now that any relationship cannot be maintained if the partners aren't having sex. Too many times have i seen nice guys end up in the friend zone at best while the bad guys get the girl just because the nice guy didn't even move forward with the girl towards great sex. I now see that in today's world most couples don't get married, or get divorced which is sad to know but its just the way it is. Yours views on this wont necessarily change my beliefs but id love to hear your insight on this. ( And i don't see myself in the future waiting till the bad guys finish with the girl before i get to marry and sleep with her).


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I was a devout Roman Catholic as a youth, though haven't been a believer in any religion one way or the other since shortly after I turned 14 years old - I discussed this in passing in "The Purpose of Life from a Practical Point of View", but at one point I sat down and decided to seriously weigh the evidence, and found that, at least for me, it simply couldn't support these beliefs. I still have a lot of respect for religions, and after struggling with bitterness for a while (you go through a period of feeling "abandoned", since prayer is recorded by the brain as a social interaction, and the brain treats a concept of a god as another person, rather than just an idea - when suddenly that person is "gone", it leaves a hole - most angry atheists seem to be former believers who've never moved past this stage of bitterness and abandonment), came to see the value in them again.

The Bible speaks about fornication in passing, but nowhere says "You will go to Hell for fornicating"; Jesus himself never spoke out against fornication. The harshest thing it has to say directly on fornication is in the Old Testament, where it instructs any man who sleeps with a virgin to pay her father the bride-price and take her as one of his lives (see "Why Madonna/Whore is Intimately Linked with the West" for more on this). 1 Corinthians aludes to fornication, but doesn't specifically mention it; it may or may not fall under the umbrella of "sexual immorality."

Basically, most of the overbearing religious folks telling you fornication is incredibly wrong are using their own creative/liberal interpretation of what's actually in the Bible. Even when I was religious and devout, I knew this, and thought all the other religious folks I knew who swore abstinence were marching blindly to the beat of men interpreting God's law in their own self-serving ways, and not stopping ever to ask if Jesus really said what they were so certain he said because some priest somewhere told them he did (he didn't).


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just what i needed

Thanks chase for all the effort put into the article, this came right when i needed it. I had a female friend who i always chased because she would tease a lot. I became an orbiter, just like all of the other guys she talks to. I got kinda depressed, and i know i dont want to be an orbiter ever agin. thanks man

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Not a forum pusher but I did

Not a forum pusher but I did dramatically change the way I communicated with an ex after landmark and we are sleeping together again. But as described, a real and permanent change must be projected, and most people would look at you funny if you attributed that to a seminar, so I keep that to myself.

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You the man Chase!!!

Hey Chase great stuff,

Just have to say I started trying to pick-up girls my freshman year of college (finally gained confidence) and it wasn't till my Junior year that I found this site. Shortly after though I saw monumental changes to the point where i did everything from getting my first girlfriend to using dance game(cant beat the spin move!) to hooking up with a stripper at the club. It really has been a great change and I appreciate the advice.

My question though is how to take advantage when the girl is short on time (studying abroad in Australia) and wants to hang out cause at this point she is the one that's scarce. Keep in mind I still have to create a sexual vibe when meeting her and I haven't texted her my schedule yet so i wanted to know how I could use her urgency to help with texting as well as seducing at her place.

Thanks man

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Girl's Short on Time



Nice to hear the progress you're making!

First, I'd recommend checking out this article: "What If She Doesn't Have Time? (and Other Contingencies)"

Second - wasn't sure if you're in Australia and she's there studying for a brief moment, or you're elsewhere and she's about to leave there to go study in Australia, but either way, if she wants to hang, just make it as informal as possible - if you can invite her over to chill out and have some beers (at your place) and throw on a movie, do it. If you can't, grab drinks or a bite somewhere really close by - and then pull her back home after. See this article on setting up dates like that: "Simplify Your Dates."


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Hi Chase, I asked this question before in "sexy facial expressions..." but received no reply.
it was about if glasses may make your facial expression and eye contact less sexy.(contacts
are not an option). Thanks.

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Re: Glasses



Glasses are one of those things that are like big muscles or tattoos or sweater vests or chest hair or any number of other major differentiators: they serve as a polarizer, which some girls LOVE, and some girls do not love. I usually opt for contacts myself, but when I've worn them out, I'll frequently get more polarized reactions - fewer girls seem to notice / pay attention to / flirt with me, but the ones that do give me stronger initial interest. I had a very fit, over-the-top cocky friend who used to wear glasses all the time, and he cleaned up with women - I think the glasses took just enough edge off his over-the-top personality that he seemed attainable to women, whereas otherwise most women probably would've felt like he was too much.

So, final answer is, it depends - on the girl herself and her own preferences, and one what other kinds of value you have going on yourself as well.


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Spin on what people value more highly

How do you interpret the following statement: "people value things they worked hard for more highly than things that they got easily" as it pertains to seduction? One girl I was talking to the other day told me she interprets this statement as meaning she will be viewed as more desirable if she makes a man wait for sex, and play hard to get. And taking the converse, she also feels that men will view her as less desirable (thus respecting her less) if she gives it up more easily.

Although I personally don't mind the "challenge" of waiting to see when a girl will give it up to me, and having to work a little harder for it, but, after gaining more experience with women, I already know that sex is going to happen sooner or later. (Of course I don't say this, I just play along). So the 'wait' time for sex isn't the issue at all.

As you mentioned the other day, the reality of the situation is that women (and men alike) are basically commodities to each other. The fundamental services we provide to each other are essentially good conversation (bc no matter where you take a girl, you will talk to her, and of course great convo/rapport is what leads to bonding, among other things), and good sex. Of course there are various other things that men and women do for each other (such as provide inspiration, introduce each other to interesting ideas/concepts/places, provide comfort from the vagaries of the world, maybe provide great value by cooking for each other and doing other things to make life a little easier for each other, and much more). But at minimum, it's all about good conversation and of course sex. So to me, what differentiates women from each other, is how I FEEL in response to their unique personalities, wit, humor, demeanors, emotional intelligence, empathy, intellect, interests, physical attributes and so on. (And of course I do my part to excite women too). It's hard to explain with logic, but some girls excite me more than others. And this feeling is the differentiation for me. I've found myself as of late asking: do i feel this excitement or not. Do you think this is appropriate? Like a girl could look really good from a logical standpoint on paper, with a laundry list of accomplishments, ambition, and potential, but if I'm not that excited from our interactions, I might still do something with her, but the experience just isn't the same as when I am excited!!

The exciting ones are the ones who I desire more highly. I don't value them more highly because they made me wait long for sex, or tried to make me chase by playing hard to get (I wouldn't chase anyway), but because I had to wait to meet her and in the meanwhile meet other women, who to me were lesser inspiring. So to me, having to meet and deal with people with selfish or ridiculous attitudes, or lukewarm (vs passionate) demeanors and so on, and having to feel the resulting indifference or sometimes negative emotions that I felt...I have a much greater appreciation for the exciting girl. It's like the hard work was done prior to meeting the exciting girl, so when I did finally meet her, and interact with her, and feel this extreme excitement, my attraction soared almost effortlessly. And whether or not she shows little or no resistance to sex, I wouldn't feel any different in terms of excitement.

And as I gain more experience, and do the hard work to become more attractive by making this thing into a lifestyle, I in turn appreciate the hard work that the exciting woman must have had to have done to make herself more attractive. She needs not even say anything about it at all, because real recognizes real. And another side effect of doing the hard work and meeting so many different people (and having limited time to hang out with them all) is that you really become extremely aware of what you want and what you don't want with crystal clear clarity.

So if you had to advise women on increasing their desirability, would you tell them to focus on tactics like "playing hard to get", or would you tell them to focus on their key personality traits (intellect, empathy, demeanors, sensuality, humor, wit and so on) so the essence of their beings actually become really fucking hard to get?



Chase Amante's picture

Emotional vs. Logical Value



It's an interesting conundrum for a girl, yes. On the one hand, stretching things out and being harder to get does make the average man value a girl significantly more highly, and there does seem to me to be a certain deep-seated value switch that gets triggered with women it takes men longer to get. On the other hand, a woman's got to have enough value to make men both want to chase her, and continue to value her once they've gotten her, especially if she's going to draw things out - nothing worse than her getting a guy, investing a few years into a relationship, and then having the guy realize that while his emotions went crazy for a little while, she just doesn't have all the qualities he's looking for, and he decides to jump ship.

I've seen with countless, countless men how brutally effective pursuing a girl for a long period of time is at ratcheting up emotional investment (see: "Can't Stop Thinking About Her? Here's Why You Need to Meet More Girls." Even when I thought myself immune to it, I slipped up and went through a period of chasing after a girl for a little while sometime back during an emotionally needy moment, and the emotions I ended up developing for her were stronger than the ones I felt for far prettier, smarter, more charming, all around higher caliber girls who matched me far better that I took as girlfriends later on. It's surreal looking back at it… I can STILL feel some emotion for her, even though she doesn't come close to stacking up to any girlfriend I had before her or since. Simply because she played the game well and made me chase, she managed to trick my brain into emotionally valuing her more highly. I've seen this repeatedly with more men than I could tell you - from newbie guys obsessing over some girl who batted her eyelashes at them, to men with hundreds of lays who finally meet their match - that girl who's better at playing the game than they are, and draws things out and makes them chase.

Of course, the other side of things is the logical brain, and for all but the most emotional men, at some point this brain steps in and says, "Look bub, I know you've got your panties all in a twist about this girl, but c'mon - she's NOT that cute, she's not really all that bright, her personality is kind of fake, and she does this to EVERYONE - I know you want to conquer her because you're so emotionally invested at this point, but in the grand scheme of things, the longer you draw this out, the more you're losing by not getting together with better quality women than this." Whether that's before you've slept with her or after you've had her as a girlfriend for 10 months, it's usually going to kick in at some point if she really doesn't have the intrinsic value to match up with the emotional need she implanted in your brain, and the effect wears off.

So, my advice to women ultimately would be: cultivate yourself into the most amazing, incredible, outstanding woman you can be - and then draw things out with the guy as long as you can without him up and leaving before you give him sex. At that point, he will value you both logically, AND emotionally - and you've got the best of both worlds.


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Not getting anywhere

Hey Chase,

I'm at college and I've asked a girl out on a date but since we have limited communication I've never really gone a step further and tried to set up a date or time to meet up with her. Also, I've worked on my fundamentals but I just can't get that instant attraction from girls, or even after I've asked a girl out they don't seem to get interested or attracted to me at all, I sometimes think that they might try to avoid me?

I feel as though I can have a good conversation with a girl, but I just can't reach that high note you talked about in your "How to ask a girl out" article.

Thanks for any advice and have a good Christmas!

Chase Amante's picture

Hook Point



Failing to reach a hook point (where a girl switches from aloof / disinterested into immersed / interested) usually means your fundamentals need more work - could be:

If you're in school, and you're meeting women predominantly via social circle, it may also just be that you're moving too slow, missing escalation windows, and letting attraction expire.

I'd recommend taking 10 minutes to sit down and list out all the ways you can up your attractiveness (e.g., adopt sexier facial expressions; get cooler body language; get your hair cut by a talented stylist at a fashionable hair salon; get better clothes; etc.).

I'd also look at where I'm getting most of my experience from - are you doing only the odd approach here and there in class and hoping to see leaps and bounds regardless? That's very hard to do - it's sort of like going to the gym a couple of times a month and hoping to get ripped anyway. Or are you going out to bars, parties, the street, cafeterias, etc., and talking to girls who are strangers - at least 20 to 30 new girls a week? If the latter, you should start seeing results within a few months maximum (and often a lot less) if you're paying close attention to both your fundamentals and where you're losing women, and continually trying out new things with them to get them working.

Lastly, on setting up the dates - once you've proposed one, gotten a "yes", and gotten a girl's phone number, make sure you're following the process outlined here: "How to Text a Girl." Easy to mess up if you get into any of the numerous ineffective texting methods most guys seem to fall back on.


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negativity bias

I want to bring a subject which goes along with what is explained in the article : the negativity bias, the thing that while everything was perfect and the person has had a very postive view of you, after a bad move or action or quarrel, the view of the person become negative. That to say : one bad event can stain significatively a very good past precedent. I noticed that also in me : while having a consistent past of good references, a single bad event can undermine everything in one moment.
Chase, what's your opinion?

Chase Amante's picture

Re: negativity bias



Yes, that's certainly something you'll see. The magnitude depends on how bad the bad thing that happens is, and it also depends on how idealistic vs. realistic the person that thing is effecting had thought about the relationship. Particularly with more idealistic people, that negativity bias can be all-consuming; in someone prone to black-and-white thinking, for instance, someone else is all good until something bad happens, and then that person becomes all bad.

When you run into splitting, that's usually a sign of a cluster B / crazy girl (or person), and you're probably better off just getting out. If you're noticing it in yourself, you might see if you can find out if you have a personality profile that predisposes you to this, and, if so, do some work on your own tendency to split to try and reduce it (see that article above linked to black and white thinking).

When you encounter a less extreme variation of that though, the "stain", if it's in someone else, all you can do is keep an eye on him/her and see if this goes away, or if it just hangs like a black cloud forever - if it hangs, you can try challenging it to clear the air, but if that doesn't do it it's time to end things and move on to someone who isn't going to drag the past around like a ball and chain. If you see it in yourself, see if you can find any overly idealistic thinking in your original expectations for the relationship - the problems may well be there, and not with the other person being not awesome enough.


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Are you single?

Chase, great article.

I was hoping you could clear up a few questions I have specifically in regards to Ricardos 'are you single' opener

I use it regularly, not usually straight away as a pure opener but right after exchanging names, saying hello etc, so very early on into the interaction and I really do feel like it is very useful for stating intention and breaking auto pilot. I mean most guys kind of step on egg shells around that question and are very careful how they go about asking it. I just find it to be a very good method for showing myself as dominant, brave and interested. Particularly when combined with strong fundamentals it appears very effective. Just makes a girl think straight away ah okay here's a sexy guy who doesn't bet around the bush who is clearly into me.

HOWEVER, I am not sure that I fell I really understand the specific details and methods for using this opener in the absolute correct way.

Could you just give me your definition and take on the 'are you single' opener and why it works and answer my following questions:

How do you ask that question and make sure that it does not land you in the potential boyfriebd zone as a result of the girl thinking 'ah he wants to be my boyfriebd since he's asking if im single' this is the one worry I have with this opener.

What do you do when a girl replys:
'Ohh I'm not sorry, I have a boyfriend'
'Why do you want to know'
'Why? Are you looking for a girlfriend?'

Basically how can you use this opener but use it as a way of disqualifying yourself as a boyfriebd?

Thanks a lot Chase.

Chase Amante's picture

Re: Are you single?



The main disqualifier you want to use for yourself as boyfriend with the "Are you single?" opener is not your choice of words initially, but your vibe: intense, probing, and interested. It's an implied direct opener - you don't get very far by trying to tell her you aren't interested (in a boyfriend role, or anything else). If you're strong enough and confident enough in your opener, you're immediately going to come across as a guy who's probably too powerful to be easily roped down into a chasing boyfriend candidate role.

On the boyfriend one, your wording sounds like the "polite dismissal" right after your approach, which means it doesn't even matter if it's true or not (may be, may not be), but either way, she's just saying, "Sorry, not interested." In that case, wish her well and continue about your day - you're not going to change her mind. If she gives you a very warm reception without seeming patronizing or condescending, she might be interested - in which case, see Ricardus's article on the subject here: "Says She Has a Boyfriend? Here's Why It Doesn't Matter."

On the others, either answer and move on, or throw the question back at her:

You: Are you single?

Her: Why do you want to know?

You: Because you're refreshingly cute. I'm Anon.

... then, if she doesn't answer the "are you single?" question, forget about it and dive into the conversation.

You: Are you single?

Her: Maybe...

You: How mysterious! Do you answer all probing questions with ambiguous responses?

There, you tease her a little bit for a funny response.

You: Are you single?

Her: Why are you looking for a girlfriend?

You: I might be! I haven't decided yet. Are you offering?

She's being flirty here; so, flirt back.

In other words, you mostly just give her back what she's given you, except in the "Why do you want to know?" case, in which you just hit her with boldness and see how she responds.


Anonymous's picture


One more question Chase.

What are your thoughts in regards to being a
Happy person when it comes to seduction, specifically displaying happiness.

Thing is, from what I can tell the men who are best with women use mainly that kind of bored somewhat sad vibe, you know what I mean?

Is it important to smile? I don't mean that massive 100kilowatt friends only smile but that slight smirk, how important is that ?

I guess looking too bored and sad particularly with strong fundamentals can cause a girl to feel out of your league etc?


I really like that slight bored, chilled, semi vacant somewhat sorrowful vibe because I find it my natural aura if you like and very easy to implement. Inside I really am a very happy person, I love life

If you could just give me a brief explanation on being and looking like a very happy guy versus looking somewhat the opposite.


It's an interesting thing, I find with other guys it's better to display your happiness etc which in its own way is very charismatic, I mean how how genuinely happy content people do you meet. But for seduction I have better results looking slightly bored, sad and thoughtful?

Why is that? Or have I got it wrong?


Anonymous's picture

Girl blew my mind with a 180 degree flake

Dear Chase,

I had read your article on flake management and thought I had flakes managed ok. However, I recently met a girl that totally blew me out of the water. I met her at a club and I approached her and found out she was a 20 year old college student attending a christian university (she's christian as well, which made me wonder why she was in a nightclub). She came across as an inexperienced christian girl wanting to explore outside her religion. I didnt share much about myself except im 25 and still in graduate school. I got her number fast and got out.

I then texted her at 4 am:

"Hey, nice to have met you tonight :)"

to which she responded immediately:

"same here, we should meet up sometime since we live close to one another."

after this, i replied,

"sounds good!" and then waited until 7 pm the next day to ask her out to lunch.

When I asked her to lunch, she replied,

"okayy sure, sounds great. see you then!"

I didnt reply to this and thought it was a done deal and was ready to meet her Wednesday. However, exactly one hour later, she texts again:

"actually, I dont think I can meet up. I'm sorry"

I never had a flake occur with such speed, do you have any idea how to respond to something like this?

My fundamentals were solid, my texting was very reasonable so I have absolutely no idea if this is a test or whatever. Do you have any idea what to make of this mind blower? Thanks Chase!

Anonymous's picture

Next Time, Move Faster!!!!

You let attraction expire. Sounds like this girl was looking to hookup that night or that weekend, and not find a "boyfriend candidate" who wants to take her to lunch first. She was probably very horny and was hoping that maybe an attractive gentleman like you (or someone else) would satisfy her needs.

When a girl actually responds to your text, at 4am, immediately at that, to me, that is an extremely good sign. It usually doesn't play out this way. Some girls will give you their number and don't respond at all. So when you text her at 4am in the morning and she actually responds and even says: "same here, we should meet up sometime since we live close to one another" to me that's a SCREAMING invitation to turn on the heat on her RIGHT FUCKING NOW! She even mentions you live close together! With women's words you must always ask: what's the subtext here? To me, based on the limited info you provide, it seems as if the subtext was "hey dude, I know you're close by and you wouldn't take too long to come and see me right now, right?"

Of course, her words could have meant other things too, but this is how I'd interpret it by default. I'd just have dropped everything at 4 am and gone on the hunt and said "yes we do live close, can you meetup right now to talk?" It can't hurt to move fast. In fact, if it was me if I interacted with her in the club and she seemed really cool and warm and interested in my sexual vibe in person, then I wouldn't even have grabbed her number and left. I woulda tried to keep the night going (if you know what I mean). But say I did do what you did and then I texted her at 4 am and then I responded with an invitation to meet up right then. Even if she said no, at first I woulda persisted like 3 or 4 times just in case. With a different excuse each time. Why move this fast? To me, it's because you gotta look at the subtext:she responded immediately, when she coulda ignored you or waited for hours to respond. She seemed to still like the idea of you in that moment at 4 am! Also, women's emotions fade away fast, so by the next week chances are they don't feel the same way about you anymore, especially if she meets other guys in the interim. So the best way to keep girls around is to take them to bed fast (and I'd only advise to do this if you really like them) then the game changes for you. And that she mentions that you live close by: to me those hints are very loud and clear that she wants to meet now.

Besides, chances are she gave out her phone number to other guys besides you and one of them beat you to the punch. Or maybe she stopped ovulating by time you responded and her meaning she stopped being horny and her christian logic took over. Remember, you were surprised that a christian girl like her was in the club...why do you think she's in the club in the first place? For the music? For the drinks? For the crazy experience? Or to maybe meet an exciting sexy man? If you thought she was attractive, chances are other guys felt the same way about her too. What if one of those guys that she (maybe) gave her number to was a fast moving, charming, enticing, and smooth seducer that turns on the heat and persists hard fast and strong without a hint of shame in his body, and he plays to win (aka have sex with her NOW)? How are you gonna beat a guy like that if you try to take her to lunch first, when he tells her let's meet now and she complies? She's gonna laugh at you like: ugggg this guy is a clown, he isn't exciting, he doesn't push the envelope, he isn't fast moving! YAWN!!!!!

And besides if she wasn't all that interested, then moving fast and inviting her to "meetup now to talk" will screen her in or out. If she meets up then you win. If she acts wishy washy or gives you excuses then her actions scream that she isn't all that interested. Simple. The best way to screen women is to get them to act. Or not act. Simple, that's it, and you can do this in an emotionally detached state. Until the two of you are lovers, then she's just some girl that's cute. No guarantees until she complies with you, so why not find out as soon as possible if she's down? So you can go spend your time doing something else besides thinking about a girl that isn't all that into you?

Point is, you moved TOO SLOW! Hesitation has no place in seduction. At all. Girls don't need lunch first to get horny.


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Hi Chase, Can the whoops

Hi Chase,

Can the whoops that wasn't me work on reversing a precedent the opposite of you were too needy?
This girl liked me and I liked her too but I wasn't in a good place from a previous breakup. When I see her in person now she gives me a really hard time ( teasing to the point of insulting...Any idea why she does this by the way) and she ignores texts trying to set up a meet. Basically I get the feeling she's attracted to me but thinks I'm not a nice guy and that she can't trust me. (She's divorced which probably didn't help that matter) I'm not "stuck" on this girl but it just annoys me that she decided this based on how I was as a person which I'm usually not.

Thanks Buddy

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