How to Get Girls to Your Hotel Room Without Reception Interfering

In this post I will tell you how you can increase your chances of bringing a girl over to your hotel room without being shut down by hotel receptionists.

There is nothing more annoying than having a good night out abroad, meeting an exotic girl, and then getting cockblocked by a silly receptionist. It has happened to me in the past, and it is terrible.

receptionist cockblock

Now the good news is that it hasn’t happened nearly as often as the times I have brought girls over and had sex in my hotel rooms.

Yet still, why risk being rejected at the door?

This post is a summary of my experiences from my trips this summer. I have been to five hotels this July/August and in none of them have I been cockblocked. The hotels were all in different countries, ranging from Spain, to Romania, Serbia, Ireland, and Scotland.

First of all, let us see why certain hotels reject male customers who try to bring a partner up to their room.

Causes of Rejections

The first cause is moralism – basically it’s the receptionists being a sexual beings who think having sex is immoral. Often these people are very religious and stick to their religious scripts. However, in a big hotel, this will most likely never be the cause, as they have strict policies and guidelines that the receptionists have to follow. Their personal values in such hotels are irrelevant.

Small family hotels in small towns might cause you some issues. Beware of these hotels, especially if you’re in a religious country. Go for bigger hotels that are more or less controlled by a heavy bureaucratic machine. It’s worth it, even if the breakfast might not be as good.

The second cause could be that the hotel rooms a lot of families. In such, turning their hotel into a place for sex might damage their reputation. Parents might not appreciate their children seeing women doing the walk of shame in the morning. Nor would they want to hear you having sex in the next room over.

In our society, children should be shielded from sexual content, and making a family hotel into a “brothel” might not be the best thing. Avoid such hotels. Such hotels usually have crazy swimming pools with crazy water slides, game rooms, and entertainment for children. They often cost a lot too.

The third reason is because of prostitutes. Hotels do not like having prostitutes in their rooms. There have been cases of prostitutes stealing from hotels. But what can also happen is that pimps might appear in the lobby because of customers failing to pay or other forms of drama taking place. When I was in Romania, a John had an argument with a prostitute and threw her out of the room naked. Yes, she was naked in the corridor. Ask yourself how such drama might affect a hotel’s reputation.

Also, in some countries prostitution is illegal and hotels can get serious fees or other forms of sanctions if they’re busted with having prostitutes in their establishment.

It is understandable that hotels do not want them in their rooms. But your girl is not a prostitute? Well how could they know? They just simply might not want to take any risks.

In countries where prostitution is illegal, you should take some precautions. For example, avoid picking up women who might look a little shady or might remind someone of a prostitute. I once pulled a hired gun from a club in Greece. She was dressed in a very sexy way. People who didn’t know her would guess she was a sex worker, but she was not. The receptionist the next day told me he thought she was a prostitute…

In Dublin I lived in a business hotel. Having time to kill, I talked to the receptionist (the night shift), and he told me that they did not usually reject guests who had a girl (or a guy) with them, but that they saw “red flags” which, as I understood it, are negative signs that the girls give. If an extra guest gives away “red flags” the hotel might not let the person into the rooms. Sadly, in most cases, those “red flags” are based on looks: how they dress… and their vibe: how they behave.

But keep in mind however that business hotels usually accept prostitutes into their establishment. If they can accept prostitutes, they surely would accept you bringing over your non-prostitute catch. The issue is that business hotels tend to be expensive.

Cheaper options are hotels without 24 hour receptions. This way you avoid any trouble at all. But another option is to pick a decent hotel that students tends to visit. This is especially common in party areas. The staff is used to having guests bringing people to their rooms.

Picking the Right Hotel

It is sometimes hard to tell what type of hotel would be of the most liberal type when it comes to bringing girls over. However, I discovered the website below (link in this section) when I wrote about prostitution a few years ago, which I found to be very useful for choosing hotels. On this site, you type the name of the city you will visit and you get all the information on sex trades in the area.

But what’s in it for us who aren’t interested in paying for sex? There is still something useful about it for us: namely, it gives you a list of hotels that accept prostitutes. Again, if a hotel accepts prostitutes, they will definitely accept non-prostitutes too.

receptionist cockblock

The hotels listed cover a huge price range, and no, these hotels are not all trash; they can be 5 star hotels and are not “sex hotels”. (warning, might contain adult content)

On this website, search for the location you plan to visit and scroll down to where the “girl friendly hotels” are listed. It cannot be easier than that.

Let us now cover some practical things you can do to make the process easier once you are at the hotel.

Bringing Girls Over

We will start of by discussing things you can do before even going out to prevent possible future cockblocks.

Cockblock Prevention

Here is a list of techniques that will prevent you from being cockblocked in the first place:

Book double rooms:

Many times the receptionist might turn out to be a cool guy and will let you bring your girl right in. However, sometimes they might charge you some extra for it (I have never experienced paying more than 20 Euros to bring a girl in – usually it is about 10 Euros).

However, in many hotels, this option is only possible if you have booked a double room for yourself (with a double bed), which according to my experience isn’t much more expensive than booking a single room with a single bed – so totally worth it (don’t you sleep better in a double bed?).

If you don’t book a double room, chances are that they won’t let you bring anyone from outside the hotel into your room, not even for a fee. If you book a double room alone, they will often let you bring girls in with no questions asked, and if not, they will do so for a small fee.

Book a double room if possible.

Befriending the receptionists:

It is obvious that having a good vibe with the receptionists will make it much easier to bring girls over. So be polite and friendly when interacting with them. Have a small chat if you have time to kill (and if there aren’t too many guests in the lobby). Try to pay attention to who works the night shift – the night shift is the receptionist you should give the most attention obviously to. Also, avoid giving unnecessary complaints about the room if your room is okay, it will just cause grief.

Further, try to come across as a “decent” and “serious” guy. Don’t come across as a party dude who might come home drunk every night, create noise, wreck the room, and take drugs... Instead, come across as calm, reasonable, and mature – you need to create trust. Be calm, serious, and willing to cooperate.

In order to build rapport with the receptionist, talk about the country’s history with them (if you are visiting a new place) – they will totally light up and be pleased to tell you more. It can also be a very interesting experience.

Discussing “bringing girls over” beforehand:

According to my experience, it is a good idea to discuss with the receptionist before you head out about their policies for “bringing extra guests into the rooms”. He will be happy to lay down the policy for you. Usually they will ask to see an ID card of the girl before letting her in.

receptionist cockblock

There are two reasons for that – the first one is to spot “red flags” (possible prostitutes) and the other is that they would like to know who and how many are in the hotel establishment in cases of emergency (like a fire, for example). Further, they might tell you that you will have to pay and give you the price, but interestingly enough they will be very kind and say something along the line of “usually you will have to pay [X-amount], but I will let it go for this time” (even if it is in most hotel policies to charge for extra guests, I have rarely paid anything for it).

A good tip is to not tell the receptionists that you are planning to head to a bar/club in order to get laid, but instead tell him that you plan on meeting some local friends and that it might be the case that you have a small after party (with of course not many people attending). It is important that you reassure him that you will not cause any noise, that your guests won’t stay long, and that, if there are any problems whatsoever, he can with ease call up to your room.

If you reassure him beforehand, you won’t face any issues when the time comes to bring girls over.

Another tip is to tell them that you have a girlfriend that might come by the city for the night, as she is visiting her family in a nearby town/city (so if you are in Paris, you can tell her that your French girlfriend is visiting her family in Orleans) and that she might come over for the night. This works also very well.

The last thing that has worked for me (actually my favorite trick) is to tell the receptionist that you are going to meet colleagues at a party and that you might have a small after party later on (and that it might take place in your room, but again, with only a small handful of people). Now, what is so good about saying exactly that? Well, business folk or researchers are usually more serious and cause less trouble than students going on a party trip. Secondly, the guests you bring over are potential future customers (so they think…) – so they would like to give a good impression.

Remember, the most important thing is to re-assure the receptionist. Keep in mind that it’s always better to make sure that the receptionist you talk to before heading out actually is the nightshift. If he is not, it might not work as well, but in my experience, it’s still okay – if you face any issues, just tell the nightshift that you talked to his colleague earlier on and you should be fine.

Handling Difficulties in the Lobby

If you have done what I told you so far, this should not happen. But if it does, here is what you can do:

  1. If the receptionist doesn’t let your girl in, show your girl’s ID without him requesting it – this help and increases the chances of him letting you. The reason being that you remove a lot of the “red flag” indicators… as you have nothing to hide.

  2. Tell the reception that your guest won’t stay for long – maximum 2 hours.

  3. Tell him to charge the room. As you have a double room, it is fully possible to book in an extra person to the room. This is the case in 90% of the hotels and it is written in their policy. A good explanation should be provided if they do not accept an extra guest.

  4. In very rare scenarios, the receptionist might go beyond the hotel’s policy. He is not allowed to do that (if you book a double room with a double bed, you have the right to book another person in) and while remaining calm, tell him that you will to have a chat with his boss in the morning and that this incident will definitely appear in your trip advisor review (where you can write ”receptionist didn’t let my girlfriend/wife in”). Now such incident happens rarely – but I do know one case: a friend of mine wanted to bring over his actual girlfriend to his hotel room (and pay the extra) but got rejected because the receptionist thought she was a prostitute – “Sorry but we don’t allow prostitutes into our hotel sir.”

Keep in mind that it is key to remain calm and mature if you have to deal with lame receptionists.

Let us now recap this post!


We first of all pointed out the reasons for why hotels reject extra guests (the girls you bring over):

  1. The first one being moralism – hotels have moral issues with people having sex in their rooms.

  2. Secondly, they care about their reputation and for this the hotel might not be fitted for party people looking for one-night stands.

  3. They are also very afraid of having prostitutes over – for the sake of their reputation, but also because of the law in certain countries.

Business hotels usually accept you bringing girls over (guess what, many business folks love escorts!). Same goes for hotels that are situated in party locations, which are used to have young people over, who usually came to the city to party. Hotels who room families usually do not like having “extra guests” over, same as small rural family-run hotels.

It is a good idea to book a double room when booking a hotel. This makes bringing girls over easier. Be friend the receptionist and create some rapport with them. If you are able to charm women in clubs, you surely can charm someone who is paid to be nice…

Talk about bringing people over with the nightshift before heading out. It is important that you accept their policies (if they ask to charge or show IDs, you accept it) and remember that the most important thing is to re-assure the receptionist that you are a decent guy who won’t cause any issues. It is important to come across as cooperating.

If you still get rejected, you first of all offer to pay the charges for the extra guest, and if this doesn’t work, threaten the receptionist with a bad review or a “little chat with the boss”.

Either way, I have only been rejected at a hotel once in my life, and, as a traveler, believe me, I have had my fair share of people over to my rooms. Now you have my tricks in your pocket, so enjoy your next trip!

Until next,


Alek RolstadAbout the Author: Alek Rolstad

Alek Rolstad launched his pickup career at age 14, an early starter and seduction savant. His unique style of game focuses on “sex talk”: a way to make sex the primary topic of conversation. Sex talk lets the user excite girls rapidly, and filter for girls open to fast, raunchy, kinky one-night stands and sex. Alek plans to offer phone coaching to students of Girls Chase soon… Just as soon as he can find somewhere to hold phone calls on sex talk and threesomes where he won’t be shocking his roommates.

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It will give you cheaper room to stay in, probably even in more central area and even more prestigious. And most important, you can bring girls without problem as there is no reception. even if you booked 1 person room, and it's against the policy to bring more, no one ever would know.

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