Summer Fashion For Men: Your A to Z Guide to Looking Sexy in Summertime

Note from Chase: this is a guest post from Darius B. over on Sexy Style for Joe. Darius has really overdelivered here putting together a comprehensive and classy post on getting your summer style tightened up exceedingly well to make you look stylish, attractive, and put-together. This our second post devoted exclusively to men’s fashion, after our 2013 piece, “Fashion for Men: The Primer on Looking Amazing.” If you’re ready to get suited up for summer and get yourself looking crisp and sexy, this article from Darius will leave you in excellent shape. Here’s Darius.

Can you feel it? Summer is getting closer and the weather is getting warmer every day. Well, even if you can’t feel it yet, I’m sure you’ve noticed how sexy women look on those beautiful days when they drop layers upon layers of unnecessary clothing and swap their sweaters and jeans for light, almost see-through sundresses. Ah… just writing about it makes my imagination go wild.

But what about us, men? The signature tight dress shirt and blazer or coat with a scarf to accessorize that used to get the job done in making us look sexy as hell is not exactly a comfortable option on warmer days, as we’d be sweating like a shy teenager on his first date.

We also don’t really have a clothing equivalent to what sundresses and cut off shorts are to women. The best the fashion industry has managed to come up with are shorts that either look very unflattering on most physiques or that are straight up lame and make even male models look asexual.

And so, is it possible for us to dress on the hot summer days in a way that make women go “Wow, who’s that guy?”?

Yes. Though summer brings a set of challenges to dressing sexy as a man, it also enables us to go for a bit more of a raw, sexual look, without appearing try-hard.

This article in turn is about giving you some ideas on great styles of clothing for summer and helping you build outfits that will not only look very sexy on you, but will also feel comfortable. We’ll start off with some core concepts, followed by some tips on picking (or not picking) specific items, then sum it all up with some practical examples you could model.

Choosing the Right Colors

Before we move into specifics, I’d like to address something universal about dressing during daytime in spring and summer – regardless the style of clothing you choose, try keeping dark colors to a minimum.

Don’t be that guy walking around in a black Metallica T-shirt, dark jeans, and black boots (yes, I know that T-shirt is really awesome.) You can still pull out your black slim fit jeans when going clubbing at night, but for daytime, learn to utilize brighter colors like pink, light blue, light brown, and, especially, white.

Bright colors like those make you stand out in the best way possible: they are attention grabbing, they make your look more exciting, fun, and adventurous. Even more so, it makes your frame look visually bigger, and it does a lot for skinny guys who look like stick figures in tight, all black outfits. Lastly, bright, bold colors, because of their attention grabbing qualities, are very dominating. I know it might seem counterintuitive, but something like a tight pink T-shirt on a muscular frame and proper body language is as masculine and alpha as you can visually get without being half-naked.

Now, it‘s also crucial to not overdo it with colors; you don’t want to look like you’re covering yourself in a LGBT flag.

As a rule of thumb, you want to have one main color in your outfit and another one or two additional colors that make the look more exciting and complete (you can see how this looks in practice in the final section of this article).

Buttoned Shirts

Fashion For Men

Time to get to the core of this article: ideas for specific pieces of clothing and tips on how to wear them when the weather is getting hot. We’ll start with buttoned shirts.

When it comes to wearing buttoned shirts in summer, we have one main issue: tight shirts that look particularly flattering on most male physiques are terrible at ventilating heat. Without getting technical, this means that the moment you leave your house you’re getting sweaty, uncomfortable, and soon very miserable.

Shirts made from synthetic fibers, like polyester, are the biggest offenders here.

To battle this we have several options:

First, pay attention to the fabric that your shirts are made of and try to stay away from all-synthetic shirts. Also, as a rule of thumb, if the fabric feels thick, better save it for autumn and winter. For summer, light, thin, almost see-through fabrics are the best, e.g. linen.

Fashion For Men

Secondly, don’t be shy to open another shirt button like in the example above. Remember I mentioned in the intro that some things that would potentially look try-hard in other seasons are more acceptable in summer? Well, having three buttons open on a shirt is one of them. This way we create some extra space for the heat to get out.

Now, before guys working in formal environments start getting complaints from their HR department about dressing inappropriately (I personally had comments from female colleagues about how it’s “distracting” and “how would I feel if they walked around the office with their cleavage in the open?” ha ha), this point should not be taken at face value for job interviews, business lunches, and other formal occasions – after all, this article is about dressing sexy.

Lastly, as much as hate to write it, picking up slightly looser shirts might be appropriate to keep yourself cool. If you must do this however, go for linen ones, because at least then you can create that laidback, sex-on-the-beach look.


For most guys, T-Shirts are their bread and butter when it comes to summer-wear. And indeed, picking the right T-shirts can be a quite successful approach for a more casual, laidback look. I won’t differentiate in this section between regular cut T-shirts and V-necks, because both pieces of clothing serve more or less the same purpose. In my book, V-necks and deep V-necks are simply a sexier version of the regular cut. So just to clarify, in this section I will be using the term “T-shirt” for both V-necks and regular cut.

What I would like to talk about here is the choice you have between plain, clean T-shirts, and printed/patterned ones.

Fashion For Men

Plain T-Shirts

  • Best for men with a great physique – you don’t want too many details drawing attention away from the goods.
  • If the T-shirt is of a more neutral color you might want to accessorize (covered later in the article) a bit more to make the outfit more differentiated.
  • Use V-neck cut to draw attention to your neck and shoulders.

Fashion For Men

Patterned / Printed T-Shirts

  • T-Shirts with elaborate patterns can look very sexy but are a bit more difficult to pull off.
  • To avoid looking all over the place, it’s best to incorporate such T-shirts into otherwise plain outfits.
  • Both guys with great physiques and those of us who love our beer maybe just a little too much can get away with wearing patterned T-shirts.

Now, I’m sure there are style experts out there who would be willing to fight me to the death for what I’m about to say, but here it goes: I think humorous, sexual, engaging, cute printed T-shirts also have a place in a sexy man’s wardrobe, especially in summer.

Pants & Jeans

Okay, now that we covered some basics of upper body wear, let’s discuss what sexy options we have for pants and jeans.

First, we need to understand that the always popular and flattering slim-fit has the same problems as tight shirts – on hot days you will get sweaty and uncomfortable very soon. No matter how sexy they might look, if by the time you take them off your crotch smells like a biohazard accident due to gathering sweat all day, it’s probably not a good idea to wear them.

Please note, this also doesn’t mean going all baggy, as chances are you wouldn’t find yourself in a situation where someone other than yourself is eager to take those jeans off in the first place.

Fashion For Men

As a rule of thumb, both pants and jeans should firmly mold around your buttocks and thighs (this is applicable for all seasons), but when it comes to how tight it surrounds your calves, it’s okay to have some extra fabric for ventilation.

What about colors? For summer, owning a pair of white pants (personally, linen is my go-to choice) and a pair of washed, light blue jeans will enable you to build pretty much any sexy daytime look you want, and for nights you can still pull out your sexy black slim-fit jeans.

What about shorts?

This is another point on which I disagree with most experts. My short answer is: if your goal is to look sexy, don’t wear them.

A long answer would be that there are some occasions when shorts look good: the beach, camping, playing sports, etc. It’s also okay if you have a great physique and magnificent legs, but if that’s the case, you can get away with pretty much anything anyway.

Other than that, from my perspective, shorts are one of the few pieces of clothing that make even male model look lame. To illustrate this point, below you can see David Gandy wearing shorts in one photo and pants in the other one. I rest my case.

Fashion For Men


It’s time to cover the part that separates the good from the great: accessories. In his Style Primer Chase nicely covered why scarfs are awesome accessories and how to choose them.

When the days are getting really hot however, your options with scarves become very limited and in most cases they would look out of place and feel rather uncomfortable. Also, as one of the key characteristics of a good summer style is the feel of lightness and freedom, you don’t really want to cover yourself in too many unnecessary items.

But does this mean that we should avoid accessorizing in summer? Not at all, it just means that our priorities slightly shift.


Fashion For Men

Instead of wide, thick, black belts that look great with slightly classier outfits, you might want to consider picking a slimmer, brighter belt, e.g. light brown.

An item like this will look great with almost any outfit that has white pieces of clothing. One big exception is if you decide to wear black shoes, but we’ll cover this later in the article.

Bracelets & Watches

Have you ever smelled a thick leather bracelet after it absorbed sweat after being worn whole day? It’s not nice. It’s also quite uncomfortable to wear. Because of practical problems like this, it’s best to put away your thick rockstar leather bracelets and instead pick something lighter and a bit more colorful. Examples below are my own “weapons of choice” when it comes to hand accessories.

Same goes for watches: if you like wearing one, pick one with a slimmer strap.

Fashion For Men


I’m one of those guys who like to look in the eyes of the person he’s talking to, so, more often than not, you will see my sunglasses hanging on my shirt instead of being worn. Still, even I have to admit that modern sunglasses can be very stylish and help improve almost any outfit.

The problem here is that experts in the industry make picking a pair of sunglasses almost a science, similar to picking the right watch – it can be real headache. Instead, I would like to share a short, simple checklist to help you pick a pair of sunglasses without stressing about the details.

Fashion For Men

  1. Do you like them? Good.
  2. After trying them on, do they look good on you and the rest of your outfit? Great.
  3. Do they fit, as in are they comfortably set on your nose and ears? Perfect.
  4. Are they designed for a particular sport or other outdoor activity? You can wear them for those occasions, otherwise, put them down.
  5. Do they have some weird, unorthodox shape, form, or color? Put them down, unless you really know what you’re doing.

That’s it, there’s really no need to overcomplicate things. You also might be wondering what are appropriate occasions to wear sunglasses. The answer: whenever you would need to squint to see without them.

Fashion For Men


Let’s start this section with what not to wear in summer:

Fashion For Men

  • Flips flops – Just like shorts, they’re perfectly fine on a beach, camping, and similar situations, but that’s about it.
  • Black dress shoes – A good looking pair but just very impractical and out of place during sunny summer days. Your feet will sweat as if you’re in a sauna, and you will feel uncomfortable and miserable – just not worth it (same problem applies to most sneakers). If you must wear dress shoes, pick a pair that has a way to ventilate heat. Also, a brown pair would look much better with most summer outfits.
  • Sandals – Unless you’re doing it sarcastically or as a dare, there’s never really a good reason to wear sandals.

What Should We Wear?

Fashion For Men

The above are just some ideas, but can you notice the pattern?

  • They are made from mostly light materials that don’t reflect heat back
  • Or they have other means to ventilate and keep your feet cool.
  • Mostly brighter colors.
  • Loafers/boat shoes are usually good options for summer footwear.
  • I’ve included converse for guys who really want to maintain their sexy rockstar look during the summer, when wearing those badass boots they own is not an option.

Quick tip: when you pick shoes that have more than one color, pick a belt to match the less pronounced color. For example, if you’re wearing white shoes with brown stripes like in the examples above, pick a brown belt for this outfit. Regardless of what else you decide to wear, it adds a nice, sexy touch, and makes the whole outfit look much more stylish.


But what about evenings? Surely we can afford to add one or two additional layers.

A really good summer outfit for men should be able to transition from a daytime one to something more suited for bars and night game. Usually it’s done by adding one of the following: a blazer or a leather jacket.

Leather jacket - Best for those occasions when you want to add a touch of raw masculinity.

Blazer – For those occasions when you plan of visiting classier venues and need to make sure you’re still one of the sexiest men in there.

Fashion For Men

How It Looks in Practice: Model the Masters

Fashion For Men

As promised, the last section of this article is dedicated to showing a few examples of how you can use the tips above to create some really sexy looks for yourself.

Why it works:

  • Exciting and inviting bright colors.

  • Items are cut to fit slightly looser.

  • A single accessory – belt that matches with shoes is enough to make the whole look well put together.

  • Rolling up the pants is optional and actually in most situations would look better without being rolled up.

  • Facial hair also plays an important role here, as it adds a more masculine touch to an otherwise clean outfit.

Why it works:

Fashion For Men

  • Barely buttoned linen shirt – sexy and keeps you cool (both literally and figuratively).

  • Because the outfit mostly consists of soft colors, a few extra accessories don’t look overwhelming and try-hard.

  • A nice touch – rolled up sleeves.

Why it works:

  • Fashion For MenGreat, clean look.

  • Extra button open on shirt.

  • Strings on the boat shoes matched with the shirt.

  • A belt to break the outfit, so it doesn’t look like a costume.

  • Once again: rolling up the pants is optional.

Finishing thoughts

Hopefully by now you have a much better idea how to dress when the weather gets warmer while still looking sexy and masculine, and actually feeling comfortable doing it.

Do you have any other practical tips for summer or simply want to say how much you liked or hated the article? Please, don’t be shy and share your thoughts in the comments section.



Darius B. runs, where he helps regular men who don’t particularly care about fashion and trends look hot. Check this page to get a free guide on how to give yourself a sexy style makeover!

Darius BelejevasAbout the Author: Darius Belejevas

Darius Belejevas is the dating industry's go-to expert on looking fashionably sexy. He upgrades clients' looks... And turns them into head turners and lady killers. You can learn more about his master class in looking sexy via the link below:


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Peacer's picture

WoW.. This is great article..! Thanks..!

Darius's picture

Thanks man! Glad it was helpful.

Leo's picture

Your best bet is to go on ebay and buy a whole bunch of ralph lauren and vineyard vines clothes. They focus on pastel and prep attire. Look to fraternity men for dressing inspiration as our outfits are geared towards summer n springs. Revolving around pastel colors, boat shoes, and short swim trunks (chubbies). If you wonder if these items are sexy or not, fraternity guys are notorious for being womanizers.

Darius's picture

Hey Leo,

Does such preppy frat look gets the expected results for you personally?

For most men who prefer a bit more promiscuous lifestyle and would like their image to show it, I suggest staying away from "that nice guy, who's about to meet her parents" look, for which Ralph Lauren and Vineyard Vines are known for. I would not argue that you can follow this and be "well dressed", but dressing "well" and "sexy" are quite different.

On a side note, whenever possible avoid clothes (and brands in general) that have massive brand logos/names on them - there's no reason to walk around looking like a marketing board for those brands unless you're being paid to do that.

Lastly, I don't think its good reasoning to say that a particular look is sexy because men who use it are notorious for being sexy. It's like saying that Hank Moody in the TV series Californication dresses sexy because he has a lot of sex in that show, when in fact the character is sexy because of his charisma, confidence, overall demeanor, being very open and adventurous about sex, etc. but DESPITE how he dresses (note: throughout the show he did pull off a few good looks)

To decide whether a look is sexy or not I use these criteria: emphasizing physique, having a masculine/daring edge, attention grabbing/differentiating, within social norms but bordering them (there's an article in my site where I explain my reasoning and the research behind this)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Leo's picture

The thing is, most fraternity guys do not add the edge to this look that they should because fraternities are very conservative and traditional in their nature. Us fraternity men get laid more off social status & value than anything (ie. having sick parties, tailgates, mixers w/ sororities...etc) as such, we pay little mind to adding any sexuality to our demeanor or look because naturally greek life offers opportunities like no others for getting laid and we do so effortlessly. I, however, lacked any social skill so I barely got any action when I first started; however through diligence (read: I've read every article on this website at least 10 times and still do frequently) and trial & error (TRUST ME) I developed a sexy personality with an edge to the point where I dress 'conservatively' but am able to my to speak. The thing that can make or break the 'frat' looks is often your hairstyle (which is the article that needs to be made here, as this is VERY crucial), the fit and colors. If you go on youtube and type "AEPI SPRING 2014 RUSH VIDEO" you'll see what I mean.

David Riley's picture

To add to this comment string it should be noted that a fraternity is only as strong as it's weakest member. If you have a fraternity full of sexy dressed and very social guys then the fraternity will do well with attracting women. On the other hand if you have a fraternity full of guys who don't know the first thing about style, girls will avoid them. Another strong point mentioned in this string is the idea of how "Clothes don't make the man". You can put a bum in a suit and clean him up, but you can't take the bum out the bum. The general idea I see in this string is the way you carry yourself that makes the fraternity guys winners with the ladies.

AusGuyInSoCal's picture

As an Australian living in Southern California I must comment here. Dressing like a frat boy is only good if you're in a fraternity - enjoy it while it lasts, but the second the bubble that is the US college greek system bursts and you move to large multicultural cities/countries where well-paying jobs and/or business opportunities exist, you must begin to employ the style advice of experienced men like Darius.

When Auburn and Florida State frat boys descended upon Los Angeles for this year's BCS National Title game it was almost comical to see the head-shaking stares their ill-fitting polos, cargo shorts, chin-strap beards and visors generated (side note: who-the-f*ck actually wears a visor???).

I attended a US college on a study-abroad program and was astonished at the lack of mens-style: polos, khakis and sometimes a baseball cap seemed to be the unofficial uniform. When that's the base-level it's not at all hard to look sophisticated and sexy... as such my Australian/British mates and I had a field day.

Use Darius' advice as a point-of-difference: dress like the sexiest mofo those sorority girls have ever seen and you'll become the defacto head-guy (or whatever it's called, Chapter President if my memory of Animal House serves correct...) at your fraternity. If any of your frat brothers give you grief, tell them you went to Europe over the summer and saw guys dressed well cleaning up and you wanted to give it a shot.

One last thing on frat dress: In my extensive travels I've never heard one American girl swoon as she recalled to her friends the cute polo a frat boy wore... but the bad-ass South African in "that leather jacket!" or the uber-charming Italian she delighted in stopping from "doing up all those darn shirt buttons"... they'll talk their friends ears off about those guys.

Marty's picture

Agree with AusGuyInSoCal.

There's actually a thread over on the forum mercilessly critiquing the "preppy" style. Worth a read for anyone following this section of the commentary.

Losing the Preppy Style Gets More Women


Anonymous's picture

I don't understand this preppy style. If I were to wear Ralph Lauren t-shirt and regular jeans and a shoe like converse, would I be preppy?

Anonymous's picture

Nice one..

Very neat and interesting insight..

Especially the footwear ...

As i have been wearing shoes but at night time..

During day time i haven`t tried wearing black shoes or sneakers..

Anyway, this will get me into spending spree to get the right footwear for this coming summer...

anyway, i wanted to you ask you something else Chase..

I have noticed you haven`t talked about what to drink on the date with women..
I haven`t seen such an article..

Have you put some thought in making an article about what to order, what to drink when you are out with women, or just a couple of helpful advices here would do the job ??

The M's picture

Hey Darius,

Great article! I'd picked up a bunch of these things by observing stylish guys, so it was cool to see them reaffirmed here.

A few questions:

Socks: I'm guessing you don't wear socks with any of the shoes you suggested? If you do, what colors do you choose? I've seen light blue done pretty well, but e.g. white socks and brown shoes are pretty bad.

Button down shirts: I was wondering if you have a couple personal favorite stores for casual button down shirts. I already know that Chase likes Guess (and so do I).

Printed t-shirts: I read the article on your site on printed t-shirts and I like it, but when I see guys in real life, most of them wear more, um....subtle prints. :) They're usually some colorful rectangular or circular picture or cartoon with some small text captions, but it's all blended nicely and the colors are good. I think they're from various events, famous locations, etc. Could you tell me more about what these are and when I can find them?

By the way, I love your new t-shirt design - please keep working on it and make it into a shirt!

Thanks a bunch!

The M

Darius's picture

Hey The M,

Socks: Yes, with most suggested shoes you'd be skipping socks. Few exceptions: white shoes and white/pastel pants/light blue jeans, you can wear white socks. As for colorful socks, they are actually a great option to add a touch of fun and excitement to otherwise plain looks, just make sure the rest of your outfit doesn't have too many different colors. All in all, you want to make it obvious that you picked them on purpose for this particular outfit and not because your regular, black socks are being washed :) Thank you for mentioning it, it's a great topic for an article!

Shirts: Zara is my go to choice for shirts, their slim fit (and super slim fit for very raw, sexual looks) is just the right cut for my physique. Quality is not that great and it needs extra care if I want to wear them for more than a few occasions, but I haven't found anything better in that price range yet.

As for printed T-shirts, yes, for most guys a more subtle approach would work better than the examples I picked. That's why I felt the need to add a disclaimer in the article's intro :) When I wear t-shirts like that I will enter the bar in a huge grin of my face and an attitude of self-ammusment that usually lasts the whole night - that's why I can get away with wearing something so provocative. I would still argue that even with a more subtle approach, picking t-shirts that are fun, sexual, inviting will work better than t-shirts with random texts/dates, brand names, etc. (most clothing retailers have a bunch of t-shirts like that) As for where to look for t-shirts, I'd start with, by now people added pretty much any design imaginable there (I also like "T-Shirts hell" designs). I might have misunderstood about the type of t-shirts you're talking about and if so, my apologies and please let me know :)

Of course, the sexy kitty t-shirt is happening, just a matter of time and improving my photoshop skills! I'll update it when it's ready and tested for reactions.

Thank you for the questions,

Danny's picture

Thanks Chase! It is a really great article.

What about Winter Fashion for men? I am asking this because I currently live in Minnesota. The interesting thing about this state is that summer time is really really REALLY short. It only last roughly 2 months, lol.

In other word, your article will only be useful for me for 2 months. Sigh. Winter Fashion would be more useful to me. Can u write one for Winter Fashion?


Ankit's picture

Hey bro..really nice post...well what if I want to wear pandent and something in summer..any idea on specific pandent..??? Again it is a great note :)

Max Alex's picture

Goddamn good breakdown of summer style tips, I subscribe to all.

Just today I had a pretty anecdotal case of style "change". Near my job there's a designer college full of young innocent girls ;). For last week I wear a simple outfit - brown shirt on top of black tee, and black jeans w/ brown belt and grey. In all this, I didn't get much attention.

But, today I decide to dress up in light denim raw worn jeans, and girls were like WHO'S THAT SEXY COCK??? Well, at least that's what was on their faces :)

TORNADO's picture

Great article Darius. I already have a brown belt, white trousers. All I need is a Brown pair of shoes.

I noticed you didn't mention anything about Neckwear in your accessories. Recently my friend wore a Punisher (Movie) neckwear and had many girls compliment on it. It actually looks really cool.

I was wondering if such a neckwear be too much for summer, since your neck in anyways covered by scarf n stuff during the Winters?

Darius's picture


You're on the right track, well done.

(Ankit, please let me know if the following answers your question too)

Necklaces can be great for summer (actually, they work really well in all seasons), embarrasingly I forgot to add this section :)

One thing you might want to consider in summer paritucarly, is like with bracelets - try to stay away from massive, thick pieces - it won't look congruent with most summer looks.

When it comes to picking necklaces I have one rule - it should be personal: this means either you have a story related to it, or it means something important to you, or you really like its style, etc. We all have very different tastes when it comes to designs like that, so wearing something you're proud off will usually work much better than trying to guess what will get compliments.

On a side note, I have a couple of ideas for "practical" necklaces, like placeholders for condoms and other fun stuff but so far haven't found a person who could actually create something like this for me to test, so that's in the future. :)

Back to topic, now as long as you have the above covered, you have two other things to consider:

1) Lenght of the string

In summer when you're not wearing blazers/jackets, you want your necklace visible without pulling it on top of your clothes. So if you're wearing a regular t-shirt or a v-neck it probably best to stick with shorter lenght, so that it's visible. If you're wearing a buttoned shirt with 3 buttons open on a deep v-neck, necklaces with longer strings/chains will look great too.

If it's cooler outside and you can wear a blazer/jacket necklaces will look great on top of the shirts too.

2) Material

Mainly you'll be choosing between leather and metal. Your choice should be based on the rest of your outfit. For example, with brown belt, white pants and brown shoes a brown leather necklace would probably look best. If however, at evenings you decide to pull out black slim jeans, dress shoes and and a leather belt with a good looking metallic buckle, you might want to consider wearing a necklace with a metallic pendant and a chain or a black leather string. For the examples above, necklaces with leather strings would look best.

Hope this helps,

Marty's picture

Darius, welcome.

I'm so glad you wrote this article, because it addresses matters that I'd been mulling for some time. Since it came out, I've already tried putting into practice many of the precepts you outline. The one on matching your belt to the minor color on two-tone shoes is killer!

Anyway, regarding your prohibition on shorts. I'm actually inclined to agree with you; I don't like wearing them much myself, except on the beach or at the poolside, and I think they don't really flatter men (on the other hand, women look marvelous in them... of course!).

But several girls I've been in a relationship with have mentioned to me that they wish they had my leg structure. They said my legs are nice and thin and "deer-like" (more than one coincidentally used this comparison). I do get plenty of exercise, especially running, so I suppose they are actually lean, with reasonable muscle definition and free of surplus fat.

At the moment I live in the humid subtropical climate zone; at this time of year it's in the high eighties every day. I'm wondering—is it so bad to wear shorts occasionally given that women seem to approve my legs once they actually get to see them?


Darius's picture

Hey Marty,

My apologies for the late reply. Really glad to hear you actually applied some of the advice here!

Regarding your situation, I think shorts are never the optimal approach and you'd be losing a couple of "sexy points", but it doesn't mean that you should never wear them. The fact is, sometimes we need to take the sub-optimal approach due to circumstances and extreme weather is one of those situations. Being comfortable is important too.

So, if you must wear shorts, you should do it "the right way", so no cargo/short/plaid shorts. I'd go for a knee-length, bright (made from jeans could work too) pair for that sexy, "don't give a f*" look :) Something like this:
For more elegant looks, I'd say just invest in a proper pair of linen pants and roll them up slightly.


Mike's picture

Just wondering where I could get those leather bracelets that are in the picture.

Mike B's picture

What about espadrilles?

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