How to Provide an Amazing Sexual Experience

An assumption that a lot of men make when they first get into seduction is that they need to be something more than just a man to have sex with. They assess that women have nearly unlimited options for men to sleep with, and thus that they need to build more value and hold something “special” so women will want them and be attracted to them.

However, when men feel like they have nothing to offer a woman because she already has hundreds of other men clamoring to have sex with her, seduction becomes very difficult. Those men have nearly no sense of purpose guiding them towards becoming better with women, because in the end they just feel like they’re pulling sleight of hand to have sex with her.

amazing sexual experience

This, in essence, is a very idealistic scenario, where inexperienced men assume that women just want sex and have so many options for it that any chance of them getting into the system is futile. So they try to build value in other ways – by being a friend or provider in lieu of the commonality of sex.

However, seduction is a venereal experience. How one experiences sex determines its value. When men have been removed from this experience, it becomes very easy for them to forget that sex is about much more than the physical act. It’s about the experience that sex entails that brings about great value to a man who is able to give the best of experiences.

Sex is a Rich Experience

There is much more to sex than meets the eye. Women with a modicum of attractiveness can find a man to have sex with very consistently and easily. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this social experiment depicting a woman going out on the street and flat out asking men to have sex with her.

This experiment has been replicated a few times, and most of the time with pretty good results. If a girl has good fundamentals and asks a bunch of guys to have sex with her, she can reliably find a guy to have sex with.

However, the real world just doesn’t play out like this. You’d never see an attractive woman walking around the street trying to find guys to sleep with, because she already has tons of men who have approached her with the mindset that if they offer enough long-term value to her, she’ll have sex with them and be their girlfriend.

Those men are quickly relegated to the friend zone, as any type of attraction window has passed, and they end up just being a hang-out buddy. If all she needed was sex, these men would give it to her in a heartbeat. Or she could just approach men on the street.

Why is sex with a man who is an excellent lover such a hot commodity, then? Because the lover knows that sex is a rich, exciting experience that is about much more than just the physical act. If all that humans needed was the physical act of having an orgasm, we’d all be consuming the much easier-to-obtain mode of self-gratification.

Men must understand how to give women an intense, rich experience if they ever hope to become the lover that women lust after.

What is an Experience?

The experience a woman will never forget is a journey that is best understood when you’re able to empathize with how a woman feels in such a moment. Let us take that journey.

Think of this journey as something that is rare, spontaneous, and exciting. Think back to a time in your childhood that absolutely mystified your heart, where you get butterflies just thinking about it. It may be your first kiss, or perhaps the time that you went on your first rollercoaster ride.

When you stepped on that ride, you felt the gentle breeze in the air, and perhaps a bit of doubt creeping in. Then, all of the sudden, you were flying through the air, head in a tizzy, prepared to scream as loud as you could to enjoy the splendor of air rushing past your face at seventy miles per hour.

How would you explain what just happened?

  • Would you think about it in mechanical terms, remembering that you accelerated to seventy miles per hour, went through a loop, then got off the ride three minutes later?

  • Or would you come running off the ride, skipping and laughing with your friends for seemingly no reason at all?

Unless you’re a robot, the second option is the most likely to occur.

And that, my friend, was an experience. It is one that filled your heart with joy. The rollercoaster provided something you just couldn’t get elsewhere, and such an experience was built up from the moment you stepped in line.

The Sexual Experience She’ll Never Forget

amazing sexual experienceNow that you’ve gained a feel for what an experience is, we can move into breaking down the sexual experience. And, as men concerned with sexual relationships, we want to provide an overwhelmingly positive experience for the both of you.

As with any experience, each sexual experience is unique to the individual. I could run you through which scenarios work for me, but those same exact strategies would most likely fail without the insider knowledge of how to operate the system.

It’s vital to know that there are core mental components that are a part of most every positive sexual experience. With this knowledge you’re firmly in the driver’s seat, and can determine where the interaction is headed (or rather, where it needs to go).

In addition, you’ll gain the ability to change your process to ensure she never gets bored of you following the same routine over and over again. You’ll become a variable, unique man that can provide her with a refreshing experience each and every time.

What does such a rare man know that regular guys don’t? He understands that the experience is split up into parts:

  1. The Opening

    The opening of a conversation is where an experience with a woman begins. It’s the first time that her eyes meet yours, and it’s the point in which each party decides whether or not they are physically attracted.

    The opening is the most vital part of a seduction. It is the point where attraction, in large part, is established. Minds can change later on, but in order to stay efficient (another attractive trait in its own right) you’re going to want to get this part of the experience down perfectly.

    Thus, much of the importance in the opening is placed on determining how attractive you are… These are the fundamentals, such as:

    These are things that every man should learn at the beginning, because men need to be attractive if they have any hope of bringing a woman home. If a man is deemed unattractive and not sexually exciting, he won’t make any headway in bringing a woman home.

    This is why fundamentals are THE core component of everything we teach here. You can have the game of a god, but if you’re walking around like an awkward boy, constantly stumbling over your words, no amount of game will save you.

    Attraction is the first checkpoint. Sometimes attraction alone can be enough to provide a great experience – that’s how most guys end up with girls: the mutual attraction leads them towards the bedroom at a fast pace, creating a wonderful experience.

    The next part of the opening is, well, the actual opener. What do you say to a woman to sweep her off her feet immediately?

    Each of these have their various scenarios to show that they do in fact work. The idea is to say something and maintain your fundamentals while you talk to her.

    For example, sexy men with sexy voices could say the most uninteresting things in the world and get her hooked, just as long as they understand that the opening is a lead in to the next step. It’s the small step necessary before you can take the big leap.

  2. The Emotional Connection

    Connecting on an emotional level makes sex AMAZING. The best sex comes with a man who knows how emotions work.

    Unfortunately, this is the part that many inexperienced men goof up on, because an emotional connection seems so foreign to them. They know how to emotionally connect as a friend, sure, but as a lover? How do you do that?

    To connect as a lover, you must be:

    The non-judgmental man knows that he will not harshly judge her for any sexual views that she holds. He will understand and empathize with her.

    To achieve this, you can use the rather ubiquitous tactic that is the deep dive. Get to know her a bit and communicate understanding, create an us-versus-the-world atmosphere, and you’ll feel completely in-sync with each other.

    Dominance is another technique that most men don’t master. They let women walk all over them, and when they encounter any type of frame battle they fold immediately, rather than sticking it out until their final play. Stay dominant, and even the most strong-willed of women won’t be able to beat you down.

    Charisma goes hand-in-hand with dominance. The charismatic man comes out on top of the frame battles and shows her that his way is in fact the best way to reach the bedroom, as he has extensively studied the art of seduction. He goes through his process and understands that, in order for her to be excited, she must follow his process.

    A man who is scarce is a limited resource.

    Think of any couple caught in a situation where it may be the last time they see each other, where they know that this is the only time that they can fulfill their lust. They will have some of the best sex of their lives, because they are entering into an exciting, judgment-free zone, where the only thing that matters is having hot sex while they still can. And when can they do it?


  3. The Release

    The release is the actual act of having sex. Passion and all the previous actions collide into a hot, steamy event.

    The release shouldn’t be overlooked – women here may be ready to cum within minutes, but you still have to apply techniques to get them there. This part is the easiest to master if you’ve done all the other parts right. It’s also the part that most guys pay attention to, so they are already pretty knowledgeable about what to do.

    However, if you’re coming into this article without much of an idea of what to do in the actual act, I can give you a few pointers.

    First is that you must keep your frames congruent. No breaking down and losing confidence. Continue to attack her with the same passion and dominance that you’ve displayed throughout the entire interaction.

    As for physical technique, there are a few in-depth pointers on this website that will help you understand what to do once you enter the bedroom.

    Sexual technique is one of the most personal things out there, so give it some thought and experiment with some new stuff. That non-judgmental excitement zone that you’ve created also lends itself to working together and figuring out new ways to please each other.

    Once you’ve reached this stage in a sexual experience, you’re pretty much done. You can repeat such steps further on in the relationship by completely skipping the first step (the opening) and instead reinforcing the frames and emotions experienced the first time around.

    As time wears on, however, it becomes harder and harder to be scarce, as she has had quite an abundance of your sex. It becomes less powerful, more safe, and less exciting. This is why these types of relationships are difficult to manage, and require a certain degree of variability.

With Great Power…

I’ve just given you an absolute bomb of a method for having amazing sexual experiences with women. I want to add a disclaimer that having such a rich experience can cause women to become absolutely addicted to it. And, as I explained in my article about bitter old relationships, this can cause her to build up a lot of resentment towards you, as lovers like you aren’t as common as they seem.

amazing sexual experience

That is why it is very important that you use this selectively. Provide too good of an experience to the wrong girl, and you’ve got a serious problem on your hands.

Think of it like this: take an addictive substance once and get your supply cut off and you won’t get addicted. Continue to provide that addiction again and again, and bonds will form that can be hard to cut.

Perhaps I’m teaching you this stuff so that someone can take the bitter ones off my hands and provide them a similar, or perhaps an even better experience... But who really knows? ;)


Ross LeonAbout the Author: Ross Leon

Ross Leon is a member of the Girls Chase Forums and an occasional contributor to Girls Chase. His focus is on body building, relationships, and personal self-development.

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Anonymous's picture

Yo Chase, I've got some time off and I've been taking it to seriously remodel myself into a more valuable, attractive dude. I've been imitating James Bond and Dean, but I experienced difficulty in trying to express my artistic nature through these men. But I've been reading a series, and came across a guy who was really interesting as a character. He has a shy, warm air about him, and switches between this and a dangerous mood when interacting with people. He uses language tactics to allure to an unspoken dark side that many readers wonder about. I have a link to a picture of him here, and I just wanted to ask your opinion on whether this is too shabby to imitate?

Here's the link :

Thank you Chase

Ross Leon's picture

Hey Anon,

I can tell you that, from personal experience, this type of game can work very well. I tend to get girls investing a lot off the bat, and when they try and flip the switch and talk to me I'll reveal very little about myself. This is a phenomenon that was explained in "How to Be Vulnerable, Enchanting, and Alluring to Women".

It works wonders for getting girls interested in an under-the-radar way that most other people won't understand. Many times have I been called a "mysterious" guy with a dark side simply because I deeply explore that dark side. And women eat it up.

It should be noted that if you go this route, you'll need to learn how to take girls out of auto-rejection, because you run the risk of letting her know too little about you. You've also got to move even faster, because if you aren't moving forward confidently while also letting her encounter auto-rejection, she will turn cold to any advances. It's a hard technique to master, but also one of my favorites.

David anon's picture

Hello Ross,

there is one thing that keeps intriguing me in online dating. Will you solve it? :-)
Attraction is established at opening and fundamentals are crucial. If there´s no attraction, you can as well turn and leave. Or not? Please tell me.

This happens often in online dating. A woman is attracted to your texts, picture, voice, but you are different in person. Online dating is much about illusions and everyone is "worse" than illusions about him/her. So she is craving to meet you for the first time. Actually, if you can play this game well and have some luck, a woman can meet you for the first time and be ready for sex in minutes.

However my question is to the opposite case - the moment you meet, she is repulsed because her expectations (read: illusions) were completely different than the real you. You lose the opening even if your fundamentals are good! So, she´s not attracted, but will still have a coffee with you. How much power do you have in such a situation?

And a second question - do you think, she could be attracted if you met under different circumstances than you did? (different place, daytime, mood... or not via online site)... Every woman on earth will answer "no". However I strongly believe that it´s true at least for some women.

Thanks Ross,

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