20+ Little Tips to Prepare for a Night Out

After so many complicated and theoretical posts, I will now write a post that’s suitable for you all – even beginners. I will share very simple stuff that you can use right away. But keep in mind: just because something is simple doesn’t make it bad.

I will share in this post a bunch of tips on how to prepare for a good night out clubbing (this also goes for bars). When I say “good night out”, I am of course talking about having a flourishing night when it comes to picking up women. These are just some small tips that I have gathered from meeting women since I was 17.

prepare for a night out

None of the things I will share in this post will be hard to pull off. Again, it will all just be a grab bag of small tips that you can apply this next weekend (or tonight if you go out).

I will split this post into two sections. The first one being the preparations – what you can do before heading out, while the second will cover things that are valuable for when you actually are out there.


Keep in mind that it is almost impossible to cross every point off this checklist. So if there is advice you can’t follow the day (or night?) you are supposed to head out, do not panic. You can still have an awesome night. I rarely do all these things before I head out. But do your best on the preparations – they will increase the chances of you having a great night.

Feel Fresh and Healthy

Don’t go out if you haven’t slept the night before. 80% of the time I have done that, the night turns out bad. Get a decent night’s sleep before the day you are going out. Going out tired will affect your mood and is very unhealthy in the long run.

Also, do your best to eat healthy (or as healthy as possible) before heading out. This all will effect your level of energy and mood. Keep in mind that you are planning to be up all night (especially if you get laid) so you better have some energy.

Clean Up

Clean up your room/flat/apartment. Not only is this a smart thing to do but it will also make you more relaxed when you head out – there is something psychological about it. Also keep in mind that it will help you tremendously if you bring a girl over!

Also, do not have too many problems on your mind when you head out. Try to solve them before going out. Going out and worrying is not fun and can ruin your mood.

Do Something During the Day

Being active and actually doing something productive during the day before you go out can help a lot. Do something productive so that you can feel good about going out. Or even better, do something social so that you get some social momentum. If the weather is good, go outside. Sunlight will do wonders to your mood.

Dressing Up

Shower, groom, and brush your teeth – obviously.

Dress up as nicely as possible, but keep in mind to follow the dress code of the venue you plan on visiting. If you don’t have any plans (and I usually don’t), dress up in something that is more universal (I did not say casual), but avoid wearing a suit and a shirt in an indie rock bar.

A friend of mine told me once that he usually dresses up stylish while adding certain details that make him stand out.

I could write a long post on fashion so I won’t go too much into detail, but here are my small tips for dressing up.

  1. Black rather slim jeans are awesome when you go out at night!

  2. Classy leather shoes (brown or black) are nice, but I prefer black Chelsea’s! Chelsea boots are awesome and they make you look really masculine.

  3. Wear shirts, V-necks, or Scoop necks (I prefer the latter). They look great if you wear a cool dress jacket over them.

  4. Use a cool jean shirt, leather jacket, or a cool dress jacket over the shirt/t-shirt

  5. Simple classic leather belt. Must match the shoes!

  6. Add accessories: a tie, discreet necklace, wrist watch, a scarf (I like using cool scarves), other jewellery (don’t overdo it).

prepare for a night out

Basically, the key in my opinion is to have some shocking elements in your clothing that make you stand out. I don’t recommend having more than two fancy elements in your clothing (excluding the accessories).

For example, you can use very fancy jeans with some crazy designs on them, but then wear a simple white/grey/black shirt and a classic dress jacket or a simple leather jacket. Or you can have a fancy dress jacket (my favorite) and have a white scoop-necked T-shirt under it and a pair of black jeans.

And of course, if I wear a fancy T-shirt or shirt, the rest of my outside is conservative. Ask me in the comment section if you want me to set up an outfit for you (with links from cheap online stores).


I highly recommend you wash your hair at least one hour before you style your hair. Let it dry naturally. This way you avoid what is typically referred to as “bad hair days”. Apply wax or clay (who uses gel, really?) only after the hair is dry, else your hair will end up being greasy. You will find good waxes from Goldwell (Roughman) and Fudge (Matte head). You can find them on eBay!

Start off by applying the hair product to the back your head, this way avoiding getting white chunks of wax on your forehead. To get a nice hairstyle, go see a hairdresser (a good one). I highly recommend you have shorter hair on the sides…. It makes you look masculine (The sides of my head are shaved!).

Use a bit of good hairspray to finish. This way your haircut will last all night long. Redken makes good hairsprays.

Magic Bullet

Green tea is my magic bullet. I drink a cup of green tea before I head out. Why? Because it contains theanine, which gives you energy while making you relaxed in social situations – good for your mood, but it for some reason also reduces the chances of getting a hangover and makes you feel great the next day.

Try it out. I drink Sencha green tea. I like to buy leaves, but I have also had good experiences with cheaper options from, for example, Lipton.

Green tea has also a lot of other positive health benefits!

Do Something Fun Before Heading Out

Go see a friend and have a few drinks while chatting. It will increase your mood. Or even better, go to a social gathering with many friends and have some drinks. When you finally head out you will be in a good mood.

I also head to a smaller venue at first (like a bar) and start off my night there before I go out to clubs. Sometimes I might just stick to that bar or head to a bigger bar! This goes especially for nights when I don’t feel like dancing!

When You Are Out There

I will now cover different tips that you can follow once you have reached the bar/club area.

Let us start with the one million dollar question!


prepare for a night out

Should you drink when you head out? Well if you feel like drinking and it is a pleasurable experience for you, then it is up to you. However, if your plan is to meet women and get better with women, you should not drink (or drink a maximum of two glasses).

Yes, alcohol gives you the guts you need to chat up a girl. However, if you start approaching women while drunk (or tipsy) you start making it a habit. You want to learn how to chat up girls sober because hopefully that’s what you are most of the time. It is better to learn how to pick up women in the condition you are in the majority of the time.

Also, picking up women after having a few drinks can have a negative effect on your confidence. Believe me, I know a few cases. The problem is that you won’t feel as good about your success once you manage to seduce a women while drunk, because it is not the true “you” who managed to get success, it was the drunk you.

Keep in mind also that once drunk, you will be far less calibrated. Even I, who have been into this for a while, am not calibrated after having a few too many drinks, and believe me, I have lost a few good leads because of this.

Women don’t find drunk men attractive! That should be the best reason for not drinking while out.

Pick The Right Venues

Most important of all, go to venue you are comfortable in, that plays the music you like, and that has the right clientele for you. This will only affect your mood positively. I personally avoid venues with cover charges, as this allows me to switch venues easily if one of them sucks.

Don’t visit a venue just because of the hype. A venue that is logistically good is key. For example, is it easy to interact with women there? Can you talk to them? Is there a peaceful area? Is the dance floor nice? Are there enough girls there (obviously, avoid sausage-fests). Such things matter a lot!


When you enter a venue you should socialize as fast as you can in order to create some momentum. Talk to people, and not necessarily female targets. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a cool dude or an ugly girl, just talk. Befriend people. This will get you into the right mood.

Take baby steps. Start chatting with the bartender (if you get there early) and then talk to some guys and have a chat. Then talk to some girls who you are not really interested in. Then once you get into the mood, start picking up women. It’s like doing sports really – you need to warm up.

Fact is, you will most likely not pull a girl before 1-2 hours before closing time (this rule doesn’t apply to places like Germany where clubs never close). So all the time before that can be used to warm up.

Have Some Spare Cash

Finally… have some spare cash. Once you find a girl, you should extract her away into a cab as fast you can. It doesn’t matter who pays, just get it done.

prepare for a night out

It really sucks when none of you have cash for a cab. It also helps to have some cash if you need to buy booze on the way, but I highly recommend having some ready before you head out.

And please… don’t lose your keys!


In this post I have given you some small simple tips that you can apply when you plan to head out meeting women in clubs.

Start your night by feeling good. Eat healthy and get your beauty sleep. It helps doing something during the daytime prior to heading out too.

Take a shower and groom and dress as well as you can. Fix your hair and get ready to go.

Once you are out there, talk to people and get in the mood. Avoid drinking too much, as this can have detrimental effects on your game.

When you are ready, meet some hot chicks and bring one home. Enjoy.

Hope these tips have been helpful to you.

Until next,


Alek RolstadAbout the Author: Alek Rolstad

Alek Rolstad launched his pickup career at age 14, an early starter and seduction savant. His unique style of game focuses on “sex talk”: a way to make sex the primary topic of conversation. Sex talk lets the user excite girls rapidly, and filter for girls open to fast, raunchy, kinky one-night stands and sex. Alek plans to offer phone coaching to students of Girls Chase soon… Just as soon as he can find somewhere to hold phone calls on sex talk and threesomes where he won’t be shocking his roommates.

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Dave80's picture

Alek, this was a breath of fresh air. Light and interesting. Although, I disagree with having short, shaved sides as masculine In fact, almost every chubby guy who works at a car rental place has that look. Not to mention, just about every Joe Shmoe at the club.
No offense, but if you like your short hair, fine. But I have long hair with a scruffy look, and believe me, I have women tell me all the time it's very masculine.
But anyway, it was a fun read.

Oh--- and I've asked Chase to do an article about what the pros and cons are to being a "sexy male" in the work place, especially if you have a female and male boss. Pass this along to him if you can!

David Riley's picture

Hey 80,

I saw your comment on another article, I forward the comment to Chase and the rest of the team.

Just Dave

Yemi's picture

Since you mentioned it...would you be so kind as to suggest some outfit ideas? If you could focus on shoe and accessory(especially jewelry) ideas that would be fantastic, thanks!

G's picture

Can u suggest some cool/edgy stylish outfits? Also, do u know of any really cool masculine leather jackets that aren't too pricey? Thanks

Joy's picture

I prefer not to drink in general and that opens up the avenue of ... driving!

Assuming parking's not an issue and that cab rides are expensive, would you recommend using a personal transportation for pulling girls or is there a certain magic in grabbing a cab together?

Anonymous's picture

Now that you mentioned it, I'm also curious how bringing you own car would feel. Guess I'll have to try it

David Riley's picture

One of the best things you can do with having your own car is having the option of escalating in your car. It narrows out the possibilities of her making an exit before anything can happen between you too. It's also a great transition, "Hey I gotta get my *insert item* out the car, come with me." By leading the interaction you guys can chill with the heat or A/C on depending on the kind of night. "Let's continue the conversation inside while avoiding this harsh weather." From there get to know her and if things seem good, go for it. If not let her go on her way. You already have plausible deniability, you were just getting something out of your car after all.

Just Dave

Anonymous's picture

Hey Chase and dave, what the hell can I do to get laid consistently? I've been on this site for years and im not getting any play, im going insane!

I approach, move fast, try different approaches, girls just aren't letting me hit. I even lowered my standards a lot and still nothing wtf. I can attract them but not fuck them.

It's been years! !!! Since I've been on here, im getting old and only slept with a few girls, wtf!!! I wouldn't care if I didn't try but I do.

I get numbers very consistently, I get good receptions when I talk to women. But after all these years I aint hit. If I hit half of the girls I got numbers from, I'd be at least in the 40's off of all the numbers I got. Wtf! Im an asshole, I deep dive, im smooth, wtf is wrong!

shit is driving me nuts!!!

Please help, thank you.

David Riley's picture

Hey Anon,

Check out this link right here.

How to Get Laid Every Time
Get Laid Every Time - Part 2

Just Dave

Wolf's picture

Hey Dave, I have on and off nights at the club, mostly off though. It's hard for us blacks, they like anything that's not black or they like lightskin. Anyway, I know Chase says not to dance with girls, but I've gotten numbers and conversations doing this.

I find it extremely difficult to get into a conversation with a girl dancing to loud ass music. It just makes no sense and the easiest way for me to talk to her is if im behind her dancing and talking into her ear.

I've been doing terrible at club game as of yet and have gotten bad results.
Im willing to go against my ways and try whatever I can to get good results from girls.

I try to dance with these girls and I get rejected like crazy and my fundamentals are good. I also try to dance because if she doesn't, that means she's not attracted to you right? So it's like a direct approach.

As a black man in this racist world, what can I do to get better at club game and start fucking these girls?


Lamar B's picture

Hey Wolf,

As a fellow blackman, I understand where you're coming from. I happen to be a light skinned black guy and I've noticed that I get way more attention from women than my darker skinned black friends.
A couple of things...

Nightclubs aren't the best for black guys. It's already dark. If you're black, you look like a dark shadow. Honestly. Think about how threatening that can be to a women if you creep up on her on the dance floor. She's already worried about getting ruffeed and who knows what and then a black guy whose face she can hardly see is grinding up on her.

My parents are from Africa, born and raised. I'm a first generation African American and from this view I think African American culture has 'effed itself up. African American culture, through gangsta rap, morons like Kanye West, and most of Hip Hop in general, just makes us look bad. From the fashion to the attitudes. It's all counter-productive.

I have a black buddy who's into the rock scene. He gets more play than most black guys I know. Why? Because Hip Hop is corny. Baggy pants, talking about selling drugs, and all this other crap is just unsexy to women. It's more appealing to that 200 lb fat wangster who wears over-sized football jerseys and plays Madden all day while listening to Rick Ross. Corny.

So what should YOU do? I think day game is great if you're a black guy. You need to kick game in areas that're perceived as being non-threatening, like coffee shops and shopping malls. She needs to see your face in the light and see your sexy facial expressions, mannerisms, etc. Nightclubs take all that away. Even bars are better than nightclubs. Well-lit bars let the girl see your face and you can actually talk to her without having to yell.

Nightclubs are fine if you're with a group and you already know the girls. Then you can use the sexually charged atmosphere of the nightclub to bed the girl. But nightclubs suck for first impressions if you're black. So use that day game and take the black guy edge off by kicking game in a nonthreatening environment.


David Riley's picture

Hey Wolf,

One of the biggest things I learned to do at a bar and club is to hang back at the bar or seat. I'll be reclining and see a bar of girls who had been dancing and I wave them over. I tell them to have a seat and take a breather for a second. It gets other girls checking me out at the same time. The best thing about it is I stand out. It's hard to see people in clubs and it's easy to get startled. I approach women at the bar so that can hear me and see me a bit better. If the weather permits, I hang out outside as well. Women outside or in the patio are very open to conversation. It's easy to pass them and say "Hey, I love your dress."

Other times women who are dancing are normally just looking for fun. These girls may be dressed sexy but they are just trying to blow off steam. This is not to say girls who are dancing provocative are always gonna ignore you. Actually, stand off to the side and notice which girls are constantly rejecting guys. Those are the girls looking for an ego boost. The girls who are smiling and look like they want to be approached are the ones you want to go for. Another note, women's guard is way up in the club. They know guys will say and do anything to sleep with them. Now I will say this if you're striking out repeatedly at a certain club, go to different club. Anyway stay strong mate!

Take care,

Just Dave

bolt's picture

Hey Dave quick question, so in colts article on Asian girls he stated something along the lines of certain types of Asian girls probably won't have sex on the first date. Well how are you supposed to move forward with these type of girls because the mantra that I've been living by is move fast. However, I haven't been looking for a wife or even a girlfriend so if a certain girl and I were clearly not going to have sex on the first night then I would just move on. One day, in the distant future though, I might want to settle down with a high quality, beautiful girl with a low sex count and doesn't drink or party. Now I've been with a few conservative girls but what I wanted to know was how would someone like you or colt proceed if you were trying to settle down or get into a serious relationship with one of the girls like colt mentioned in his article who weren't likelyto engage in sex on the first night?

David Riley's picture

Hey Bolt,

I would screen a girl heavily and see if she matches my criteria. I would ask her if she's partier, smoker, or "crazy" girl. If she fails my pre-screen, I walk out. If she passes that, I ask if she can cook and clean. If she fails that, I'm out. Now the tricky part is a casual first date, still keeping it sexual but avoiding "I'm not a slut" speech. I also don't get into relationships with girls if I haven't already had sex with them. I'll give her a two meet opportunity. If she doesn't put on the second meet, I'm out of their. Also, if she is not trying to move things forward with me, I walk out. I also avoid spending money on women at all costs. If she believes that because I am the "man" and have to pay for everything, I walk out. I like a woman who is at least capable of doing things for herself. I will help her out on occasion, but I don't want to be seen as an ATM.

This way she's only left to like me based off my actual personality. From there I would attempt to really get to know her. I would ask her serious questions about her life and background. I then let the girl chase and attempt to tie me down. If she matches the background of what I am looking for, I'll commit. If the girl is not what I am looking for, I'll explain that too her. I tell her I'm looking for a woman who can aid me and my ventures and I just don't see her as that.

Take care,

Just Dave

Anonymous's picture

You could write article about 'What if everyone was telling what they truly think all the time?'... and maybe connect it with possible sexual outcomes in the society.

David Riley's picture

Hey Anon,

I will let Chase and the other author's know about your request.

Just Dave

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