Why to Have Fast Sex with a Girl You've Just Met

fast sexGentlemen!

In this post I am going to argue for the necessity of having fast sex; for having sex with women the very first time you meet them.

Personally, I rarely take women’s numbers; I actually can’t remember the last time I took a woman’s phone number. And that’s not because I’m taking their email addresses or Facebooks, either.

I am not really the type of man who has the patience. I want to feel the rush, the excitement, and the joy of doing something spontaneous with a woman. So, taking this into consideration, I need to admit that I get very frustrated when someone asks me about “dating” or “how to seduce a particular girl”, because, though I can answer them, these are not my preferred topics. Many other posters around here would give out better answers to such things.

However, if you’d like to discuss one-night stands, cold approaches, female sexuality, sex talk, seduction theory, threesomes, escalation, or anything else that is related to having dirty, spontaneous sex with hot women in exciting environments, then feel free to ask me questions.

Should You Put Things Off?

The main reason Girls Chase has multiple posters of different personalities is that we would like to cover different types of male personalities and different styles of seduction for men with different goals.

“Same day/night lays” are simply easier to pull off than having multiple dates with one particular woman. I also enjoy one-night stands because of the kicks it gives me.

You might be different from me, and I will respect that, as we are all different. Maybe you really feel like getting to know a girl before doing anything with her (which isn’t a stupid thing to do if you are wealthy and slightly older than me – I am rather young compared to many of our readers), maybe you simply enjoy teasing yourself – I know a few guys who get a kick from withholding sex from themselves. Bottom line, we are all different, yet I am sure many guys reading this blog (especially young men, but also older men not looking for wives) would love to have more one-night stands (or same day lays – it is also very possible to have fast sex with a girl you have just met on the street during the daytime!), but are simply not doing this because of fear or limiting beliefs. If you can relate to this, this post will indeed be for you.

However, this post is not about my subjective opinion of what I prefer; instead, it will cover more objective points that many good seducers (including most of the writers around these parts) would agree with.

The reason I am writing this post is because whenever I tell another man a story about sex that took place within one hour of the initial meeting, he is usually blown away. Next, he usually tends to display a certain sense of small jealousy, often followed by a short ranting of: “You are so lucky, it usually takes me five dates or more to finally be able to have sex with a woman!”

What if I told you that the problem here is that the man is actually setting up five dates?

The Problem with Waiting to Have Sex

And the problem of setting up multiple dates…

I will start out with the obvious reasons for why I think this is problematic before moving on to deeper problems.

Keep in mind, we are trying to be objective here, and not subjective (even if that is hard). You might get more joy from proceeding in a different particular way (e.g., maybe you enjoy waiting before having sex), yet this is none of our concern here – we are here talking about efficiency.

It Costs You Money

First of all, let us agree that having multiple dates with women is expensive. Meeting women for me is very cheap. Yes, I do drink alcohol when I head out, because I enjoy drinking. Unfortunately (and all the blame for this on me) this is something I just started to enjoy. Until last year, I have 90% of the time picked up women sober. Alcohol makes me un-calibrated. I still manage to pull (because even though alcohol makes you less calibrated, it gives you more balls) but, beside that fact, my alcohol expenses are rather low and are for my personal joy and not to pick up women (it is not a good idea to become dependent on alcohol or any sort of drug for picking up women – for obvious reasons).

But beside all this, my expense is really low. I might buy myself a hot chocolate (because I do not like coffee) if I meet a woman during the daytime, or share a cab with a girl if I meet a sweet girl during the nighttime. But that is basically it.

It Costs You Time

Further, let us agree that having multiple dates (some men are even having up to five dates or more before laying a woman) is time draining. Think about all the things you could have done, could have learned, money you could have earned, during this time. And frankly is sitting there and drinking coffee or eating nice dinners with women while most of the time having uninteresting small talk really that exciting?

Mood Changes

In my earlier post about flaking, I mentioned that a woman’s mood changes a lot. The problem here is that you might pump her mood up once she is with you, but once she leaves you after the date is over and heads back home to watch some TV, her mood will change again!

This means that, on the next date, her mood will not be the same as when you left her on that last date. So, in other words, you will have to pump her up all from the get-go again. When she leaves that date her mood will once again go to where it was before it took place, and you will have to repeat the same process all over again the next time you meet her.

fast sex

It should be noted, however, that for every time you meet with her, some rapport is created. But rapport, being key sometimes, is not in itself a tool that leads to sex.

So, may I ask, is it worth it? Is it worth rinsing and repeating over and over again?

In my opinion it is not.

Further, there is a time gap between when you meet each other. This simply creates opportunities for her to change her mind and think twice (most likely over-think twice) and make her into a flaky girl. Having sex during the initial meeting saves you from all the frustration you might experience with flaky women.

The conclusion is: “Close when the iron is hot!”(all credits on this one goes to the seducer “Allen Reyes” also called Gunwitch).

If you turn her on, there is nothing else she really wants besides sex with you. If she turns you on as well, then what are you guys waiting for?

Now let us get to the deeper problems.

What If She Just Wants to Have Fun?

Knowing that women love sex, sometimes women just need sex for the sake of satisfying their sexual needs and not for any other more long-term purposes like getting a partner (boyfriend). In such a case, the more you wait before giving her what she wants, the greater the chances that she will get bored to death and perceive you as a castrated man with no sex lust.

What happens next? Well, she will move on. Chances are that she will find a horny sexual man (probably a less cool, intelligent man than you, but one who is more sexually active) and you will be left sitting there like a jackass.

I have seen this happen many times (and have experienced it myself); really cool guys with good looks and cool personalities who just lack the element of sexual aggressiveness getting dumped for more sexually available men.

There comes a point where the woman will tell you that “It is getting late, I’ve got to go” if you wait too long before making a move.

Another thing to note is that women often want casual pleasure just for the thrill of it, even though they might not say it out loud to the public. As covered on multiple occasions, women fear being judged for being their true sexual selves, and most women do their best to not come across as promiscuous, fearing the slut-label. This phenomenon is often referred to as “anti-slut defence”.

I really hope you can trust me on this one, as it will open up opportunities to you. Women are seeking casual sex so often that it is actually shocking! But I need to admit the truth: I rarely do hear them admit this fact about themselves. You just need to take my word for it until you experience this for yourself (by having casual sex with multiple women).

What If I Want a Girlfriend?

Whether you meet a girl just looking for pleasure or not is often due to luck and is very context sensitive. But what if she is looking for a boyfriend?

If you are interested in getting her as a girlfriend, it is again highly advised to have sex with her as fast as possible in order to start the relationship on the right premises. You need to set the right frames right away.

On the other side, if you wait before having sex, willing to meet up with her on multiple dates (and even worse, paying for them all) where sex is not taking place, you risk losing the sexual frame. Sex is no longer the underlying intention of your interactions with her. In fact, I would dare say that the interaction between you and her might develop a rather asexual (platonic) vibe. Do not be shocked if she has sex with some random strangers on the side of your relationship.

Sex is very important when it comes to relationships. And good sex within a relationship makes it even better. Further, if you have a sexually open relationship (where sex is natural between you and your partner, and you are having an open dialogue about it, making you both willing to experiment with stuff) the relationship will become as exciting as it possibly can be and you might keep this girl for a long while in a genuine and exciting relationship, full of respect and passion.

But how can you lead a girl into such a relationship if you wait before having sex? Men who don’t have the balls to take a risk and make sex happen turn women off – women want men who are confident (especially sexually confident); who aren’t afraid of making a move.

How genuine will the sexual relationship between you two be if you wait to have sex? Will it not set the frame of you being the chaser, as you are willing to wait for sex, and receive it as a reward for committing? This makes you the underdog, which might make for a good romantic comedy movie plot, but is not a good position for you to be in! Being the underdog makes you seem submissive and gets you perceived as a non-dominant and unconfident male – in other words, you will not be perceived as an attractive male by most females.

Ask yourself this: when will you really get to know a girl the best? Before you’ve had sex with her... or after? After, obviously. Women only really, truly open up to men they’ve had sex with. So the excuse that you’d like to get to know her before making a move is invalid!

And if you do not want to have her as your girlfriend, you should also have fast sex as quickly as possible, but this time you should avoid building rapport or showing any signs that you are willing to have her as your girlfriend. This way you won’t play with her heart. A woman who loves you and who gets fooled by accepting to go out on multiple dates just to find out that you won’t have her as your girlfriend tends be devastated.

Put another way:

  • If you do not want a girlfriend: Have sex with her as fast possible (here you need to be 100% sexual, only communicating that you want to have sex with her and nothing else).

  • If you want a girlfriend: Have sex with her as fast as possible, and, if she is cool, you can meet up again. You can also allow yourself to build more rapport with the girl once you’ve had sex with her and take things from there.

The “Lover” Versus the “Provider”

fast sexFurther, by waiting before having sex, you will also come across as a provider, as you are communicating that your role in her life is not purely sexual, but rather something else, like paying her bills (especially if you pay for the dates).

On numerous occasions, I have covered that “lovers” tend to be more attractive in women’s eyes. Not only that, they also tend to have a more genuine and exciting relationship with women (either in long term relationships or as friends with benefits). The relationship terms for the lover are way better than those for the provider.

I won’t repeat exactly what I have said in my earlier posts, but, quickly explained – there are many providers out there, and only a few lovers. This gives the lovers higher value on the meet market. If we consider basic economics, we know that usually a product in hot demand, especially a rare one, is more valuable than a product that has been mass-produced and is not in especially hot demand.

Further, lovers provide women with sex, which is a crucial human need! However, men who are pure providers simply provide women their social needs, which are important as well, but not as important as the biological need the lover satisfies, which is sex (something providers who come up short on the lover-side of things fall short in providing a satisfying experience of, often even if they have good sexual mechanics down)!

From reading this, it becomes obvious that lovers get better terms in relationships than providers. A provider waits before having sex; a lover does not! He loves sex and he knows women seek and crave sex as well... so why wait?

What If We Can’t Have Sex Right Now?

What if she is on her period? What if she really needs to go home early? What if her heart stops beating? (Happened to me once – not cool)

Most of the time, her excuses for avoiding fast sex (or any sex) are just caused by her anti-slut defence. It might also be that she is just testing you. Or, even worse, maybe she is rejecting you. In most cases, you can always persist a little (remember my three attempt rule?) and if that doesn’t work out, just move on.

Yet, sometimes, some really good reasons for not having sex might come up. Maybe it is a logistical issue? Maybe you live with your parents and her grandmother is sleeping in her room?

It is hard to tell which excuses are good and which are not, and the only thing that helps here is a mix of field experience and relying on your gut feelings.

If it is not possible to have sex on the initial meeting, you can still, if you want, meet with her another time for a second meet (though the problem here is that you risk becoming frustrated, because she might flake and play mind games on you). It is always preferable to have sex with her on the first meeting, but it is okay to make exceptions if something drastic comes up.

However, there are three rules that should never be broken in such a case:

  1. She needs to be really into you and ready to meet up again before you grab her number (and still then, you might risk being flaked on).

  2. If she starts being flaky or showing signs of flakiness, do not get angry, just move on.

  3. Sex must take place on the second meeting. If it doesn’t, move on and meet other beautiful women – there are plenty of them out there, so why waste your time.

The Merits of Fast Sex

So now I will recap, but I will not simply repeat what I have just said, instead, I will list all the reasons for why having fast sex during the initial meeting is more efficient and easier.

  1. Having sex on the initial meeting will save you money, as you won’t have to spend lots of money on multiple dates.

  2. It is obviously more time efficient, as you won’t have to spend time on boring dates that lead nowhere.

  3. It will give you some quick, exciting lays with women who are just seeking casual pleasure.

  4. Further, it will make you come across as very sexually confident, as you will display that you have the balls to be a sexy, dominant, and confident man! This is hot!

  5. No more frustrations – as the number of women who won’t return your calls or ditch dates with you will diminish drastically (because you won’t take as many numbers and set up dates anymore!).

  6. You will be able to seduce women with more ease, as you will turn women on and lay them once they are in the right mood. You won’t just leave them horny and give them time to lose this state before meeting them again (and again!).

  7. You will also be perceived as a “lover” in women’s eyes and not simply as just a “provider”. Lovers have greater worth as mates to women and therefore will always be valued more and receive better terms on the meet market.

  8. Being perceived as a lover, hence having sex with her during the first meet, will make sure that you enter better relationships than men who wait for sex, because there will be a more genuine sexual frame between you two.

Going for fast sex is indeed the most efficient and simplest way to get laid. Now, as mentioned in the beginning of this article, you might get a kick from waiting before having sex. In such a case, keep in mind that getting success from playing such games requires a lot of skill, and I would recommend you wait till you become more skilled (unless you are at that level already) before aiming in that direction.

Start with the basics and have fun!

Until next!


Alek RolstadAbout the Author: Alek Rolstad

Alek Rolstad launched his pickup career at age 14, an early starter and seduction savant. His unique style of game focuses on “sex talk”: a way to make sex the primary topic of conversation. Sex talk lets the user excite girls rapidly, and filter for girls open to fast, raunchy, kinky one-night stands and sex. Alek plans to offer phone coaching to students of Girls Chase soon… Just as soon as he can find somewhere to hold phone calls on sex talk and threesomes where he won’t be shocking his roommates.

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Anonymous's picture


I met a girl at the airport who and we got sexual very quickly. When we were on the plane, I went to check the toilet to manage our moving in there..when I asked her to come in, she declined. We sat next to each other on the plane (good occurrence) as she was touching my hand and I guided her to feel my thighs. However, she must have cooled off because once we landed and I gave her a place to meet up the following day(as we had both agreed), she flaked.

P.S. she may have been looking for a bf, or husby. The book she was reading on the plane insinuates this.

Thanks tho.

Anonymous's picture

Hi Alek

I'm a veteran reader of Girls Chase and I need your expert advice. I'm currently doing my senior year at school (social circle) and just met a "perfect 10" who is REALLY into me (no resistance, attracted, extremely submissive, etc). I need to sleep with her ASAP, but I have terrible logistics (we both live with our parents and she doesn't have a cellphone, therefore I can't set up a date). How do I make it happen?

G's picture

Fantastic article.

It would be great to gain your insights on how to behave in a sexual manner. As you meet, which types of actions are loaded with sexuality and jump things forward?


the other side's picture

Hey Chase,

I'm a chemist, and I know that there are side reactions that can spin out of control. Let's say one follows this for weeks and months in any other town except a mega-city... you're not 3 degrees of separation from overlapping social circles.

On the one hand, yes you can trust no kiss-tell is occurring, or you are just fine with the sexy man reputation. On the other hand, if the women you sleep with fall in love and get bitter (we men don't get bitter as you've trained)... those side reactions can bit you.

Again this is in small-medium towns I'm talking about...

Tips welcome - probably frame control of a higher order?


Anonymous's picture

Chase - hey no need to reply here on the small-medium town, you covered in the Bachelor post, and thanks JT

Side question - how do you like living in Henderson and would you say it is real fertile territory for a young Boomer to catch Cougars ;)

George Montague's picture

So very true. It took me awhile to gather this mindset but it works.

I was wondering if you could post an example of a conversation following these principles. Meaning, the opening and what follows until sex. I'd imagine it would be a fairly simplistic dialogue if the vibe was strong enough, butt an example of start to finish in a 'then-and-there' lay would be beneficial. Thanks man.


Stick shifter's picture

For those asking what fast sex looks like I can share my last two:

1. Was On my way home to my apt about 1am after club (I live in the middle of the city - huge advantage), and I saw a girl alone, asked her how her nights been and what she's up to and she said she's looking for her backpacker accomodation. I said I know how to get there but why the rush, my apt has drinks food and good music lets hang while I wait for my friends to get back (had no friends coming back of course :)).
So we were sitting on the couch talking and I was touching as chase's articles recommend. Then I spontaneously kissed her, withdrew and kept talking. I could tell her mood changed to sexual and then we started making out and I took her to bed.

All the above took about 1 hour.

2. Was at a club and went outside to the smoking area where it is easy to talk to people. Started tLking to a girl who was with a guy, started flirting, guy said 'what's with all the lame questions', I ignored him, he walked away (defeated hah!). Started whispering in the girls ear making sure there was a lot of skin contact. Thn said let's get out of here. She agreed and this time we got full-on by the time we made I to my apt ellevator ( I picked her up and made out with her against the wall) and we were havig sex immediately when we got in. I didn't even know her name!! (Of course I asked her when we first started talking but forgt quickly). Se left after we finished so her friends could take her home. Never saw her again still don't know if her number is in my phone somewhere. Felt good though.

Promethean Man's picture

Been having an issue with this lately.

I've been sleeping with most women on the first time meeting them. They'll even text me after saying I was really good in bed, but when I try to meet up with them again it never happens.

I don't want a girlfriend, but I'm not interested in one night stands. I want to fuck a girl at least 10 times before moving on since it's a wasted investment of my time to chat up a girl and only fuck her once.

One reason I've noticed is that I'm so focused on "leading" and escalating that I don't actually let her chase me or invest on her own. Lack of rapport might be the other issue.

Any thoughts on this?

phelwan's picture


I am at the point where i am trying to go for really pretty women. However i am running into some difficulty. My issue is that i am meeting women of quality who don't want first meeting sex. I am getting a feeling that quality women (the real pretty ones) can have sex whenever and with whoever they want at any given time. So a lover who just provides them with sex is really nothing to them since they can get sex from anyone. So, what i am saying is since quality women have a lot of options to chose from they are more prone to being "gamed" (meaning taking them out on dates and playing the game). In your experience do you think this is true? Do you think quality women need to be "gamed"? Or is my entire thinking flawed, do i need rewiring?



Anonymous's picture

I also tend to find out that Women of Quality (not your average cute college girl or a drunk club girl) simply will NOT sleep with you until dates 3-5, no matter what you do. I am fairly successful with women and have no problem seducing them on the first date, if we are both on the same wavelengths. Some of the Women of Quality (especially late 20s-early 30s, as opposed to early 20s) just don't have sex early on and they would cut down any and all attempts to do so.

Anonymous's picture

Yes, it is true. Girls who are looking for a bf won't sleep with someone that quick. It's not that easy, and we are not animals, we are human beings, and things are not aleays that easy, especially if you live in a small town, girls are more careful. Those girls usually needs time to get more relaxed with you, and that will happen over time when they get the chance to know you better. So, only some easy or drunk chicks in the club will have sex immediately when there's some chemistry, while other girls will wait, because they don't want to be used, they eant to be sure that it will last...

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