The Styled for Summer Style Consultation

Note from Chase: this is the full style consultation from Darius of for our winner of the “Styled for Summer” contest we ran from late June to early July. Darius has gone provided a full head-to-toe fashion breakdown for our winner here, in a post overflowing with juicy fashion tips.

If you’re interested in a fashion consult with Darius yourself, I’ve included a link in the footer of the post you can find out more information about this via. And if you enjoy Darius’s work, also be sure to see his Girls Chase article on summer fashion. Here’s Darius.

Hey guys,

It’s been a few weeks since the #StyledForSummer contest ended and before everything else I’d like to thank those who entered on Twitter! It was fascinating and quite challenging to share insights on how to help improve your personal style in 140 characters for, as you’ll notice soon, I usually get quite “wordy” on the subject. But hopefully those quick tips didn’t go to waste.

This is a follow-up article to the contest, and I’m very happy to say that the winner of #StyledForSummer decided to share his prize and gave permission to publish his consultation as an article here on Girls Chase.

Even though it’s not exactly the same as getting a personal, in-depth analysis of your looks and how to improve them, I’m sure that every reader who’s looking to improve his style will benefit from reading on (hint: guys of shorter stature, pay attention, there will be some gems for you here!).

styled for summer

Before we begin, I’d like to explain what happens before the actual consultation so that everything makes more sense. A consultation starts with a short questionnaire to determine a person’s style preferences, stronger points, weaknesses (we all have parts of our bodies we are proud of and aspects we’d rather not draw attention to), budget, and target audience.

This is one of the reasons why you’ll see certain suggestions and recommendations, and why in this consultation, ironically, we focused more on autumn to spring looks than styles for summer.

Lastly, you’ll notice that pictures are heavily cropped and kept in lower resolution. I am very grateful to the winner for agreeing to share his consultation, and I think it just makes sense to remove any identifying aspects that are not absolutely essential for readers to fully comprehend and learn from this article. By the way, if you find this article helpful, please say a big thank you to the winner!

And now, let’s look at the consultation.

At First Glance

I’d like to start by noting the first few thoughts that came to mind from checking your photographs. This should give an idea of the first impression your look is making and will set the tone for the whole consultation.

  • First thing that sticks out is fit and cut, especially on pants.
  • Proportions in several outfits are a bit off.
  • You have some really cool looking clothes.
  • You have a lean physique – we should exploit this for all it’s worth with some very stylish looks.
  • Very well-groomed, attractive facial features.
  • Great color coordination overall, but we should introduce bolder colors too.
  • Several shoe pairs could use an upgrade.
  • All in all, there’s a lot of potential for pulling off really cool, sexy looks.

Now, throughout the consultation I will be making a lot of suggestions, and I’d like to share my main goals to achieve with them:

  • Raise the standards for clothes you wear. To really look sharp and stand out in the best way possible, we need to say “No” to less than outstanding pieces, or even outstanding pieces that don’t ideally fit us. It’s better to not buy anything than to get something that looks mediocre. Throughout the consultation it might seem like I am being a bit harsh on some pieces, and it’s to show how to be unapologetically picky when it comes to clothes.

  • When I saw your entry picture on Twitter, my first thought was like “He’s got to be like the nicest guy in world” and it’s a pretty good look to have but at the same time it’s lacking something. After you sent your full pictures, I saw another side: the classy one. Now I’d like to help you introduce one more side: “Exciting, fun, and doing my own thing” – the sexual one; and this can be done by adding a few edgier pieces to your look in a deliberate manner so that it still maintains that aura of sharpness.

So let’s get going!

Style Critique: Look-By-Look

Jeans & Shirt

Before we begin, I’d like to thank you for sending so many photos in different angles and proper lighting – it makes my part easier and much more effective. As you’re already doing many things very well, I will split this section into The Good and The Bad. My goal is to show and explain in detail what looks great on you and what should be changed in your current looks so that every outfit you wear belongs in The Good section, and in turn, looks sexy on you.

The Good

styled for summer

  • Great fit on shirts #1 and #2.
  • Nice color coordination.
  • Those are very good looking jeans.
  • Some cool looking shirt designs (#2 & #3).
  • Great idea to use a vest in your outfit.
  • Rolling up the sleeves is a nice, stylish touch.

Shirts #1 and #2 (and especially the white & blue one) can be used as your standard for fitting buttoned shirts.

Several important things to note before getting a shirt that fits you just right:

  • Buttoned shirt should tightly mold around your shoulders and chest.
  • Have very little extra fabric around your arms.
  • As little as possible loose fabric around torso.
  • Sleeve length: Should cover the wrist, but not the palm (can be fixed by rolling the sleeves up).
  • Shirt length: Ideally should end at the belt line (can cover the belt line).

As we’ll see in the The Bad section, not all of your shirts meet these standards. Because you’re quite skinny, it’s very important for you to maintain very high standards for fit, with a tightly fitting shirt to help you appear more muscular and even taller.

For this same reason it would be better if you avoided very dark colors (such as black) for shirts. Your red shirt (#1) would be as dark as I’d go.

The Bad

styled for summer

  • Several shirts are a bit too big for you.
  • Even though your jeans look great, their cut and, in some cases, fit, is not flattering for your physique.
  • Sneakers are rarely a good choice to wear with tucked in buttoned shirt & jeans.
  • You coordinated colors really well, but we need to slightly adjust the colors you choose to wear.

Let’s start by identifying what looks a bit off with these shirts:

  • Length of sleeves (#6 & #8): If you were to open the button, the sleeves would cover your palms almost completely. This means that when you have the button closed it creates many ill-looking folds throughout the sleeve. This could be visually fixed by rolling them up.

  • Shoulders are off (#7 & #8), which indicates that the shirt is slightly too big for you - very important factor.

  • Visibly too much extra fabric around the torso area (#6).

All in all, it seems these shirts are a size too big.


styled for summer

As previously mentioned, dark colors are not ideal for your physique, as you’re already lean and on the shorter side.

Furthermore, to appear visually taller it would be best to stick to mostly monochromatic outfits. In simpler terms, there shouldn’t be high contrast between your upper body and lower body.

Your #1 and #2 outfits work great to illustrate this - you visually appear much taller and overall more proportionate in the first outfit than the second.


As much as it pains me to say it, because you have some cool looking jeans, in most cases those same jeans are the factor that’s holding your look back the most. That being said, it’s not all bad.

styled for summer

First let me explain how to shop for great fitting jeans:

  • Jeans stretch after being worn - quite a lot actually - so that pair that’s “just a little loose” or even “just about right” will be unwearable soon enough.

  • Ideally it should be a little difficult to close the top button and/or put your wallet/phone in the back pocket. It also means that your jeans (or any trousers) should be tight enough to never fall off even without a belt.

  • Secondly, a well-fitting pair of jeans will mold around and firmly press your thighs.

  • For length, they should end above your heel.

These are the fundamentals that apply to all jeans. So now about cut: let’s leave regular straight-cut jeans for guys who really love their leg days at the gym ☺. For your physique such cuts, instead of flattering your physique and making you appear taller, create a disproportionate look between your upper and lower body. Furthermore, instead of looking “lean and strong” your legs look “skinny and weak”, because it’s obvious they don’t “fill up” this cut.

Your jeans in #1 look to be the closest thing to great fitting jeans you have, with one caveat – they seem to be just a little too long, so it would be great if could have them shortened a little. Important: rolling them up a bit works quite well for tall guys, but in your case would make your legs look shorter.

When shopping for jeans I’d start with slim (you might even try out a skinny too) cut. If you’re mainly used to regular-straight cuts it will feel very tight at first, but keep in mind that A) it will stretch, and B) it will look much, much better on you.

Secondly, I’d recommend looking into lower waist cuts so that they end just under your hip bone. This is mainly to keep your physique looking more proportionate, which in turn means looking just a little taller overall.

Suggestions To Improve

Now that we’ve covered the main issues with your current look, let me suggest some improvements for extra “sexy points”.

styled for summer

Let’s start with your white & blue shirt - I can see why it gets complimented a lot, it was a great choice to get it! Now it’s time take this look to the next level.

First, we need to remove high contrast in color between upper and lower body; pick a brighter pair of jeans and match accessories accordingly.

What this will do is make your overall look more attention grabbing and you visually appear bigger (still just the right amount of lean nonetheless).

I’d also like to introduce a bit of style contrast to your shirt and instead of clean, nice looking jeans, pick something slightly distressed; washed – to give that “Yeah, I’m bad and I know what I’m doing” vibe.

Lastly, we’ll be matching belt and shoes to the rest of the outfit.

styled for summer

  • Jeans: Replay Jeans Anbass Slim Fit, from

  • Belt: Yours

  • Shoes: You already have a pair that could be used in warmer weather and these boots (Frye Phillip Harness, from would look great in autumn, winter, and early spring.

  • Both sunglasses would look great with this look.

  • Depending on the weather, it would look great with either a blazer or a leather jacket (we’ll cover outerwear later in the consultation).

I’d like to take a moment and explain that throughout this consultation I’ll be using a lot of examples to illustrate points with clothes from different online stores (mostly, actually. No affiliation, just a great selection of stylish clothes from various brands).

However, I would recommend to first try and find similar items locally so you can actually try them out and see if you like the look and feel. You might even find something better. If you decide to buy something online, make sure to really pay attention to the site’s fit guide, as different brands have slightly different standards for the same sizes.

styled for summerThis is already a very solid look, and for venues like clubs, where you need comfortable shoes that can withstand some punishment, I wouldn’t change a thing (other than slightly shortening the jeans).

However, for day-to-day activities and maybe bars (places where you don’t expect to be stepped on a lot ☺ ) I think we could do better.

First, let’s start by replacing your current shoes with a pair of boots (great piece of clothing for your stature, as it adds height without looking try-hard). Secondly, I’d really like to add a leather jacket for this look – for contrast to the classy looking dress shirt. For extra sexy points finish this look with a scarf.

Naturally, this is something best suited for autumn and spring.

styled for summer

styled for summerSome notes: Shorter, tight jackets would look best on your physique. With this biker jacket example you could also keep your shirt’s buttons closed and add a black slim tie instead of a scarf.

We could use this shirt to make a perfect summer outfit.

(Also, this shirt would look superb with the previously mentioned leather biker jacket and Chelsea boots outfit)

We‘ll be using shoes and the belt you currently own, but instead of jeans pick a pair of linen/cotton pants. For fit, same guidelines as for jeans apply.

For summer evenings we‘ll top if off with a stylish blazer.

styled for summer

styled for summerFor blazer, you could pick a short model (one that only covers your belt line and has shorter sleeves too) as long as it‘s a slim fit (usually is). Pick fair, easy on the eye colors – your outfit‘s “selling point” is your shirt‘s design.

Let me say this - vests are awesome!

However, this particular piece is slightly too long for your physique. By default, slim fit vests with 1-3 buttons would look best on you.

Still, as long as you wear it with low waist jeans (your belt should be at least slightly visible when wearing a vest) you‘ll look good.

Here‘s a suggestion for a really badass and sexy look with a vest:

styled for summer

Regarding accessories - either of your black sets (watch & belt) would look great, along with other pieces as described in previous suggestions, e.g. distressed jeans, Chelsea boots, and biker leather jacket.


Your current summer outfit suffers mainly from the same problems as your shirt & jeans looks: less than stellar fit and cut on trousers and shirts. Also, I‘d like to introduce some bolder colors for summer.

styled for summer

Firstly, we need to apply the same standards to your summer pants that we discussed for jeans - slim (or skinny) cut, preferably lower waist, tight around thighs and buttocks. This alone will fix most of the problems with your current look.

styled for summerLet me draw your attention to the belt line of your current outfits and compare with a perfectly fitting pair:

Can you see how the belt fits and stays in a nearly straight horizontal line when cut, and how the size is just right for the physique? Compare this to how the belt line looks like an arc with sides higher than the front in your look?

It looks like your pants would fall off quite quickly without a belt (it also looks like you have a beer belly, even though you‘re actually lean) – this indicates that either cut, fit, or both are too loose.

Secondly, you have a great eye for coordinating colors in your outfits, but for summer I would really like to see you introduce some bolder, brighter ones (even if it‘s simply white) - your red patterned shirt is a great example of what pieces look best on sunny days.

Regarding the scarf (in #3) - it‘s a good looking one, but not for summer. We‘ll see if we can use it for other looks in colder seasons.

Lastly, shoes.

A pair of loafers or boat shoes would not only look sexier, but would also feel much more comfortable in summer. But let‘s get to the Suggestions To Improve section and see how it would look in practice.

Suggestions To Improve

styled for summerFirst, quick tip regarding tees: avoid tees (and shirts in general) with pockets – it‘s an unnecessary detail that doesn‘t really give anything good to the look and yet limits what else you can wear with this piece. If you feel like your upper body is lacking attention-grabbing details, better add a necklace.

To upgrade this look we‘ll first need to swap to tighter pants (as explained above). Regarding color: any fair color will do the job - beige, grey, white, stone, etc., as long as it doesn‘t clash with your tee.

Secondly, I‘ll suggest a better looking, attention-grabbing polo shirt with rolled sleeves so that your tattoo is visible. Lastly, we‘ll need to swap your shoes from something sporty to a bit more elegant and stylish.

styled for summer

Most of your casual summer outfits should be based around this strategy – tight, brighter shirt or tee (pink, blue, red, white, etc.), slim or skinny pants of fairer color (could also be white), brownish shoes and belt that match.

For evenings, your outfit could be enhanced with a tight (slim fit, shorter cut) blazer, or even a leather jacket if you feel like going for the super stylish bad boy look.


styled for summer

I‘d like to start this section by noting that classy looks really do suit you. However, we do need to sharpen up your look and put more emphasis on your lean physique so we can move from “He looks nice.” to “Umm... well hello there.” (said while biting her lip, naturally ☺).

We already discussed one of the strategies we‘ll need to implement to achieve this result: tighten up the jeans and replace a few of your shirts.

The second strategy that is just as important is to revisit how blazers/sports jackets/suits jackets (I‘ll be just using the term “blazer“ for all those three items from now on) ideally fit you. That‘s not to say that your current ones are ill-fitting - not at all, it‘s just with your lean physique and shorter stature you would look more impressive with a more modern, stylish cut.

Last piece we‘ll need to look into: a pair of sexy dress shoes to complete this look.

But before we begin, I‘d like to share some thoughts on your current looks:

  1. A very nice classy look.

  2. Mixing styles can be a very good thing, but not when it‘s classy & sporty - shoes definitely need to be replaced with something classier.

  3. Tie with jeans is not a bad thing in general, it’s that it looks a little incomplete - try adding a vest for better results.

  4. I‘m not a big fan of this shirt because of its buttons - the colors are a bit random and unless you build your whole outfit around those colors they look off.

  5. Pick your white & blue shirt, dark blue slim jeans and you‘re golden (suit jacket could be smaller size). It‘s already a good look and I can see why it gets good reactions, but could be improved further.

  6. Shirt does appear to be too large. For best results, if you want to wear a white shirt without a blazer or any outerwear best stick to brighter jeans too.

  7. Grey jacket also looks too big for you.


styled for summer

  • Length - an ideal jacket for you would be fishing just below your belt line (around your pockets). This way your legs will appear longer while still maintaining solid visual proportions for your upper and lower body.

  • A blazer should be slightly tightened around the torso.

  • Usually sleeves for such cuts will be shorter too, and will end before reaching your wrists.

  • Lastly, when buttoned there will be visible folds (as in the navy example) but most of the time you should keep it unbuttoned anyway.

styled for summer

For comparison I added your grey suit jacket here just to show how big of a difference cut makes.

Important: if you’ll try such blazer with your current regular straight cut jeans, it won‘t look good because it would then further emphasize how loose the jeans are. Only try such blazers with slim (or tighter) cuts.

These particular examples are from Zara (blue one) and Banana Republic (navy one).

Dress Shoes

Your classier looks would look more complete and sexier if you would pick a nice pair of dress shoes to go with them (something similar to your brown suede ones). This will become painfully obvious when you try slimmer jeans and pants.

For example:

styled for summer

  1. Boss Black Prindo Texture Derby Shoes
  2. Massimo Matteo Mocc Toe Slip-On
  3. ALDO Maestas Suede Oxford Shoes

Few tips: avoid shoes that appear to be very wide or lengthy. Actually the first, Boss, example is bordering on being too pointy for you (very pointy shoes would create a disproportionate look of your feet), but they look so damn sexy that I had to include them.

Make sure to upgrade your jeans first - picking shoes will be much easier then as it will be very visible which pairs appear disproportionate.

Suggestions To Improve

Most of your looks are actually quite good; keep up the good work and just tighten it up a bit. So for this section I‘d like to suggest how you could complete your jeans & tie look to reap all the benefits.

styled for summer

To do this, we‘ll first need to add a vest to your look - this alone takes a somewhat common look and makes it more differentiating; interesting.

styled for summer

Secondly, add a pair of stylish shoes: a pair like the ones shown in the last section or Chelsea boots (as shown in the jeans & shirt suggestions) would both do the trick.

Lastly, to make this look really stand out, we‘ll add a leather jacket (when inside have the sleeves of the shirt rolled up).

Here’s approximately what we should be going for:

styled for summer

  • Vest: Your current vest could work, but ideally you would want to get a shorter one. For example I used Slim Fit Waistcoat In Polka Dot, from

  • Shoes: You could try this look with your current brown suede shoes and matching belt (a bit risky) or get a black pair – Chelsea or dress ones would both work.

  • Jacket: Leather bomber jacket would look the best, but it would also work with a biker jacket too. For example, I used Solid Leather Bomber Jacket, from

Winter Wear

As you specifically mentioned winter attire, I‘d like to focus more on this and finish, ironically, the #StyledForSummer consultation with some suggestions on some sexy winter looks.

styled for summerFirst, let me explain that I‘ll focus on winter clothes that are designed for cold weather, but not extremely cold weather (like -30C), simply because at a certain stage looking sexy is no longer a priority – not having your “junk“ frozen is ☺ and we should do and wear whatever is necessary to keep warm.

And yet, with the set of challenges that winter brings to the table, it also enables us to use a wider variety of clothes and techniques to achieve a sexy look.

So in this section we‘ll focus on three main aspects of good winter-wear:

  • Coats
  • Boots
  • Accessories (Scarfs, Gloves, Hats)

And like in previous sections, I‘d like to discuss your current looks before getting into details.

  1. It‘s actually not a bad look, however, it’s very “camouflagey” – as if you‘re trying to melt in the crowd. Also, it‘s a good look to wear boots with and they nearly always look better than sneakers. I‘m having trouble seeing whether you‘re wearing a black scarf or if it‘s just the jacket‘s inner layer. In any case, picking a scarf could be a great way to introduce more color. For example, if you were to add a brown scarf, brown leather gloves, and brown boots, your outfit would instantly jump from average and forgettable to stylish.

  2. First thing that bugs me is the hat: I‘ll add some better suggestions if you insist on wearing one. Secondly, this is another missed opportunity to pick a warm, attention grabbing scarf (red one would look great). Lastly, even though the coat is a good-looking one, it‘s not flattering to your physique.

And with this, let me explain how to pick a coat that would look flattering on you.


First, length: an ideal coat for you will be a shorter one and will end around your belt line. Long coats (up to your thighs), as stylish as they are, hide your legs and overall make you visually appear shorter. It‘s great for guys over 180 cm or so but that’s about it.

Secondly, I know I‘m repeating myself quite a lot, but we need to make the most out of the fact that you‘re lean – a V-form for a man‘s upper body is just too effective at making him look sexier to miss out on. In practice, this means that your ideal coat would be at least slightly tightened around the torso. For this reason it‘s also a good idea to avoid sweaters, hoodies, and similar pieces that have huge pockets around the torso (I’m mentally pointing to your green raincoat.).

Now that the fundamentals are covered, there are only few more aspects to consider – symmetric vs asymmetric cut, color, pockets, and other details:

  • Symmetric front cut is best when you want to wear a scarf or another accessory. When you pick an asymmetric coat, you’re bound to build the rest of your outfit around it.

  • Color: black, navy, grey, brown – all can be great, just keep in mind that the more basic the color is (black, navy) the easier it is to build multiple stylish outfits without needing a massive wardrobe.

  • Details: I prefer items like coats that are mostly clean – no unnecessary details – this way you can mix and match multiple items and direct attention where you want with catchier accessories. Still, coats that do have many intricate details can be very stylish – just keep in mind that you’ll need to build around them.

You asked for my opinion on this item:

styled for summerIt’s actually a pretty cool looking piece. It’s shorter, nice color, and even though it looks like regular cut instead of slim, it can be managed. Buttons and other details look interesting too.

The problem with coats like this is that you need to be very conservative with accessories and can’t, for example, add a red thick scarf around your neck (works like magic in winter ☺ ).

I’ll add one suggestion on how to pull something like this off.


Boots are absolutely amazing for every guy who wants to look taller. Not only do they add a centimeter or two to your height, but they achieve this without looking try-hard (like artificially raised shoes), and can be actually very stylish (again, not like most shoes designed specifically to make someone look taller).

I don’t think there are any hard rules for what makes a pair of boots great-looking, so instead of words, let me share some suggestions:

styled for summer

If you pick a similar pair to these and wear it as suggested I can honestly guarantee that you will get complimented on your shoes and quite likely not only by stylish women.

P.S. I’d go with either of the first two.

Winter Accessories: Scarfs

Probably the best thing about winter is that you can actually pull out stylish, attention grabbing scarfs and look natural. As an accessory, scarfs are great for drawing focus to your neck and shoulders, which is especially effective for guys who don’t want their shorter stature to be focused on.

There are many ways to wear a scarf, but for winter you’ll usually be picking one of these three:

styled for summer

Winter Accessories: Gloves

There’s really not much to know about gloves - pick a quality pair and match it to other pieces: boots, belt, bag, and in some cases scarf. Matching those items is a really nice touch that can make an “okay” outfit look “great!”

Winter Accessories: Hats

styled for summerIn general, I’m not a big fan of hats, even in winter. A stylish haircut or, as in your case, being very well groomed will look more attractive and stylish than any hat you can find.

Still, winter is winter and in some cases it just really makes sense to wear one. For those situations, I’d suggest looking into “baker hat” style and match it with other accessories, as it looks best with coats.

Suggestions To Improve

styled for summerFirst, I’d like to suggest how to make that coat work. As you probably imagine, this won’t be the classiest outfit due to the nature of the coat, but it will look very cool and very sexy.

We’ll use two main colors: blue and brown, with a few white and golden details. Top and jeans will be blue to maintain the lengthening visual effect, and accessories will be brown to add some differentiation.

Here how this comes together:

styled for summer

  • Jeans: Distressed/washed dark blue.

  • Boots: Rugged, leather, brown.

  • Gloves: For this outfit gloves should be the last item to get, as there are a lot of shades of brown and you want to match them to boots (and also to, if possible, the belt) and as you can see my example is a bit off. Example: Guanti di Arcucci, from

  • Scarf: A brown one would look great too, but I’ve decided to go with white to break the pattern. Should be worn as shown in the image. Example: White Cashmere Scarf with Tassels, from

As a second suggestion I’d like to share something classier, as the outfit above would look stunning in bars and similar scenes, but not so much in more upscale venues.

We’ll start with a classier, clean black coat. To maintain mostly a monochromatic look for upper and lower body, we’ll add your tight pair of jeans (can be dark blue, grey or black).

To this combination we’ll add black Chelsea boots and black leather gloves - sounds dark doesn’t it?

Because of this, we’ll top this look off with a bright red, thick scarf - that should be worn as shown in the image or, even better, as the first example in the scarf section.

styled for summer

To Summarize

Main points to take out of this consultation:

  • Raise the standards - if you have any doubts about a piece, feel free just to say “No” until you find something you love.

  • Occasionally add some edgier pieces to the mix - it is fun, stylish, and very sexy.

  • For any pants - slim or tighter cuts are the way to go.

  • For shirts - all your shirts should fit like the white & blue one. Women will thank you!

  • Try modern, very tight cuts for blazers.

  • Add brighter colors to the mix - you’re already doing a great job coordinating colors, it’s time to reap all the benefits.

  • Complete your classy looks with dress shoes.

  • Winter outfits are all about upper wear, boots, and accessories.

Darius runs the website, where he presents a variety of articles focused on helping men upgrade their fashion from the merely good to the incredibly sexy. If you’re curious about a fashion consultation with him like this one, you can learn more at this link: Personal Style Consultation.

Darius BelejevasAbout the Author: Darius Belejevas

Darius Belejevas is the dating industry's go-to expert on looking fashionably sexy. He upgrades clients' looks... And turns them into head turners and lady killers. You can learn more about his master class in looking sexy via the link below:


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Franco's picture


I appreciate the article! Just wanted to throw in my two cents. I'm not a fan of hat wear either (and never have been). However, I have found one type of cap that seems to work well: the beanie cap/visor.

What's great about these is that they can be fashionably worn with or without jackets, and they have an added "bad boy" flavor to them (rather than your traditional baker hat or flashy fedora hat). I use a beanie cap in the winter when I'm overdue for a stylish haircut and looking to add some flare to my look. ;)

Great article. Cheers!

- Franco

Darius's picture

Thanks Franco, that's a cool tip!

Anonymous's picture

Awesome article? Does this guide pertain to bigger guys? I'm 6'3 230lbs. Will the slim fitting clothes look great on me or point out flaws?? Just stepping my fashion game as I head into my 30's.

Any advice would be great!

Darius's picture


Great decision to improve your fashion! It's easier to get away with average style when you're 18 but knowing how to present yourself becomes much more important in mid to late 20s, 30s and further.

Some of the things in this consultation are quite universal for all body types: what to look for in a fit, sexy looking clothes, color coordination, etc.

But as this consultation was prepared personally for a guy who's in an opposite side of the physique specter (lean and shorter), quite a few things would be different too. For one, being tall is a huge advantage and should be "milked" for all its worth (for example, instead of sticking to mostly monochromatic looks, you could exploit high contrast between upper and lower body.)

There's a link to personal style consultations at the end of this article if you'd like to consider getting one yourself, for your unique situation.


robertnyc's picture

This was a great article - it made me realize how much more I can improve my fashion. Going from pretty good style to exceptionally stylish makes a huge difference in your appearance.

Darius's picture

Well said, Robert. At a risk of sounding a bit corny, I think it A. Robbins who said that it's not the "good" that reap all the rewards but those who are outstanding (or exceptional)

African boyo's picture

I would lyk to request an article on how to deal with successful women in a relationship and not feel lyk youre being dominated

David Riley's picture

Hey Boyo,

I will let Chase and the other author's know about your request.

Just Dave

Skins's picture

Great read guys... You have me looking over some things in my closet now. I've gone pretty much all suits these days. Living in Thailand I find it hard to find nice jeans that fit me properly at 6'4". Everything is so damn short so I may need to try ordering online. There are days I want to be more casual but still stylish of course. This article gave me some good ideas.

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I understand that Chase wrote an article a while back about how it was bad to contact girls via Facebook, social networks, etc. However, I recently was just playing around with contacting girls on social networks and had some success. However, this was with Chinese girls. I believe Chinese girls are more receptive to social network dating. Does Chase or anyone else have any articles or any information about how to contact stranger girls initially on chat programs like wechat, whatsapp, etc? I would love to hear if Chase has more information on this. Thanks!

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Well, I'm the lucky guy who's won the free consultation and I can only recommend you all to go for it, it's a mandatory part of improving yourself and Darius is amazing, the perfect person to do that for you (no connection to him whatsoever prior the consultation, I'm from the other part of the world).

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