Changes for Girls Chase in 2013

Hey there gentlemen,

Chase Amante here. It's the start of a new year - 2013; and new things are afoot.

We'll be introducing some new, (relatively) major changes to the website that are going to both massively up the value the site's bringing to you over the course of the year, and change the way you use it for the better.

Girls Chase 2013 Logo
(the new Girls Chase logo)

What we have here right now is a content business - an article-based site - where the site isn't all that well-designed for finding the kinds of articles you most want. It's a blog setup, which is usable, but far from optimal.

We also have a business model that's centered on product sales, for a website that's all about the content. It's what you'd call a mismatch between what the reader comes to the site for, and what the business side of things wants to achieve (i.e., enough revenues to properly maintain and grow the site and company).

So, sometime between late-January and mid-February most likely, we'll be premiering two new things:

  • A totally new, newspaper-influenced website design that's cleaner, more navigable, more readable, and yet retains enough of the old style of things that it should feel like a pretty natural transition to old hands around here (you can see a development snapshot of one of the new category pages here; obviously, nothing's complete yet, though); and

  • A new, New York Times-style content subscription model, where you'll be able to access 10 articles on the main site for free per month, and you'll be asked to pay about 20 dollars per month to subscribe and keep reading if you'd like to read more than 10 articles per month

I expect there's probably a fairly wide opinion here among the regular readers about this; both about the site redesign and, likely more so, about the new content subscriptions.

Before you jump to any conclusions though, I'd like to ask you to take a walk with me (metaphorically speaking) as I discuss with you why we're making the changes we are, and what you can expect out of Girls Chase in this new year.

Yes, This IS a Business

I get a lot of guys writing, commenting, sharing tales on the forum, and even meeting me in person (on occasion) to report with effusive praise that this website's changed their lives. I'm very grateful for that; compared to what I used to do, sitting in a cubicle putting together spreadsheets for federal accounting teams and military logistics departments, running a business that touches close to three quarters of a million individuals a month is pretty fulfilling work.

To me though, this isn't nearly enough yet.

The majority of men out there still have no clue what they're doing women. The majority of women out there rarely ever meet anything but clueless, unattractive men. And there are too many people tip-toeing around one another's emotions, hiding things from each other, pretending to be people they're not, because they don't have any idea what to do on a date, what to do when they first meet each other, and what to do 10  months or even 10 years after they've gotten married.

That I feel a need to reach these people may be a little hard for most people to understand. Most people seem to have the attitude that if they just help themselves, and maybe a few people around them, that ought to be enough.

Pat on the back, good chap; you've done your community service for this life; now, you may go relax and while away the rest of your days in peace and merry contentment.

When I look at that though, it's just so discouraging; it's great to help people one at a time, but if you're always operating at too small a scale, you're only throwing fistfuls of sand into the ocean.

My aim is to be dumping continents in.

To do that, we need a functioning business system; to make a real impact not just in a few people's lives, but in many people's the world over, we need to really build up the team here, get more writers on staff, and more talent contributing. I can do it on my own for a while - with the odd help here and there from other folks (and, many thanks everyone who's been helping out and contributing, for sure) - but ultimately, at some point, as things stand where they are right now, I'm going to burn out, break down, get really sick, or otherwise not be able to be here for a while, and at that point, the business is done.

This business, if it's to survive and really wants to have half the impact in the world that I think it can have, needs to be more than a one-man-show-with-help; it needs something that maybe half the world understands, and the other half shudders in horror and fear and anger over the very notion of. What it needs is this:

It needs a sustainable business model.

Why Content Subscriptions?

A few months back, with steadily rising traffic but stagnant revenues, I found myself faced with a bit of a conundrum: do I want to abandon article-writing and focus on just cranking out and marketing products, or is there something more in line with the business the way it is now that I can do?

It didn't make any intuitive sense to me to drop article-writing and become an information products guru; I'm neither a product-creation expert, nor a marketing pro. What I'm good at is explaining social and seductive dynamics to men in ways that are relatively easy to understand and implement, and relatively difficult to find elsewhere, and I'm also not bad at writing (when I'm not making heaps of grammar errors and running afoul of the ghosts of English teachers past, that is).

Because, for sure, while the products here aren't bad, they're not what people come to Girls Chase for; people come to Girls Chase for the articles.

I realized by moving to a content subscription model, I could keep the focus on articles, and actually tie traffic and revenues to the same thing.

By moving us to content subscriptions instead of products, I wasn't going to have to stop writing articles and start cranking out products; with content subscriptions, the more and better the articles, the more people read and the more they want to read... and the better the business does, and the more I'm able to keep growing it and bringing in better and better guys, and the more we're able to keep cramming more value in.

Instead of there being a tension between the models - products or articles? - there becomes a positive feedback loop; a virtuous cycle. The more and better the content, the more and greater the readers and subscribers, the higher and stronger the revenues, the more talented people can be brought in to really blow this thing up, and the more and better the content.

It works.

Handling Objections

I've discussed this change with a couple of the guys on the forum who've been contributing to the site already, and a few others folks around, and the staff, of course, and everyone's supportive and seems to think going to content subscriptions and moving away from trying to split focus between content and products is a smart move, and one that's been some time in coming.

The ability to bring in fresh, talented writers with new ideas and new insights and to expand and grow the business is something everyone's been eager to get behind; not to mention, as one the folks I've been talking to put it, I myself "can't keep going at this pace writing this much forever."

In case anyone's counting, I've been putting up the articles equivalent of a nonfiction book (~70,000 words) on the site every 2 to 3 weeks for the past few months. Only over the holidays has the pace slowed as I've tried to recover from some burnout and moderate illness.

Nevertheless, I realize some people are going to be miffed at the move to content subscriptions.

Some won't like it a bit.

Some will say it isn't fair.

Some will say they aren't coming back.

I'd honestly prefer not to lose ANYONE. I will lose some. The 10 free articles a month limit means that the people who are just passing by and reading the odd article here and there won't be affected.

If you've already gorged yourself on all the Girls Chase articles you can handle, and you're never going to read more than 10 a month ever again, you'll be immune.

If you think 20 bucks a month is a steep asking price for the material on this site, I admittedly can't really say anything else to change your mind; that's about 5 large hot chocolates at Starbuck's a month. If you don't feel this site benefits your life more than 5 large hot chocolates at Starbuck's a month though, then you shouldn't pay.

I do recognize there's a segment of readers who really, honestly, can't afford 20 dollars a month. Not the guys who spend $10 at McDonald's for lunch every day and then complain they don't have enough money to pay for extra channels on cable TV so that's why they had to get a cable box; I mean the guys in India and Bangladesh and the Philippines and all those who think finding the equivalent of 50 cents on the roadside is like stumbling upon manna from heaven.

For those guys, you'll still have 10 articles free a month; and you'll still have the forum. And I guarantee, those 10 articles a month and the new Girls Chase forum will always be completely free.

For the guys who are indignant, and refuse to pay because they think it's ethically wrong to pay for the material on this site, or morally repugnant to be asked to pay for something that they previously had for free, what can I say but, "That's life?"

I spent plenty of time in my youth getting upset at formerly free services that started asking for my money; some of them I quit forever, to "show them" or "teach them a lesson;" some of them I quit but went back to later when I realized the service was worth the coin; some of them I never quit and looked at right away and said, "You know what, they give me something valuable, and it's worth paying for to me."

Only with age and the gradual quelling of the passions have I been able to take a less-gut reaction and more even-tempered outlook on people asking for money on things they didn't used to; even then, I'm still a little temperamental.

So, if you decide that Girls Chase at 20 bucks a month really isn't for you, I have been there, countless times; I still keep ending up there, from time to time; and, I do understand. It's okay.

What Can I Expect from Girls Chase Down the Line?

I play things pretty close to the chest.

I'm a big believer in giving goals, objectives, and dreams a little jealously-guarded secrecy at the outset to let them germinate from seeds into sprouts. Just like direct sunlight on a seed that hasn't sprouted can kill the seed, the full spotlight of others' opinions, thoughts, and beliefs on an idea that has yet to stick its shoots up out of the earth can lead to a dead, mangled, or crippled development before it ever carves a place for itself in the world.

In addition to that approach on ideas, I'm a big believer in the Steve Jobs approach to market research prior to major changes:

Our job is to figure out what they're going to want before they do. I think Henry Ford once said, 'If I'd asked customers what they wanted, they would have told me, "A faster horse!"' People don't know what they want until you show it to them. That's why I never rely on market research. Our task is to read things that are not yet on the page.

When I started Girls Chase in 2008, if you asked guys what they wanted back then, it probably would've been:

  • More routines
  • More stuff on M/W complex
  • In-field videos of pickups
  • More boot camps in more cities
  • More stuff on "inner game"

Nobody would've told you anyone wanted a 400-page ebook on a complete pickup process; who in his right mind is going to sit down and READ something like that? All the products back then were flashy big picture books with a lot of acronyms thrown about like AMOG and AFC, LMR and ASD, C&F and pAImAI.

And no one would've told you that an approach to picking up that centered on getting girls talking and thinking about effort and getting women invested and moving quickly and being direct was going to get anywhere; everyone knew you had to DHV and be impressive and obey the 7 hour rule and the 3 second rule and be funny and witty and be interesting over text.

Certainly no one would've told you a site like this would gain any great traction, with regular, lengthy and detailed forays into how-tos, details, and minutiae of the mechanics of socializing and seduction, and explorations of the inner workings of psychology and cognition and the female mind (and the male one, too); the biggest article-based websites at the time were opinion-heavy blogs, where guys ranted on and on about the flaws of women and taught men to win at seduction like some kind of pickup combat sport.

So what's next? I've got some ideas, but I'm not ready to talk about them just yet. I will say that, assuming the new business model kicks off as I think / hope / expect that it will, you can anticipate seeing a lot more talented writers on here over the coming months - in addition to (of course) plenty more content by me.

I may even be able to hire a proofreader and get rid of all those nasty grammar mistakes.

So, have I betrayed you by moving us to content subscriptions?

Some of you may think so, but I hope you'll soon find not - because what I want to bring you with the next upgrade of Girls Chase is, and I think and hope and expect you'll agree with me when you see it fully realized a few months out, worth a lot more than 20 bucks a month.

To 2013.

Chase Amante

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.


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JTS's picture

I'm from Malaysia, and I assume I fall into the category of "...the guys in India and Bangladesh and the Philippines and all those who think finding the equivalent of 50 cents on the roadside is like stumbling upon manna from heaven."

For those guys, you'll still have [10 articles free a week]; and you'll still have the forum. And I guarantee, those 10 articles a month and the new Girls Chase forum will always be completely free.

Is there 10 a week or 10 in a month?

Chase Amante's picture

Hey JTS,

My mistake, it's supposed to be "10 articles free a month" - thanks for the catch. All fixed now.


Knight's picture

Hi Chase,
I think you have a potential customer from me. However, Will the twenty dollars also be twenty dollars in Australian money? I don't think I can support this site if it costs me more to read than somewhere else, unless of course you can tell me exactly why I need to pay more than other subscribers.
I'm looking forward to the site redesign!

Chase Amante's picture

Howdy Knight,

I'd be honored to have your business. Here's hoping we get enough great content up here that the value makes sense for you.

For simplicity's sake (or perhaps, lack of sufficient technical prowess on our end?), 20 dollars is 20 dollars is 20 dollars, across the board, priced in USD, same currency as the book, videos, etc. (it's actually specifically likely to be $21.95 all said and done; I think that's the price point we've largely settled on).

So no, don't worry - everybody's paying the same thing no matter where they may be the world over. Not trying to flip anybody's "fairness" triggers here... those lead to the same kind of nasty emotions I have to delete from the comments of the articles from guy who think it's morally bankrupt and grounds for a swearing session to not pay for women on dates, and women who feel like this website poses an existential threat to their abilities to shift men into the friend zone as "backup plans" ;)


Knight's picture

Ha, awesome!
I have had to forgo a lot of awesome media in the past due to prices being raised in the country. Hope others realise the value this site offers as well.

- Best wishes

David Lee's picture

Hey there Chase,

As an avid reader of your articles, something I admired about you was your willingness to share such influential information to anyone for free, but I understand that you need to make money to keep this going. Hopefully this new turn of events will bring GirlsChase to an even greater level of helpfulness.

By the way, I think I remember reading something about you working on a book on relationships. How's that coming up -- I'm looking forward to reading it once you finish?

- David

Chase Amante's picture

Hey David,

Yes, the greater level of helpfulness is the plan! What I'm trying to figure out is what the right balance of articles will be... e.g., is it too much if there're 4 or 5 (or more... or WAY more?) articles going up a day half a year from now? Might just be that people will follow their favorite authors, or mostly specific sections (like, mindsets, or pickup tech, or relationships, etc.). Anyway, that's more of a good problem to have to figure out... the first order of business is finding a steady stream of abnormally talented and clear writers on a topic that few are very knowledgeable on and fewer write well on, and making sure they're paid enough and satisfied enough with the work and company and culture to be fat and happy, but I'm working on those too.

On the relationship book, I was seeking a book deal for it at the time, but after a little over 30 rejection slips from publishing agents I put it on hold. The general consensus seemed to be "this seems like a great angle; you seem like a good writer; and this seems like a sizable niche; but it's a little more controversial than we'd like." Some less politely worded than that.

So, I'll have to skip the major publishing houses most likely, but I want to wait to release it until I can really devote time to putting together a solid launch plan for an independent release, and I simply need a bigger team in place to hold the fort down here and handle more of the marketing and publicity elements of it before I can realistically think about that. It's still coming; I think it'll be a game changer for a lot of people... but, all in good time.


Dan22's picture

Hi Chase,

I for one am in agreement with a monthly subscription here! I'm from over the pond, England, and I can tell you that there is no better source of information than what I found here. I stumbled upon this blog about a year ago now and (admittedly) check on this blog every day and can say has changed my life for the extreme... :)

In my opinion $22 would be a fair price because I effectively stumbled across a gold mine here last year, picking me up from a hard place and sending me somewhere new and exciting. To say the content on this site is life-changing is just about true and to have this advice for completely free was a godsend to be honest. Considering I fork out £60 ($100) a month on a gym membership, there's certain things in life which need to be payed for if you want the lifestyle you desire, and in a world like nowadays the unfortunate truth is things are costing more and more to upkeep, especially if you want a fancy lifestyle... ;)

Hand on heart, this is the lifestyle I want to continue and if people can't or don't want to accept paying for whatever understandable reasons then that's O.K, but I just wanted to give my two cents on how informative and cogent this blog has been and how some things in life are simply worth not just time and hard work, but hard earned cash too...

Keep up the hard work Chase & the team!



Chase Amante's picture

Thanks for your vote of confidence, Dan!

I'm going to take what's good about this place and do my absolute darnedest make it an even stronger deal over the course of this year for you and everybody who's signed up... if you think it's a fair deal when you sign up, I'm going to be disappointed if you think it's anything less than a steal by the end of 2013.

Anyway, I don't want to get into too many outlandish promises and start sounding like one of those infomercial sales guys, but let's just say it's sure to be an intense and interesting year.


AJ's picture

Hello Chase,

I'm a regular reader of the site, the content is simply great and it has showed me stuff I thought couldn't be, but in fact are. I come to you with a sort of challenge I hope you accept, I am trying to save myself for marriage, successful so far, but I still want to date plenty of girls, so my challenge is How should I go about picking up girls, if I can't be sexually active with them?

Look forward to your reply, BTW I'm not kidding.

Chase Amante's picture

Hey AJ,

Glad to hear you like the content so much! That question is a pretty challenging one, yes.

I wrote a rather long article on why dating without sex is very difficult (especially in modern Western society) here which is probably worth checking out so you'll know what you're up against:

Dating Without Sex: Why It Usually Doesn’t Work

I don't know where you are in the world right now, but there are some small towns in the Southern United States as I understand where women until a certain age remain virgins (and hence, will be a lot more tolerating of a similarly inclined man); this is also somewhat common in more conservative countries, like those in much of the Middle East, South Asia (India, Pakistan, etc.), and some parts of Asia (rural China, rural Philippines, etc.). The bigger a town you find yourself in, the less likely women are to stay virgins; there are simply too many attractive men around to say "no" to, and too much social anonymity for women to long remain convinced that there's a reason they SHOULD say "no."

My recommendations for men who don't want sex before marriage are typically to date young (under 21 or so) and marry fast; you stand a better chance of meeting girls for whom sex isn't a big deal yet. There's the alternative, and that's dating the 30+ women who are getting bored of bad boys, relationships that don't last, and flings, and are starting to cast about for men who want to settle down; though, be advised, that if you aren't sleeping with them, typically someone else will be and they'll just keep things casual until you're ready to commit (and give them what they need). Most guys who want to wait for marriage I find aren't comfortable dating women who don't want the same thing for themselves however, which means you'll probably want to go younger rather than older.

Or - you could just move to a country somewhere in the world where the women are more conservative, and make things a great deal easier for yourself (assuming you live somewhere in the West right now other than a small, dyed-in-the-wool religious town).


AJ's picture

Thanks for the reply Chase

I'm from the Dominican Republic BTW, and I have to say you're on point, it is hard to find girls who are keeping themselves for marriage, but thanks to your articles I have been able to talk to girls about sex with confidence and most respond well to with my goal, the problem is, as you pointed, that I know they'll look for it elsewhere and this is what truly bothers me, for although I wouldn't really mind if they sleep with someone before they went out with me, it would if they did while we are going out, have any advice on this?

Also I'd like to chat with you via email on an idea I have if you think that could be possible, I don't know if you can check mine via the comment, but let me know if you're up to it.


Victor's picture

Hello Chase,
It would be great to have yearly subscription with discount.

Chase Amante's picture

Howdy Victor,

That may well be doable. Let me look into it...


Anonymous's picture

(sorry if I make any spelling mistakes english is my 2nd language).
Hey Chase this is my first time writing to you. I came
this site accidentaly and started riding your articles. Before
in my life I had a girl I was absolutely crazy about her took her out
fuck her first night but after I was too much of a nice guy to her and
she lost interest in me.I tried everything to get her back,visiting dating coaches buying dating products.But what happened "products" that I bought(d.deangelo) were a poor quality and very confusing.Which only broughtme anxiety and low self-esteem.It took 2 years of hard work reading books working on myself to beat anxiety which at the end as a reward made me extremely calm and positive person.But my point is I was avoiding "dating coaches on internet or any dating articles like a snakes"because honestly I was afraid to death because I know how it affected my confidence.Till I read one of your articles about texting (that was always the thing where I would get stuck)I'm good at getting phone numbers.! And I tried it and it was so easy you made it so easy.Never had problems with texting since then but also I got addicted to your articles because they are so smooth easy to understand.I spend couple hours a day reading it I just can't stop . I feel I learn with every second and its not hard I don't get a feelings of confusion or fear that I don't know how to do what you suggest.Chase what I'm trying to say I don't mind paying 20$ a month I want you to make money because I think you do amazing work and you should be rewarded for what you do.!Cheers.!

Chase Amante's picture

Hey Anon,

Wow, that's really cool to hear, actually. I hear plenty of things from guys who say the site's made an impact, but it's awesome to hear of the difference you found with this site's material and the fast improvement you made after having a rough time of your first go with dating advice products. I generally think most of David D.'s basic stuff actually isn't bad, but he is maybe a bit more accessible to some personality types or approaches to dating than he is to others.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to have your support, Anon, and I'll be doing everything in my power to not just keep bringing you the same great stuff, but bring you even more of it, and more perspectives, and more usable, immediately implementable insights when we're up and running.


Anonymous's picture

Hey Chase I just have one more question would appreciate if I can get an answer.! I recently went out on a date with a girl and she said her ex beaten her more then 50 times and she said he is the love of her life.Also the girl I mentioned you above after me found a guy he kicked her out of the house yelled at her insulted her and she still says she loves him I mean I don't have any feelings towards her but I'm curious what is it what's your opinion.! Also we have Chris Brown&Rihanna how do you explain that?Cheers pls I would love to get an answer.?

MH Dabolt's picture

Hey Chase,
Appreciate the life changing information you provided so far. I just wanted to know if all of the articles already on the website will remain free after you reform girlschase.

Chase Amante's picture

Hey MH,

You're certainly welcome; and, very pleased to hear you find the information life changing.

When the paywall goes up it'll be on all the main-site articles, including what's already up. Category pages / about us / etc. pages won't count toward the 10 articles/month limit, but all the informational articles, existing or future, will count against the free article limit.


Rule56's picture

Hey Chase,

Given the number of readers a month, I think it's definitely a smart business move to switch to a subscription base. It will allow you to capitalize more on your talents and to keep you motivated to continue with amount of content that's been up on the site.

Personally, I think $20 may be a bit a steep. I would almost certainly agree to pay $10/month and could even justify $15, but $20 just might be too much for me. I think you have an avid reader base that may very well be willing to to shell out the money. But, how many future readers would be willing to do the same who haven't had the benefit of seeing the whole site for free for an extended period of time?

In essence, what I am asking is how did you arrive at $20 (or $21.95 for that matter)?

Kudos for being upfront about it.

Best Regards,

Chase Amante's picture

Hey Rule,

I appreciate the feedback on price. There's no hard and fast metric on pricing; it's a weird thing, and it's a psychological thing. It used to be recommended to use a funny thing called a Van Westendorp analysis to gauge the perfect price point to offer something at, but this turns out to only really be good at predicting theoretical price points and not so much actual ones.

Best way of describing this philosophy on price setting is "what's the perceived value of what someone's getting compared to what the cost is." When the perceived value is too great, the perception becomes that the product is cheap and shabby; when the perceived cost is too great, the perception becomes that the price isn't worth it. While I wouldn't have us go and do an actual Van Westendorp analysis on anything (since the studies aren't really predictive), the pricing levels are useful for fleshing out thoughts on pricing. Basically there's:

  • A price that's so low that a buyer thinks the product must be cheap and not worth purchasing

  • A price that's considered a bargain price for the product

  • A price where the product's starting to get a little expensive, but a buyer'd think about

  • And a price that's so high that it's out of the question for a buyer

What you've got to figure out is, what's your average buyer's perception of the value of the product versus the amount of money being asked for? And, it's a little bit different for everybody.

So, for instance, you might look at the material on site and say, "At $10 a month, it's a bargain. At $15, I'd think about it. But $20 is too much." The next guy may just come along though and say, "At a mere $15 a month, I'm going to assume the stuff on this site isn't as great as I thought it was if they're selling it that cheap... never mind, I don't really want to subscribe. At $25, yeah, great! That's a bargain. $35... well, I'd think about it; maybe, maybe not. $45 - nah, that's out of the question."

All this occurs mainly at a gut level, with people getting turned off by a price that's too low or a price that's too high, and thinking either, "Eh, maybe this isn't so great," or, "Whoa, this isn't worth that much to me." Our (rather unenviable) task is to shoot in the dark and guess what that price is.

NY Times ranges its prices from $15 to $35 / month. The Economist is $12 / month (or lower on a longer subscription package). Financial Times is $27 to $37 / month. Somewhere in that range is what I and the rest of the gang felt like was a happy medium... Goldilocks's "not too high, not too low; but just right."

From pricing experiments we've tried on here before (e.g., the ebook sells more copies at $38.95 than it does at $26.95, which means it was too close to "too cheap" before when it was $26.95 a year ago or so and it's closer to being a "bargain" now at the higher price for more people), it's a best guess approach to pricing, more on feel than anything else.

Anyway, there're other considerations, of course, like we won't be throwing very many ads up on the site aside from some product ads here and there so less revenue from ad sales like a lot of the other subscription sites use to bolster their bottom lines (and things of that nature), but that's most of the gist behind why we picked the pricing we did.

That may not sway you over to wanting to subscribe, Rule, but if anything hopefully I shared something interesting on the murky field that is price determination!


Rule56's picture

Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly address my questions. I can definitely see and understand where you are coming from. Good background on pricing. It's reasonable and it makes perfect sense.

Do you have any non-news sites as a reference base as well? For example, competing sites on the same topics or similar content offering subscriptions, if there any.

I haven't had enough time to fully gauge the value of the site to me. Moreover, I haven't had enough time to field test much of the knowledge. I think that is critical in determining the true value of this site. On the other hand, I have seen some success so far and if it continues, then it definitely adds much validity to information for me. I really like how much time you take in responding to praise, critique, and feedback. I think that adds much in terms of value to the site. I found that I have learned from your comments and from even other readers comments. It's a good way of adding an "afterward" to each article, or each 'non fiction book' as you seem to write in each post.

I have few other thoughts. I'm not sure what is the average amount of blog posts a week here, but from what I've seen I do think adding more posts as you alluded to above is something that should be seriously considered. If I were to pay $20 bucks a month, I would definitely want to see more than just a couple good articles a week. I think seeing solid blog posts daily would be ideal, and this obviously takes into account adding more writers to your staff.

Best of luck going forward, and you may have made a subscriber out of me yet.

Best Regards,

Carles's picture

Hey Chase,

I have to say these are very good news. Not that I jump of joy at the idea of paying, of course, but as you point out the content and business model looked like a dangerous mismatch and I was always worried for the continuity of this otherwise excellent site (and with a very noble long term goal for what you mention).

I presume you guys have been thinking thoroughly about many alternatives for the new business model, but I want to point out a couple of other models I know anyway in case there's something you haven't considered yet that could help you guys:

  • -- This site uses a combination of "free" and "premium" articles, with some premium articles being free the first day they're published, then premium when they're archived.
  • -- This is a regular academic journal, with the peculiarity that you need a subscription to read the recent publications, but they become free to all after a certain period.

My reasoning to point this two sites is that the nature of their content is more similar to yours in being "papers" that you revisit/browse by interest than that of a news site like New York Times were people read only the latest articles and the archived news are rarely of interest.


Chase Amante's picture

Hi Carles,

Appreciate the suggestions. I've seen some of those models, or ones similar to them - I'm a frequent reader of Scientific American and, and both of those have premium articles - most of their older stuff gets cut off after a few paragraphs and you're asked to subscribe or purchase the individual article, and a smattering of their newer stuff.

Personally, I find these somewhat too clunky for my tastes, and a bit inelegant. I was instantly enamored of the NYTimes model the instant I saw it though; it was the first one I ran into that gave warnings that you were reaching the limit, and actually let you read full articles to the end without cutting you off mid-article, which strikes me as an annoying bait-and-switch. I actually quit reading Nature for a while when they first started doing this because it was so annoying and random; you never knew which article you'd be able to fully read, and which one you were going to get interrupted on.

You're very correct on the revisiting and browsing patterns. A lot of the people who come here the first time come here from search, or from a website referring them over, and land on some random older post and navigate around from there.

Essentially, the reason we're going with the metered paywall instead of the "some articles have a paywall and some do not" approach is because it's simpler, it's easier to understand, and it also lends itself far more agreeably to first time visitors; e.g., imagine if the first article you ever landed on on GC asked you to subscribe if you wanted to continue reading! You'd be forgiven for having navigated away, never to return.

The simpler you can make things and the easier they are to use and get your head around, the better, in my estimation ;)


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Greetings Chase,

I know you need the money, like everyone else needs, so you can be able to get the necessary resourses to keep everything running and improving.
Unfortunately I am too young to be financially independent, so I'll stick with your conditions untill I become financially independent.
For the question: Being a gentleman. Is it exclusive to nice guy pushovers or can someone be a gentleman and still have "it"?

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Greetings High Schooler,

Well noted on the financial independence. I know how un-fun that is... as soon as I could drive I went out and got a job selling children's clothes just so I wouldn't have to worry about not being able to buy the things I wanted in high school (most dumbbells to work out with in my basement to get rid of my skinny arms, and some cooler clothes).

On being a gentleman: yes, absolutely. I think a lot of the most charming, sexy, powerful men of Hollywood you'd consider gentlemen; see Brad Pitt, George Clooney, etc.

As a matter of fact, I've covered it already on the site - article's here:

How to Be a Gentleman


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Greetings Chase,

Thank you for the advice, I now can sigh in relef as I can still be a "gentleman in development" while looking to improve to be a social artist.

I believe your advice is worth every penny and I'll subscribe and buy your matterial as soon as I get to it. I will be around on the boards with the rest of the community.

My best regards,
High Schooler

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How about a compromise. Everything that you release in 2013 and onward, keep that behind the pay-wall, and keep everything that you've released already and is free right now, keep that free? And I agree with the earlier commenter that 10 a month might be more palatable. 20 is a bit a steep and you'll likely get more demand at the $10.00 price point.

I've enjoyed the content on the site thus far. Great job.

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Hey Anon,

Hey, if you don't ask, you don't get, right? ;) Glad to hear you've enjoyed the content so far.

On the pricing, appreciate the input; I just went relatively in-depth on how / where / why we came up with the number we did in my response to Rule above, so hopefully that at least paints a clearer picture if perhaps still not exactly one that excites you about paying 20.

The problem with making it "paywall only applies to new content" is that the new content is only responsible for about 4% of what's being read in any given month; which means, the majority and most of the pageviews remain unmonetized in that model - essentially, we'd be throwing out the lot of what's already built, and starting from scratch.

That might be the "nice" thing to do, or you'd probably think it's really cool of me to do that, but honestly I don't think I could stomach rebuilding a new Girls Chase more or less from the ground up all over again after the tribulations and gnashing of teeth endured along the way to what we've got now (largely not voiced here, because this is a dating / pickup / seduction / etc. site, not a startup business / entrepreneur site) and sheer amount of time and mental energy/anguish put into building what's already here so far... I'm probably going to have nightmares tonight just thinking about this now, yikes.


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Hey chase!

This is a solid idea, I am a constant reader. I wanted to know will previous articles already on here remain free

Chase Amante's picture

Howdy Johnson,

Pleased you think the idea's a good one! All the previous articles count toward the free article limit for non-subscribers too; essentially, it's a site-wide metered paywall model we're implementing on articles. Full, unfettered access for subscribers, 10 articles free a month for passers-by / people who prefer not to subscribe.


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Can't say anything negative on this idea. You and your team spent tremendous amount of time on this site and I will gladly get the subscription ASAP. I think we enjoyed the free-of-charge articles for a decent time and now it is time to return the favor... Hope the business will spring up this year, may it be a good one!

Chase Amante's picture

Awesome, Lanoa; many thanks for your support.

I'll be pulling out all the stops this year to make as certain as I can that you feel like signing up for a subscription was a great call - there're some good things to come in 2013.


Anonymous's picture

In the screenshot, I see a small box in the lower right hand corner that says "Try for 4 Weeks, 99 cents." Care to elaborate on this?

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Hi Anon,

Sure - essentially, first month's 99 cents, and you don't pay full price until your second / subsequent months.

Pretty common in recurring billing businesses; first month's given free or low cost to make it easier for people to try out the service, that way they can still have more time to see whether it's worth paying full price or not even if they have initial reservations.


The Tool's picture

I like this idea. personally I think having subscribers is great, you will be able to keep up the site, bring in more content and writers, and get the compensation you deserve for all of your hard work and insight. I forsee great things to come especially if your bringing on some great writers that i've seen on the forums like Franco, Just Dave, and Eric> (who ive already seen have blog posts). I look forward to all that is to come.

Cheers, The Tool

Chase Amante's picture

Awesome, Tool - that's the plan, man!

Been great having you on the forum - you've brought some solid insights and some fun reports.


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How many articles there will be a month, I live in argentina, and 20 usd dollars is too much money, I can eat half a month with that!
I don't even have any means of paying online actually, just buy my stuff in cash.

"If you've already gorged yourself on all the Girls Chase articles you can handle, and you're never going to read more than 10 a month ever again, you'll be immune."
What does this mean?

Does this mean that you will put less than 10 new articles a month, so this limit applies only if you want to review past articles?
Can you stop the limit to people from non first world countrys?

Chase Amante's picture

Hey ArgentinaGuy,

Wow, 20 dollars buys half a month's eating in Argentina?

I may need to change continents.

The excerpt you quoted just means if you already have read most of what you're ever going to read off this site and you're only ever going to stop by to read a few articles from time to time, this probably won't even concern you. There'll be more than 10 new articles going up per month; ideally, once we have a few good writers on the team and a proofreading and editing team to match their writing pace, a LOT more!

As far as the limit in third world countries, if I removed the limit there, that wouldn't be very fair to the people in the first world countries, so no, not really something I can do... but I know you're from South America and I know you're gonna ask, because that's what people from South America do! So I don't blame you for asking. I got a great education on this from my Peruvian ex... the things she'd ask for (and get!) from people was pretty remarkable. Certainly taught me a thing or two about persistence and audacity; it was awesome stuff to learn.


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I have been reading Girls Chase for about 8 months now, and I have to say, the information you put on this site has changed my life. Not only has reading and practicing the techniques made me a better seducer, but a better man overall with a positive outlook on life. I will support your subscription plan; you have given us years of learning and training on pick up for free, and it is really invaluable to me. The least I can do is support you, to be able to continue to grow and improve my self. After finding this site, I searched the web for other resources of similar info, and I have to say, NO ONE has this much in detail advice that is as easy to follow as GirlsChase. I wish you the best of luck with the launch, and everything in life.

Also, I was wondering, since we will be subscribing to GirlsChase now, after we've payed for about 3 or 4 months, maybe you could include your Mastery Pick Up Plan? Figured I'd ask.


Chase Amante's picture

Hey Kneek,

I'm thrilled to hear it on the impact it's made, man, and thrilled to have your support. Yeah, there is some good stuff out there on dating and pickup and psychology and relationships and all, but most people put most of their best stuff into their products only and ignore putting up too many articles. Most of the blogs in this niche seem to have a 1- or 2-year active lifespan at best; after that, guys post a couple times a year and that's it. There's not much long-term cultivation of articles in men's dating advice. Probably because it's fairly difficult to monetize; I think most guys just throw their hands up and walk away from it.

On throwing in a bonus, I wouldn't want to throw in Mastery specifically, because that wouldn't be all that cool to the people who bought the program AND subscribed, but I was already thinking it'd be nice to be able to offer some kind of other bonus to subscribers at some point too. I don't have anything specific in mind and I have sat down to work that out at all so I don't want to make any promises yet, but we may or may not do something like that once things are up and running (I am inclined to want to, though - the more nice little twists and perks you can offer, the better and stickier the service is, I think!).


Montay's picture

So, in comparison, would subscribing be equivalent to browsing through articles as if now? Or much more beneficial, like buying your mastery package? Coming from someone whose been part of this site for years, certainly shouldn't have much of a problem with supporting. But i'm still wanting to know exactly what i'm paying for. For example, more articles about mindsets that benefit you beyond seduction?

Chase Amante's picture

Hi Montay,

Cool to hear you've been a part of things for a while now! I always wonder how many of the people from years back are still hanging around; this site really didn't start getting much decent traffic until mid-2011, but it was open 3 years before that - a lot of people don't realize that.

I'd say that's a fair comparison, yes, at least at first. Obviously, I want to expand things out and get more writers on here about everything; we sorely need a style guy (I can write some things on style, but it's really not my passion or my expertise; my style's more functional), and if we had more guys on here who could competently and capably write on pickup stuff I'd love to be writing more mindset and lifestyle stuff myself (or get other guys doing that too).

But at least for the first few months while we're still scaling up, the mix of fresh articles will probably be about the same as what it's been (depends how quickly revenues scale up and how quickly I can find enough new guys who are all of A) very good at what they do, B) very good at teaching it, and C) good enough at writing about it that a good editor can make it into something well-worth reading; if revenues scale fast and the availability of writing candidates looks good, we can expand the volume and coverage of articles more quickly).


Inferno's picture

Hey chase, im a reader of your blog in high school, I  was inquiring on becoming a writer for  the site. I personaly can relate to not having financial independence. Writing is my passion and I know that I could target  the  youth in my age group.writing about seduction would give me a chance to find experince in the world of writing. A job as a writer for girlschase would give me a chance to help the community of seducers. Thanks in advance for reading this.

Chase Amante's picture

Hey Inferno,

Very cool that you're interested in doing some writing. I want to prioritize getting some of the other parts of the site going on writing before we do any kind of focus on high school stuff; actually, I don't think there are any issues with it but I'd have to check legal stuff first... I'm not 100% sure if it's even okay to teach seduction and dating to folks under 18 or if that's something it's better not to get involved in!

In the meantime, I don't know if you've created an account on the forum yet, but if you haven't it's easy to do and there's a lot of opportunity to contribute and do some writing on there if you've got some things to share.

One small critique I'd make is that especially when you're interested in doing writing you'll want to make sure you nail it on punctuation and capitalization. Most writers are sticklers for those ;)


still's picture

Hey Chase I really like the subscription idea as I have wanted to donate to you many many times now. However, due to current financial issues I will not be able to afford it for another month or so, but count me as a customer! My question to you is how are you going to to limit the non-subscribers to 10 a month? will we all have to make accounts or something?

Chase Amante's picture

Hey Still,

Great - I'd be happy to count you as a future subscriber! As for the technology that goes in place, we've narrowed it down to either Cleeng or TinyPass, which keep track of which pages on the site are metered (e.g., the home page or category pages are not metered and don't count; article pages are metered, and do count) and how many each visitor has visited over the course of a month. The technology uses a persistent login; so, basically, you subscribe once, log in, and you have full access. Assuming you set your browser to keep you logged in, you'll rarely have to log in again.

There are other systems out there like MediaPass and Press+ (the one the NY Times and Economist and other use), but they take egregious helpings of subscription revenues (like, 10 to 15 times the percentages as those others... it's not even close) for the exact same service. Well, I guess that's what marketing's for; letting you charge more money for the exact same thing!


vdbx's picture

I'm with Rule56 in that I think $20 is a little too large of a monthly commitment, especially for those of us who have to pay a fee on top for the international currency conversion. $10 is more realistic. I think you would get more than double the number of people paying $10 than you would $20. If you break it down, that's $2.50 a week. It's all well and good likening it to the cost of a coffee in Starbucks, or whatever, but if it starts getting to the point where too much of your coffee budget is spent, you'll stop going to Starbucks.

What might be a really good idea is if you migrated some of the Audio stuff over onto YouTube and monetised the channel - that way you'd start pulling in a bit more pay-per-click stuff. On that note, the GC blog is *very* light on ads, and I'm sure the readers could handle the odd bit of targetted google stuff in a sidebar without the site losing credibility/integrity.

I think there is a very real danger that if you over-price, you will get people 'stealing' content they might otherwise have paid for - paying for one month, downloading all content and then illegally sharing it, for example. The tough choice for content-based sites is always whether to go ad-free and flat rate subscription, or heavier on ads but lighter on charges. Given a choice, most users prefer the latter. I always make sure I switch off ad blockers on my favourite sites to make sure I am supporting them, and I'm not aversed to using the 'donate' button where one is provided if I find something particularly helpful.

Chase Amante's picture


Thanks for the thoughts here. I won't bother boring you with same stuff I've already said on pricing, etc. and beating the same dead horse again, although if $20 monthly is not worth it to you for the site content, I do understand - this is very subjective stuff and it's going to have a very different value to people that's kind of all over the map.

On YouTube, I don't have much experience with that venue, but I have ran Google Adsense sites, and in my experience even when you get them pulling in a fair amount of traffic you just don't get a lot of people clicking on ads these days. PPC is a business that seems very much to be on the way out. The future of web advertising I strongly believe is in brand building and impressions, much as the way advertising's been conducted more traditionally - the whole PPC thing's been kind of a weird anomalous blip in advertising that's gradually fading back into the mist. Used to be that when you flipped open a magazine or watched your favorite TV show and got hit with advertising, it wasn't designed to make you click on something then and there and that's how the magazine or TV channel got paid; but rather, the advertiser paid for the advertising space, and simply had to trust that the impression was made, and now readers of that magazine and viewers of that show were more likely to buy his product than the other guy's, and think of it as the "cool" product or the "elegant" product or whatever the brand image he was aiming for was.

Anyway, that's a tangent on my thoughts on where advertising's going; I've looked at PPC and experimented with it somewhat, but it seems to be dying a gradual death.

I'd kind of rather be the advertiser than the vehicle that's advertised through, in any event ;)

On people scraping content and then canceling accounts, that's going to happen, sure, but if you scrap every idea that there's a chance someone finds a way to game the system on, well, suddenly you realize you're out of ideas. There's ALWAYS a way to game the system. If there's a guy out there who it is so worth his time to come onto Girls Chase, create an account, pay 20 dollars, download everything, cancel his account, then come back 3 months later, subscribe again, pay another 20 dollars, download the latest articles in bulk, cancel again, ad infinitum, well, there's not really anything I can do to stop that, but he's not the target demographic for the site... in my experience, most of the guys who are hard up for money also tend not to implement this material as much; they don't have the time or the finances or, often, the dedication to go on a lot of dates or to meet a lot of women - it's usually better if a guy gets a base level of income or savings established before he tries to put much time into getting better with women; otherwise, he ends up devoting too much time to stressing out in too many different places in his life at once, and it often ain't pretty.

One thing at a time, and slow and steady wins the race.


Cam's picture

Glad you are making this move.

In the end it's best for everyone: readers get even higher quality content; you are able to make a better living enabling you to do this consistently and grow the business.

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