How to Have Sex with Hot College Girls

Ah, college – the land of ample, hassle-free social interactions and zero sexual inhibitions. For many men, there are very few times in their lives when they have so much sexual opportunity.

Yet, many of them don’t take full advantage of the number of hot college girls available to them. So today, I’m going to talk about how to up your game with these higher institution beauties, and take full advantage of the abundance that’s truly available to you.

The Prettiest Girl on Campus

hot college girls

I walked into one of the most frenzied parties I had experienced in my four years of college. It was dark. I could see only what was momentarily illuminated by the hazy flashes of strobes. It was hot. The air had a palpable stick to it, pushing against me as if I was wading through a humid bog. I made my way past figures stumbling their way to bathrooms and bedrooms, trapped in an inebriated stupor.

There, in the middle of the gyrating bodies and pulsating sound waves, she was. One of the most beautiful women I had ever laid eyes on. She was new. Having just transferred to our campus two weeks before, she was still finding her place. She was a charming, brown-skinned girl of Italian descent who was still acclimating to the intricacies of our school’s fetes. She was very likely the single most coveted object on those school grounds. Serena.

I could barely see, but I could certainly feel her sea-green eyes locking in on mine. My heart started to palpitate. I couldn’t help but imagine all of the guys who had been trying to seduce this girl nonstop for the last fortnight. I could only imagine how many tried to press up against her perfectly curvaceous body, how many tried to get but a touch of her soft skin, how many tried to get a whiff of her lavender scent during that night alone. Who was I to try?

But, for some reason, a strange brazenness came over me. A flood of memories of the girls I had already had sex with at parties began rushing to my head. Yes, she was stunning, but was she really that different? I wasn’t all that familiar with the seduction game at this point, but some part of me was compelling me to get her out of there. Maybe it was instinct; or more likely, the fact that her eyes were communicating a distant boredom in the midst of this pandemonium.

The Easiest Time to Seduce Hot Girls

Guys have many theories about seducing and dating hot girls. And a few guys (like Chase and the other writers on this site) actually know what they’re talking about. There are many interesting things that you will hear from guys regarding hot girls. But there are basically two main camps that men fall into on this subject:

  1. Some men say that you should treat hot girls exactly how you treat any other girl; that there is really no difference between an absolutely stunning girl and an average girl.

  1. On the flipside, other men say that you have to treat a hot girl completely differently. They assert that the reality of a hot girl is so different from that of other girls – constantly being on – that you have to take your game to the next level in order to get her.

So, which camp should you actually subscribe to? Which one actually is the right answer?

The truth: It’s somewhere in the middle.

  1. You shouldn’t necessarily treat hot girls exactly the way you treat average girls. But the real reason isn’t what you would think. I bet what you would think is that you can get an average girl with subpar game, but such a thing wouldn’t work on a hot girl. Well if you think that, you’d be wrong.

  1. The reality of a hot girl is somewhat different from an average girl. The biggest difference is probably the fact that guys are constantly doing favors for her for no reason at all. There is actually a really interesting psychological phenomenon that explains this behavior. It’s called the halo effect, and it is essentially the fact that people think that good-looking individuals are nicer, smarter, and stronger that their homelier counterparts – so people tend to just thrust rewards onto beautiful people without actually stopping to assess their flaws. And that’s pretty much the reason why men are compelled to swoon over beautiful women and “fall under their spell”. Sometimes, they really can’t help it!

But with a hot girl, are there actually droves of men getting sexual with her, truly making their intentions known and actively trying to seduce her? Absolutely not. Not even a shadow of a chance. Guys just assume that, because a girl is stunning, other men must be trying to sleep with her left and right. But the reality of the situation is that she just has droves of orbiters. She also has had decades and decades of validation to assure her that she truly is a stunning girl.

So, compared to an average girl, the hot girl’s reality is different in the sense that she has people constantly telling her how great she is and affirming her with unprompted gifts. And once you come to understand that, you learn that you have to relate with her on a human level, and not just compliment her for no reason – she is far too used to that business.

But in terms of the two camps, the truth is: it’s actually easier to seduce a hot girl much of the time – given that you do it at the right time. However, it’s much harder to seduce a hot girl…if you try to do it at the wrong time.

So when are the wrong times and when are the right times? Well, keep in mind that these rules are for beginners and low intermediates. Once you’re a master, you’ll know when the times are right, and you’ll be able to judge when you can break the rules.

The right times:

  • During the day
  • At a low-key night event
  • When she’s by herself
  • In class

The wrong times:

  • At a bar or club
  • At night when she’s on her way to a bar or club with friends

Notice that the only actual bad time to approach a stunning girl is when she is at a bar or club, or when she is on her way to a bar or club. It’s not that it’s not doable, but more that she has her shield up, her cockblock - ready friends around, and she’s screening for only the best men. However, when do 99% of guys try to approach or seduce a stunning girl? At a bar or club or when she’s on her way to such a venue. This is when guys have “beer courage,” and this is when they feel most able to approach hot girls.

And unfortunately, this is their one mistake. If they approached at any other time, their chances would increase tenfold. And, they would probably find higher quality women.

That’s it. That’s the only distinction. In fact, Chase wrote a choice article about day game vs. night game that pretty much encapsulates this idea.

However…there may be one place where these rules can be bent. There may be on bastion where even hot girls are attainable at nearly all times.

That place? College.

What’s So Special about College?

My feet began to move forward before I realized what was happening. Before I knew it, I was right next her. And before I knew it, I was shouting into her ear.

Me: Hey Serena, can I talk to you for a second?

She smiled. And then she shouted back.

Her: What?

I rolled my eyes in playful exasperation. I grabbed her arm and began leading her through the Bacchus festival and toward the closest door I could see. We walked outside, where we were met by a breath of soothing air. There was a light rain that night, providing both of us the ablution that we desperately needed. I looked into those eyes again. With a deep breath, I addressed her again.

Me: I’m Colt. I met you briefly last week. Do you remember me?

Her: Haha, yes I do! Great seeing you again Colt!

Me: Good seeing you too. How’s your night going?

Her: It’s been alright. I’ve been to a few parties – pretty fun I guess.

Me: Nice, nice. Well, I saw you in there, and it didn’t look like you were having all that much fun. So I thought I’d offer to have you come hang out with me at my house for a while. I live right across the street. Interested?

Her: Yes! That sounds great!

Me: Alright, let’s do it.

In terms of lifescapes, there are two times in a girl’s life when she will most readily welcome the advances of men: when she’s in college and when she’s around her thirties. Despite the fact that she’s looking for men during both of these times in her life, there are very different reasons and mindsets that she’s considering during each period.

  1. During college, she is in a mindset of exploration. It’s a whole new world for a girl. A world without parents, a world with complete autonomy, and a world of budding sexual maturity.

hot college girls
  1. In her thirties, she is in a mindset of desperation. She’s already sowed her wild oats, and she is getting antsy about meeting a quality man, settling down, getting married, and having a family. She wants what all women truly want.

And in terms of men who approach them, women in these different stages are looking for much different things from the men in their lives. Fortunately, with the college part of the equation, you can be nearly any man and find success with women.

Small Schools vs. Large Schools

It’s important to note that all schools are not created equal. There are certainly some marked differences between small schools and large schools that you should be aware of in terms of hot girls.

Small Schools:

  • Fewer Truly “Hot” Girls. Girls at small schools are usually there to focus on their education or to play a sport. And at a small school, you definitely have to adjust your scales of attractiveness. That being said, there will definitely be a handful of stunning girls. But, because they are so few, every guy will be trying to get those girls. The competition will be stiff.

  • Girls Have More Depth. What small school girls may lack in physical beauty they definitely make up for in personality. These girls are often intelligent, cultured, funny, and truly deep individuals. They are girls that you will thoroughly enjoy spending time with.

  • Easier to Have Social Proof. At smaller schools, everyone kind of knows everyone; so if you’re smart, smooth, good-looking, or talented, people will know who you are. And as such, a lot of times you can approach girls – though they may play dumb – who often already know all about you. This fact makes your job a lot easier to take these girls to bed.

  • Slimmer Pickings at Parties. Once you’ve been to a party or two at a small school, you realize that you generally see the same people all of the time. This means that there are just fewer women to try to bed – especially due to the fact that guys know which girls are more willing, and will act accordingly. As such, you’re best chances will often come outside of traditional parties, unless you’re at one of the big parties that go down every so often or are at the top of the social ladder.

Large Schools:

  • Many Hot Girls. At a large school, you can find any kind of girl. Some will be there to learn. Some will be there to party. Some will be there because they have to. But there will be thousands of them, and there will be a much higher concentration of hot girls.

  • Harder to Find Depth. Some of these girls will be those who have only gotten by because of their looks. Some will be druggies. Some will be nice, but just not smart enough to have gotten into a more elite school. Here, the script is completely flipped. It will be harder to find deep girls, but it’ll be easier to have more frequent sex. Many girls will just be looking to have fun and hook up, which means great odds for you as a willing man.

  • Harder to Have Social Proof. Because of the sheer number of people, getting social proof will be harder unless you are at the highest social echelon. However, the upside of this fact is that with greater anonymitycomes a greater array of girls. At a smaller school, everyone knows everything you’ve done – for better or worse. So the ease of information can prevent you from seducing a girl because she already knows your history. However, this is not really an issue at a large school, which can make your life a lot less stressful.

  • Easier to Have Preselection. Since there are so many girls at a large school, and people are looking to comingle, it’s easy to create a network of female friends. And if you roll into parties with a horde of girls, or you are seen constantly hanging out with girls, this simple act will boost your preselection without you having to do too much work.

  • Big Parties Constantly. Not only do you have a constant rotation of new girls, there are big parties every single weekend (and often weekdays) where you can try your luck.

In many ways, larger schools are more representative of real-world cities, and small schools more representative of small towns and tightknit communities. Each has its advantages and drawbacks. You probably shouldn’t be picking a school based only on the party culture, but it is something good to be aware of if you’re heading into college or are already attending one.

The Easiest Way to Get Hot College Girls

In college, it’s important to realize that hot girls are looking to hook up just as much as average or cute ones. So they are much more forgiving of average game than their graduate counterparts. As such, the tips for getting a hot girl in college can be applied to any girl of your particular desire.

  • Join a Fraternity. I was the president of a fraternity, and I can tell you that this is by far the easiest way to consistently have sex with hot girls in college. The Greek system does an amazing job of fostering interactions (both sober and not-so-sober) between men and women, and fraternity men have a certain coveted dominance that so many college girls go for, regardless of whether or not this is partly fiction. Furthermore, sorority girls are usually involved in a panoply of organizations, so they are much more outgoing and socially skilled than their non-Greek counterparts.

  • Approach Girls in Class. Chase wrote a great article about flirting with and dating girls in class. How do you find a smart, driven, attractive girl at your school? Chances are she’s sitting a few seats away from you. So approach her. She’s waiting for you.

  • Go to a Lot of Parties. A college girl has to be extra ordinarily promiscuous to be slut-shamed. All college girls recognize that their friends are looking to hook up. And many hot college girls use the college party as their sexual outlet. You don’t need that much game to get a girl in this environment. All you need to do is be fun and lead her to a place where the two of you can be alone (and sometimes that isn’t even a requisite). If you want a full process on hooking up at parties, read my post on the subject.

    The one thing that I would add to that post is dance floor hookups are much easier – and usually actually lead to sex – in college. If you go to a party and you’re grinding with a girlfor a good part of the night and actually start to make out with her, this can end up with sex more often than not – as long as you take it there.

  • Join Clubs/Intramurals/Teams. The easiest way to meet girls during those wonderful college years is to expose yourself to as many different social spheres as you possibly can. And if you want to increase your social exposure while broadening your horizons, there is no easier way to accomplish this feat than to join a club, intramural sport, or collegiate team. You can learn and improve yourself while meeting girls who are curious and share your interests.

  • Get Preselection/Social Proof. If a girl already knows who you are, or sees you with a bunch of other girls, you automatically become one of the most valuable guys in the room. And where do the girls go? Where the value goes.

  • Use Any Excuse to See Her. I once had a hot college girl text me about how she “wanted to borrow one of my shirts for a party”. I knew she liked me, and I knew this was a thinly veiled attempt to see me. The wonderful thing about college is that if a girl wants to see you, you can use any excuse to do so. Homework; advice; a picnic; a walk; throwing a ball; listening to music; pre-gaming; smoking; going to a lecture; walking your dog – it doesn’t matter. Just get her in person and you’ll be fine as long you learn to be a sexy man.

  • Lead and Close. Things may be easier in college, but you still have to lead and close. Take her somewhere where you can be alone with her and escalate physically. That’s the only way that sex will happen.

Serena was sitting in my room. She seemed happy and relaxed – much more at ease than she had been at the party. I couldn’t believe that one of the most beautiful girls on the entire campus was sitting right next to me. And more so, I couldn’t believe that it only took a few words to get her there.

I expected that this scenario would play out like many other of my party hookups. I’d serve her some chocolate liqueur – a precursor of things to come – deep dive her for a little while, start touching her, and then escalate to the hot and steamy part.

And things were going according to plan – down to the tee, in fact. But something unexpected soon happened. Serena pointed to one of the philosophy books on my table; she told me that the book was one of her favorites. She then shared her thoughts on a few of the author’s complex philosophical theories.

My mind had been prepared for many things. It was prepared for last minute resistance; it was prepared for her saying that she had to get back to her friends; it was prepared for her saying that she didn’t want to have sex; it was prepared for saying that she didn’t know me well enough; it was prepared for her getting up and leaving.

It was not prepared for her having intricate knowledge on my senior project; it was not prepared for her regaling me of tales of her world travels; it was not prepared for her adroitly deep diving me. I was speechless. We did get physical. We did get sexual. But for many reasons that had absolutely nothing to do with her body or her physical appearance. Serena made that night one of the most memorable of those entire four years.

Getting College Girls When You’re Not in College

Out of college? Never went to college? Still want to hook up with hot college girls? You definitely can. Earlier I said that college is a time of exploration for many girls. That means that they are truly open to a world of possibilities. I know plenty of college girls who hook up with older guys or guys who don’t attend their school. I would say that this phenomenon is more prevalent at bigger schools simply because there is far more social intermingling.

So, if you want to get a hot college girl when you yourself are not in college, take one of two routes:

  • Approach on Campus. It’s surprisingly easy to walk around a college campus and approach girls. People are there to be social and get approached for various reasons all the time. Girls will rarely question your presence. This method is great for getting a number or going on an instant date.

  • Go to a College Bar. There are bars in every city that college students frequent. So if you want to find hot college girls, go to these bars. These bars will tend to be wild, high-energy, and great for finding girls looking to find you.

hot college girls

Wrapping Up

I don’t believe that college should be the best part of your life. Life is long, and there are many adventures to be had. But it’s certainly a highlight. If you do it right, you’ll be having fun, expanding your horizons, and…sleeping with hot college girls. And hey, you might even learn something.

Carpe diem,


Colt WilliamsAbout the Author: Colt Williams

Raised in the American Midwest, Colt Williams made a name for himself in dating with a style based on soulful poetic seductions and playful dance floor antics. His style is all about inspiring girls and drawing them into one’s world. You can book phone coaching with him here, or get a copy of his guide to getting laid on Tinder, the product of months of study and experimentation by him on the medium.


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JLF's picture

Hey Colt,

I will be attending college next year and I am considering joining a frat. What would you say are the pros and cons of joining a frat and how big of a difference does it really make on the whole college experience?


Hector Castillo's picture

Hey JLF,

I've seen every angle of small campus life and I've also done day/night game in some of Europe's biggest cities, and I can tell you that a big school will better prepare you for the "real world."

Colt highlights the advantages of big schools well. Th most important ones? More hot girls, and more anonymity.

I'm currently encountering both positives (preselection and social proof) and negatives (auto-rejection before meeting me) because people know about my love life at a small campus, but unless you truly have a "bring on any challenge" personality, go with a bigger school. You'll have a larger pool of girls to blow it with, and then a slightly smaller pool of girls to succeed with.

I wouldn't worry too much about your education, to be honest. Most schools teach the same material, just some professors might be shittier. But with the internet, you don't really need professors anymore. They are invaluable for specialized information (e.g., they wrote their doctoral dissertation on X subject) and personal motivation, but looking back, I actually would have told myself to pick a school for its social scene, not affordability or education - the benefits of mastering socialization far outweigh debt and smaller classes.

tl;dr - go to a big party school.

Want to make her wet? I'll show you how.

Colt Williams's picture


I think that Anatman definitely brings up some good points. Class is important, but I would echo that class is probably the least valuable part of college. However, the great thing about small schools is that you can get to know people (outside of girls) intimately and usually end up forming relationships that will last far beyond college. So just think about your priorities as you select a school.

As for fraternities, I would say that you should absolutely join a fraternity. Most of the greatest men in our society (ceo's, investment bankers, writers, public figures) were a part of a fraternal organization. Frats teach how how to interact with people, how to speak publicly, how to engage in community service and how to serve a larger organization.

Moreover, the network that you form will open doors for you for life. People will give you a chance -- even if they're decades older -- just because you were in the same frat. Doesn't even have to be the same chapter. Just the same frat.

Finally, at a small school, your social life will be *much* less exciting if you arent greek. At a big school, you'll have access to a stratum of women (hot girls) who only associate themselves with frat guys.

On the down side, if you don't choose the right frat (esp. at a big school) you run the risk of getting hazed and having the stereotypical frat experience -- i.e. too much partying and being surrounded by shallow unmotivated guys. So if you're going to a big school be sure to ask around and get a beat on what "reputation" each frat has.

And most importantly *choose a frat for the people*. Not the for the parties, not the prestige, for the people. You're going to have more intimate time with those people that you can imagine. So make sure that they're guys you want to invest in.

Good luck!


Alex Ljubenov's picture

Hey, guys!

Great article right here. I would like to ask about picking up girls at weddings. Has anyone of you done that, and what would be the best strategy for something like that? If you could share your experience, that will be great, and I think a lot of the rest of the readers will appreciate it too.

Thank you in advance.

Anonymous's picture

Hey Colt

At what point does a small school become a big school and vice versa? Like in terms of student population etc.


Colt Williams's picture


I would say anything under 6000 people is a small school. Basically, the litmus test is when you can walk into any building and at least recognize half (or more) of the people.


Petr's picture

Hello, I wanted to ask what is the middle line then?

I heard hot girls live in different world. And if you come to them with an opener like: I think you are gorgeous and I wanted to meet you, then you are most likely put to "another of those guys" box.
Is it that you should treat her a like a normal girl in a way playfulness, flirting, challanging, asking for complience but withdraw from things like direct complimenting? I mean they must hear this all the time - you are this, you look this... I am sure chasing is big red flag, also moving slow, but to me, you cant move fast if the girl will not let you. I mean... if she was really attracted to me, she would agree on date after 10 minutes. But I simply not a person who can do this because she is not attracted that much.

On the other hand - be more direct, state your intetion straight right away, be close to her and maybe even say outloud what are your intentions? With girls like this I usually never chase or do anything once she disagrees because I am like - yea well I dont think she would want to be with me either way because all these dudes are coming to her and she can just pick anyone she wants. Also, these girls seem to be busy a lot of the time, they have job, some hobby and at the end they just want to hang out with friends. I usually dont think I can bring much value to them, not because I am pesimistic but I just need to work on myself more. I understand that if you think you can bring value to someone it helps more in interaction with them than if you felt like you cant.

I just wanted to ask what should I focus on then if "gaming her more" is not really the right answer. I think it comes from perspective that she talks with guys more because she is pretty, and knows guys a lot so it takes higher "women skills" - therefore someone says he needs more game.

Thank you,

Colt Williams's picture


Hot girls may be hitting big in the looks department, but I think you're giving them a lot more credit than they deserve. They have problems (sometimes serious issues) just like everyone else. *And* they have insecurities just like anyone else.

At the end of the day, I'd say focus on being a cool guy. It's not that wanting to get in their pants turns off hot girls, it's that wanting to get into their pants *without knowing anything* about them turns them off. It's like me walking up to you with a shiny bag and asking you to give me a $1000...and then you just doing it without asking any questions. The bag could be full of gold. Or it could just be full of sand. Situations with hot girls are the exact same. They want to know that you qualified them -- that you bothered to check in the bag and see that it was something you resonated with before just forking over your approval (and money).

Also, hot girls don't want guys who try to impress them. They want a guy who believes in himself and just gives value.

In terms of the approach, focusing on non-physical things is a good strategy in most cases. Indirect/opinion openers, situational openers, or just a direct open where you say "hey, you look like an interesting/fun/smart person and I wanted to meet you. What's your name?" Anything that makes it clear in her emotional brain that you're not just trying to jump on her because your little head activated.

Finally, don't ever think that you're not adding value to a hot girl's life. Trust me, most of their lives aren't that interesting. And trust me, they don't have as many guys as you think. Most guys have too much approach anxiety to actually make their intentions known. Many hot girls live surprising lonely lives, because people *assume* that they are surrounded by wonderful people who will be there anytime they need it. Don't believe me? Watch this video

That's the halo effect in action (the psych phenomenon that all beautiful people must be amazing and live amazing lives). You do have value to add. So set yourself apart and approach. Even if you mess up, go home, write down, what happened and approach the next one. You'll only improve yourself. And you can be that 1 in a million guy (literally) who actually approaches the hottest of girls without alcohol, drugs, or other crutches.

All the best,


jj123's picture

"Out of college? Never went to college? Still want to hook up with hot college girls? You definitely can...It’s surprisingly easy to walk around a college campus and approach girls. People are there to be social and get approached for various reasons all the time. Girls will rarely question your presence. This method is great for getting a number or going on an instant date."

This may start to be an issue at some campuses nowadays. Years ago, I certainly would have agreed. But now some colleges are beefing up security to militarized police force levels, with cameras all over the place, looking for people who don't look like they belong. Namely, older guys. While many women are approachable and talkative just about anywhere, some are very weary (consider also the feminism classes they take) and those blue boxes are sprouting up more and more. How would you work around this?

Marty's picture


You're worrying yourself unnecessarily—or possibly making excuses for yourself! :)

Police boxes etc. are there to prevent assaults on students and university personnel by dangerous criminals (muggers, robbers, other low-life) as well as to defuse inflammable situations between students in excessively high spirits, and not to prevent fashionable gentlemen from flirting with delightful female undergraduates.

Although it is not my most preferred venue, there are three universities in my current city, all of whose campuses I have made a good number of approaches on. In every single case I have been received with apparent delight by the girl involved. (I don't know what you mean exactly by "older guys"... I'm 38 and graduated a decade and a half ago.) On a handful of occasions I have opened right alongside a university police patrol car; if anything, this gives a lady confidence that it's a legitimate romantic overture, and not some conman who plans to rob her under the guise of a sexual pursuance.

If you're well-groomed, respectably dressed, and carry yourself with dignity and poise, I cannot even imagine a situation when law enforcement would want to interview you.

And if you have a reasonable career, confidence built upon success, and a delicate social touch, you have a massive competitive advantage over the male undergraduates who are vying with you for those ladies' attentions.


Colt Williams's picture


Marty is absolutely right. Don't psych yourself out. The security is just there to make sure students don't get hurt. There are plenty of non-students who are constantly on campuses for various reasons. So just go and be normal and approach. I don't see you running into a lick of trouble. Go get it!


Anonymous's picture

Hey Colt you said you were the president of a fraternity. Would you mind telling us which one and from which university? Great article by the way.

Colt Williams's picture

Thanks Anon! But unfortunately I can't divulge that information (it's private). But I will say that it was one of the largest national fraternities in the nation and my chapter was at a small school. That'll have to sate you for now :)

Shane's picture

I still live in a college town, have been here almost 7 years and am still trying to get with college girls. I frequent the college bars too. Most girls think I still go to school because I look young. But sometimes I feel like my life experience and more adult demeanor is a turn off to them. There are college guys with half my fundamentals and zero fashion sense who just clean up. It's why I stopped dressing so well out in the bars--I could tell it was too intimidating. It's almost a guarantee that a girl won't text me back if I get her number at my college bars. It makes me feel too adult and sometimes too old, believe it or not, even though technically I feel like my higher value should be an advantage. Is that a common problem for those out of college?

Bill's picture

Shane, I went to a small college and although I dated a measurable percent of the women, sex was not the objective. Identifying the traits of the kind of girls that like me was.

Due to a relationship getting in the way, I didn't pick up the game in a big way until I was 28. I have bedded a whole lot of college girls since then, twenty or thirty times more than when I was in college. I had a college senior a few weeks ago, and I am twice her age. I never look for them in bars, ever. I find them at online match making sites, shopping areas, and public transportation, airports mostly, but I've also had success on trains. They are not necessarily local to where I live.

What works for me is to identify the girls that find what I have to offer attractive: Intelligence, success, maturity, experience. These are the girls who don't want to date college boys, they want to date men. Don't compete where everyone else is, find the girls that are overlooked, and there are some beautiful gems.

I have discovered that most of the college women I end up dating turn out to be Asian. That last one was black, but most are Asian. There seems to be a subset of them that don't have age hangups and they admire what I can offer. They are also extremely easy to get into bed, much easier than white girls who are sober, even though on average they don't have much sexual experience, for ten of them, none.

Be careful with some of these girls. They are so refreshing and unlike older women, it is hard not to fall in love with them. One almost got me, and I still miss her.

Colt Williams's picture


Bill definitely makes some valid points, In the same way that day game works on regular women because no other guys do it, day gaming college girls is an effective tools to weed out the bad prospects and find the girls who are looking to date high-value men.

However, I would say that it is definitely doable to pull college girls from college bars. You can be well-dressed and still maintain all of your fundamentals. Don't feel like you have to "lower' yourself in terms of your appearance in order to make yourself more appealing to them. But what I would say is that it's all about your *attainability*.

That's the intimidation that you're giving off. The thing is, if you are a higher-value man, you have to be extra playful and joking and poke fun at yourself. Otherwise a girl is going to think that she's not good enough for you. And can you blame her? You're well-dressed and composed and intelligent and have your act together. She's just flying by the seat of her pants trying to figure it all out.

So you have to really play the fun angle if you want to go for college girls. Just show her that being with you will be an adventure and you'll show her things that silly college guys couldn't dream of showing her. This will help alleviate your attainability issues and hopefully get you some more solid connections.

So play up the adventure and play up the fun. Go get 'em.


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Hello Colt, let me first tell you a little bit about the situation I am in. I go to a university where every economic forces are against me (60/40 male to female ratio, awkward nerdy environment, small top university making me unanonymous). As such, in the beginning of the year, I had the belief that this was a new frontier to aggressively conquer before other men take the very few hot girls( (I'm still a miserable single freshman btw).

Mistakenly, I was too assertive and aggressive in my approaches without much social calibration in front of the very few (like 3) hot girls. That put me in the creep zone with them. Not to mention that this is a small uni, so I'm sure word has spread to some women as well...

However, I did have good luck with some girls (Platonically or sexually, I don't know.) that live at least some distance from that dormitory where all the hot girls are. Oh, and I can't be too direct either because again, this is a small school so the risk of blowback is high so it is very hard for me to even get an opportunity to practice.

My build is skinny and ectomorphic, my voice is not attractive at loud places nor is my efforts to be extroverted when in fact I am an introvert, and finally I am of Asian descent. So, there is no way to come off as attractive in parties (As most attraction comes physically there), so parties are out of the list. I've been to some networking events and met some women there, but I do not know if they're sexually or platonically into me and therefore the risk is too high for me to make a move. That's why I have to resort to doing the typical deep diving thing. Right now though, I am having trouble trying to deep dive them because I can't really find anything they're passionate about. What to do then? If I ask too many questions while trying to get them hooked onto something, it'll seem more like an interview.

And as another note, our school is rather miserable as a whole (But I am doing rather well academically). Our professors work us very hard, so that makes women even more unapproachable.

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uForia, when I was in your shoes, and maybe in your dorm from the sound of it, I decided to practice my conversational skills and discover what kinds of girls wanted what I had to offer. When I was a junior, I literally took half the freshmen women out on dates, and a good part of the other half was playing for the other team, if you know what I mean. But it was not intended for sex, it was about conversation and for them, getting away from dorm food. I didn't get the reputation as a player, I got the reputation that if they don't like what's for dinner, they could escape, and I could take them someplace few others could. They went because they trusted I wasn't going to make a move. It was a tradeoff.

I learned to get inside their heads (these are very smart girls) and steer their thinking to where I wanted it to be. It was good exercise, because there aren't any girls as smart as these. Eventually, I had done this with girls from all over, hundreds of them, until I learned how to identify the ones that would sleep with me. It became easy. It was shooting fish in a barrel when 17 years later, I randomly met a senior from a similarly difficult college and had her in bed on the 1st date, even though she had never 'officially' dated anyone before.

For the ones who like me, most of them are Asian, including above example, and they are very easy to get into bed. It turns out about half of them really want a white guy and many of those won't even date an Asian guy. That doesn't help you, but there are characteristics you can learn to spot that want what you have to offer. You may not have it yet. When you are making $180k+/yr, have a house and a paid-for Jag, you'll find women all over you. You just need to learn what to look for (!).

Freshmen guys had it real tough in my school. When I was a freshman, my goal was to pass and not fail. But I observed. A pattern developed. Those women who would every have a bf would probably have him by the 2nd week of their freshman year, and that would be it for the next four year, mostly. Most refused to have a bf at all, because they had work to do and didn't want to deal with dating pressure. It was by the 2nd week because the upperclassmen were on top of them before they had any idea what happened and it took them about 2 weeks to figure out what was going on. They were stunned at how suddenly, THEY were the popular ones and they succumbed quickly, because they had never experienced that before.

To expand beyond your limited supply, try online, there is something for everyone, but look for sites with odds in your favor. If you have a community college a few blocks away, you might try taking or teaching a class, or offering to tutor there.

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I can identify that you want my goal to be broken down from getting girls to bed to determining what type of girls are into me. I also appreciate that you didn't guess my school. However, there is something rather in your post that is unsatisfying...

I think it's the fact that you already made a tradeoff against expectations of sex. You said that girls would go with you in the promise that you won't make a move. As such, you can only probably tell that they are only platonically interested in you right? So apparently, you learned to get into their heads and identify what type of girls are into you.

Now, one thing to be wary about this site for me at least, is that it has a tendency to try to change what I want from a woman. Chase advocates polygamous relationships, or perhaps even trying to say that sex is what you should go for in a partner. If that's what he wants, great, but I sometimes know that even my desires are sometimes getting swayed by these impulsive articles, and as I am wary of this, I always remind myself that in the end, I want the best partner I could ever have, not only as a sex partner, but also to grow together.

However to achieve such a thing, Chase was very convincing in that I must take a woman to bed early so that I have power in the relationship, and as such, I study this website a lot. In the real world (The anonymous cities), it shouldn't be of my concern on determining whether I should make a move or not (Of course I should, since I don't have any social repercussions as a "creeper"). I guess I should've rephrased my question:

In my toxic environment, how can I best prepare myself (without socially butchering myself in my school even further) for seducing women in the real world? (I have already given up on the prospects of me getting action in my college just because my genes are disadvantaged like that, as well as my environmental upbringings to this point. However, if there is a method to get girls in college that doesn't have a risk of blowing myself up socially while I practice, I will be happy to know.)

P.S. Let's also face that we're probably in a tech bubble atm, so I probably won't be making $150k a year when I graduate. If I graduate into a recession, I'm more or less looking at ~$60k a year (Just being conservative in my expectations so I don't end up too disappointed when I graduate).

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These techniques are NOT for use on normal women or in normal places. They are specific to a particular college environment like Mr. uForia's. They are aimed at training and practice to know how women's heads work, not to get them into bed. This will help prepare for the real world where you can apply what you learned and get as many girls as you want.

Platonically and interested are different words. They didn't have to be interested in me. They just had to be willing to go out with me. If they trusted me, they were willing.(!)

How I got so many to go out was I gave them what they wanted. Normal women want sex or other things. These wanted to get away from pressure for a couple of hours with no concerns. You understand this, others won't.

Learn, How do you guide a conversation? What do they want?(!) (all women want something in exchange for sex) How do you find out what is on their mind while remaining dominate? How do you make them laugh?(!) Tell jokes about Schrödinger's cat.

Learn to recognize patterns, compare to what you have to offer. These are very difficult women to deal with, and many have zero experience. Normal women are no match for what you will learn. Normal women don't know that Schrödinger has a cat but many will be turned on that you can explain it to them.

Go for her having a pressure-free nice time. Be receptive to a hug or kiss, but don't push her, your reputation for having a nice time without pressure will be how you get more to go out with you(!). You already acknowledge that if you were to have a date that ended with sex, the other women wouldn't go near you, then you are stuck. So before you have sex with one, is she the only girl you want to know until you graduate? If you are going for sex, do it with girls from the outside.

This website is good on what works. There is a science and an art to sleeping with women. You don't have to be a player to use this knowledge, but you have to practice to gain it(!). The best partner is one who wants sex really bad, is in love with you, and won't hold back. Find her (them) and you'll be happy.

In the real world, yes, you do have to move fast. I usually decide in the first 15 minutes of meeting a girl if she is going to sleep with me and I give it two dates at most, barring interference from the calendar. I don't need more than two, even if she has zero experience. It is knowing what to look for, and then like molecules coming together for a reaction, if they aren't moving fast enough, nothing will happen and they'll go their separate ways. But if they are, it is exothermic.

When you are off campus, practice flirting with random women whenever you get the chance, age doesn't matter, they can be old. Watch others. Learn what works and what makes you look like a jerk.

For your situation, Pick several candidates who don't mind your presence. Make sure they know who you are, but don't glom them! Neutral feelings are fine.

Be patient, weeks if need be. You need perfect alignment, and if it isn't there, scrub the mission(!) for another time. Arrange to be in the same place and time, without it appearing so, and don't pass random opportunity. It is best if she is alone, but if she is with another female friend or roommate, take them both (don't take more than two until you know how to stay dominate in gaggles, they'll gang up on you). Have some idea of whether she has time. Know a little about what she likes so you don't ask her to a place she doesn't want to go. You are making the decisions, she has to agree with them. Where do you think she is in her cycle? If she has pms, stay away. She is most receptive when ovulating. Pros can tell just by looking, you might need to take notes and analyze data. You can strike up chitchat or just be minding your own business. "I think I'd like some ice cream. Why don't you come with me?" or "Hey, I'm going out for sushi, and you look like you could use a break, want to tag along?" Look into her eyes with the question. Do not give her any pressure, but say it like you expect her to say yes.

Be ready for any answer and know your response. If her guard goes up, like "I'm not going out with you!" You have to disarm her. You respond, "Don't worry this is not a date. I'm going, and if you would like to come with me, you are welcome to." With a smile.

Overcome objections with emotions, not logic(!). The comeback above sounds like you are being considerate, and to say no would be mean. Always be polite, she might say yes some other time. Don't push it or your reputation will ruin you. Don't pressure her to go and don't plead; you will sound desperate. State your purpose. Get a response. Answer the response. Leave(!).

You may hear legitimately, "I don't have time." You say, "I understand, I get busy too. Just a minute." Then take a piece of paper, write, "Rain check. Good for One Free Coffee (or whatever). To claim gift, Present to (your name). Offer expires ____." Write it where she can see you, like you are doing something important, but without her being able to see what you are writing. Fold it, then hand it to her, say see you later with a smile, and walk off(!). Don't push her to redeem, don't ever mention it(!). She'll remember every time you say hi and let you know when she is ready.

Unlike random strangers, for women you see all the time, it is really important to get in and get out of the proposition phase quickly. It sends the signal that if she doesn't go with you, someone else will and you don't care.

Go out with as many as you can. You don't have to find her attractive, maybe start with ones you don't. You just have to be able to tolerate her for an hour. You can take it to the real world off campus where there might be women from other colleges without the hangups. I dated a couple of girls from other colleges and had a nice time, with a different meaning than previous context.

And yes, it takes years of experience after graduation before you break 6 figures. You have to already be successful to catch most women who like successful men. It is easier for me in my 30's and 40's to bed women in their early 20s than when I was in my early 20's.

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I think I've read you express some of your frustrations in the past. I definitely feel for you. I went to one of the smallest colleges in the country. It was one where everyone was overworked and the social gossip got around faster than seasonal sickness.

However, there were -- as there are in any social sphere -- guys who cleaned up with girls. And there were guys who were left in the dust. I was probably exactly in the middle. I had a healthy dose of girls, but not top dog by any means. And this was all before discovering game.

But one thing I noticed at the time, and now that I have experience something I can pass on to you, is that all the guys who cleaned up were very sure of themselves. uForia, you seem like a very intelligent and discerning individual; but what I'm sensing is some self-doubt and the need to pander to the "hot" girls of your campus. Now, I'm not on your campus (though, I'm pretty certain where you go), and while I can't doubt that there are only a handful of hot girls, I can say that there are many more *cute* girls that I'm sure you're overlooking.

As Chase wrote in his piece on lowering your standards, I think that it's important to not focus only on the hot girls in order to gain success with women. All of the women you interact with are important. This lowering of standards, I"ve found, is particularly important at small elite campuses.

But lowering your standards is only part of the equation. As I just alluded to, the other part is developing yourself. Being Asian and skinny isn't a crutch by any means. I'm black and skinny and use it to my advantage to develop myself in dance, martial arts, etc. You just have to find what advantages you have with the tools that you are given.

Outside of academics, you have ask yourself what you're passionate about and develop those passions. You have to accept that you'll never be able to change certain things about yourself (like the natural tone of your voice or your ethnicity). Once you accept those, you'll be able to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

So those are the 2 foundational ideas of success on a small campus: lowering your standards (not pandering only to hot girls) and developing your passions/sense of self/self-confidence. After you set that foundation, you need to focus on pushing the envelope with girls. As I mentioned in an earlier comment: college girls just want to have fun. This goes for the nerdy ones too. It could be a more low-key kind of fun, but they definitely want to let loose and laugh and smile just like anyone else in this world does.

So if you focus on giving those positive emotions, you will also have more license for being a sexy man. One of the best times to go for a kiss with a girl is right after she gets done laughing. But the thing is, even if a girl is sexually interested in you, you'll never know unless you try something. And I understand that the ratio may not be in your favor, and you may feel that you go to a more socially vapid institution, but you can still develop an abundance mentality even in these less than favorable circumstances. The social blow back from "drama" at small schools is far more overblown than it seems. Even the big things blow over after a month.

And uForia, the thing is, life is long. You won't be in college forever. So you can just think about this experience as a training ground for making yourself the sexy man that will appeal to scores of women when as you get older and enter the world's massive dating ocean. And college is a phenomenal training ground.

So the takeaways are this:

1. Lower your standards and maximize your dating pool, so that if you do have blowback with a group of 5 girls, there are still dozens of others that you can try to sleep with.

2. Focus on yourself. Learn to internalize the fact that you are enough. You are smart, you're driven, you're not fat, you want to improve yourself, and you go to an elite school -- you're in the top 1% of men. So start acting like it and be a positive force that attracts people.

3. Push the envelope. There is only one lesson in success, but 1000 in failure. It seems like social blowback is a big deal -- but it really isn't. Keep in mind the grand scheme of life and the fact that there will be thousands of women who cross your path. So with each one, your blade needs to get sharper and sharper. And you'd be surprised, girls who have heard about your past will often sleep with you anyway. But you just need to keep pushing the envelope (which will also help you hone your calibration) and make it happen.

So those are my thoughts on your predicament. I hope that helps and I hope that it's demonstrative of the fact that game is about you and not the girls. Just like a stock trader, it's not about the individual trade -- it's about the person you become on the road to being the master trader. And then you hit it big.



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