Having a Male Scent That Fills Women with Lust

male scentIn the comments on "Your Mental Model is Flawed," M asked the following question about cologne:

Speaking of expensive cologne...is it worth the investment? Right now my only scent is my deodorant, lol.

I gave a quick response, but I've been wanting to do a piece on male scent for a while now. I spent a great deal of time diving into this to figure out what the "ideal" scent for men was... was it a cologne? A body spray? An aftershave? Was it pheromones? Something else? What scent gets you the best results with women?

They all propose to turn you into a man irresistible to women, of course... but most of it's just noise to be tuned out. There had to be, I felt certain, a specific solution out there somewhere to the question of what scent women like best.

Today's article chronicles my own intermittent investigation - spanning perhaps 15 years - into the phenomenon of male scent, and takes a look at what the research on scent has to say.

And my guess is, if you're accustomed to the standard advice thrown liberally about in Western society, you'll be in for a bit of a surprise.

male scent

When I first hit puberty, I started using generic roll-on deodorants from Avon (my mother was an Avon lady), and I selected a Calvin Klein cologne I liked the smell of to wear.

I did a lot of things wrong.

The deodorant I used was a liquid with an old-fashioned roller ball that you'd roll across your armpit. It was wet, it was sticky, and it was rather uncomfortable. But, it was all I knew, so I used it. I used several different varieties, but never got any compliments on them. At least they kept me from smelling bad, like some of the other kids in class, I reasoned.

The cologne I selected was one that appealed to my olfactory glands. It was called "Obsession for Men." I used it for five years - junior high, and the first three years of high school. My sister would complain constantly that the bathroom "smelled really bad" after I finished using it in the morning, but I always wrote this off as sibling rivalry. Our family cat loved when I used the cologne, anyway - she'd lick my face and rub against it whenever I had Obsession on and knelt down to greet her.

It took me five years to discover that women find the sent of Obsession for Men repulsive, and all cats - including tigers, cheetahs, and jaguars - are intoxicated by it (see the Wall Street Journal article "Big Cats Obsess Over Calvin Klein's 'Obsession for Men'").

Apparently, the scent I'd been sporting for half a decade repelled women, but attracted cats.

Lucky me.

However, that experience started me off on a new obsession of my own: finding a male scent for me that would be every bit as scintillating to women as my old one had been to cats.

A Simple Poll

Late in high school, once I realized I was wearing a smell that girls hated, I began to ask the girls around me what their favorite cologne was.

"Cool Water, by Davidoff," one would tell me. "Cool Water," the next said. "Cool Water... definitely Cool Water," I heard again.

Cool Water it was.

So I went shopping and bought a bottle of Cool Water. I took a whiff... it smelled awful to me. Ugh! But, I asked my mother and sister to smell it, and they agreed it smelled wonderful.

I started wearing Cool Water everyday, and women started complimenting me on my scent - something that had (understandably) never happened before.

I also changed my deodorant, to something less "slimy" and more comfortable to use. For the life of me, I can't remember now what I used then, but it was a green stick and I used it for a long time. That one also I didn't much like the smell of, but women told me smelled good.

So there I was, wearing a cologne I didn't like the smell of, but women told me smelled great, and a deodorant I didn't like the smell of, but women told me smelled great.

I spent years surrounded by what was to me a bad smell all for the sake of smelling good for women.

But, despite the compliments, women were hardly tearing my clothes off. In fact, I didn't see any difference at all in how women were treating me.

Maybe a male's scent didn't matter much after all.

Trying Pheromones

When I first began dabbling with approaching women while out and about in 2005, I decided to purchase some male pheromones, and see if they made an impact. There was no smell, and I couldn't see any real noticeable difference. Women seemed a little warmer... I thought... but I really couldn't be sure. It might just be a psychological confidence boost.

I finally got a girl I met at the gym to say "yes" to a date with me while wearing pheromones. We almost went home together that night, on my first date ever, except that I over-drank, and I didn't know what I was doing and was in over my head out one-on-one with a girl, something that never happened.

And I got my first phone number from a girl I met at a nightclub while wearing pheromones - a tall, slinky, beautiful girl in sexy attire from Trinidad who'd become something of a legend among people who knew in some of my earliest field reports after I discovered the seduction community and repeatedly tried to pull this girl from nightclubs (in front of her boyfriend).

But, I wasn't sure if I could chalk this up to the pheromones, or if it was simply because I was finally out there trying to make progress with women for the first real time in my life. Ultimately, I stopped using the pheromones, and I kept progressing with women just the same.

A Change of Brands

male scentAfter university, and after I'd moved to California, I eventually changed brands again, both for deodorant and for cologne.

The new deodorant I selected - actually, an antiperspirant - was Right Guard Sport, which felt great to me, smelled great to me, and which women told me smelled great to them, too - when I'd be wearing no cologne at all but have that deodorant on, women would tell me, "Wow, you smell great!" I knew that one was a hit.

I also read some good reviews for the Victoria's Secret cologne Very Sexy for Him, and decided to try a bottle of that. I did, and found that not only did women like that one more, on average, than they did the Cool Water cologne, but I actually liked it, too.

At last, I'd found two scents I could wear that both *I* liked and *girls* liked, as well.

But did it help?

male scent

To get a more complete picture and go beyond the anecdotal, I wanted to have a look at what the research has to say about male scent, cologne, and the like. I found five (5) relevant pieces of research.

We start with a look at men's colognes, oils, and body sprays.

Our first piece of research is an excerpt from the 2009 book Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex, by Mary Roach, as reported at Barking Up the Wrong Tree (a fascinating website in its own right):

Stop wearing cologne. Women don’t find it attractive. If you don’t believe me, here is a quote from a press release from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago: “Men’s colognes actually reduced vaginal blood flow.” Foundation director Al Hirsch hooked women up to a vaginal photoplethysmograph and had them wear surgical masks scented with ten different aromas or combinations of aromas. (To be sure the women weren’t just getting aroused by dressing up in surgical masks, Hirsch put unscented masks onto a control group.) In addition to the smell of cologne, the women were turned off by the scent of cherry and of “charcoal barbeque meat.” At the top of the women’s turn-on list was, mysteriously, a mixture of cucumber and Good ’n’ Plenty candy. It was said to increase vaginal blood flow by 13 percent.

If you're unfamiliar with genital blood flow monitoring, this is used to find out rather conclusively whether someone finds something sexually arousing or not. In other studies, women have been found to have increased vaginal blood flow in response to sexual stimuli regardless of whether they report being aroused or not (that is to say, certain stimuli aroused women whether they admitted it or not).

In this case, colognes reduced arousal.

Which is a curious finding.

But the excerpt left me wondering...

Does this mean only a few colognes were used?

Does this mean only one cologne was used, and the other nine scents were other smells?

Was the one cologne used Obsession for Men, by Calvin Klein?

Because I didn't have these details, I was afraid to make a blanket statement writing off men's cologne altogether based on a limited study of unknown variables here... but it did raise some interesting questions.

(One of the most interesting questions being, perhaps, why and how does the aroma of cucumber and Good 'n' Plenty mixed together make women horny and excited?)

So, I did some more digging, and I found that the book's source was apparently a U.S. patent filed in 1998.

According to U.S. Patent number 7067162, "Use of odorants to alter blood flow to the vagina," citing a multitude of sources and filed by Alan R. Hirsch, director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago:

Examples of odorants and odorant mixture that can be administered to increase vaginal blood flow by about 10-30%, include a baby powder odorant, a mixture of licorice-based odorant and banana nut bread odorant, a floral-aldehydic perfume fragrance such as Chanel No. 5 and White Linen, a mixture of lavender and pumpkin pie odorants, and a mixture of baby powder and chocolate odorants. Examples of licorice-based odorants include a black licorice odorant, and Good N' Plenty® (licorice and anise) odorant. Such odorants are commercially available, for example, from International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc. (IFF, New York, N.Y.), Energy Essentials, AromaTech, Inc. (Somerville, N.J.), Florasynth, Inc. (Teterboro, N.J.), and as essential oils. Such individual odorants and odorant mixtures have been found to be particularly useful in increasing vaginal blood flow in female individuals who are highly aroused by masturbation.

Okay, now we're getting somewhere. Hirsch's patent continues:

According to the invention, odorants can be administered to decrease vaginal blood flow of a female individual. With a reduction in vaginal blood flow, the female individual experiences an inhibited or reduced level of sexual arousal. Examples of odorants and odorant mixture that can be administered to decrease vaginal blood flow by about 10-20% include a licorice-based odorant alone, a cologne such as Old Spice®, a floral-aldehydic perfume fragrance such as Chanel No. 5 and White Linen, a charcoal barbecue meat odorant, and a cherry odorant. Such odorants and odorant mixtures have been found to be particularly useful in reducing vaginal blood flow in female individuals who are minimally or not highly sexually aroused by masturbation or manual manipulation of the female genitals.

All right - now we have it. It wasn't Obsession for Men, but Old Spice that Hirsch found was a turnoff for women.

But that still only leaves us with one cologne tested, and many more not.

Axe Body Spray - Does It Work?

My freshman year of college, I was blessed with an incredibly noxious roommate. Due to what I can only assume were atrocious eating habits, he'd launch unbelievably potent flatulence at all times of the day, including in the middle of the night while sleeping (and he'd complain to no end when I'd open up the window wide in the middle of a freezing, blustery Pennsylvania winter because I wanted fresh air no matter the temperature and I didn't want to suffer in silence in that stench). To try and mask the violent odor constantly being expelled from his body, he - an otherwise tidy guy - would spray large amounts of air freshener (the scent of which I grew to hate) all over the room, and AXE Body Spray (which I also grew to hate) all over himself.

Ever since then, I've been as opposed to AXE Body Spray as I have been Dave Matthews Band, which that roommate also drove me to hate. So I've looked rather dismissively at the AXE Body Spray commercials that show women lustily attacking men wearing the spray.

If you haven't seen them, here's the most famous of those ads (currently with 40 million views on YouTube):

And here's the second most watched of them (with 25 million YouTube views):

Ridiculous, right?

Well, as it turns out, my old roommate just may have been onto something. Another book excerpt, this one from The Consuming Instinct: What Juicy Burgers, Ferraris, Pornography, and Gift Giving Reveal About Human Nature, again courtesy Barking Up the Wrong Tree:

Interestingly, the so-called Axe effect seems to actually exist. In a recent study, men were sprayed either with a deodorant imbued with an active concoction (flavor oil and an antimicrobial constituent) or with a nonactive version. Subsequently, they were asked to provide several self-evaluations (e.g., self-confidence and self-attractiveness). Then short videos were recorded of the male participants, which were subsequently viewed by female raters, who rated the men along several metrics (confidence and attractiveness). Incredibly, not only did the men who received the active deodorant provide higher ratings of self-confidence but also women rated these men as more attractive (based on viewing the short video clips).

So, the researchers apparently sprayed men with either an active deodorant or a placebo, and the men with the active concoction both gave themselves higher ratings and received higher ratings from women.

I can't find this study - there may be a reference in the actual book, but I don't have a copy of the book on me as I'm writing this - so I can't read any further about the researchers conclusions. If I had to guess, though, the flavor oil in the active concoction probably led to some sort of scent that the men smelled and liked, providing the confidence boost, which led to better posture, eye contact, and nonverbals displayed on the video of those men shown to the women, who then found them more attractive.

My assumption - not having access to the full research here - would be that, unlike the odors and vaginal blood flow phenomenon, this is a placebo effect after all - the men smelled the smell, got the confidence boost, the confidence boost improved their nonverbals, and the women rated them as more attractive for it.

Perhaps if you had the women smell AXE directly and monitored the blood flow to their vaginas, you'd get a different story.

Verdict on AXE: the jury's ultimately still out.

Real Pheromones

Now for the remaining piece of the puzzle.

Researchers from Sweden put together a pair of studies, one on heterosexual men and women, and the next on homosexual men, reviewing the impact of smelling male and female hormones from other individuals.

This from "Smelling of Odorous Sex Hormone-like Compounds Causes Sex-Differentiated Hypothalamic Activations in Humans":

The anatomical pathways for processing of odorous stimuli include the olfactory nerve projection to the olfactory bulb, the trigeminal nerve projection to somatosensory and insular cortex, and the projection from the accessory olfactory bulb to the hypothalamus. In the majority of tetrapods, the sex-specific effects of pheromones on reproductive behavior is mediated via the hypothalamic projection. However, the existence of this projection in humans has been regarded as improbable because humans lack a discernable accessory olfactory bulb. Here, we show that women smelling an androgen-like compound activate the hypothalamus, with the center of gravity in the preoptic and ventromedial nuclei. Men, in contrast, activate the hypothalamus (center of gravity in paraventricular and dorsomedial nuclei) when smelling an estrogen-like substance. This sex-dissociated hypothalamic activation suggests a potential physiological substrate for a sex-differentiated behavioral response in humans.

And, the follow-up study, on homosexual men, "Brain response to putative pheromones in homosexual men":

The testosterone derivative 4,16-androstadien-3-one (AND) and the estrogen-like steroid estra-1,3,5(10),16-tetraen-3-ol (EST) are candidate compounds for human pheromones. AND is detected primarily in male sweat, whereas EST has been found in female urine. In a previous positron emission tomography study, we found that smelling AND and EST activated regions covering sexually dimorphic nuclei of the anterior hypothalamus, and that this activation was differentiated with respect to sex and compound. In the present study, the pattern of activation induced by AND and EST was compared among homosexual men, heterosexual men, and heterosexual women. In contrast to heterosexual men, and in congruence with heterosexual women, homosexual men displayed hypothalamic activation in response to AND. Maximal activation was observed in the medial preoptic area/anterior hypothalamus, which, according to animal studies, is highly involved in sexual behavior. As opposed to putative pheromones, common odors were processed similarly in all three groups of subjects and engaged only the olfactory brain (amygdala, piriform, orbitofrontal, and insular cortex). These findings show that our brain reacts differently to the two putative pheromones compared with common odors, and suggest a link between sexual orientation and hypothalamic neuronal processes.

The finding here was, women (and homosexual men) have a region of the hypothalamus strongly associated with sexual behavior activated by smelling the testosterone found in men's sweat.

male scent

Straight men, when smelling this, simply have normal olfactory regions of the brain light up that have nothing to do with anything sexual. Conversely, straight men smelling the estrogen from women's urine have the same sex-associated part of the brain light up that women and homosexual men do when smelling men's sweat testosterone.

The effect on straight men almost certainly ties back with what we talked about in "What's the Best Way to Pick Up Girls? Get the Ones Looking for You," when discussing the research on the impact of women being in their fertile periods and their effect on men (in addition to the effect on their own mate preferences at the time versus other times) - basically, women seem to be putting something in the air while fertile that men react to quite strongly and instinctively.

Well, this research from Sweden in 2001 seems to show that the scent of the sweat of men is having the same kind of effect on women.

Smelling Fear

There's one other piece of research I want to cover, too, but bear with me until we get to the next section if you find yourself wondering why this one is relevant.

That's on the impact of cortisol - stress hormone - on the natural scent attractiveness of males, from "Scent attractiveness and endocrine status in male students before and during a stress situation":

Scent attractiveness of sweat samples collected from male students before and during theoretical exams was assessed by female students. Five-rank scale was used for subjective assessment of the scent samples in term unpleasant/pleasant. Scent attractiveness depended on physiological conditions of both recipients and donors. Male students with low basal concentration of salivary cortisol smelt better than students with high level of cortisol. High level of salivary testosterone also was associated with low scent attractiveness of the male students, but only for the recipients in non-receptive phase of menstrual cycle. In all, the females who were in receptive phase of menstrual cycle assessed scent attractiveness of male students higher then the females in non-receptive phase. Exam stress coincided with increase of the salivary cortisol resulting in decline of scent attractiveness in male students. The negative effect of exam was most prominent in students that failed exam and in student who aspired to be the best but failed. So, the exam stress and basal variation of stress-related physiological indexes, such as salivary cortisol, are mirrored in male chemical signals, which are recognized by females.

Straightforward enough: the more stressed out a man becomes, the less attractive his scent becomes to women.

Interestingly, high testosterone is also rated as unattractive by women, but only by women who aren't fertile. This matches what we discussed in the previous article linked to, where we saw that women are very attracted to manly men while fertile (to the point of flirting / cheating on unmanly partners with manly men to get better genes while ovulating), while they prefer safer, lower testosterone males to take care of and provide for them when not sexually receptive and not able to be impregnated.

That (the note on cortisol) is going to impact how we decide to do what we're going to do with our own male scent - and I'll talk about how just below.

male scent

So what do we know? Here's a quick recap:

  1. Women are turned on by baby powder / licorice and banana nut bread / lavender and pumpkin pie / baby powder and chocolate odors

  2. Women are turned off by Old Spice (sorry, Old Spice) / charcoal barbecue meat / cherries

  3. Women like confident men (of course)

  4. Women are turned on by the testosterone contained in male sweat

  5. Women are turned off by the cortisol (stress hormone) contained in male sweat

I had all these basic theories in mind (I was aware of testosterone and cortisol research many years back) when I had an interesting string of experiences: prolific seducers who took their smells and went au naturel.

Musk: The Natural Male Scent

After my first year of learning how to pick up girls on my own, I discovered the pickup community and realized there was a group of men already doing this, and I took swift action. I signed up for training with several of the most talented coaches out there - I wanted to see the top guys in action, and I wanted to learn from the best to expedite my own learning.

And I noticed something curious - the most talented, baddest-ass instructors I had who approached tons of women and got the strongest attraction the fastest all stunk.

As in, they smelled like they hadn't showered for days.

As in, being in their presence you really had to tolerate some musk.

One of them didn't even mention this, and shrugged it off when I pointed it out. Another of these guys told me that after he'd been dating women for a while - and this was a guy who dated models, dancers, and women from high society - they'd universally tell him how glad they were that he didn't wear deodorant or cologne.

I watched these guys walk around, get right up in women's personal space - women have better senses of smell than men, and if I could smell these guys from a few feet away, the women undoubtedly could, too - and the women would get happy, excited, affectionate, right away... these guys clearly had tons more sex appeal and a far stronger sexy vibe than I did back in 2006 and early 2007.

So I wondered to myself... could part of that sex appeal be the smell?

A (Totally Speculative) Theory

male scentBased on the research I've read, and the men I've seen, I have a theory.

A theory about the male scent.

My theory is, that a man's musk serves as a "territory marking" signal that's at once both attractive to genetically compatible women, and repulsive to (non-homosexual) males, as well as genetically incompatible women.

If you read the article on the effect of the birth control pill on women's mate choices (here's the link again, in case you missed it), recall the research that finds that women appear to select mates who are genetically compatible to them by smell, and that women who go off the birth control pill and find that they're dating men incompatible to them soon break up with those men (without ever knowing smell had anything to do with it).

I've also heard - from countless anecdotal sources, though I've never encountered research on it - that different colognes, aftershaves, deodorants, body sprays, etc., work better or worse for different men, based on that man's body chemistry.

The theory I arrived at was this:

  • Women are attracted to men by smell, looking for three (3) things: genetic compatibility, high levels of testosterone, and low levels of cortisol

  • Deodorant, cologne, and body spray are means of masking natural male scent, and in a sense "fooling" women's noses into liking (or NOT liking) you

  • Men who are new to approaching women and are unconfident will have higher levels of cortisol, and thus have scents that repel women

  • Men who are experienced approaching women and are comfortable and confident will have far lower levels of cortisol, and thus have scents that attract women

  • Men who are experienced approaching women and are accustomed to having lots of sex with women will also have naturally spiked testosterone levels, also attractive to women

My conclusions were thus:

  1. Deodorant, cologne, and body spray alter your male scent, covering up cortisol, and adding testosterone-like substances (this is merely a guess, since cologne companies are very secretive about what they put in their concoctions, but I'm assuming there's something in the ones women find alluring that triggers similar parts of their brain to what male pheromones do)

  2. Thus, if you have naturally unattractive body odor to a woman (i.e., you're stressed out; you're uncomfortable or unconfident; you're too genetically similar to the girl), you're better served by masking that with a cover up

  3. Alternatively, if you have naturally attractive body odor to a woman (i.e., you're calm and collected; you're comfortable and confident; and you're genetically distinct from her), you're better served by eschewing cover up and going natural

Research in mind, and having encountered a few very talented seducers whom I knew were quite successful with women who did not use cologne or deodorant, I made up my mind to use these only while I was still on the beginner or intermediate parts of my learning curve with women, and to stop using them once I reached a place I felt sufficiently advanced.

Throwing Away My Deodorant

I didn't stop using cologne and deodorant until the end of 2009, several years after I'd first met those men who did exceptionally well with women and simultaneously smelled musky.

After all, while right there were a couple of guys who succeeded while smelling musky, there were plenty of OTHER examples I'd encountered throughout my lifetime of totally UNDESIRABLE men with a strong smell of musk, too (e.g., a homeless person).

Besides, I had work.

(As an aside: I've since become thoroughly convinced that the reason deodorant has become so popular only just in the 20th century was because in order for us all to be able to tolerate working with one another in close proximity in office settings, we had to begin masking our own odors)

Once I was out of an office setting though, and my skills with women had advanced enough that I was taking them home fairly consistently, I decided to try an experiment: I'd go without doing anything to control or change my natural odor other than showering with soap and water, and see what happened.

I could always go back and start using deodorant and cologne, after all.

Except, I never did. I never had any reason to. As soon as I quite cologne and deodorant, my attraction from women spiked. It spiked at the same time that I made some other tweaks, such as growing out some sexy facial hair and revamping my fashion, so I can't conclusively pin it on that.

But, if anything, it certainly didn't seem to make a difference in a negative way that I wasn't masking my scent.

And actually, as I suddenly seemed to be getting a lot of much stronger initial attraction from women, I didn't think that could be wholly chalked up solely to just changing my facial hair and getting a new jacket, either.

So What Should You Use for YOUR Scent?

I'm 3 1/2 years into forsaking deodorant and cologne, and I don't think I'd ever go back. I don't have a naturally strong scent - I went 10 days without showering once as an experiment, and only around Day 7 or Day 8 did people I asked tell me they could start smelling me when they were nearby to me. However, I also tend to take half-hour showers and scrub very thoroughly, because I'm something of a neat freak.

The reactions I get from women are more polarized these days than ever in my past. Some women are instantly strongly attracted to me from the outset; some are, for want of a better word, repelled. This is all across the spectrum in women - one very beautiful, fashionable, elegantly-dressed woman may be instantly drawn to me, and another may instantly want to get away from me, for instance. My suspicion is that an unmasked male scent contributes to this; the reactions are stronger than when I used to wear deodorant and cologne.

However, also bear in mind that I've been meeting women randomly this way since 2005, and it's not even remotely stressful for me; my cortisol levels are kept very low.

For this reason, my recommendations for men are as follows:

  • If you're a beginner or intermediate at getting girls - and you find yourself nervous with women sometimes - wear deodorant and wear cologne. These will help you mask the cortisol in your sweat - a turnoff for women - and they'll also cover up the lack of testosterone that comes from uncertainty and not being accustomed to "winning" (see: "How to Be a Dominant Man: What You Didn't Know About the 'Winner Effect'")

  • Once you're sufficiently advanced with women that you get consistent results, you're used to getting girls and sleeping with them, and your stress on meeting and seducing women is hovering somewhere close to "zero," drop the deodorant and drop the cologne. At that point, you almost certainly have very potent, attractive body chemistry going on - your body is signaling to women that you are confident, dominant, and stress-free, and if you're covering that up, you're missing a lot of strong initial attraction from girls

I can't stress that last one enough. It's unconventional advice, but I suspect that the men who fall into that category - men who are boundlessly confident and self-assured, and care far more about what works than about whether it's what they "should" or "should not" be doing, according to various anonymous members of society, aren't going to care a whole heck of a lot whether the deodorant industry will judge them gross for not using its products. (if you think it's gross to not use deodorant, don't worry - you're not in the right place to be not using it yet)

Most men reading this, I suspect, will still want to lean on scent alterations like these, however. In that case, I recommend that you check out:

  1. Right Guard Sport for deodorant / antiperspirant. It lasts a long time, the scent is very fresh, and women seem to like it a lot. Try it out for yourself and see how it mixes with your own body chemistry, of course, but this one's pretty good.

  2. Cool Water by Davidoff as one cologne / aftershave choice. This is the better choice for bars / nightclubs - it's a more robust scent than Very Sexy for Him.

  3. Very Sexy for Him by Victoria's Secret as another cologne / aftershave choice (bonus: you get a legitimate reason for going into Victoria's Secret to pick up girls out shopping for lingerie). This scent isn't as strong as Cool Water, though it is nicer - you'll be best off using this one during the day, for work/school and for meeting girls on the street and in malls and shops and on transit.

  4. CK One by Calvin Klein. I only used this one a little bit, toward the end of my scent-wearing days, but this one netted almost as many compliments as Very Sexy for Him did, and it's a stronger smell.

There are also plenty of other scents you can try and experiment and play around with, but these were the ones I found most effective and that garnered me the best results. I came to really prefer Very Sexy for Him the most toward the end, and rather than use Cool Water I'd sometimes just put a heavier dash of VSM on instead to make up for the scent's lack of sturdiness.

Preparing to Smell Like You

Overall, my view these days is that deodorant and cologne are nice crutches while you're learning how to get girls, but are things you'll want to abandon as soon as you realistically can. It doesn't seem to matter how strong or not your smell is once you're good with women; at that point, you seem to be able to just let that smell loose, and some women will be very attracted, and others will not be, and that's okay - you'll get the girls who are most into you, which is what you want.

Until you get there though, don't be afraid to use a nice deodorant and cologne (or maybe even AXE... though I'm still skeptical).

Just, whatever you do, don't use Obsession for Men.

Unless you're into cats.

Chase Amante

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.


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Anonymous's picture

I was wondering if you would make an article on laughter. I'm not really sure what kind of laughter is attractive... It might seem a bit off if my laugh is not enthusiastic enough but I might seem too into it if I laugh like how I usually do.

I know this probably sounds silly, lol.

Knight's picture

Hey anon,
I might be able to help here. As an individual who finds a lot of things funny I have and am still further trying to dial back my reaction to such things. Generally, for very funny things you want to maybe smile instead, slowly of course - look at others around you who you perceive to be where you want to be and note at how they react to such things. Although, that being said don't be afraid to be happy and warm - just don't go over the top with laughing like I have suffered in the past.

Chase Amante's picture


I'll put it in the article queue. For now, a few tips off the top of my head - laugh:

  • Deeply
  • Slowly
  • Controlled

... i.e., no bursting into fast laughter, but no squelching laughter or snickering, either. If you're going to laugh, make it either light, thoughtful laughter (through your nose), or a big, powerful belly laugh.

If it's not enough to warrant laughter, then doing what Knight mentions - a smile, and perhaps a nod to go along with it - is normally enough. You can use this when someone's trying (but not succeeding) to be funny, too, to save him a little face.


Daz's picture

Great article Chase, I've read a lot of stuff to improve myself with getting women, and your information is by far the best I have come across, and I like how you back it up with journal articles etc which improves the readers confidence in the information they are reading.

I have heard perfume mentioned before as attractive to the opposite sex when worn by a man, I can imagine that women would presume a man who is wearing perfume has been near other women and therefore a women may perceive him as preselected and therefore more attractive.

Have you heard this before?

Steve's picture

Wow, I thought a subject like this would be clear-cut but you really got into the details on this one.

I also remember reading a study on women rating mens appearance from photo's of a group with cologne and without. The guys with cologne scored slightly higher- probably due to feeling more confident with the scent and that coming across in the photograph.

How I chose my cologne was by asking the opinions of three very bored shop assistants at the beauty counter what scent they find the most attractive.

You've got me looking at scent in a whole different perspective.


Chase Amante's picture


There are many things like scent that most people take for granted or see as commodities that have a surprising amount of depth to them, should you choose to dive in and find it. Of course, the question is always how much time is it going to take to find that information out, and what's it really worth to do so...?

The cologne and pictures study sounds like it was conducted in exactly the same way as the AXE effect study. Experiments using that design seem to be methodologically flawed though, depending on what they're looking for; if it's simply to say, "Does wearing a cologne make a man feel and present himself as more attractive?" you can probably consider them valid, but if it's, "Does cologne make women more attracted to men?" then it's far more gray-area (especially if it's simply the men's nonverbals after smelling their own cologne that the women are responding to).


Balla's picture

Chase what can I do about girls who can't keep their mouth shut? I hate it when a girl can't keep a secret. And I mean bed room secret. What do I have to do to make sure girls don't run their mouths and what do I do if they do or I hear a rumor. I honestly feel I have to go crazy on them for disrespecting me.

How can I get more confidence picking up girls from a different race? I always feel like tye girls I meet will put me in a stereotype which kinda brings down my confidence. How can I not feel this way?


Wes's picture

Hey Balla,

I know Chase put up an article about handling difficult women but I cannot remember the name of it. Basically if you don't want them telling secrets, you have to establish a frame that you're not one to kiss and tell and neither should they. All about the frames.

As for the second question about confidence with other races...I'm black too, so I know how you feel about that. Having confidence with other races of women really is the same with having confidence with your own. I treat other races the same and don't raise them on any pedastals because they're different. Also, if you're worried about them putting you into a stereotype, just be sure to show you're not like the stereotype. chase has put articles up on fashion and sexy walks and sexy voice. If you follow those, you stand out from almost all of the brothers walking around these days.

I don't have all the answers and Chase might give a better response than me but I he that helped.


tanbul's picture

I think you just have to expose yourself to more people and association with people of different cultures to the extent you subconscious and then then consciously until you climb over thus mountain.also are you on the new forum.hope that helped.

Chase Amante's picture


Well, there's really not a whole lot you can do to stop girls from gossiping - it's just what they do. Go in expecting that whatever goes down in the bedroom, her friends are going to hear about - so make sure the things that are going down are things you WANT other people hearing about!

If you're into some kinkier stuff that you don't want people to know, then you've either got to find shier, quieter girls who'd be ashamed to talk about doing those things themselves to others, OR you've got to make your peace with it, own it, and be able to say, "Hell YEAH I do that in the bedroom, and I do it because I LOVE it!" When you can say that, people will respect you pretty much no matter what you do, even if they don't necessarily understand it or want to do it themselves (e.g., if you're into BDSM or whatever).

As far as girls from different races... well, for a lot of women, black men are considered the epitome of "sexy." Being black is instantly polarizing - some women will refuse to even think about dating you (until your fundamentals get so tight that you're effectively "beyond" race), while others will be ecstatic you're talking to them. These days I think it's more of the latter than the former. All you can do is start approaching them and talking to them and realizing that sometimes they're going to say "no" and sometimes they're going to say "yes"... same as with black girls. Get some more experiences meeting and dating girls from other races, and, same as anything, your fears and reservations slowly slip away.


Anonymous's picture


Been curious about the following:

1) I am a very attractive guy. It is easy for me to get with girls who are less attractive, and thus of a lower social status. However, it is difficult for me to keep them. They become jealous quickly, and several have even asked me off the wall questions like ("Why do you like me? I'm not your type? Do you think I'm too fat?). On the other hand, it is more challenging to get with girls who are more attractive, thus of a higher social status. But I find it is easier to keep them, that we get along much better, even though they have more options in men. Interesting. I probably need to lower my social status a bit for these less attractive girls (maybe text more than I normally would?)

2) When I traveled to Italy recently, I noticed how Italian men love to stare at women. This includes staring at their faces, tits, butt, etc. Many even do the full turn around stare when walking around. Is it creepy to stare, or conversely, aggressive, strong, attractive? Obviously scanning is a no go because it communicates you are desperate but I am talking about strong eye contact, even with sexual emphasis.

Chase Amante's picture


When you're dating women where there's a value imbalance, you have to look for ways to raise your attainability without coming across "fake." You could play around with texting more, but I've seen women calling men out on strategies like this as "knowing what they're doing"... it's usually a little too obvious the guy's trying to make the girl feel better.

A very good looking friend of mine who used to always be dating multiple girls - many of them far beneath him in the looks department - used to make sure that these women knew he was not exclusive to them. When they got frustrated or upset with him, and couldn't understand why he'd be with them, he'd let them leave without argument or fight or upset, and they'd usually come back to him again within a few months. Eventually though, he did get tired of this and end up just dating a girl around his level in looks. His strategy was, an unattractive girl knows more or less she isn't going to end up being his wife one day, and he's not going to be able to fool her into thinking otherwise, so he might as well just treat her like his cool friend whom he respects and sleeps with, and if she wants to go that's okay, and when she's ready to come back that's cool too.

On staring... you can pull it off if your nonverbals are sound - if you're the kind of guy a girl looks at and thinks, "Wow, THAT guy is sexy." Having good looks helps you get there faster, but posture, facial expressions, the kind of eye contact you make, etc., all count toward that as well. If she sees you looking at her, or senses it, you've got to open either direct or implied direct when you do. It's safer NOT to stare - and to act like you're just noticing her for the first time when you first say hi - but if you want to play around with something different - and maybe even practice smiling at girls and waving them over when they return your eye contact - staring can be fun to experiment with.


Franco's picture

In general, I've noticed that women are repulsed by strong, altered scents. It's something that I picked up on very early in my life (when I was around at least decent-looking guys who used VERY strong colognes) and have kept note of it since. In one way, I think it's a psychological thing for women too:

"Why are you wearing so much cologne? Do you have something to hide? Is it terrible body odor? Are you not confident in your own abilities as a man to attract women that you need to use extreme smells to grab their attention?"

So actually, what I personally have been doing for the past 3 or 4 years was following my own experiment, and it seems to have worked very well. I decided that strong, long-lasting scent alterations were unattractive to women... so instead, I would use weak, "fading" scents to create kind of an aroma that would mix with my natural body's sweat gland scent.

This is what personally lead me to always using some form of aftershave instead of cologne. Aftershaves have a weaker scent, and they tend to blend in with your natural body scent over the course of the day, essentially leaving with you a "refreshed, but still natural, body scent." The same goes with deodorant as well -- I only use "spray" deodorants now because they are weaker and still allow for your natural body scent to blend in with it over the course of the day. Women compliment me all the time on how I smell, and I think it's because they

1) ...aren't repulsed by some distinct, strong, and musky altered scent.
2) ...aren't repulsed by glaring body odor from the natural glands.

In a way, it kind of follows your mantra of "walk the line." I personally believe that it applies to smell, too! Use something lightweight and clean-smelling to let women know that you take care of yourself, but make sure that it is weak and not overly repulsive so that your natural body scent can still seep out of you when at close proximity with women. The BEST time for a women to smell a little bit of more of "you" and a little bit less of your "altered smell" is when she is naked right in front of you. That will get her a little extra sexually charged. ;)

Anyway, these are my thoughts! Happy to share.



Zac's picture


Guess i am with Franco. I used deodorant too. :) need to pick up those that have your body smell, and have that small, clean and fresh smell. The key here, is fresh.


Rob's picture


What brands/scents of aftershave do you recommend?

Keep up the good work on the GC boards,

Franco's picture

Hey Rob,

Thanks for the kind words.

As of right now, the combination I use is Aqua Velva aftershave (which you can get for $5 at any supermarket and lasts you for months) along with a "clean-scented" body spray. My personal favorite at the moment, and the one I use the most, is the "Clix" scent by AXE. The AXE brand is always releasing new fragrances, however, so there might be a few more now that smell just as good... or possibly even better. I haven't looked into it in awhile though.

There are other options out there, but when it comes to smell, I prefer the words "cheap" and "efficient." ;)



Chase Amante's picture

Great thoughts and findings here, Franco.

Yes, the "altered scent" one is a biggie... when you're wearing something that doesn't mesh with your natural scent, it's bad.

The hard part is figuring out which scents mix well with your scent, and which scents do not! It really isn't something you can do on your own... it isn't even something you should ask family members, close female friends, or girlfriends you've been seeing a while about, because they all have vested interests in having you smell like something OTHER than sex incarnate.

You can really only rely on the reactions of new women you're just meeting who have no other opinion of you aside from what's hitting them in the face then and there (metaphorically speaking, of course).

That requires some trial and error...


Anonymous's picture


What do you recommend for sweat stains? I've been using unscented anti-perspirant (like Sure's aerosol spray) to at least reduce the amount of sweat under my form arms.


Chase Amante's picture


Do you mean the actual wet spots under your arms, or the discoloration on clothing that's left behind?

For reducing wetness building up, I've seen it recommended repeatedly that you wear an undershirt under whatever your main shirt is to catch most of that moisture. Sweating is a response to overheating, so if you're habitually sweating too much, your body may not be adapted enough to the warmer temperatures you're spending time in - you may want to start visiting saunas or keeping the heat turned up at home to get your body accustomed to being warmer if you're going this route, so your hypothalamus dials down your base body temperature and you acclimatize to warmer temperatures.

For the discoloration of clothing, from what I've read (I've never been a big sweater, so haven't dealt much with this personally), sweat stains mostly come from the deodorant or antiperspirant you use, and the biggest stains happen from putting shirts on before these are completely dry. So, if you want to reduce discoloration, the biggest win you can make there is making sure whatever you're applying is completely air dried before you put on your clothes.

There are also things called "dress shields" that you can buy (for men or women) that you essentially stick into your shirt in the underarm area and they soak up excess sweat. I think they're not too expensive.


Jake's picture


Two things -

First, great topic, great article. Women always tell you they love your natural smell AFTER you make them your lover, so it stands to reason you can use your scent to screen girls.

However, I think we all need to consider a few things before employing the 'au naturel' approach.

For example - What are your possible social interactions tonight? If you are in a foreign country, where you do not know anyone, and want to get laid - 'au naturel' will polarized women quicker, keep you from investing in disinterested women, and can assist you in a quick seduction (the man in this girl's fantasies smells like a MAN, after all).

But most of us are not in that position - I know I am not. Last Friday night I ran into an old group of friends, a guy I play poker with, two girls I know from work, and a County Council member. Not to mention the staff at several places I enjoy frequenting - they know me. So, regardless of how it may help me pick up, this advantage doesn't offset the fact that I am now (theoretically speaking) the 'smelly guy' to everyone I am not sleeping with. Juice isn't worth the squeeze, imo.

So....I compromise, and imagine a lot of your readers would benefit from doing so, too, if they find themselves unable to completely break away from their lives in order to pursue women.

Throw on some deo for the b.o. and a little cologne (light blue d&g for me) when you are going out, but scale it back to just after shave (like Franco) or 'au naturel' (like you) when on dates and 1 on 1s with women.

Second, what is your advice regarding fashion when you are going out vs. on a date, alone with a wins., etc. ? I have always dressed up to go out and approach women, but tend to dress down on dates or when they come over (or I dress down for when they arrive, and then intentionally get dressed nice once we decide where to go). I think that this, along with my lack of deo/cologne subtly tells her 'this is me being me, this is me being open, I am relaxed, you can relax'. It works for me, but one of the guys on the forum mentioned having a continuity of style the other day, and I was wondering your thoughts on these particulars.



Chase Amante's picture


Yeah, I understand. When I dropped cologne / deodorant, I was still working for a Fortune 50 company and even though most of my work was at home at that point, I was still having to fly around and work with teams in various offices and clients around the U.S., and meet up with superiors in California and D.C. I was a little nervous I was going to stand out or get a negative reception, but I never did. Again, this may be because my musk was never all that strong - no one's ever commented to me that I smell bad, and people close to me I didn't tell I'd quit using deodorant until a year after I did and anyone I told this to was surprised - they never realized.

If you have a stronger odor, this may change things, and if it's just not worth the social / professional risk trying, this isn't a huge deal, so I think it's fine. Although, from just a personal point of view, the smell I used to have at the end of a day after putting on deodorant in the morning was FAR stronger and more repellant than the smell I have now. You normally have about a week or two to go through before the deodorant works its way out of your pores completely and your smell becomes its natural, not-so-repulsive self once you quit deodorant, should you ever have the urge to try!

On date fashion, I also tone things down to be more subdued on dates. I agree you want some continuity of fashion - don't be trendy when you meet her, but then be wearing sweats on the date - but my experience has always been you want edgier and flashier when you first encounter her (whether it's day or night), but for the date, you want trendy-but-classy. e.g., I might wear a cool coat with a shiny maroon shirt that gets compliments or a yellowish patterned shirt when picking up, but then a simple light-colored monochrome button-down or a trendy-ish long-sleeved t-shirt (neither of which I will ever wear while out picking up, because they don't seem to work as well), with the same coat or a different, also-cool coat. Usually the same jeans and boots / sneakers. That way, the fashion stays consistent, but it "pops" more and grabs more attention when meeting her, but plays more of a background role and allows her to focus more on the conversation on an actual date.


Flames's picture

Chase, you seem to have confirmed what I've suspected for years and that is that women like there men to smell manly. I've rarely ever used deodorants or aftershaves, and though I do shower once a day, the only thing I'll use is a slightly scented soap and shampoo. I recently had a convo with a friend about it and it was mentioned that I would smell bad without deodorant but I think that the opposite is true, anything unnatural you put on the body is going to cause problems, blocked pores etc, which will make the bad bacteria smell worse. I also drink a lot of water, so anything that need to be purged from my system has an easier route out.

I've always considered myself as a high testosterone guy. I've got a high sex drive, I'm dominant and I very rarely back down, or for that matter 'lose' wether it's a fight or an argument and wether I am or not remains to be proved, but I've often noticed that despite me looking red faced, sweaty and my hair all over the place. I often get on better with women when I've had a hard days work, they definitely soften and are more amienable to me and often more submissive. I've had girls that become really flirty and I've looked at myself and thought "what the....?" then I just smile and shrug and realise that there's a lot more to attraction than what you can see.


Chase Amante's picture

Neat to hear you've had the same experience, Flames.

I agree, my smell was a lot worse when using deodorant than when not by the end of a day. Musk is one thing, but the musk + deodorant mix I remember, no matter what the deodorant / antiperspirant... man, that was foul. I used to throw on a second round of deodorant if I had to hit the gym after work, but it still didn't cover it completely. These days, all there is is a faint musky / manly smell, which seems to be a lot better than the old funk I used to have to deal with in my deodorant days.

Similar experiences with meeting girls when dirty / sweaty / red-faced, too. I've picked up some really pretty girls immediately after a hard work out where I feel like I don't want to talk to ANYBODY until I've had a really long, hot shower, but the girls are always acting like they've just met their dream guy. The receptions here are BETTER than when I'm all dressed up and freshly showered, I've long felt like.

A few years back I ran some experiments where I'd try either shaving and showering immediately before going out, or shaving and showering the night before I was going to go out and then not shaving / showering the day of (or using deodorant / cologne). My ability to pick up seemed to increase 30 to 50% when waiting a day after showering to go out compared to going out immediately after having showered that night. I couldn't figure out though if this was due to giving my scent some time to come back, to women preferring a little extra stubble growth on top of what I usually had, or to some kind of placebo effect where I thought women would like me more and they did, or I was more relaxed and less psyched up because I just changed clothes and went, instead of spending time to shower and get ready first. I just assumed it was some combination of all the above and left it at that. These days, when I know I'm going out, I try not to shower for at least 4 hours before at minimum.


IAJ's picture

Hi Chase, have to say I love your site. Started reading here just after new year, and it's helping me alot. Just this weekend there was girls all over me, 3 girls told me I was sexy, made out with 2, and got a blowjob from 1. I don't know why I didn't have sex with her, I was a bit drunk, so don't remember all that much.

Anyway, I'm not really sure if I'm ready to not use any colone. Can't say those girls in the story was a 10, maybe a 6 in my view. Not saying I'm all about looks, but it matters in how I act with them. What do you think?

Also, Any advice on not screwing up with the more beautiful girls? I don't feel I get nerves when I talk to them, but I start saying stuff that's just weird.

One last thing, I kinda get a bad feeling about "screwing around" when it comes to daygame. I feel I'm giving the wrong impression and they think I want a relationship or something. I don't want that, because I don't want to hurt anyone. So I have dismissed one girl instead of having sex with her, just because of that.

Appreciate your help

Chase Amante's picture


Glad to hear it's helping! Sounds like you're doing all right for yourself. I leaned on alcohol when I was newer too, but eventually you'll find you can dial up your results when you cut down to only two or three drinks... if you get in the habit of nursing your drinks, you can make one drink last quite a while.

I'd go with your gut. It sounds like you're still getting your legs under you, and you'd probably prefer to stick with cologne for now, so do that. At some point as you progress and look for more and more ways to enhance you effect on women, scent will come back into your brain again, and you'll start to wonder what happens if you ditch the scent modifiers. When that happens, it's the right time to try going without.

On more beautiful girls, see this post: Women on Pedestals

And on day game - part of that is probably your level of comfort and familiarity with meeting girls by day, and the other part is the range of women you'll meet. On the first, much of the discomfort goes away as you get more comfortable with daytime - do it more, and this happens naturally. On the second, you'll meet all kinds of girls up for and down for all kinds of things during the daytime. There are plenty of girls who want nothing more than a hookup; plenty more (most, probably) who'd be willing to hookup with OR date the right guy; and some who really only just want a serious relationship (and, there are the ones who are already in a relationship or are focused on some other area of their lives and simple don't want anything to do with dating or sex). For that, you'll simply have to screen out the girls who won't want a hookup or whom you think will be hurt emotionally if you sleep with them quickly but don't want more with them than that - and it sounds like you're doing that already. So, you're on the right path - just get more practice going out during the daytime, and stay responsible about which women you pursue, and you will be very okay.


Derrick's picture

RooshV recommends using baking soda. Apparently it allows you to smell like yourself but not go overboard.

I use Arm & Hammer unscented deodorant/antiperspirant. Granted I don't approach like at all so I can't really judge whether that works for me or not.

I just prefer not to smell myself. At all. My sense of smell isn't terribly strong anyways, so I don't really have a smell that I can detect, although girls have a much better sense of smell.

Chase Amante's picture


Interesting recommendation; hadn't heard it before I don't think. A quick Google search shows a post at MIT ranking #1 for "baking soda deodorant":

I threw out those deodorants and anti-perspirants....

“ This stuff is so darned useful I can't help but post this on the web. I hate most deodorants and antiperspirants due to cost and efficacy and aluminum concerns (even natural rock crystal deodorant contains aluminum compounds, though they say it's safe).

I experimented around and finally found something that works, and according to the web, others have found it works, too, even on tough cases.

Just go to the kitchen and get out the box of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) ... do not confuse with baking powder (baking powder contains baking soda plus a powderized acid, which makes it fizz when wet). You can put about an eighth of a teaspoonful of baking soda in your palm (you'll need more in certain types of water - up to a teaspoon). Add about a quarter teaspoonful of water, enough to get it wet (or more, if you had to use more for your type of water). Dissolve the baking soda into the water - the liquid should feel slippery, since sodium bicarbonate is a base. Apply directly to skin. Then go have a normal active day. Adjust quantities as necessary - you may need less, you may need more.

(Regarding different types of water: if your water easily rinses away the "slimy" feel of sodium bicarbonate, you'll need to use more. If your water does not easily rinse it away, you'll need less.)

Anyway, I don't touch the commercial deodorants or anti-perspirants any more. I don't need to. Thank God, and I meant that!”

The guy goes on to say using too much can irritate skin, but so long as you use a normal amount (as recommended in the article), you ought to be fine.

Maybe worth trying out for anyone who wants a more natural scent but is wary of being too musky / sweaty.


Wallflower I Am Not's picture

Hey Guys! I think Chase is right about a few things here. I remember having a conversation once with a girl friend about a good-looking guy we both knew. I said "he smells horrible" and she was like "are you kidding me? I can't smell anything at all." And according to her, she usually has a very strong olfactory response. So, go figure. I think smells are highly personal experiences. But, definitely don't overdo it with cologne, guys, but do wear a deodorant and take a good shower once/twice a day at least. Also, what I found worked as a major aphrodisiac for me (and normally I don't like men's colognes) was Dolce and Gabana for men. I don't think it has a specific name, it comes in a dark blue velvet box and was launched in '94 the websites tells me. That thing is like a drug. I can smell it from across the room and it makes me uber horny :)))) Good luck!

Chase Amante's picture

Interesting experience, Wallflower. It's kind of crazy when you start reading up on people selecting romantic / sexual partners by scent (usually unconsciously). 10 years ago they thought humans couldn't possibly be affected by pheromones because the vomeronasal organ in the human nose was shrunken / apparently not working.

On the Dolce and Gabana scent - any recollection of prior experiences with this one (i.e., you dated or slept with or knew a guy you liked a great deal or had great experiences with, and this was his scent of choice), or does it seem to be something you're just naturally drawn to?


Wallflower I Am Not's picture

Ok, yes, I did date a guy who wore the D&G scent, BUT we were well into our relationship (maybe 1-2 years at that point) when I picked it out for him in the store and I bought it for him because I liked it and it made me want to have sex in general, not because he was wearing it and I fell in love with him/was attracted to him. I also talked to some guy friends of mine who owned this particular D&G scent and they all said that the women they dated told them this scent made them very horny. So I know for a fact then I am not the only one who loves it. I have never had that experience with any other men's cologne, normally they repulse me a little.

Montay's picture

Refreshing new article Chase, I enjoy the irony that we cover up the very scent women find appealing. And I chuckled at the instant appeal the cologne gave you, towards cats. Anyhow I have a different question.

It's a scenario I can't really figure out. So when I would talk to certain women, they tend to be very open to conversation and warm, but sometimes short, which makes it difficult for full on conversations.

And I would much rather them coming and talking to me, so I can set up that "you're chasing" frame.

And when certain other men are around, they make more of an effort to impress them.

So my question(s) would consist of:

Firstly, how to get women to WANT to talk more. (I have my fundamentals down, for the record)

Second, what are characteristics that make others (women and even men) try hard to impress you and earn your approval?

Chase Amante's picture


Sounds like these are women you know / in social circle?

This could be any number of things... if they're responsive to other men but not you, it could be a status thing (i.e., you're lower status, and they don't want to be seen talking to you, or you're higher status, and they feel like you're out of their league and they'll get rejected / lose face if they speak with you). It could also simply be that they're crushing on one guy or another and don't want to risk being seen talking to another man if they're afraid that dissuades the man of their choice from approaching.

If you're an attractive guy with good fundamentals, there are a bunch of little things (like tapping your fingers or humming) that you can do to get women to talk to you in social circle situations or more relaxed situations where women feel relatively confident and comfortable around you. See this article: Tactics Tuesdays: Get Approached by Women.


B's picture

Found this very interesting...

i.e., you're lower status, and they don't want to be seen talking to you, or you're higher status, and they feel like you're out of their league and they'll get rejected / lose face if they speak with you).

Is there a difference in how they act around you?

Wes's picture

I'll have to add this article to my personal favorites. Great article.
This site basically shows us how to attract women through all of their senses. (except taste--show me a way that we can taste good to them too and i'll be really impressed) This article cleared up a lot for me as well. growing up I was all the girls guy friend and they told me everything, so i learned early on about how they felt about cologne. It always confused me though. I also remember seeing a photo of you a while back and I remember thinking- "wait, is this Chase? He looks like he's sweating in this photo. does he look like this when he talks to women? How is that possible?"
Thanks for clearing that up.


Chase Amante's picture


Did I look like I was sweating in some video? :) I'm not much for sweating, but I do have oily skin. On the plus side, I'm always going to look about a decade or less younger than I am if I want to because of it... but on the minus side, yeah, even when I clean my face with rough, abrasive soap, the skin's back to being shiny again soon after, and even in my 30s I still get pimples like a teen. Ah well... if that's the price of youthful skin, I'll pay it.

On taste... one word: pineapple (assuming you like oral sex... it gives a very distinctive sweet flavor to your ejaculate that women usually find both surprising and delicious).


tanbul's picture

Maybe due to an exposure of estrogen is why som men like to smell a Womans panties including me.or maybe it is because of the scent of an ovulating woman that is fertile?

Chase Amante's picture


You know what... probably. These studies usually have men smell the estrogen contained in women's urine (apparently there's a lot more there than in her underarm perspiration), and it stands to reason that she's leaving some of that in her underwear after going to the bathroom - a few drops here and there, plus rubbing / contact.

For the guys who enjoy smelling women's undergarments, maybe that's exactly the reason why - they're sniffing the estrogen left behind.



The M's picture

Wow, was quite surprised at first by your theory, Chase, but it seems to make sense. Thanks for the post again.

I thought about what I'd like to smell if I took a whiff of a girl up close and personal, and immediately I thought: of course NOT perfume of any kind! I want to smell HER.

However, I definitely also do not want to remotely smell armpit odors. I actually knew a fairly pretty and confident girl who didn't wear deodorant - I just can't imagine how anyone would find that smell sexy. Then again, smelly guys smell terrible to me, too, so it's hard to say.

Of course, the research could be different for female scents.

The M

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I'm with you on armpit odor. When I first started clubbing, I very distinctly remember a relatively attractive girl who was dancing like crazy and coming onto me pretty hard in a relatively empty nightclub one night. I was inexperienced and though, well, here could be my first club pull... if only she didn't have such a strong body odor about her. That smell alone was enough to keep me far away from her, no matter how much she chased me around the club and tried to get me to spend time with her (and she did... and it wasn't like I was anything all that special back then; the girl was desperate).

I'd be curious to know if men's reactions to women's scents are similar to what Wallflower mentions above about the good-looking guy she knew, whose scent she found distasteful while another girl she knew said she detected nothing at all. My guess is this may well be the case... one girl you smell, you think smells awful, but I think doesn't have much of a smell; another girl you think has no smell, and I think she has a strong bad smell. It may all come down to immune genes - we're each selecting for sex partners with different-enough immune genes from ourselves, and smell is the primary way of determining that.


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Hey Chase - in case you haven't seen The Anchorman with Will Ferrell, there's a scene there which you may find amusing. :)

The M

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You wouldn't by any chance be referring to... THIS scene, would you?


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Cool article. I can relate to this due to personal experiences in the past. I remember one day I showered in the morning put one swipe of deodorant on and went out for the day. Long story short I did a lot of stuff that day and by the time it was over I smelled pretty bad IMO. My girl came over and was all over me and I said I apologize for smelling so bad, she said I smell good which confused me. Maybe I did not smell as bad as I thought I did or maybe this article is on to something, either way very interesting and entertaining. Will def be doing some trial and error work. Also chase I've read multiple times that you've mastered music production, so I was wondering what are some tips to help me on my way to become a master of the art? I mostly try to make hip hop and rap beats but alway come up short. Everything I make sounds terrible to me so I delete it. I'm starting to think I don't have the talent needed to make music. I can't play the piano fluently but I know standard music theory and still learning theory. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.

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Yeah, that happens with your natural scent, especially with a girl you've been seeing for a little while if the sex is good (women find the scents of men they've had good sex with intoxicating, and the scents of men they've had bad sex with repulsive).

On hit making, realize that making a beat is different from playing piano because you're working with more than one instrument, and you're arranging those instruments and need to have them interacting to good effect. It's not talent, so much as it is learning a new skill set. Knowing how to play piano gives you an advantage, though - I knew a guy in university who used to make some amazing beats, really better than 99% of what you hear on the radio, who came from a piano background (only reason he never blew up was because he wasn't connected to anybody and lived in a small town with no music industry... no surprise that most of the people who make it big hail from or are transplants to NYC or LA).

One quick hack it took me a surprisingly long time to figure out with making hits was that a lot of hit songs have an instrument that matches the structure of the bass. You can run a simple test yourself by setting up a basic hit / kick combo, laying down some bass, and then bringing a piano in that covers the same notes as the bass (although probably at a higher octave). For a very simple-but-clear version of this, listen to "This is How We Do," by the Game (produced by Dr. Dre). You'll notice there's both the bass and the harpsichord (or whatever that instrument is) following the exact same note structure. Very simple beat, but very catchy because of the overlap.

So you might have a fingerbass that goes D - C - D - E - D - C - D - C. You then lay down a piano track on top of that that goes D - C - D - E - D - C - D - C.

Once you have that, try adding a string instrument on top of that that has the same notes, too. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to make a great sounding beat simply by having several instruments playing the same notes.

For some variation, you can also have one set of strings or piano or whatever instrument you like playing one set of notes, and the same or a similar instrument track going in the opposite direction on the music scale an octave higher or lower. So, you might have a piano track where the notes are going down the scale, and another piano track overlaying it where the notes are hitting at the same time, but going up the scale. It creates a mix of harmonious discord that the human ear seems to find appealing.

Use those as the foundation for a new beat, and then flesh it out with flourishes, other instrument tracks, hooks, etc.

Also, if you get into lyrics, you'll notice that a surprisingly large number of popular songs have singers humming, whistling, or making some other non-linguistic vocalization to the tune of the music either as the hook or at some other part of the song. The Black-Eyed Peas do this in virtually every song, and it's why virtually every song of theirs is a hit. There are plenty of other songs that use humming, whistles, or nonsense words that match the tune from all kinds of different artists acros every genre. It's ubiquitous, and adds a certain something to songs that makes them more destined to be hits.


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Chase I've used a colonge that smelled like baby powder and a girl said it was creepy that I smelled like a baby and I also read that online that smelling like baby powder creeps women out, I also got a lot more good compliments though. Tell me what do you think about baby powder?

I love old spice :( I think it's the best smelling brand. Guess I have to switch to axe.

And how can you stop sweat stains if you don't use a deodorant? Doesn't it control your sweating, how do you stop your underarms from sweating heavy if you don't use anything?

Thank you!!!

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That's interesting! Yeah, I guess that's one thing to keep in mind - while a given scent may affect a woman subconsciously one way, there are also associations she's made with it throughout her lifetime. Increased vaginal blood flow, but... emotional associations with babies. Weirdness. I felt like Very Sexy for Him, when I used to wear that, had a slight baby powder-ish scent to it, although mixed with other things, but I never received anything but compliments from women about it. It may just have been that that particular cologne you tried out was not a good mix (or didn't work well with your body composition).

On sweat - see the reply above where I talked about sweat stains and dress shields. If you're someone who tends to sweat a good deal, your best bet is probably either undershirts or shields. Deodorant doesn't stop you from sweating, but antiperspirant supposedly does... personally, I was never able to detect much difference in how much I sweated with or without antiperspirant. Never seemed like it made a difference to me, whether I wore deodorant, antiperspirant, or nothing. If there was a difference, it wasn't noticeable.


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Chase, ive heard one method of seducing women is thru telling stories that show your higher value indirectly and keep women intrigued by having mystery in the story. Also a good way to get a woman to know about who you are as a person. Would you mind doing a segment on this?

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Your wish is my command (or, you're timing is just very good)... the next article going up is on this exactly!


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Hi Chase, I don't think I have AA. I can talk too random girls fine. I think it's that I care I what she thinks of me, the people Around, or if she would tell anybody. I worry too much about what people think and I dont want to look like a failure. How can I stop caring about what other people think?

Also how do I stop being a worry wart? I get paranoid about everything and over think everything. Which would sound like AA but it's how I am in my life about everything. How do I stop worrying so much and not care?


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Generally, that gets lumped in with approach anxiety still - whether the anxiety is because of how the girl will react, or what other people will think, it's still being anxious about walking up to say hello to some new girl. Your best option is simply ignoring it and pushing yourself to approach regardless, but if you can, you can also use it to challenge yourself - e.g., saying, "Let me show all these people I can do something they've only ever DREAMED of doing - walking up to a beautiful girl in broad daylight on the street."

Regarding worrying and paranoia, check this article out:

Anxiety in Men: Where It Comes From and How to Stop It


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Actually I'd forgot about this until just now. Usually I hate perfumes and such but there's this one girl at work who Ive never spoken to and she's not really that pretty but... While talking to my mate I was trying to figure out what I liked about her...

She smells absolutely fantastic!! I've no idea what she puts on or wether its a combination of her natural scent but one whiff and I'm in an instantly better mood. I have to admit that when she passes by now I take in a deep long breath and hold it.

Yeah I know that's weird.....

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