How Preselection Works to Get You Girls

In early 2007, back when I was still trying to figure out how to achieve consistent results picking up women in bars and nightclubs, I took some time to look back over the successful pickups I'd had over the past 6 or 7 months to see what common patterns I could pick out among them.

I noticed a few trends: I'd often had a sociable night early on, talking to different people, before meeting a girl. Sometimes I had social proof.

And almost ALL the time... I had preselection.

It blew my mind when I realized it.

Right after I'd end an interaction with an attractive girl who clearly had a good time talking to me, I'd meet the girl I'd end up picking up. Like clockwork. I even started to think that, had the roles been reversed - say, had I met the girls in the reverse order, maybe I would've picked up the other one instead.

Could it be that all you REALLY needed to get girls was preselection and an emphasis on moving fast?


Even to-date, most of my fastest pickups have come after a smattering of preselection to grease the wheels of the coming seduction.

And if you're not using it in YOUR interactions with women... you are sorely missing out, my friend.

Allow me to explain.

Mate Poaching: Not Just for Chimpanzees

In a paper entitled "Who’s chasing whom? The impact of gender and relationship status on matepoaching," published in 2009 in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Jessica Parker and Melissa Burkley arrived at the following results:

Are women more interested in men who are already in a relationship? Female and male participants who were single or in a relationship viewed information about an opposite-sex other and indicated their interest in pursuing this target. Half of the participants were told that the target was single and half read that the target was currently in a relationship. The results showed that only single women were more interested in pursuing an attached target rather than a single target. We discuss how these results add to what is already known about matepoaching.

In other words, the women who were unattached were MOST interested in the men who were ATTACHED.

Now... that's odd, isn't it?

Well, not really.

If you consider female evolutionary strategy, it's primarily about minimizing risk.

The men are the risk takers: from a purely biological standpoint, you could go out and have sex with some undesirable girl, get her pregnant, and never have it slow you down one bit because you're on to the next one. A woman, on the other hand, if she sleeps with a random guy who isn't all that great and becomes pregnant HERSELF... historically, now she's stuck (these days, she's got a few options, and society is a lot less judgmental than at most other times in the history of civilization... but still).

Now, ethics and morality play a role of course in how freewheeling you as a man will actually be, and how choosy as a woman she will actually be, but this is the underlying in-built awareness we each have as separate genders:

  • If you're a guy, sex is cheap - you only have to stick around if you want to

  • If you're a gal, sex is potentially very pricey - it might come with the price tag of a lifetime

For that reason, women tend to be a lot more choosy in whom they mate with.

(at this point, a few guys always get upset and say, "Women are NOT choosy... they keep sleeping with bad boys and avoiding guys like ME!" but this stems from an ignorance in those men of what it is women are actually looking for in mates, rather than any kind of faulty programming in women)

So, women are choosy. It's important that they end up with the right guy. And the men they most want to breed with are the alpha males, the dominant males, and men of that ilk.

Except, every guy KNOWS this and every guy wants to PORTRAY himself as one of these guys.

And women know guys do this.

So how's a gal supposed to know who's the real deal, and who's just selling snake oil?

The Role of Preselection in Mate Selection

One of the most fascinating things I've noticed has been women's sensitivity to social proof and preselection in ALL things... not just mate selection.

Many times I've stopped by a restaurant with a girl, only to have her complain that she doesn't want to eat there because the restaurant is empty and mustn't be very good. Or, I've gone to an amusement park, but she's had us shy away from the rides with no lines and directed us towards the ones with the longest lines.

I see an empty restaurant and think, "Great! Fast service!" I see a lineless amusement park ride and say, "Excellent! No waiting!"

But a girl sees these things and thinks, "Uh-oh... why isn't anyone ELSE here?"

Well, in order to rule out the guys who are all talk and no walk, women have a lot of mate selection techniques that parallel this line of reasoning exactly.

Creepy guys aren't creepy because they've got horns growing out of their foreheads. They're creepy because women's subconscious is using aversion to prevent any mating "accidents" from occurring with men it's deemed undesirable to mate with.

Just look at the things women find most attractive and how they come about in men:

  1. Confidence, self-assuredness, and other forms of nonverbal attraction that develop in men as they become experienced at getting women and have already been with a healthy number of attractive women

  2. Social proof and obvious alphaness (not acting like an alpha, but actually being witnessed AS the alpha - the guy who's the leader of the group) where a girl sees a guy being revered and respected by others, especially if they're others she admirers, accepts as peers, or aspires to join

  3. Preselection - actually seeing a guy with attractive women who clearly like him

  4. Generosity (giving something significant to a friend or even a homeless person, say) and throwing money around / engaging in conspicuous consumption (we haven't covered this one on the blog because it's the hardest to train up unless you've actually got the money to do it, but the effects of conspicuous consumption are actually almost as powerful as preselection itself, which is arguably the most powerful aphrodisiac)

These are what you'd call evidentiary proof of his social and sexual attractiveness, and these features are way, way more important to women in mating and attraction than anything else a man could say (easy to lie) or do (easy to pretend).

Because THESE things are nearly impossible to pretend.


Your nonverbal fundamentals, social proof, preselection, and conspicuous consumption are, you might say, your tools for blowing away a woman's objections to mating with you.

You really only need one of them to get girls at least some of the time. Combine two of them, and you'll be a rock star. Three, and you're a god with women. All four, and you can have any woman you want.

But if you've only got to choose - or, if you're just starting out and don't have the confidence and vibe down yet, and you'd really like to get a few layups in the game - the most powerful of these, hands down, is preselection.

Why Preselection Kicks So Much Butt

I've had nights where I've been feeling pretty "off," but through sheer dumb luck (and a little bit of trained-up skill) I managed to have a decent conversation with a girl, and had it end amicably on a nice note. Immediately after, on some of these occasions, I've had girls come right up next to me.

These girls blow open. You can open them with a direct opener, an indirect opener; you can even botch the opener. You can talk about the most stupid things in the world. Much of the time, it doesn't matter, so long as you move things forward rapidly.

The reason why I say many of my fastest pickups have come after a preselection event is because the girls you meet immediately after you've been preselected tend to be really, really warm to you.

Now, what this means:

  • I'm not talking about meeting a girl and then meeting the girl right next to her, although that can work sometimes too, but the hit rate will be lower

  • Rather, I'm talking about meeting a girl, and then meeting the girls who come up and position themselves near you or start doing things to get your attention afterward

What's happened here is this: women are highly socially attuned, so when they see a woman is talking to you and clearly engaged and possibly attracted, they take note. They mentally jot down, "Hmm, he looks like a pretty good bet to be a viable mating option," and start keeping an eye on you.

You trigger that same switch in single women that attached men do in that study from earlier.

And then... the girl you were just talking to leaves... and this new girl suddenly shows up or catches your eye (or, sometimes, I've a few times had girls interrupt my conversations with other girls to introduce themselves and make themselves known - this is, in as few words as possible, the girl making it as clear as she possibly can to you that you need to mate with her immediately - just follow your process and move fast).

It ends up working like a sort of "peacocking on steroids" - you're using the girl who's preselected you to show off to other women that, yes - I am a man other women want.

And everything's a whole lot easier after that.

How to Use This in Your Pickups (and Elsewhere)

Because preselection is so powerful, you should be looking to use it as much as possible.

It can almost be a magic pill when you're still starting out: you don't have your sexy vibe down yet, you don't have a solid process, you don't ooze confidence and drip charisma and emit mating signals like the guy who's been at this a long time... yet, a little preselection, and suddenly it's all but in the bag with the next girl you meet.

This works great for experienced guys though too: rather than spending an hour showing her your qualities, you can do it in minutes. You can have her out of there with you in minutes. It adds a degree of consistency and reliability to your pickups that it's hard to find without it.

Preselection is useful in one other area too: restoring attraction in relationships or "just friends" situations. It even works when you've inadvertently placed a girl in auto-rejection; preselection is one of the very few things that can bring her back.

Preselection is the power to attract women at will... so long as you can let them see you being attractive to other women.


When I was starting out, preselection was one of the things I spent a lot of time getting down. I wanted women to see me being attractive to women. It makes your life easier... significantly so, in fact.

And here's how you use it:

  1. First, find a spot that's conspicuous where you can talk to women. If you're in a bar or a nightclub, this is often in the center area of a mostly-empty bar, or just off the dance floor, again right in the middle of the room. If you're in a store or a mall or an office, this is out in the middle of dead space, smack in the center of the place. If you're in a classroom, this is up at the front of class, in front of everyone who's sitting behind you.

    Note: there's some risk involved here - you lose face if things don't go well, but you look like every girl's dream guy if they do. You'll have to gauge accordingly. Also, if you're at a bar or club, you'll want to choose a location that will be easy for women to approach you in - mind the Law of Least Effort. Women are naturally attuned to this, and if she's got to walk halfway around the bar very conspicuously to get near you, she won't do it. Make sure it's easy for her to reach you. You can sometimes adjust if you met a girl in one place by moving somewhere closer to the girl you want to approach you afterward to give her an opportunity to get nearer.

  2. Then... talk to women! You want to get into a conversation with a girl - the prettier, the better. And at least ONE of you should visibly be having a good time. It's better if she is and you're aloof... but if she isn't biting or is being the aloof one, you can still get some mileage out of having a good time yourself (laughing, talking animatedly with her), though it won't compare with what you get if you do a good job with her and SHE is clearly the more interested party. The girls who are watching you are sharp cookies - they can tell if she's feeling you (or not).

  3. Next, wait for the girl who's going to position herself near you once you're done talking to that first girl. Occasionally she'll open you herself, but don't count on this. Girls are most likely to approach you the first chance they get - she'll position herself next to you right after you finish talking to another girl at the bar, or she'll brush up against you right as you're leaving class, or she'll veer over to walk near you at the mall or in the office.

  4. Open her fast, and open direct. Don't beat around the bush on this one. She's nervous, excited, and sees you as a rare treat - one of those few men that she KNOWS is a good bet - other women like him! Don't hesitate - she'll lose her nerve quickly, think you're out of her league, and auto-reject; rather, jump on the opportunity the instant it presents itself, make her feel good, and say hi. "Oh hey," you might say to her as she brushes by you - then stop and wait. She turns to face you, and: "Your walk... [pause] it's absolutely killer. I just noticed that... it's kind of hard not to, though. I'm Chase."

  5. Move fast. You know the mantra on here... don't stand around wondering what to do; instead, keep things moving. That's even more important here - if she's seen you talking with another attractive girl who likes you, she's ready, much of the time. Use the minimal amount of steps required to progress things forward with her, and get her moving with you and somewhere the two of you can be alone together as rapidly as you possibly can.

And, the fun thing about preselection is that sometimes the girl you started talking to for building up your preselection rating is actually really into you already in the first place! You'll also have a much easier time meeting new women if you still grapple with approach anxiety if you're going in with the understanding that this first girl is just to get some preselection going on... you won't be so worried about how things go with her, necessarily.

When girls already see that other girls find you to be a sexually exciting and attractive man, everything else with those future girls you'll meet (or ones you've known for a while whom you're trying to excite about you once more) goes so much more smoothly you'd be amazed.

Talk with you next time.


Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.


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Johny 'Hi Five' Gordon's picture

Hey Chase,

Wow! Steaming advice this time, but I was wondering at what you hinted to half way through. How would you utilize this in a relationship scenario? I had a 2 year relationship a while ago that I could probably have used this on, but we never went to clubs, bars or restaurants and mainly did sporty, outdoor activities. I'm sure I could have done a little teasing or something similar with a female team mate or paid one a little too much friendly attention, but I'm interested in hearing how you would create a preselection situation with this in a non-club situation.

Thanks in advance,

Johny 'Hi Five' Gordon.

Chase Amante's picture

Hey Johny,

Good question. Preselection's something you want to routinely remind women of in relationships... but gently.

Ricardus talks about this in "How to Stop Playing Games" - the danger of overdoing it.

You essentially only want to use preselection if she's A) starting to get bored with you or B) starting to get bored in general. You can use it if she's getting rude or disrespectful, but if you're a strong dude that's happening because she's already feeling like you're never going to give her what she wants, and showing her you've got even more choice with women can push her over the edge into one of those nuke wars Ricardus talks about.

If she's starting to act a little bored, your plan of attack is this:

  1. Let her see you talking to another girl
  2. Make sure the other girl looks like the aggressor
  3. Go back to your girl, don't say anything about the other girl; treat it as a non-factor

#2 here is vital. If you've got a smart girl and she sees you orchestrating this, she'll think you're deliberately trying to make her jealous, and then the game-playing begins. If she isn't as socially astute, she'll still know something was off, but she'll just think you're trying to get other girls and then she'll get depressed or angry.

So - it's easiest if your fundamentals and game are already relatively solid and women are attracted to you anyway. The strategy I use when out with girlfriends is to put a little initial energy into catching a random girl's attention - she could be a waitress, or a cashier, or anyone, doesn't have to be a girl at a bar or a social event - and then backing off. Still being flirty, but only the "socially obligated flirtation" rather than a more active "I'm trying to get you" flirtation. You know, kind of like how you'd flirt back with a girl you weren't really all that into who started flirting with you, just so she'd lose face, but not enough to tempt her to push it any further.

What happens is, your girl sees this girl working harder to get you, and you politely flirting back a little but more or less giving her the brush-off, and your girl is reminded that, yes, I've got a catch, with the kind of power over women I want my sons to have.

And later that night, she holds you a little more tightly.


Anonymous's picture

This article is on FUCKING FIRE. The effects of pre-selection recently happened to me when I was at a nightclub. I was dancing with some chick, talking to her trying to get her number, but supposedly she was there with her BF! And he dragged her out of there! So less than 15 seconds after they left and as I was trying to catch my bearings to see who was next in line for me to hunt, this beautiful woman stands right next to me, and places her breasts on me. But I was looking in the opposite direction and didn't see her at all. She obviously was trying to get my attention, and clearly saw my interaction with the girl before her. So I turned to her and tried dancing with her, but she was acting aloof like she didn't want to dance and she didn't like me. But the games were on! So I persisted and eventually we danced, and then I pushed for the close about 30 min after. She was there with her friends, so I had to head-off any objections by the friends before they had a chance to ruin my nite. I had to persist a few times before I got this girl out of there (with her friends' blessings) and on to a more fun after-party, but it was all fun to keep fucking persisting! A year ago and I would have given up after the first "no way!" I will never understand why a woman is more attracted to a guy that she sees having success with other women first (I dont need to see a woman having success with guys around her in order for me to be attracted...either I'm attracted to her appearance and style/vibe or I'm not. It's binary for me). But the point is, preselection, persistence, and moving fast works. Real Talk!!!!!!!!!

Chase Amante's picture


Glad you liked the post. Great job with your persistence - it can make all the difference.

You noted:

I will never understand why a woman is more attracted to a guy that she sees having success with other women first (I dont need to see a woman having success with guys around her in order for me to be attracted...either I'm attracted to her appearance and style/vibe or I'm not. It's binary for me)

Indeed. There are some aspects of pickup, seduction, and relationship management that are SO counterintuitive to learn as men that they take longer to wrap your head around than other concepts. These are things like preselection, social proof, persistence, and confidence.

As a man, you meet a woman who's super persistent and it's a huge TURN OFF. So, a lot of guys assume, "Yech, I'd be repulsed by some girl persisting with me... so I'll just slow game it with her and she'll realize what a find I am."

And then they watch her running off with that damn persistent guy. What just happened?

Because men and women are looking for different things from one another, their mating strategies and preferences are very different, and often difficult to understand. Ever meet a wise-cracking girl, or a super-direct one? Maybe you hooked up with her (or maybe not), but you certainly didn't date her. These girls are the ones who've decided they weren't happy with the men they were getting, so figured they'd start making themselves more attractive to men to get more - so they started doing the things to men that they found attractive when men did to them. Doesn't work out.

Most men would prefer a woman by herself to one with a guy.

Most women would prefer a man with a girl to one by himself.

This ends up being something you'll usually have to learn logically / rationally, and then only once you've seen it play out again and again does it start becoming an intuitive understanding you have.


Derrick's picture

I have NEVER heard preselection described so clearly. I didn't even think it was real, since before this I didn't even know what it was.

Chase Amante's picture

I know, it becomes one of those "terms" you hear thrown about and just figure, "Eh, that's one of those old PUA myths that guys use to make themselves sound more hip to the jive."

But actually, it exists! Most guys don't use it properly, but it's a cannon when a lot of the other things guys are using are flyswatters.


Derrick's picture

Like I said, I didn't even know what it was, although I heard about how good is was.

Tyler's picture

As usual another great article. My favorite part is having the no outcome mentality when talking to the first girl... She's just for bait! I know my hang up lately has been hooking a set early in the night. I can be extremely social but can't seem to close early evening. Can't wait to go out with this frame tomorrow!

Chase Amante's picture

Thanks Tyler. Awesome to hear you'll be trying this out. Do report back if you see some results (or, encounter any weird situations!).


basalt1984's picture

Thank you for the post Chase, it blew away my mind. While I has faced somewhat similar situations (i.e girls coming up to me [What they did to me,I leave it to your imagination:D] after my girlfriend left the dancefloor) I always assumed women did this to just for:
1) little bit of fun or;
2) stir up trouble or;
3) just wanting something they dont have.

Now that I am single again, this will be a interesting technique to try out:D


you,ve done it again fellas! yall deserve a Noble Peace Prize, for getting my piece wet!!! but all jokes aside, ever since i've come to your site my game (mentality) has increased two fold. i'm in debt for life Chase! let me know if you ever need me for anything that isn't criminal.

i've asked this question before, i don't believe i received an answer. how does all this social mastery relate to Pimps?

Chase Amante's picture

King Sincere,

As in, ACTUAL pimps?

If that is what you're asking, pimps often recruit by having one of their existing girls get new girls and bring them back to the pimp. A girl's a lot more willing to sleep with a guy her friend approves on. After that though, it's all psychological stuff and mind games, getting the girl increasingly invested in the pimp and doing more and more and bigger and bigger things for him, and creating a feeling of dependency.

It's interesting stuff, no doubt, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it as something to model yourself after. Pimp-ho relationships usually end extremely badly, as do the relationships that are based on pimp-ho dynamics (ratchet up the woman's investment, get her over-invested, make her emotionally dependent... at some point, she becomes acutely aware of the imbalance and massively auto-rejects).


A happy dude's picture

Hey Chase,

Awesome stuff as usual, I'm new to all this stuff as I've focused on other stuff before rather than developing relationships and always got friendzoned! I could be a guru on making friends. Recently I've taken all your advice and even with an operation which left my mouth swollen I've been able to get random woman down town to notice me so much more. I've gained confidence and now I hardly stutter, I just need to practice more with talking to my mates who are still way above me and considered as Alpha males by others. However, eye contact has been the best thing I've learnt. Today a rather bored looking young woman at a store was serving me and I just went through my business while making good eye contact and out of no where she started asking about my clothes and even asked if she could feel them. Later on I passed the store and she noticed me straight away and made conversation. However, how should I would? I'm confident with my walk at the moment but it's probably not the best. I believe I may be too rigid? Thanks!

Chase Amante's picture

Happy Dude,

That's great to hear, man. It's a lot of fun when you first start playing around with making eye contact and attracting more awareness from the women around you. Sounds like you're recognizing the power intrinsic in some of that.

Walk... I cover that in the book, but don't think there's anything on it on the site here. In case you don't have the book yet, here's a quick primer:

  • Chest out
  • Shoulders back
  • Back straight
  • Chin up or parallel to the ground

One of the quickest ways to learn is to keep an eye out for guys you see out and about who have a really confident-looking walking. Pay attention to what the guy's doing - posture, stride, hip and shoulder movement, speed of walk - and model it. What works for one guy, works for the next. I started out copying big muscular guys' walks when I was a teenager, even when I was pretty skinny, and people started treating me like those guys. It was pretty remarkable.


Kyle's picture

I had a situation the other week that baffled me and this article brings new perspective to what happened. Here's the story:

I got back from a date that went particularly well at 3 in the morning. My roommate and a couple of her friends were at my place hanging out with her. I joined them for a drink and my roomie asked about my date several time, which I wouldn't give any more detail then 'it went well'.

Shortly into hanging out one of the girls latched onto me (I wasn't trying for special attention of any kind cause tbh, I was ready to go to sleep). When things started to slow down and people started leaving she asked me to go with her to smoke a cigarette where she went into full on eye fuck mode. Se ended up staying the night and we haven't talked since.

My sense is this was some mix of social proof and preselects on because I put zero effort into seduction. Anyways, thanks for the insight!

Chase Amante's picture

Howdy Kyle,

Yeah, this is a fun combination of preselection and hooking up with friends. Essentially, a girl from the periphery of your social circle heard about your success with women and it led to a hook up.

Preselection can be verbal, and in your case you got the strongest variety of verbal preselection - someone else brings something up about you and girls, and you play it off casually like it's no big deal but very subtly imply that something *might* have happened.

As a result, you hit this girl's radar like a nuclear submarine.

Fun times with social dynamics, eh?


Hunter's picture

What's the difference? They both seem to be related. Also, when you are going for preselection, how do you make the interaction go well with the girl you're talking to? A little bit more explanation here would be great. I use preselection in some areas, but I have no idea how to use it when I need it most. For the girl you're talking to to gain some preselection, are you actually trying to pull her out of there or are you just being friendly?

Thanks Chase!

Chase Amante's picture

Hey Hunter,

Social proof is anything where a girl sees you being approved of socially by a group of people - e.g., you're clearly a leader of a group; you're on-stage in front of a bunch of people giving a talk or acting in a play; you're popular with everyone in a certain gym or bar or class or office environment. The emotion she feels is, "This guy is cool, safe, and normal." Her guard is lowered, and she's open to accepting whatever attractive qualities you have.

Preselection is where a girl sees other women around you, and especially other women ATTRACTED to you. The emotion she feels HERE is, "This guys is cool, safe, and normal, AND he's very sexy and attractive." Now, not only is her guard lowered, as it would be with social proof, but she's actually going to be more attracted to you than she would someone who simply had social proof. Showing that you're attractive to women is a key attractor, similar to being good looking or wealthy or confident or charismatic, because part of what women select for in mates is a man's attractiveness to other women (they're selecting for genes that will give them stronger sons who are more likely to pass on their genes, and do so with stronger and more attractive females).

The girl you're talking to to muster up some preselection you'll talk to the same as any other girl, but you'll want to make sure you're doing it in a very visually accessible and attention-grabbing place - to maximize both how many women can see you talking to her, and how frequently they come back to checking out your interaction. If you have a "fast forward" on your attraction - if you're able to make girls get super-attracted in a hurry, which you'll usually start to develop around intermediate to advanced levels of game - you'll want to use that with this girl, so that she starts displaying lots of signs of interest and attraction that other girls can see (one of the downsides of "fast forward" is that it's a lot easier to crash, but you won't be so worried about that with this girl).


Golly's picture

The domino effect can go the other way, though: if they see you with no girl around (it happens) it is going to be a dry spell nonetheless. Is it not?

Ahmed Hashmi's picture

I was invited to a female friend's birthday at a bar, and as I walked into the bar, and noticed her with a few friends of mine, we were having a mutual conversation. the next thing I noticed was that she invited other female friends.. I approached them humbly because I thought that it would be rude if I did not introduced myself to them,, as that happened, I sensed a negative vibe, and I thought to myself, ok whatever. I moved away from their table, and started talking to the buddies, I was walking around the bar as well, and I was speaking to a few girls at the bar other than the ones that were invited. As I stopped talking to the random girls at the bar. The invited ones had their eyes on me. I did not understand why, but now I do. My question is, what can I do now that I have their attention, and that I have proven to them that I'm an attractive man?

Anonymous's picture

so this girl at school had a thing with me, talking for a month now almost everyday, all was going good we were touching each other occasionally and I could've literally kissed her if I wanted to, I felt I had the power to do so. We got into an argument and then I mentioned that we shouldn't argue like that any more because we both know that we like each other. After saying that it kinda pushed her farther away, she also said that she didn't want to be in any relationship with a guy because she wasn't looking for one or it wasn't her thing after i had said that comment, friend zoned? its been a couple days and we both haven't texted each other, going to school tomorrow, would me using this pre selection technique work on this girl? or any other girl as a matter of fact im just trynna fuck lol

Anonymous's picture

i aint gonna take too much time, what i need is 1 : how can i get any girl, anytime, anywhere, using the pre selection, the social proofs etc

H-Town Legend's picture

A picture says a thousand words. Ive never been to a site with better photos than yours. I am reading up again and finally have a paid subscription. Gratitude man.

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