New Site Design and Business Model: Live in 7 Days

new site design: coming soonHowdy gents,

It’s a little later than promised, but we are finally almost ready to roll out the new Girls Chase site design and content subscription plans. Most of the major work on setting up the subscription model and building the new site design and layout is finished, and we’ll be spending the remainder of this week putting the polish on, fixing up a few odds and ends that still need completing, and testing everything out to knock out any last bugs or glitches we come across.

If you didn’t catch my 2013 announcement for our new upgrades this year, you can read the original announcement here: “Changes for Girls Chase in 2013.” (and if you’re reading that for the first time and find you have questions, make sure to check out the rather lengthy comment section – there are somewhere close to 50 reader comments and questions on there, and I set aside what amounted to a full work day to make sure they were all satisfactorily answered)

Our go-live date for the Girls Chase relaunch is Sunday, 10 March 2013 – exactly one week from today.

If you’d like to sneak a peek at the almost-finalized version of what the articles page looks like, you can see it right here: “Development Screenshot, 2013-03-03” (opens in new tab).

It’s been a long slog and a lot of hard work rebuilding the site like this. We've had some really talented folks working on it though, and they've done a fantastic job. I’m really happy with how the new look's turned out, and content subscriptions seems like it’s absolutely the way to go to make sure that this business works and stays viable, healthy, and strong, and can grow and bring more talented people on board and really make an impact in how people approach the social and seductive arts.

You might not see quite as much of me this week as I dive deep into the trenches to make sure everything’s perfect before the launch, but if things are a little quiet this week, just know it’s because we’re preparing to deliver you a whole new experience on Girls Chase, just 7 days from today.


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Good profits to you! )


Thanks, Victor!


Hey chase, is it possible for me to purchas your "how to get make girls chase" ebook through PayPal and not credit card? Please respond, thanks man



It is - you can follow this link and it'll take you straight to PayPal:

How to Make Girls Chase via PayPal


hey just read this and "changes for girls chase" and i agree 100% with the content subscriptions. i've been following your site probably only 8 months or so and always felt like i was "stealing" all this great info from the articles without ever having to buy the ebooks. really what is $20 a month when this site has helped me sleep with dreamgirls WITHOUT having to even take them to dinner or spend any money on them at all (another tip learned here) Keep up the great work and this site will grow substantially.


Thank you Parish. Yeah, I'd hope that'd be the reaction of most guys - I do really try to put some value into the site.

Anyway, I appreciate the vote of confidence - substantial growth is the plan. Now all we have to do is execute on that plan...


Hope that you become successful with it. Best luck guys.


Cheers, Anon. Thank you.


Thank you chase for all these great insights you've been providing. They've really helped change my perception on many of my experiences. I truly believe you are making a remarkable difference in the world by giving good insights to men's perceptions and encouraging us to take growth into our own hands.

I am currently in therapy and not working as I have been for a while. Like Parish mentioned above; I too felt these insights were worth the money. I ended up buying your mastery program in September after following your blog so I was not as studious as some really sitting down and reading the book, usually sticking with the latest interesting topics. My excuse is the lack of time and difficulty remembering/being able to apply it consistently in my suburban area.. but all of us here know; excuses don't count for much.

I wish you the absolute best.. keep doing your thing and striving for the best. I'd like to later subscribe when I have the means. For now; I will take this as an opportunity focus on the program and delve into the information that's been provided so I can start to focus on areas needing improvement. I look forward to seeing your latest material in the near future when I can start the subscriptions as well as contributing to the board some more.

Thanks for everything and I'd appreciate if you could shed some light on these topics regarding:

When I start paying for the new subscription, will there:

1. be past articles to get caught up on, or; will only the articles of that month be available?

2. be discounts provided for those who have purchased your programs?

Thanks a LOT!



I'm glad to hear you've been able to take some of this stuff and change the way you're looking at things; even if you're not getting out much (yet), doing some perspective shaping and knowledge amassing does make the learning curve easier once you're out meeting women more regularly... although the learning curve is always still there, waiting to be tamed.

When you start getting a little more time, do try to tackle some of the homework / assignments in the eBook and the Spellbinding companion book - they'll give you things to work on specifically that'll make it easier to get rolling. Though you might have to take a trip into the city if you're stuck out TOO far out in suburbia.

On subscriptions, everyone who's subscribed will have full access to the site - so, you'll be able to read all past articles, plus new ones as they go up. No archiving or getting making old articles inaccessible or fees to read them or any of that garbage. All plans offer full access.

And, regarding previous buyers of programs - we do have something in the works in that department, yes. We'll send out an email to buyers a little before Sunday, so keep your eyes peeled for that note.


Worked out a strategy which benefits all involved. Instead of buying snacks, save the money towards using this site. Don't gain weight and learn life lessons. Pretty worthwhile. Hope it goes smooth, will see you next week Chase!


Sounds like a prudent idea, Knight - although... snacks can be hard to resist, so might be easier said than done ;)


May I thank you for everything you have done.
The best times and await ahead.
I don't believe in luck nor in coincidence.
May your vision be bigger and brighter.
Chase and who ever this message I may effect,
you are marvelous and what you are trying to do.
The profits and wealth you gain are only a spectacle; if not just an effect.
If your cause is held closely to your heart may you be blessed in my eyes.

Upwards and Onwards

-Leonidas Chase


Thank you, Leonidas... very poetic way of putting things. Much appreciation for the sentiment.

And the wish for a bigger and brighter vision is one very dear to me - always see things from an ever-bigger picture, I believe. You couldn't have picked a better good wish.


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