Being the Sexually Liberated Guy

Recently we’ve been talking a lot about sexual freedom, but so far we have only discussed it philosophically – such as by asking questions like what sexual freedom truly is, or what limits to sexual freedom we should have. And we even discussed whether or not sexual freedom is a positive thing to have within a society.

Today however, we will discuss this topic in a more practical way: how you can use it to actually get women into bed! Nice!

sexually liberated

Here is quick recap on what we have so far said about what sexual freedom is:

To recap quickly the most crucial points from my previous post, we described sexual liberalism as a position that allows individuals to engage in, without any judgement from others, their desired sexual practices. Most Western countries for instance do not legally restrict all that many sexual practices between two consenting adults.

There are two things we will cover in this post:

  1. The first is how being a sexually liberated male can make it easier for us to get laid (and even get girlfriends!), and

  2. The second is how we can convey that we are that type of man to women

We also will discuss something that I can talk for many hours about, and that I plan on writing more about in the near future, which this post will serve as introduction to: “how to convey that you are a sexually free man”.

No time to waste, let’s get to the goodies!

How Does Being Sexually Free Make You Attractive?

We will now get straight to how all this can make you attractive. For those of you who have followed my posts so far, you might remember my post on the secret society, and if you do, you see well how being sexually liberated pretty much communicates to women that you are a secret society member.

  1. It reduces the defence mechanisms women have against being sexual in public (It removes their anti-slut defence)

  2. It shows you have female understanding (attractive)

  3. It is an element of sexual prizing

It Reduces Her Defence Mechanism

For those of you who have been here for a while, you know that women love sex but hold themselves back in order to protect themselves from getting socially sanctioned (such as being labelled as a slut) as a result of being sexually active.

Most men judge women for being sexual – often in fear, the fear of not being in control. This is often a result of a lack of attractiveness. Men who fear women or female sexuality are not attractive.

First of all, an attractive male is confident and does not fear women’s sexuality. Secondly, how can a man truly satisfy a woman sexually if he fears her? How can he please her if he judges her for being a sexual being?

Let us agree that a man that does not fear female sexuality and who loves it and shows deep signs of appreciation for it will always be more attractive in women’s eyes.

By communicating that you are sexually free, not only do you communicate that you don’t fear a girl’s sexuality, as you have no reasons to judge her (or “slut shame” her) for being a sexual being, which is attractive in itself, but you will also communicate to her that you will not judge her for being sexual.

The second point is really important. When women are dating or simply looking out for sex partners, caring about how men they find attractive perceive them, they do not want to give away a negative image of themselves. Now, if you communicate to her that you don’t judge her for being a sexual beast, she can be herself and open up to you. She does not fear receiving any social consequences from hanging out with you, making out with you, or even having sex with you.

As a result, women will open up sexually with you. This can lead to some very interesting encounters. Chances are that she won’t resist your moves anymore because she had nothing to fear, as you won’t judge her for being a naughty girl!

Showing Female Understanding

Women always say they want a man that can understand them. “Show her that you understand her” is a classic dating tip, but contrary to most of them, it is actually good advice and it works. Now the problem is that most men do not understand women. One element of understand women is to understand them sexually, so the most crucial thing is to understand that women love sex.

By being sexually free and open you communicate that you are aware of the fact that women love sex. If not directly, you do so indirectly. This is of course attractive. Men who understand women are men who have a lot of experience with women, and hence have most likely been getting laid a lot. This will pre-select you and work as social proof.

What are preselection and social proof? Check out these posts on the topics: “How Preselection Works to Get You Girls” and “How to Use Social Proof to Get Girls”. The quick explanation of these are in seduction is as followed: women find men who have other women chasing them attractive – they start thinking there must be something special about that guy. So be “that guy”.

sexually liberated

Now back to “showing understanding”. You will also show understanding by not judging women for being sexual creatures. This communicates that you understand women and their social situation when it comes to sexuality. This can result in women feeling safe with you because they know that you are aware of the fact that them having casual sex can be risky business.

But it doesn’t end there. Not only will all this make you more attractive, but it will also create comfort and help you create rapport with women, which can be useful in the sense that it will make your whole attraction game go smoother.

The Element of Sexual Prizing

In one of my previous posts, I covered the topic of sexual prizing. Sexual prizing is an attraction switch based on women finding you attractive as a result of your perceived ability to please them sexually. If you are a good lover, you are attractive.

By being sexually open, you often indirectly communicate that you are sexually active and sometimes even communicate that you are an exciting sexual freak who is fun to play around with sexually. Those are things that turn women on. But it also communicates that you will be willing to have an open dialogue around sex, which is key when it comes to having a good sexual relationship. It also communicates that you are willing to try out new stuff in bed, which women also find exciting.

In other words, there is an element of sexual prizing that should also be taken into consideration.

How to Convey That You Are a Sexually Free Guy

We will now cover how you can communicate to women that you are a sexually liberated dude in order to get the desired result. The first part of this article was mostly “inner game” stuff, such as mindsets and beliefs. Now we will cover some “outer game”, i.e., practical techniques.

Being “That Guy”

Obviously, in order to communicate sexual freedom properly it really helps to become “that guy” first. If you are not “that guy”, your attempt at communicating will be incongruent with who you truly are and it will all be far from genuine.

When you become “that guy”, you will, without noticing it, communicate this part of your personality. This will be done either directly (verbal communication – such as direct statements) or indirectly (body language, attitude, and indirect verbal communication). It will all happen subconsciously.

But I am sure you are still looking for techniques you can apply right away, and here they are!

Talk About Sexual Openness

Instead of asking about what she works with, ask her what she thinks of sexual openness and do your best to convince her that sexual freedom is awesome. She might act like she disagrees with you, as her reputation is still at stake, but never mind that, you will still communicate who you are and she will take it into consideration, and it might even give you the desired result. But believe it or not… women will often totally agree with you and eat your every word like candy.

I can’t tell you how well this has worked for me in the past!

Give her arguments for why you think a sexually free society is desirable. Tell her why you support such ideals. Ask her about her opinion and discuss! You can use my posts as an inspiration for the arguments. But remember: listen to what she says as well. You are a sexually liberated man, right? That means you respect her views.

Either way, I want to show an example from an old “lay report” of mine. I can repost the lay report if that is desired. Feel free to steal this routine of mine.

Alek: Let me ask you something…

Hedda: Yes what?

Alek: Consider that you are in a room, which would remind us of a different world. In this room, the rules are different. In fact, in this one room, everybody is sexually liberated – which means that nobody will judge you for being your true sexual self – you feel that you can just let go and open yourself up… releasing yourself; your inner sexuality. As you release yourself, you feel that everybody else respects you for your honesty; for the sexual energy you are liberating…. How would you feel about it?

Hedda: Good of course!

Alek: Would you feel feminine?

Hedda: Yes, I would.

Alek: In this situation, would you behave in a sexually open manner?

Hedda: Yes of course! But the problem is that this world isn’t a reality.

Let’s move on to the other topic you can discuss!

Showing Appreciation For Female Sexuality

sexually liberatedBy showing appreciation for female sexuality you will communicate that you don’t fear it and hence will not judge her for being a sexual creature. This will make her feel safer around you, especially when it comes to showing her true sexual sides.

Tell her how you find sexually liberated women attractive; how you like women for who they truly are. You can also (and this one is killer) tell her how much you HATE the fact that women get judged for being sexual creatures. The last one tends to be a good way to start a conversation with women, because most women agree with me that such a thing is unfair.

Let me get into some examples before I recap it all.

Alek: I really like feminine women. I think this makes a girl so hot. But there is another aspect of femininity that I find so sexy that is highly underrated, and that most men look away from.

Ingrid: And what is that?

Alek: The sexual aspect – a true woman is truly sexual. The submissive women who just want to get fucked really hard, who want to feel so attractive that men are losing control over them.

Ingrid: Yeah most men fail to see that side. Usually they believe all we want is love and affection, which we do like. But we also want more.

Alek: And that is exactly why men fail to see this side of women. That is because women hide this side because they get judged so much for it!

Ingrid: So true!

Alek: And… that is why, as a result of being judged, they act non-sexual in public. No women want to be judged for being sexual. It then becomes a vicious circle, as men perceive women as non-sexual beings.

Ingrid: I agree… but it seems to me like most guys perceive women who are open and being too sexual as sluts and girl not worth respecting.

And here is another one! (This one is from an old threesome lay report of mine)

Alek: I know girls are afraid of being called a slut! Fact is... do you know why a man calls a woman a slut?

Birgitte: No. Tell me!

Alek: Well, it is because men become jealous, as the girls they judge are most likely girls they never had sex with... so when their friend sleeps with a girl, they will often label his catch as loose in order to protect their own ego! So as you can see, the slut label is all based on bullshit reason!

Birgitte: Good point! I will remember this one!


In the first section of this post we covered why being a sexually liberated man is attractive. First of all, and most importantly, it reduces women’s defence systems (anti-slut defence – ASD) against being labelled sluts. This will make women more comfortable and sexually liberated around you. That’s something you want, right?

It will also communicate that you have some understanding of females. That is also attractive.

Finally, there is also an element of sexual prizing. By being sexually liberated you indirectly communicate that you are a sexual guy, hence, you might risk making her horny.

In the other sections, I have covered a few tools you can use to convey that you are a sexually liberated guy. But none of these tools will truly work out for you unless you become “that guy” first.

Nevertheless, we have pointed out that it helps to talk about sexual openness as a conversational topic. Discuss it… this topic will get you much further than talking about pop culture – trust me on this one.

Another way to communicate that you are a sexually open guy is to show appreciation for female sexuality. This way you communicate two things: first of all that you won’t judge her for being a sexual being, but also that you enjoy it. This will make her feel safer when it comes to escalating sexually with you.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed the post. Remember, this is simply an introduction (we’ve got to start somewhere right!) and I can write more about how to convey that you are a sexually liberated freak again in the future if the interest is high enough. You the reader decides. It’s as simple as that.

Until next,


Alek RolstadAbout the Author: Alek Rolstad

Alek Rolstad launched his pickup career at age 14, an early starter and seduction savant. His unique style of game focuses on “sex talk”: a way to make sex the primary topic of conversation. Sex talk lets the user excite girls rapidly, and filter for girls open to fast, raunchy, kinky one-night stands and sex. Alek plans to offer phone coaching to students of Girls Chase soon… Just as soon as he can find somewhere to hold phone calls on sex talk and threesomes where he won’t be shocking his roommates.

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Achillies's picture

Alek back with the boost.....Great article ...I have a question though ....once i discussed about female sexual liberation with a GF of mine and i was immediately asked how many women have you slept with.? I have encountered similar question another time i was making out with a woman .

1.What is the best way to answer how many girls have u had sex with or have you done this before?
In a playfull manner

Once again great article looking forward to the Main course :)


Alek Rolstad's picture

The question is basically a shittest. The problem with this particular shittest is that if your answer contains a high number, you will come across as bragging, if you have a low number, women will start wondering why that numer is so low.

Some men like to answer that they do not desire to share their number of sex partner - that such a thing is private and that they like to keep their sex life private. Althought a better solution than the previous ones, it is counter-productive, especially in light of the theory/technique layed out in the OP - it will communicate an image of you to women as a sexually restricted and restrictive man, which as we have covered is not attractive.

Leerix covered the best and safest solution, which is appliable to any type of shittests, by simpyl avoiding the shittest test altogether. Avoid it, act like you didn't head her question and move on.

But if you really need a way to respond to her shittest (like "how many have you slept with") it is always a good idea to respond in a sarcastically and exaggerated way. Let me give some examples:

Girl: How many have you slept with?
You: 400

Girl: How many have you slept with?
You: I am a virgin (my personal favoritte)

Girl: How many have you slept with?
You: 36,721

It is important however to deliver the following in a cocky/funny tone - you are joking in a confident way about it.

But you can also abuse it. When women are shittesting, women are testing for your compliance - such as asking you a question, or asking you to do something fo her ("dance for us please"). If you complie, you will be the one chasing and her attraction will fade. But a cool thing to do is to ask her to do something in return for answering your questions.

Here is one of my favorittes:

Girl: How many have you had sex with?
You: I will answer you, but you will have to do something for me first, do you expect me to answer the one million dollar question without expecting anything in return?
Girl: I don't know
You: Show me your titts first (delivered in a cocky/funny way)

She will either:
Show you her titts (happened to me a few times)
Not show you her titts, but call you an asshole (in an attracted way)
Leave calling you a perve (high risk igh reward right?)

Remember to deliver this in a cock/funny way. Remember the last one if a more advanced way of handling this issues.

I hope this helps guys! and thank you for your questions.


leerix's picture

I must say I kinda have the same problem. When escalating with girls or during the seduction proccess ,this question pops up out of nowhere and at first I was fazed and surprised cos mentally it meant this girls must think I have preselection going for me (even thoe it wasnt true :) at that time , cos i am kinda still a beginner but since I started using girlschase I av bedded more girls than I did all my life up until late last year) but I just learnt to pause , smile and continue with my proccess.. if she is adamant about wanting to know I playfully tell her 'no one and everyone, plus I dont kiss and tell' still smiling... it works cos it also emphasizes the fact that I am a 'coded' individual...
But I would like to know alek or chase's response... thanks guys.

Alek Rolstad's picture

Yeah, it is indeed a sign of interest as a result of pre-selection. It is also a shittest to test wether or not you are true attractive male!

Avoiding it an proceed is a good universal way to handle shit-tests but as you say, they sometimes really are too curious. I will discuss ways to handle such situations in my comment to achillies. This commented will be dedicated to you both.


Anonymous's picture

More on this please Alek! This is great in conjunction with communicating discretion. Thanks for the article, wish you and whoever else reads this a great day!

Alek Rolstad's picture

Thanks! This is one of the techniques I use the most. If you check out my lay reports (2 of them are posted on the blog) you will see that my game is very sexual.

So yes, indeed I will post more on the subject in the future.

Have a great day too.


Sam2's picture

Alek, this is a good one.

I would like to share a routine of mine which I often use to present myself as being "that guy".

Me: You know...a man can be many things, but there is one thing he can absolutely NOT be.
Her: ...and what is that?
Me: A hypocrite
Her: What do you mean?
Me: see men around supposedly desiring a hot, sexy woman with intense femininity, but once they find one, they start policing her about the way she dresses..."your skirt is too short", "why did you dress like a slut?" etc.
Her: Oh you are so right!
Me: Either you are a man who can handle a hot woman's sexuality or you just go find a boring unsexy woman and settle. You can't have both ways...

And my question:

Is it possible that sometimes it can backfire? For instance, I was on a date with a girl recently and she asked me whether I was conservative. I replied I was not. Then, she said "Well...I am somewhat conservative. I can't, for example, go on vacations with a guy my father hasn't met". I felt I was disqualified exactly because I presented myself as "sexually progressive".

Alek Rolstad's picture

That routine sounds a lot like something I would use. Kudos!

And yes, like everything, it can backfire. all pick up and seduction techniques can backfire. However it should be noted that this technique does not backfire much, in fact, much less than any other techniques I know off. Think about it... you are not risking being cocky, offensive, perverted toward her. You are just showing undertstanding, most women are ok with it.

Now, it can backfire on women who truly hates sexual liberalism, like radical christian women, who calls everyone who has casual sex sinners (and being a sinner website). but these women are most likely not in your niche anyway.

The way it has backfired for me (which happened a lot in switzerland for some reason) is that the girl start going very deep theoretically and philosophically. Now this can be a very interesting conversation, but it surely won't lead to sex. The who thing turns into an academic discussion.

Avoid this by remembering your goal, and if the conversation starts going into that academical direction, start escalating non-verbally in order to reframe the whole interaction back into "I am seducing you".


Alek Rolstad's picture

That routine sounds a lot like something I would use. Kudos!

And yes, like everything, it can backfire. all pick up and seduction techniques can backfire. However it should be noted that this technique does not backfire much, in fact, much less than any other techniques I know off. Think about it... you are not risking being cocky, offensive, perverted toward her. You are just showing undertstanding, most women are ok with it.

Now, it can backfire on women who truly hates sexual liberalism, like radical christian women, who calls everyone who has casual sex sinners (and being a sinner website). but these women are most likely not in your niche anyway.

The way it has backfired for me (which happened a lot in switzerland for some reason) is that the girl start going very deep theoretically and philosophically. Now this can be a very interesting conversation, but it surely won't lead to sex. The who thing turns into an academic discussion.

Avoid this by remembering the purpose of the interaction with her, and if the conversation starts going into that academical direction, start escalating non-verbally in order to reframe the whole interaction back to its purpose (you trying to seduce her).


Neal Conroy's picture

Hey Chase, here's an interesting survey question for men.

Say there's 2 girls. They are same age, same race, same whatever.

But the difference is, 1 girl has had sex with 5 different guys in her life, and the other girl has had sex with 25 guys in her life. Just by knowing that information, which girl is the immediate turn-on?

I'm in the minority opinion in preferring the girl that has had sex with 25 guys. Isn't it like 70% of men prefer the lesser-sexually active girl while the remaining 30% are like me? Or even 80/20.

Why do I like the girl that had sex with the most guys? Simple - it increases the chances she'll have sex with me.

But the argument with the majority of guyd that prefer the other woman is likely the "insecurity" argument, that she's more likely to cheat on him. Insecurity is the root cause of a lot of problems. Same reason why you can't go around handing out pamphlets at an outsoor church carnival without prior permission. Insecurity. If I were Muslim and handing out pamphlets to convert to Islam, what are you insecure that you'll lose members? And so and so forth.

Alek Rolstad's picture

Yes. it is all a matter of insecurity of losings it partner. Less attractive males with less option are of course way more insecure and affraid of losing their partner than attractive males.

This is why the elite in societies often have open relationships (politicians, directors, etc..) and even perform a lot of swinger activity.

I really think you should read my post on the secret society. It will cover mor or less this topic and much more. I think you will really dig it.

Nice job on understanding a part of the matrix!


Anonymous's picture

Good going guys..really cool site
You guys seem sorted out
Are you guys into spirituality a

Alek Rolstad's picture

Hey there. Thank you for your comment and welcome to the site.

I am personally not into spirituality but i know that the poster called Cody Lyans on the site might be into it.

Fact is, all the posters on girlschase are differet guys with different personalities, hobbies, beliefs etc.

I am Alek!

Anonymous's picture

Hi Alek, I am an Indian and would like to inform you that misandry in India is becoming as severe as in any other western country. It seems that marriage brings no advantage to men. I don't have any problem with sexual liberation or being sexually liberated. What bothers me is that how long a person can continue with this lifestyle of picking women. May be 35 years, 40 years or 45 years or even 50 years. Do you wish to marry at any point of time in your life?

I believe that many men(and women) can live whole life without a partner but I can accept that anyone would want to live without children. I am sure you would also want them someday. Do you think that this sexual liberation would be in favor of women. If a woman wants she may become single parent and continue being sexually liberated along with having children. But if a man wants to live with children he'll have to enter into a monogamous relationship. How do you combine children with sexual liberation(being polygamous)?

Even if you marry for sake of children you shouldn't expect strict fidelity from your wife. I believe concept of fidelity has emerged from sense of entitlement. Moreover, number of cases of cheating are obviously going to increase in future. No matter what you do she is going to witness a "2-year drop" someday. When you both(husband and wife) believe in sexual liberation a moment is bound to come when she'll just put you in "provider" role and go on searching someone more alpha that you as a "lover". Do you think marriage and sexual liberation are contradictory?

What is the best way a man should spend his life when it come to three thing marriage, children and sexual liberation?

Anony's picture

This isn't going to be an some practicle advice, but just something to get you a litlle depth in uderstanding, I'm going to link an article about the evolution of civilization, and so that I don't have to repeat myself just read the last comment "A little insight".

And I'd just like to add to my comment that the structure of the family in the matriarchal society has a different structure because of the lack of knowledge who the father is (this includes grandfathers), and that the only men that know that they are a part of the family are brothers and uncles (brothers of the mother).

And to connect this with being a father, the way this is played in a matriarchal society (the one colser to sexual liberalism) is by caring for the children of your sister, while in a patriarchal society you cared for your children, and this is one aspect of sexual liberalism that isn't discussed that much, but is very important.


Drexel Scott's picture

Great work dude!

My style is similar to yours, except I just outright tell sex stories and ask questions about their own sex lives. It's only a matter of time until the facade comes down and they "open up," since if you know they'll pretend at first and stay true to course they will quickly realize you are "on the level."

I sometimes literally show girls I'm seducing my phone full of other girls' pictures, naked pictures and masturbation videos they've sent me and largely turns them on instantly while they pretend to be disgusted. Then I talk about how awesome those women were / are and how sexy it is that they could be sexual without being ashamed of it.

P.S.-- Have you heard of the "Instant Female Arousal Phrase?" It gets any girl soaking-wet and ready to BANG...even if you just met! Check it out right here:

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