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How to Find and Pick Up MILFs

Chase Amante

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Has the modern mating game been making you weary? Are you tired of dealing with one flighty, stuck-up, flaky girl after another who wouldn’t know a strong man if he bit her on the neck?

Well then my friend, the MILF is the answer for you. You’re not going to deal with any of the nonsense that you find with younger girls when you learn how to start seducing their older counterparts. What’s so great about MILFs?

Find and Pick Up MILFs

  • They are more sophisticated. Even if a MILF is not the smartest person you have ever encountered, she will at the very least have more knowledge of the world than younger women. There is something to be said about a woman who has done some traveling (usually), changed career paths, experienced pain with family and friendships, and has come to understand the true nature of the world.

  • They are realists. The fact is that MILFs do not look at the world through rose colored glasses. They don’t have time to play games because they know how the world really is. They know that they are past their prime and will no longer have droves and droves of men chasing after them. They know that they have to worry about bills and putting food on the table and retirement. So they simply don’t have time to be playing around on their smartphones stringing guys along for their own entertainment. They just want a quality lover who will be on the same page.

  • They have emotional maturity. Most young girls will drive you crazy with how, well… crazy they can be. Never sure of what they want, how to communicate, or what direction they want to take their lives, young girls are always inviting drama into your life. On the other hand, older women are very clear and unapologetic with their desires and know how to communicate their emotional needs to men.

So how do you go about seducing MILFs? Let’s talk how:

Colt WilliamsAbout the Author: Colt Williams

Raised in the American Midwest, Colt Williams made a name for himself in dating with a style based on soulful poetic seductions and playful dance floor antics. His style is all about inspiring girls and drawing them into one’s world. You can book phone coaching with him here, or get a copy of his guide to getting laid on Tinder, the product of months of study and experimentation by him on the medium.



wardog's picture

Since a MILF knows about her biological clock ticking and she just wants some fun before the bell rings and not waste time, isn't this even more reason to open her direct? I have no experience in this field, but a girl is a girl and you're the man, why hide you're balls in the first place, why are you recommending indirect?

Also, in the light of a MILFs primary motivation, this doesn't make sense to me:

“As an older woman, if you want to have a chance with me, first you have to fuck my mind, then you can fuck my body.”

If she wants to fuck a sexy young man and she knows she's only attractive for a few more years, i don't think it will need reciting shakespeare while having a glass of redwine to get her going. But then again, i have no experience here...

Anonymous's picture

Yo colt tinder may have officially died today with their new update

Franco Lombardi's picture


I would not say Tinder "died" with this update. It's just being regulated now -- and it might actually help you get more girls off of it.

The reason for this is that now guys all over the world can't continually swipe right on thousands of girls, leaving a girl's "match" section extremely large and hard to wade through. So reducing the number of "Likes" can also increase the chance that she actually checks out your profile.

That being said, with only 100 Likes per day, it does limit you a bit. But if you're diligent about using Tinder, then that will still allow you to do 700 Likes per week (100 Likes x 7 Days = 700 girls), so that should still be a decent number to work with. =)

- Franco

eric$'s picture

A great article Colt. In my experience in looking for and approaching hot cougars, ha, is the best ones tend to shop and are around middle/upper class neighborhood stores and malls. I scouted a couple of places where I can pick them up lol.

Anonymousrob's picture

Hey Colt - really nice article. I like how you are exploring these niches for MILF's and lesbians last week.

Quick question - what do you mean by social issues as a good topic? Is that different than politics? Can you give a couple of examples? Thanks!


Mik's picture

Colt, great article!

However I am approaching from a different vantage - I am 2 years older than her. She's recently divorced after a slow break up. I have know her for some time and we've had a talk about taking 'the next step'. She feels numb over this period of separating and wants to really focus on her youngest who has a year left in high school. We have tons on chemistry and attraction and I have played it cool and gave her the opportunity to 'miss' me. Is there something that I can do to get her moving in my direction or even find out if we're not winding up together?


Anonymous 's picture

Nice article any way to compress this into 5 dos and 5 donts ??

Anonymous's picture

Must you ever ask her age?

Anonymous's picture

I am 20 years old in the midst of talking to a woman 20+ my years. What should my game plan be and running around the obstacle of her wanting to go to bars?

Hello_world2020's picture

Chase always says a good conversation with a woman is one thats focused on her as talking about politics and culture isnt going to spark attraction. Yet now says that we should be intellectual with her.

Suzie's picture

For you young guys out there reading this article, I'd suggest you pay attention. I am what is commonly referred to as a hot MILF (I often get told I remind people of Jennifer Aniston or Julianne Hough). This article is impressively comprehensive, and Colt has managed to really get into the mind of women like myself. I am in my mid 40's, divorced with 2 adult children, am financially independent, have a successful career in education, fit lean and healthy - I am definitely not needy or desperate. I'm not ashamed to say I LOVE spending time with and being intimate with guys typically aged 20 to 25. It wasn't always this way for me though, because while I've always gotten my fair share of male attention, I was married for 20 years to a man I was devoted to, so I used to deflect that attention. As soon as that ring came off my finger and I started getting out more, even just to local cafes, I began to get a lot of looks and comments from very young guys even from friends of my kids. Its true what the article said, that even though I found some of these guys attractive and the chemistry was there, it felt wrong and I didn't really know what to do. Nine months after my divorce I had a young (age 21) male co-worker friend proposition me when we were hanging out after work one day. He was sexy but I put up the resistance because of the age gap. It took him a month to convince me that the age was not an issue. He kept telling me WHY he wanted to be intimate with me and he was SINCERE - because of my confidence, my body, my abs, my eyes, my intellect, my no-drama attitude, my substance, my worldly knowledge, my resilience, my positive demeanour, my hair and so on. He really was into me, so I agreed. The sex was some of the best I've experience because we were very sexually compatible. I'm very thankful that he persisted and forced me to confront these aspects of my sexuality, because I feel very liberated. I have been with a number of guys since him, although I am pretty choosy with who I am intimate with - I take my time to get to know them relatively well and I conduct myself with class holding them at a distance until I'm comfortable taking control. I'm no push over (I'm a MILF, I know what I want and like!). One last comment I'd like to make is in relation to #5 (Know that she's looking for you). This is so true! We fantasize about you guys as much as you do us. If I'm in an environment that has a lot of young guys, I can barely keep myself together and my thoughts constantly wander. If only you knew what we are thinking......When I go to the gym I see young guys checking me out, sometimes discreetly, sometimes overtly and I can tell what they are thinking, but I find that rarely is a guy confident enough to actually approach me to just say hi and have a conversation. I find that I often have to instigate the contact. If you get the vibe that she finds you attractive, and she is looking your way (as I often do), as stated in #3 in the article, find the courage to approach her! We find it a major turn on that a guy so young can be so confident and self assured (laid back confident, not full of himself type of confident). Anyway, I thought I'd share my thoughts and feelings on this issue, so I can help you young guys out there to have an amazing sexual experience with an older woman. Good luck! x

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