On Having Wild Sex with Pretty Girls

Sex is a fantastic thing – for both men and women. But unfortunately, many women find themselves dissatisfied with their sex lives for one reason or another. Sometimes they settle for a guy who doesn’t have very much value. Sometimes they can’t find a guy at all.

And sometimes…the sex is just too vanilla. The girl walks away lamenting the fact that the guy was unable to truly take control of the situation and give her an unforgettable experience.

And if there’s one secret I can share with you, it’s this: girls are always looking for that guy who will give them an unforgettable experience.

wild sex

So how do you put yourself in the position to have wild sex with pretty girls? And what do you do once you get there? That’s what we’ll be covering today.

wild sex

It was our subtext. The first date had gone very well, but it was more like a seduction from the olden days than one typical to the new millennium. We had gone out for ice cream; she was very ginger and cute with the way she ate it – careful not to spill it on her white summer dress. We went on a long walk through the park at sunset. We talked about our dreams, our fears, and where we wanted the journey of life to take us.

She was silly and funny, but was always pretty reticent when sexual topics came up – always maintaining an air of propriety. But she kept making jokes about how a lot of girls must chase after me, and how I must bring out their wild side – making sure to point out that she wasn’t very wild. The date ended with some sexual activity, but no intercourse and nothing too crazy. I knew there was something more than meets the eye with this girl, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was.

I expected more of the same from the second date. We went on another fun adventure. But this time she kept initiating much more sexual conversation than she had during the first outing. But I still didn’t think too much of it, as I assumed that it was a natural product of her getting more comfortable around me.

We made it back to my apartment, where things started to get hot and heavy once again. As we were making out against the wall, I stopped to ask her a question. “What’s your sexual fantasy?” She laughed. I looked at her with a straight face to assure that this question was no joke.

“You’re going to think I’m crazy,” she responded. I reassured her of my lack of judgment, and how she could feel free to just be herself around me. And then I fiercely bit her neck.

“Okay I’ll tell you,” she finally yielded. “Honestly, I’m really not that creative. I’ve just always had this sneaking suspicion that I’d like it rough. I’m a nice girl – I get that. And I love that about myself. But I don’t want every guy I hook up with to treat me like that. I want a guy who will fuck me until I can’t breathe. Like, I saw that sex book on your nightstand. I want to try as many positions in that book as possible. But…you must think I’m weird or something now. I’m sure you must be thinking I’m not what you signed up for.”

“Haha, of course not,” I replied. “I am here to please. And I told you I wouldn’t judge you. That would just make things less fun for the both of us. Well, I better grab some water…looks like it’s going be a long night.”

I really lost track of how much time had passed. Between the countless positions, handfuls of pulled hair, moans, groans, sweat – and a few water breaks – it all seemed like a blur. And I thought all was said and done. She was slowly looking around my bedroom, her slender silhouette cast onto my wall by the outside streetlights like a 1940’s film noir.

Upon inspecting one of my shelves, she found a pair of handcuffs that I keep for when the mood strikes. She picked them up gingerly with an innocent and quizzical look on her face. “When was the last time you used these?”

“It’s definitely been a while,” I answered.

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah. Some people like being handcuffed, some people don’t. It’s just like anything else I suppose.”

She started to twirl them around her index finger. “Well, how do you know which kind of person you are?”

“Hah, I suppose you have to try something before you figure out whether or not you like it.”

“Yeah…” she smiled the most devious of grins. “I want to find out.”

“You want me to handcuff you?”

“Handcuff me.”

I used my last bit of energy to spring out of bed and throw her up against the wall with her back facing me. I slid my hand down her hot back and wrenched her arms down behind her. I then fixed the handcuffs tightly around her wrists.

wild sex

After a few minutes of deep moans she let out a stentorian and deafening scream as I finished pounding her from behind.

Ever since that first occasion, she became a vixen. She was the mark of innocence to the outside world, but she was an animal when the time was right. Many wild times were in store for the future.

This was one of many occasions of unleashing the wild side of a pretty girl that I’ve experienced. The funny thing is that no matter how often it happens, it is always a novel experience. And the feeling of being one of the few men who can bring this out in girls never gets old.

So how can you become a man who is able to give girls the wild sex they so badly crave?

wild sex

Make Her Comfortable

What’s the most important component of having wild sex with a girl and making sure that she’ll be able to climax? Is it:

All of these components are indeed important, but the single most important factor to having wild sex with a pretty girl is making her comfortable. Studies have shown that the single biggest factor for whether or not a woman will reach sexual gratification and climax is her level of comfort.

If you think about it, this fact makes perfect sense. A woman faces a lot of social and biological pressure when deciding to engage in sex with a new man. Furthermore, she will likely be self-conscious about her body, about her own sexual abilities, about your opinion of her, and about her sexual fantasies.

So if all of these things are running a mile-a-minute through her head, you better believe that this is going to stifle her ability to enjoy a sexual experience and it’s definitely going to reduce her ability to be free and sexually creative. So if you want to put yourself in the position to have wild sex, you better make sure that she’s comfortable, relaxed, and ready to let loose.

So how do you go about making her relaxed and free?

  1. Communicate Being Non-Judgmental When You See Her. All women are aware of the fact that there is a secret society of people who embrace their sexuality and are sexually liberated. However, they are also aware of the fact that most men are oblivious to this undercurrent of society. So if a man can communicate that he is in the “know” and that he understands the true nature of women, he will make large and broad strides toward making her feel very comfortable.

    It’s also important to keep in mind that just because all women know about the secret society doesn’t mean that they themselves are sexually liberated. Some women are still waiting for that wild stallion of a man to take them for a ride into the pastures of true sexual freedom. And if she thinks that you are such a man, she will be putty in your hands.

  2. Pay Attention to Set Up the Ambiance. Chris Rock put it best when he said that if men could have sex in a cardboard box…they would. Men don’t need any kind of ambiance in order to get going. Unfortunately for us, women are just the opposite (most of the time). Girls need to fully be at ease before they can yield to their sexual desires.

    So make sure that you set up your pad for a relaxing and intimate encounter. If you can take care of this crucial step, your seductions will be ten times easier. A good gauge for whether or not you’re doing a good job is the girl saying something positive about the environment. Women like to voice their feelings of comfort.

Believe She’s Wild

wild sexI was brought up in a pretty traditional fashion, so even to this day I have trouble truly believing that all women have a crazy and wild side to them. I still catch myself at times treating them like they are pristine angels who have never heard of something so lewd as sex.

But believe me, all women love rough sex. All of them. All women are naughty.

This is such a difficult concept to truly internalize for guys who are either more traditional in their upbringing or guys who just don’t have enough experience with the animalistic side of females. It is there. It is very real. And it is more intense than a male’s.

But before you can take any action towards ravaging her, you have to internalize this belief.

Bring the Passion

Women are incredible mirrors. They can reflect back and amplify any emotion that is shared with them. However, they very rarely initiate strong emotions with guys they don’t know very well. So if you want to have wild sex with a girl you don’t know very well, you have to be the catalyst of the encounter.

And because women are so in tune with their emotions, the only way to be a catalyst is to overwhelm them with your own emotional passion.

Now, I am fully aware that men are all over the spectrum with their base levels of emotional passion. So if you’re on the less passionate side of things, think about a time when you desperately wanted something. Maybe it was a dream job, or an award you were working toward, or a car – whatever. But think about a time when you knew that you would do anything to succeed. It didn’t matter how much sleep you lost, or how much you had to grind – you were willing to do whatever it takes.

Now take whatever you were thinking of, and replace that thing with a girl you’ve been with, are with, or would like to be with. That’s the level of passion that you need to bring in order to unleash her wild side and have some wild sex.

Dominate Her

We emphasize quite often the power of dominance as a male. I am not going to reemphasize that here. But, what I will highlight is the importance of sexually and physically dominating a girl if you want to have wild sex with her.

When I hook up with girls, I make sure to pull them around, pin them against walls, push them onto the bed/couch/table and physically dominate them. And when we’re having sex, I make sure to wrap my arms tightly around them as a subtle expression of control and dominance.

These things drive women wild. Every time I hook up with a new girl, I have that split-second of hesitation where I wonder: “Maybe she won’t like this. Maybe I’m just wrong about every single girl wanting to be dominated.” And then I make a slight move like a hair pull and she inevitably moans and/or smiles. And then I think to myself: “Nope. Still right. And still foolish to think otherwise.”

So dominate her. If you’ve never tried it – it’s really, really enjoyable. Even if you have a girlfriend and you’ve never been particularly dominant with her, try it. I promise you her eyes will light up and you’ll have yourself a more wild time than you can probably remember.

Get Adventurous in the Beginning

Some guys are pretty adept at building toward wild sex as they get to know a girl. But what sets you forever apart in a woman’s mind – if you have the bravery to attempt it – is having sex with her in a risky place, in a dominant way, the first time you hook up with her. There have been many a time where I’ve taken a girl to a park or field and escalated to some wild, wild sex.

wild sex

Did those girls ever flake on me? Nope. Did those girls ever try to look for satisfaction elsewhere? Never. Did those girls ever try to play games when I tried to see them. Not a chance.

Being adventurous and dominant together puts you into a whole new stratosphere as a man. It sets the perfect sexual precedent and it allows you a lot more liberty and leeway in the course of your liaison with a particular girl.

But that’s not to say that it’ll always work. Because, believe you me, there will be times when your efforts inevitably backfire. However, seduction – just as life – is a game of asymmetric returns. So if you can look at the potential return of your actions, you know that it’s foolish not to act. The failure will just be a side note if it happens.

Innocent Girls; Sex on the Brain

I have developed a maxim about women that I’ve really found to be true 9 times out of 10: the more innocent a girl looks, chances are, the dirtier she is. And as a woman gets older, this maxim only becomes truer.

I’ve hooked up with my fair share of girls, but what never ceases to surprise me is when I talk to a girl after things have ended – weeks, months, or even years later. The thing that she always brings up is how fantastic it was to have wild and liberating sex. Maybe she’ll reference me throwing her on a table. Maybe she’ll mention sex in public. Maybe she’ll mention handcuffs.

That is without exception the most frequent thing girls reminisce about. Well, at least with me anyway. I would suppose that a lot of them are sexually starved in their current lives – even if they have significant others. On the one hand, it makes you feel good because you know that you left an indelible impression on them. On the other hand, you feel bad because they are trying to recapture the past and escape their current circumstances.

Wrapping Up

In a strange way, the prospect of wild sex can actually be intimidating. As a man, you might focus your energy on how it might be awkward, or how you might make her uncomfortable, or how you might finish too early, or a million other reasons why it won’t work out.

But it’s important to remember that sex rarely goes off without a hitch – that’s entirely part of the fun. The next time you see that girl you like, or a new girl who might catch your eye, remember: there’s a wild vixen waiting to be released.

She’s just hoping to find the right man to coax her out.

Carpe Diem,


Colt WilliamsAbout the Author: Colt Williams

Raised in the American Midwest, Colt Williams made a name for himself in dating with a style based on soulful poetic seductions and playful dance floor antics. His style is all about inspiring girls and drawing them into one’s world. You can book phone coaching with him here, or get a copy of his guide to getting laid on Tinder, the product of months of study and experimentation by him on the medium.


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Damn Colt! You got straight to the point and pulled no punches!!! This article is a wake up call to all those guys out there that have no idea what's going on in the secret society..Good lookin out Playa!

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