Girls Chase 2013 Site Renovation Complete


I'm pleased to announce after what seemed like interminable months of work (and a week of 18-hour days this past week with very little sleep), we've at last, somewhat behind deadline, completed updating to bring the site into the 20-teens.

site renovation launch

My hat's off to everyone for putting in a big push at the end, and an extra special thanks to Mike from Greece, our guy on the IT end who built a custom metered paywall system for us after half the paywall companies wanted an ungodly chunk of subscription revenues and the other half simply didn't bother responding to customer inquiries. Mike, you're a life saver, and a hell of a coder.

I'll be back to writing posts and responding to comments and interacting on the boards again in a day or two... I'll grab a little rest and pay off a bit of my sleep debt and be back here before you know it.

In the meantime, have a look around the new site - I hope you'll find it cleaner, simpler to use and navigate around, and an overall more welcoming and usable experience than the previous version of the site was.

Welcome to the Girls Chase of 2013, gentlemen.


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Everything looks great, Chase! I look forward to being able to learn more and help others as this site continues to grow.




Thanks Franco! I'm monitoring everything closely right now... page load times seem a bit longer than with the old theme (about a second or so more), but time on site and page views have gone up a good deal. I'll take that trade for now until I can bring in some more IT guys to make things load faster too...


Really liking the new look! Everything is so convenient now. Can't wait for the next post but I understand about getting some rest. thanks for everything you do.


Thanks Wes! Exactly what I was going for. "Convenient"'s a hard thing to get working correctly on a site with lots of articles, but if you can do it, you make the site instantly much more valuable to people.

New posts coming soon - stay tuned.


the website looks much more clean and professional.

before it was above the average joe blog but still below something i would consider professional, even though the advice was at the level of "guru."

now the presentation of the website is great. well done, and good work.

i've been reading this website for maybe the past 1 and a half months, and the amount of growth i have achieved is immense.

through socializing with women i have grown to be much more secure and confident in all areas as a side effect. i'm pulling in women despite my below average height, and lack of muscles, simply because i can do many of the things your blog suggests, mostly in particular, being a "sexy" man.

it's kinda funny because that article sounds like a bullshit post full of fluff at first sight, but when you read it it tells you vital things like moving slow, downplaying emotion, etc.

i now feel like i have achieved in general a very high level of understanding in terms of men-female interaction, to the point where i can apply the things i've learned but still calibrate it to how i feel i should address the situation.

i came to this website a broken man holding a broken heart, frustrated and not knowing what to do.

but now i've evolved into something much more.

i confess i no longer read as religiously as i did during those 1.5 months. i come back every now and then, but mainly to keep a broad vision on things since you never stop learning. the most important thing i've learned from this website is just, general game, and how to perpetuate an attractive feel about myself where ever i go.

i do not exaggerate when i say this website has changed me for the better.

once again, the website looks fantastic, and i wish the girlschase team utmost success. the knowledge on this website is incredible.


Remarkable to hear the transformation you've had over a few months, Anon. Sexiness is one of the big wins that really makes an impact once you bring it online... seems like you focused on that one, made it happen fast, and started reaping the dividends. That's great work.

Thanks for the good wishes, and glad to hear you like the new site design. I agree, after getting used to this layout over the past few months, every time I'd see the old one it was, "Gah, the site still looks like that for everybody else...?"

Hope you keep working on tweaking things and making improvements, and that that helps you keep making strides. Once you're seeing dividends in this, the hardest part is over.


Loving the site, everything from the layout to the new font for the comment section, I guess every little detail can make a difference. Just a question, what's the age group targeted in your articles, I've always wanted to know since I'm a 19 year old guy currently in college and I've always wondered if the techniques and mindsets you discuss apply to girls in my age group. Thanks again and congrats on the new website. Cheers.


Glad to hear it, Juan! Comments on the old site were particularly ugly, I agree. They needed an overhaul... fonts I spent a fair amount of time studying before I decided on any. We tried a bunch of different fonts out on the test site, and it's amazing what a difference they make on the feel of the site. Pick one style for headers, and the site feels old and stuff. Pick another one, and it feels funky. One more still, and it feels like somebody's hobby site...

On age groups, I have 3 different guys in mind when I'm writing: the guy in college, the guy in his mid-20s who's out of college and working a 9-to-5, and the guy in his 40s or 50s who's recently divorced and getting back into the game (I figure most of the guys in their thirties already have their game figured out and/or are already married). For the most part, girls are girls and the general strategies work the same regardless. You need to finesse things a bit more as they get older are more experienced (the younger she is, the more you being an aggressive asshole makes her swoon; the older, the more she views that as the sign of a guy who hasn't quite made it to the big leagues yet).

But overall, the material you'll find here works exactly the same across age groups, just with a bit of tweaking. The younger she is, the more things need to be exaggerated to make sure she notices them; the older she is, the more subtle they need to be to show her you've got some heavy experience under your belt.


Nice work chase.I prefer the old design but I guess I just not use to this one yet.well I look forward to more of masterpieces in a new and improved version.and most of all more grease to your elbows ; )



Thank you. Yeah, I think you'll adapt... the old one I couldn't even look at anymore after a few months of using the basic layout of this one (we had the theme long before we had all the pieces for it built).

Meantime, I'll work on getting some great new stuff up here to build you some new good emotional ties to the new design and layout!


Excellent Job on the new site look Chase,Everything look amazing. I cant wait to see what exciting things come from this. Hoping for you the best of profits ;) which im sure are going to come with all of your hard work and dedication.

Cheers, The Tool


Thanks Tool!

I don't understand why do I have to subscribe now. I though you had enough products and they have more information than these articles. I don't get it. It is unbelievable. First, everybody could benefit from it but anyway, your articles where great so time to go make some money out of it you deserve it.



See this post: "Changes for Girls Chase in 2013."

The long and short of it was, the business model was mismatched, and for this business to work we were faced with a choice: abandon content generation and simply focus on products, sales pages, and advertising exclusively, because articles it turns out aren't a very good way to generate product sales; or, monetize the articles themselves and continue to focus on generating content. There were other options too, like sell the site, or just stop working on it altogether and spend our time on something else and keep whatever residual income this generates as it dies, but I thought we had something worthwhile here and didn't want to do those.

My belief is that this was the best possible outcome - it lets us continue to put out articles. Without monetizing the articles, there's just no way it makes sense to continue plowing the amount of time I or anyone else does into writing - there are a million ways I can spend my time, or anyone else contributing to this site can spend their time, and trying to scrape out a living on a business that's going nowhere doesn't make sense. So it was time to make it go somewhere - or get out and shut the doors.

I chose the former, because I want to make GC work, and because I believe I can make GC work.



The hard work paid off once again! The new site is perfect. I usually take a while to adapt to change, but the new site is so simple and fluent that I didn't have to adapt. Hats off to you and the team that made it happen.

Also I was hoping you could help me understand where I went wrong in one of my pickups and what I could have done instead. It'd be much appreciated if you did. Ok ill try to keep it here's what happened.

My friend and I approached some girls at a bar in west Chester pa. They were both from Norway. I treated them like locals. My friend is a pretty boy but his game is weak and he kinda made it difficult for me(going out by myself for now on!). Anyways I finally deep dived with the one I liked. I asked questions so I could see how ambitious she was. She wanted to get a job working on a tv show in any way possible. I asked if she wrote her own scripts. She said no.. I said what's stopping you? She said idk your making me feel this a bad thing, was my voice tone the problem or is it a good thing she said that? I honestly didn't know how to respond really so I moved on to another topic. Anyways through out the night she sent me solid signals and my friend, her friend, and me and my girl chilled for 3 hours. I sent her a text saying to save my number and it was nice to meet you. She replied.. You too;) I will! Then the next day after that I asked her what her schedule is like and let's grab a bite. She didn't reply. I think, since I chilled with her for a good amount of time, I sent the schedule text too soon. What do you think I did wrong? At this point I don't really wanna keep trying on this girl...even tho she was smoking hot and to the mainstream "outta my league"...unless it requires little effort. she was my first approach ever and I learned a lot but somewhere I went wrong and want to know where for the next girl.

Hey chase the girl finally responded! She said: hey:) this week is pretty busy for me since spring break is coming up. But we can def hang out after sometime.

My question to you is what do I text back to her and when do I text back to her. It took her about two days to respond to my schedule text. Should I wait two days? Or should I wait until the week is over to text her another schedule text? Also if I do meet up with her should I treat her any different since she is a foreigner?



Glad to hear it! Fluid and intuitive are the golden ring in web design, so that's great feedback to get...

Spending time in the Dub-C, huh? Small world. I'm not sure how long it took you to respond to the Norwegian girl, but you're read may be right - it could've been too quick. A lot of times for those texts you want to wait a few days.

It could also be auto-rejection - 3 hours is a long time to spend with someone at a bar, and if she and her friend plowed that much time into you and your friend, there's a good chance they thought it was leading them somewhere at the end of the night. It can be something of a big letdown for a girl to spend three hours on a guy thinking it's headed toward a night of pleasure, only for her to go home empty-handed. Women from Scandinavia tend to be rather sexually open as well... couple that with being an international, and you have a relatively reliable recipe for a girl who's comfortable with quick sex, and quite possibly disappointed when she thinks she's going to get it and doesn't.

If she isn't responding to texts, your next step is to call her and get talking to her on the phone. Don't ask her out, just rebuild interest and rapport. Once you have that, go from there...


Thanks for the response chase. Yeah I spend quite a lot of time in the Dub C on the weekends. I live on the main line about 20-30 minutes away so it's easy to get there and it's a great place to meet woman plus alot of my friends go to school there. It lookslike your familiar with the area, do you have any great spots to pull women from? I met the Norwegians at Barnabys so I'm thinking I should go back there but it was my first time there so I might have had beginners luck.

Also not sure if you saw my reply to my first comment. In case you missed it here it is

Hey chase the girl finally responded! She said: hey:) this week is pretty busy for me since spring break is coming up. But we can def hang out after sometime.

My question to you is what do I text back to her and when do I text back to her. It took her about two days to respond to my schedule text. Should I wait two days? Or should I wait until the week is over to text her another schedule text? Also if I do meet up with her should I treat her any different since she is a foreigner?



Yep - Barnaby's is one of the old mainstays for picking up in West Chester. Kildare's is another, or was - it's been a while since I've been out and about there. There might be newer places that are serving as meet markets these days - the crowds that venues draw tend to change as they age.

On this girl, you could text later the same day, or within a day or two - you'll be fine either way. Send something simple that shows you're nonplussed by her putting it off like, "Deal - we'll do it after. Have a kickass spring break!" and then wait until 5 or 6 days or a week after the semester resumes following spring break before you pick back up with her again (so it doesn't seem like you were lying in wait for the break to end and pounced on her as soon as she was back... give her some time to decompress instead).


Awesome renovation for the new year!
Also, stunning display profile! ;) How do we get one?


Thanks Knight!

If you want to create a similar profile picture, just set up an account on the site and, if you have access to Adobe Photoshop, download this .psd file and insert the image you want to use between the ellipse and the shadow:

Avatar Template

(you can use the Photoshop Magic Wand tool to select everything outside the ellipse while on that layer, then select your photo's layer and just delete the selection of material outside the ellipse)

If you don't have Photoshop, then right click and save a copy of one of the avatars on your computer, open it up in whatever image editing software you have, and paste a new image in the center of the circle. Upload that to your profile, and you're good to go. Make sure you save it as a .png with a transparent background so it shows up correctly on the site.


Familiar with the program and concepts, thanks though mate. Appreciate it. I have a forum account under the same name. Is that the account you were speaking of?

Ah, noticed while typing that I might of been using a different e-mail address to comment. Fixed that up now. :)



You'll need to set up an account specific to the Girls Chase main site, as well - as of now, the forum and the main site aren't linked, so you'll need an account for each. You can do this by clicking the "My Account" button in the upper right corner of your screen, or just by going here.

Once you have an account, you'll be able to upload a user picture, and anything you post while logged in will have that picture.


What's with this popup that says I need to subscribed for unlimited access?



That's the site's new business model! Check out this post for the details on content subscriptions:

Changes for Girls Chase in 2013


The renovations look great. Gives the site a good feel. One thing to point out though, some of the font sizes are a tad bit small. Even when I zoom in it is hard to read. For instance, the links on the right side of this article are so small I have to put my face up in my screen to read it!
That's minor though and don't think it should be too much of a problem... Can't wait to read some articles you have in store for the future.



Very glad to hear it, Kneek. Font sizes are bigger on the sidebar now... have a look and tell me what you think.


Im going to step in and say I'm not THAT into this new design. Dont get me wrong, it feels different from the old design, but I think everything is too compact and cramped togheter, there's not really much room to breathe. The old orangey background was also a bit easier on the eye.
I don't want to sound like a youtube user after a youtube redesign, but I just wanted to provide some feedback and critique.




I appreciate the feedback; thank you. We've tweaked font sizes on the sidebar... hopefully that opens things up a bit. And I have IT looking into giving users a way to manually change the background... I think the gray gives the site a cleaner look, but the old background has a slightly more folksy / comfortable kind of feel that's nice as well, I agree. I'd ideally like a way for users to switch back and forth between the two... will keep you posted.


The new look of the site is great but when I'm choosing an article the letters are small and hard to read.


Thanks Luigi! Take a look at the sidebar now and let me know what you think - just adjusted.


I'm a member who has purchased products on this site before. I think it would be nice if you included subscriptions (for "said" amount of time) with purchases of products from your site.



I did actually send an email about a one-time promotion on subscriptions to all previous buyers - check your email for a subject line that starts with "[GIFT]" (sounds a little cheesy, but I was in the midst of a 33-hour workday when I wrote it). If it's not in your inbox, check your spam box too - if you don't see it there, let me know here or via the contact form on the site and I'll get you a copy of that one.


Chase, your site looks a lot better, but you may want to rethink your font election.
Serif fonts are more readable when in paper; but for websites, sans-serif fonts are the safer choice:

If you wanted to give your site a warmer look (sans serif fonts give a businesslike impression on the internet, but they are also too widely used), I understand your desicion; but this particular font doesn't work too well. Look this example of a serifed font looking good on the world wide web:

Well, that's my opinion.
Also, I'm a fan of yours, you saved my sexual life! I won't suscribe in the near future, but every time I see men whining about women, I give them a link to this page. I wish you luck and success. Good bye! ;)

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