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Tactics Tuesdays: How to Gauge Her Openness to Teasing

Chase Amante

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open to teasing
Some girls love to be teased. But some girls hate it. You find out who is whom (and how to proceed with each) by gauging her openness to teasing, right up front.

Some girls you can tease, flirt with, and bust on until you’re blue in the face, and they’ll love every moment of it.

Other girls, though? Well... not so much. Give her even a light ribbing and her body language turns icy. Try and flirt with her and she just gives you that stony look. You can feel your stomach muscles constrict as she bores holes into you with her eyes.

If you can figure out where on the spectrum a girl lies before you lay your flirtation on thick (or not at all), you can adjust properly.

But if you can’t, you may just find yourself boring the girls who want you to tease... Or sending the girls who can’t handle teasing into a spiral of auto-rejection.

This article is aimed at men who are intermediate with girls and up.

You can still use it as a beginner, but it’ll likely be a little too finesse to remember to do in the heat of the moment. That’s okay, you can circle back here once the game’s slowed down for you.

So how do you know when to start teasing a girl, and when to hold off?

In this article, I’m going to give you the ‘cautious method’ for figuring out how open a girl is to teasing. You won’t always use this, and in fact I don’t always use it too (especially when I’m trying to just ping a girl quickly and see how interested she is, and move on if she isn’t that interested – I’ll go straight to personal teases in that case).

However, if you want to not blow it with a specific girl, or you’re in a captive audience situation (like seated next to her on a bus or airplane, or in a class), this is perfect for not sending girls into auto-rejection by going too far with your teases.

And if she isn’t open to teasing? Don’t worry, I’ve got a solution for you there too.

Let’s dive in.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.



Sadeqh's picture

Hi chase!
It's been a while since the thought has been running through my mind about to go for Army serving a sweet 2years of contribution and break up with my beloved girlfriend (don't want her to wait for me to be back only to see her settle with another one), Or just stay on limbo (no army services done, no passport in my country).
I know this sounds familiar maybe for peers who really have to serve their home lands and it takes a great deal of effort to be far away and losing social lives and connections, progresses you've built outta sweat and be back to build them back up.
What's the best thing you can do about it when you have to abandon your Everything for years?
Missing someone who feels for you, and preparing not to be trapped in the dark net of depression during the times when you know you must be falling hopelessly.

Thank you very much, Sadeqh

Chase Amante's picture


Tough decision. Military service seems like a super valuable experience if you can get it. Training, discipline, camraderie, all that. I have a bunch of ex-Navy and ex-Marines friends and they're all real cool.

If you opt for military service, I think I'd probably opt to treat it as a few years in a chrysalis. Use your time there to focus on physical improvement (working out: lifting weights, calisthenics, etc.) and mental improvement (get caught up on your reading list; go through a bunch of the books on Lubbock's list, etc.). At the end of it, you'll be embarking on a new life.

Depression is about feeling helpless and hopeless. So long as you have things you're working on for the future, you can stave it off. Focus on improving your body and improving your mind so you can come out of military service ripped and brilliant, and you'll be able to get any girlfriend you want after it, and do all kinds of awesome things.


Sadeqh's picture

Well yes I guess you said the thing, Well I'm going to be recruited in Nohed..there are some pretty amazing things they do like skydiving, jungle warfare.. taking down some US ships in Persian Gulf ;) thanks anyways never gonna get bored with the Lubbock.

Andreas's picture

just want to say: thank you Mr Amante. Great stuff as always. great great stuff :-)

Lawliet's picture

Hey Chase,

Great article again!

Speaking of gauging, have you ever had a girl say "What about you?" when you ask them questions.
Is it usually negative sign or a positive (i.e. they like you)?
Sorta going back to the "What signs to show you're wasting your time" article, with "Hmmm." which I have confirmed so far. Have yet to have a good prospect go hmm. They usually go "confused look" or "Huh" or sorry what did you say

Anyway, I know it's a bit jumping to conclusions but from your experiences, would you say good or nay?

That's the first part.

Second part, is how do deal with continuous what about you?
I ask a little about her, just before I can follow up with deep dive, she's "What about you?"

It's almost like a desperate attempt to keep something going.
I didn't say conversation because I feel like it's almost like throwing ball back after baiting.
I don't know, something's off. But the conversation lasted a while, so might not be a polite attempt...maybe.

I do noticed, that her smile was gone compared to her first half of conversation.
Which I guess is normal, you don't usually keep smiling, but maybe boring topics.
I have to review your material on that part in case, I'm missing a crucial detail.

"Well then, go for compliance if you're unsure! you doofus!"
That's where I blooped, I forgot to see which stop she's getting off to give the moment of truth compliance.
She did comply to basic compliance.

In fact, I had a good flow to set up a date right then and there but I only thought of it after thought.
"Number swap article" or the "Approach from text article JGIG"
I thought of a "relevancy just happens technique"

Her: I love sushi!
Me: You're kidding, you too?
Her: I just can't stop
Me: Oh tell me about it, a party plate, gonna be all gone if I'm there
Her: Just down all of it!

Could of easily said, 'Hey, let's grab some sushi sometime"
Not duh, yet I missed.

Now I'm left with "patterns" but no results to confirm.
She did show a little more :l as we chatted and she started to look ahead of the bus (stop soon, I saw this movement too. Could have dropped a "number swap" move from your article then and there.

I want to reiterate that I noticed her :l and ask what do you think?

I'm wondering if her :l face, might not be "I'm so bored of this topic" because we were talking about things she does too. Unless she was lying to qualifying to me! But nonetheless, do you think it's also a cue for "Come on, ask my number already, my stop is coming up!"

I was keeping an eye on her body language. "oh school topic" = bored face
so I changed it, then she was smiling. She did glance at her phone in her purse when it vibrated and directed attention back to me.
But at the end, she just kept the :l....despite of talking something she was agreeing on.
She was also answering in an "not as excited as the beginning of conversation" in her tone.
It wasn't completely monotone and draggy, but it wasn't as filled with excitement as the start.



Chase Amante's picture


"What about you?" in my experience usually means you're not leading the conversation well enough. She's trying to find some way to keep the conversation going, so she decides to effectively ask you whatever you just asked her... But in a weak way.

If you run the conversation well enough (i.e., active listening), she'll never have the chance to ask what about you, often because you'll already have moved off that initial starter topic in a way it doesn't make sense for her to ask you this by the time she hits a break in the conversation.

If you're getting it quickly, sometimes it's an effort to prevent deep diving, yes. Both the girl and the guy feel more connected when the girl talks about herself, so this is sometimes a not-so-subtle way of putting the spotlight on you to say, in essence, "I am done talking about myself; this connection goes no further." If you're having it happen later into interactions, it may mean you're missing escalation windows and girls are auto-rejecting (or, alternately, just deciding this isn't going anywhere and trying to make their exits).


LateGame's picture

If she came from an intensely painful childhood teasing experience - especially ugly duckling syndrome - this is a big teasing red flag.... same for men. It takes a gentle hand to tease both.

Chase Amante's picture


Yes, great point.

People who suffered a lot of teasing tend to be really sensitive to any teasing.

Sometimes a near-total inability to laugh at themselves. Which can make them kind of downers to be around... Hair-trigger tempers for teasing and all that.

Usually best to avoid teasing altogether if you find out she has history like this.


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