Sexual Prizing

What I am about to share now is one of my own personal magic bullets, and in my opinion the strongest attraction switch there is. The concept of sexual prizing has gotten me so many lays these last years that it has revolutionized my world. I came up with this concept back in 2007, and it has basically rocked my world since then. Thanks to this concept, my life for the past seven years has become better than I have ever dreamed of.

sexual prizing

In this post I will lay down the concept and also the history behind it. Of course, this post will be an introduction, so keep in mind that there is a lot more to say about this concept (which I probably will discuss on future occasions).

If you ever wondered what was required to become perceived as a lover (and many of you have asked me such a question), then consider this post a must-read for you.

sexual prizing

When I started out in the art of seduction at fifteen (yes, I was really that young), I, like most kids my age, went to high school. High school years are rough years for everybody, but especially for those who aren’t popular. It doesn’t matter whether you are the least popular or not, it won’t make a difference, because in high school, only the most popular guys gets all the girls (at least, that was what I believed). The social systems of high schools are very hierarchical and the most popular, i.e., the ones with the highest social status, are the winners.

The older we get, the less hierarchical our social systems get – even though some elements remain (popular men are always attractive). I really hope your social circle isn’t similar to the one you had when you was fifteen.

I was not one of the most popular guys, and like most kids my age, I wanted to get laid. Happily, I found this community, where normal men could become ladies' men (with lots of hard work added, of course). So I started reading a lot of different concepts. Back then there was a lot of emphasis on social proof – on displaying higher value in order to become more attractive.

All these concepts I was coming across were legit, yet, there were just two problems with them:

  1. First of all, they seemed to be more fitted for adults than teens (who cares about how awesome you are when all that matters is how popular you are at school?)

  2. And second, they seemed better fitted for clubs and bars

Nevertheless, they did work and I started going up the social ranks at school. Men found me cooler and girls a little bit more attractive. The only problem was, I was not “the attractive man”, because I was still not one of the most popular guys.

The Realization

Then one day I learned about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in class:


Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Now we can question Maslow’s research all we want – yet, it got me thinking.

As you can see, on the hierarchy, physiological needs seem to be our most crucial needs – the ones we perceive as the most important for our survival.

This made me understand that sex is way more important for a girl than social status. As you can see, such needs like social status come far later than physiological needs such as sex.

Women Not Being Sexually Satisfied

Later, I also started figuring out that women do not have as much sex as we would like to believe. They don’t get laid all that often. But even more important, the sex these girls have with men tends not to be satisfying. I started reading surveys and even asking women about their sexual experiences (and when you pull it off, it’s actually a nice routine) and guess what – most women didn’t get any orgasms during sex and some didn’t get any sexual satisfaction at all.

Women usually have bad sex with men.

Women not being sexually satisfied, and sex being such a crucial human need, got me thinking that being a man who could provide good sex would make me a man in demand (a lover). So I immediately started focusing less on becoming the coolest guy at school, which was my original goal, stopped caring about social status, and instead focused on becoming a good lover.

sexual prizing

At the age of sixteen, I was in Spain during Christmas. Usually, I stayed at a hotel with my family, and most of the time I managed to make friends at the hotel and we would sneak out and buy booze and have fun (miss those days!).

Oftentimes I would also meet a sweet girl and flirt with her.

This next experience I will relate to you happened during that Christmas holiday. I met this very sweet Danish girl. She was hot indeed.

Being Sexual – Escalation

We ended up flirting. Things went pretty smoothly with her as the logistics were really good, as I was alone with her. She was there with her parents and so was I. She was a little bit lonely and bored, like most teens during their first days on vacation. It was the evening and we chatted.

As you by now know, I had already studied the art of seduction for a year, so I was only decent at it. One thing I learned to master fast (and which I recommend everyone get good at) was to isolate and escalate. So I managed to pull the girl to a park not too far away from the hotel and escalated further.

sexual prizing

We started kissing and I was touching her whole body. It was getting hot, and after a while I managed to touch her warm soft pussy. But as you know, most women will pull your hand away once you touch their vagina for the first time. They show a little bit of resistance. Sadly, at the time I didn’t know much about resistance and didn’t persist. I definitely could have had sex with her.

But at the end of the day, did my social status matter that much? I believe not. However, did my discretion (isolation) and escalation matter? Yes, it surely did.

Not Closing The Deal Fast Equals Friend Zone

And I was punished for not closing the deal. Next day, the girl woke up with buyer’s remorse, regretting being so sexual with me the night before. Girls become way more comfortable with your presence, especially sexually, after you have had sex with them.

Sadly, that was not the case, yet she was being sexual with me, so all I had to face was some serious anti-slut defence. Further, I didn’t display my lover side and she automatically perceived me as not being a lover – a man who isn’t all that sexually confident (a good lover would have led her, faced her resistance, and slept with her on the same night). What made it even worse was that it turned out she had a boyfriend.

So guess what happened to me?

I ended up in the friend zone.

It sucked indeed, but it didn’t mean all that much to me. I still saw potential in her. I knew already that pursuing her further wouldn’t be a good decision (even though, I have to admit, I pursued her for like two days…). I decided that she could be a good wingwoman to me.

We planned on heading to clubs (in Spain, you can enter clubs at fifteen – not legally, but it’s Spain! – and no, my parents did not allow me to stay up all night!), and for all I knew she could come in handy. Well, she did, but I was a little inexperienced with club game at that time, so I didn’t get any lays while with her.

Being Sexual – The Next Level

Either way, while I was still hanging with this Danish chick, we eventually met another Danish chick (who turned out to be a total bitch, but that is another story). Both girls and I were drinking one night. We had a cool chat even though I started disliking both of them. I begun to dislike the girl I was originally into because I felt more and more that she was going to waste my time, and the other one simply didn’t like me (and neither did I like her).

I was considering leaving, but I am glad I didn’t, because I was about to learn the most precious lesson of my life as a seducer.

As we sat down drinking near the pool at the hotel, the girls started having their girl talk. They did not mind having me around – for what bad could happen? We were on holiday and their dirty little secrets would not reach their social circle. Also, as I was in the friend zone, they would feel bad leaving me out of it.

So they started talking about sex. As we by now know, I was originally a little attracted to one of these Danish girls, but I started to slightly lose interest day by day as I started perceiving her as a waste of time. However, this turned around completely once she started talking about sex with her other Danish friend. Yes, talking about sex might turn you on, but the way she talked about sex made me all crazy about her again.

Basically, she started talking about what she liked in bed and what she has done. Talking about things I hadn’t done sexually (yet) but that I would love to try out, while also talking about things that I have tried that I would love to do again. She for example talked about how much she loved to deep throat and swallow the loads… or how she loved hard sex… how she loved anal.

Many of these things made me so curious about her, she seemed in my eyes to be a girl that would satisfy me sexually, she was willing, open minded, dirty, and experienced. I really wanted to win her over again now – because she communicated that she would be a candidate to give me amazing sex. I also felt that I deserved a part of the goodies and by winning her over I would get it.

I just can’t describe how powerful this was. Not only did it make me so horny, but it also made me chase her out of sexual frustration. I felt that my sex life was terrible, and that she could make it awesome. She communicated a certain sexual value, a value that I would like to have a taste of.

Of course, as you guessed, I did not manage to lay her and I was just wasting my time.

Friend Zoned? Next!

Fortunately for me, she left Spain before I did, which gave me a few days without her. During that time I met a girl from Belgium who turned out to not only be more beautiful but also cooler than the Danish girl – and she had no issues about having sex with me. So in the end, the best strategy when being friend zoned is to move on.

If the first girl wouldn’t have left, I would have kept chasing her and I would never have met this amazing girl from Belgium.

sexual prizing

I left Spain and went home. Reflecting over what I had learned from the Danish girl, and decided to use what I learned from her on other women. Of course, I had to calibrate it to my audience – talking about what women liked in bed, what I liked in bed (which on purpose usually was something women also liked – like dominant sex) – sharing knowledge about sex.

Now, my goal was to make women desire me sexually by making them perceive me as a good lover – a man who could really satisfy their needs.

Just like what that Danish girl had done to me.


I went to a party and tried it out. It did work, but it was more or less a hit or miss scenario. It either worked very powerfully or not at all. The reason that it sometimes didn’t work at all was because women avoided the subjects I was trying to impose on the conversation, or they would on purpose disagree with everything I said, stating that they are not that type of girl.

Some even rejected me for being a pervert. On the bright side, when it did work, it worked very well, and women were giving me strong signs of interest and started chasing.

Now keep in mind that I was sixteen and that girls were really sexually insecure, yet at the same time very sexually curious. Still, I believe the situation would be somewhat similar in the adult world, just less polarized maybe with some small subtle differences.

Then I realized that many of the rejections I received from a girl were due to her anti-slut defence, a theory I had been reading about for the past few months. The theory basically stated that women have a defence system in order to protect them from being labelled as sluts – as we know, women are judged and socially sanctioned for being promiscuous in public. Therefore, women will often act non-sexual – like a good girl – in front of men and their friends, because they do not want to be perceived as sluts.

Isolation and Secrecy

Keeping that in mind, I started thinking further that isolation might be key. If nobody knows what is up between a woman and me, then her reputation won’t be at risk.

So the first key was low-keyness. And the fact is, it did help! I went to a party a few weeks later and met this girl, and started talking about sex, but instead of doing it in the living room, I asked her out for a smoke (yes smoking at sixteen is bad, I know) and only talked about sex when we were alone. Once someone else appeared I stopped.

After she was getting into me, I took her to dance, and escalated while trying to be as low-key as I could. I then led her to the bathroom, and we made out in front of it. Then when it became free, I went inside with her and we made out further. I then went for the close, and we ended up having crazy sex in the bathroom. We actually had anal sex there (I have a lay report covering this event! I might post it).

sexual prizing

The Secret Society Male

Then she left and disappeared and I went around talking to other girls. A little bit later I met a guy whom I knew from school. We chatted for a little about girls, sex and so on, and I shared some of my wild stories. His reaction was “Alek, the girls you have sex with are just sluts; good girls don’t do such things as getting fucked in the ass in bathrooms.” I disagreed, but a little later, it turned out I was right. He told me his girlfriend was a good girl and that she would NEVER agree to participate in any kind of dirty sex like what I was talking about.

A little bit later, I find out that his girlfriend was the girl I just had anal sex with. I could not be blamed, as I didn’t know who she really was. Either way, we kept it a secret – but the lesson learned is that strangers who keep secrets are always attractive.

Also, we learn that women can be some crazy sex devils once their social reputations are not at risk and when they can feel safe to express their sexuality to its fullest.


Since this day, these events have had an impact on my style of seduction. Being sexual is definitely a key thing when it comes to seduction. To me, basing my seduction style around sex and sexuality has given me a lot of success, and in my opinion, it’s the most efficient style if you are seeking wild and dirty sex, and if you hate waiting for sex.

I am not saying that social value is not important, and most attractive men take social value into consideration when they pick up women. But for me, this doesn’t work that well. Keep in mind, different styles suits different people. But on the other side, no matter who you are, you must always be sexy. With this I mean that being cool and having high social value will never be enough (unless you are a superstar…) to make a girl wet. You need to make her horny – you need to lead her emotions and seduce her sexually!

This is what seduction is! And further, you also need to make her feel allowed to have sex, because making her horny is not always enough! You also need to take into consideration her anti-slut defence!!! Here, showing secrecy and being discreet and low-key is the solution.

Put it this way: in order to get laid, there are two things that you must focus on. First, you need to make the girl horny and desire to have sex with you. But second, you also need her to feel allowed to have sex with you – i.e., handle her anti-slut defence. Once these are in check, you will most likely get laid.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed reading this and hopefully learned a few things from my experiences!


Alek RolstadAbout the Author: Alek Rolstad

Alek Rolstad launched his pickup career at age 14, an early starter and seduction savant. His unique style of game focuses on “sex talk”: a way to make sex the primary topic of conversation. Sex talk lets the user excite girls rapidly, and filter for girls open to fast, raunchy, kinky one-night stands and sex. Alek plans to offer phone coaching to students of Girls Chase soon… Just as soon as he can find somewhere to hold phone calls on sex talk and threesomes where he won’t be shocking his roommates.

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Anonymous's picture

Nice article, mind sharing that LR? :)

J.B's picture

When is your next post covering this further coming out? How can i get in touch with you for more solid advice on this?

Casanova.Jr's picture


I really enjoyed reading through your discoveries as a high-schooler. As I'm still in highschool I could relate quite well to the stories.

(As for the report you mentioned, you should definitely post it on the boards! It'll be an enjoyable read.) Somehow I feel like I'm at a similar stage as your past self. I'll hit 16 pretty soon and I'm excited for what the next year will bring, but I digress...

Do you have any conversation examples of where you steer the conversation down to the really sexual subjects. Such as what she likes in bed, whether she like it rough and hard or etc.

The article by itself is very informative, just a couple examples that I could try out would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance!


Tomas's picture

Hi Alek!

I went through this... yes. Please could you explain this psychology deeper? It happens - you make some escalation, kiss a woman, make out with her, be sexual, but don't bring it to sex. Usually because of bad logistics, lack of time etc. So it means, the woman was clearly attracted and wanted sex.

However, then it turns around and she rejects you after that. It's a kind of autorejection, isn't it? How does she really feel towards you? Is it that her attraction really dissipates and turns into disgust? Or does she still want you, but doesn't let herself ant rejects you instead?

This is perhaps the most bizzarre female behavior. And it's a very good reason to make sex happen fast.

Thanks, Tom

mistersaturdaynight's picture

Thanks for the anti-slut defense advice! Did not really consider that until now. Will try to use it in the future :)

Peace and love

Troy's picture

Alek -

Greetings to you my friend. I hope you reply to my comment this time please and thanks.

Your journey has been quite an interesting one to read about, however i think you are sending the wrong message here for high school guys. You are telling them to look for girls in school to have sex with them. Shouldn't the focus for us high schoolers be more like:

- Learning to make female friends

- Getting great at conversation

- Learning to make male friends

- Learning lots of interesting things

- Getting comfortable being around hot girls, big groups of girls e.t.c...

- Challenge our mindsets: cutting depression, victim mentality, bitterness e.t.c.

- Handling our fundamentals becoming a sexy man

...Then when we are out of school we focus on getting laid with girls. Im in high school and that's my plan anyway. Most guys on here are not casanovas, and if so why are you reading girls chase. I think that telling us to focus on getting sexual is a little advanced. Sure, i love your emphasis on sex talk with these girls which is great.

The only fault i see here is that the guys reading this cant pull it off. The shy guy, the nerdy guy, the guy who cant talk to people - they all have one thing in common here, they would be setting their death bed, and they need a more gradual exposure to break fears.

Take for example a guy who is shy, has approach anxiety, and cant talk to girls, he wont be able to isolate and escalate with a girl because it is just too far out of reach. Instead they take the other step which is to just learn how to walk up to a hot girl before 3 seconds has passed, then learn to say "hi", then have a conversation.

What you write in this article is great advice though. I appreciate it. It's just a bit too advanced for most high school guys who dont already have a decent social status. Could you write more about high school game? Thank you. I love what you write and hope to see you on here more.



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