Teasing a Girl the Right Way

teasing a girlA reader recently wrote in to ask me why I thought his text conversations weren't going anywhere. He's been working really hard to get his game tightened down, and thought he was doing well... but here, again, he could feel this girl slipping away. The texting transcript he sent picks up mid-conversation:

Him: You suck with directions. Lol. Are you from the city?

Girl: haha I dont know what the streets are called1 Just know theres one down a side haha. Its by the big bungy thing, down a little street:-)

Him: haha. You suck. Need to get a gps then. Can you cook?

Girl: haha sorry:-) uhmm like simple things. and if I had instructions then yeah lol

Him: Imple things like biting your nails or fun things? I like dangerous stuff:)

Girl: haha as in easy stuff

Girl again:haha as in easy

Him: Im just finished with my engineering project. I think youll find it interesting. Are you a metal head or a classical music type like me?lol

Girl: Haha uhmm, not really... More party side.lol

Him: Im running seminars in the city next week,. We should go grab a coffee and you can come by...

Girl: I have exams and school next week.

Him: Im running it in the weekend. But your missing out! IM hungry. Make me some soup.

Girl: Um, Whats it about?

Then he replied with some brief info about his seminar, and... nothing. She never replied. It was lost. And he didn't know why. Was she just not interested? he wondered.

Actually, she sounds pretty interested early on. How'd he lose her? Well, it's a little more complicated than you might think. And, as the subject of today's post, one of the main problems it turns out is that he wasn't quite teasing this girl the right way. Because this isn't just a texting issue -- it goes deep into how you hold conversations with women in general. And if you aren't teasing women right, you may very well be costing yourself a lot of success with girls you like.


Teasing Should be Pleasing

All right, I'm guilty of a bit of a cheesy headline for this section here, but it gets the message across that I want to get across in this part of the post: namely, that teasing is supposed to be fun.

"What's with the word mix ups, are you mildly retarded?"

"I love your hair... it looks like a bunch of small animals made their nest on your head. Creative."

"You're pretty awful at thinking logically, aren't you? Maybe you should stick to emotions."

"Hey, you know what would be a really good idea? Not that one you just had."

"What kind of music do you like? I hope it's not Britney Spears."

This is how lots of guys tease girls. It's sarcasm, and indeed it can be quite funny. But, here's the thing... this kind of humor is amusing to people watching it from the outside.

It's hilarious when you watch one person on TV tell another person her hair looks like a pack of wild dogs had it out over leadership of the clan on top of her head. But to the girl who actually has someone say that to her, it's both a little funny... and a little hurtful.

Even if she laughs, it probably stings, ever so slightly. And when you hurt a girl, she closes up.

She gets cold. She begins to auto-reject. And then... you lose her.

This confused me a little at first when I was starting out. Back in 2005 and 2006, I'd get to talking to a girl, and she'd be excited, and clearly was glad to be getting to know me. And then I'd tease her a little, and she'd get even more excited. And then I'd tease her a little more, and she'd still seem happy. And then I'd tease her a little more, and then -- well, then she'd start going cold.

I'd panic. Crap, I'd better find a way to get her interest back again, I'd think to myself. Then, Ah, I've got it! I'll just tease her some more!

And then, wouldn't you know it, she'd get really cold toward me, and she'd stay that way for the rest of the time I'd know her.

At first, I reasoned I was teasing her too hard. So I scaled back my teasing. But the problem nagged me for years. I'd challenge girls less, and then I'd have a harder time attracting them. Then, I'd challenge them more again, and they'd just get pissed off.

It was maddening.

In 2007, a mentor of mine gave me a piece of advice that changed everything for me with regards to teasing:

"I listen to you tease and flirt with girls, and it's good stuff, and funny stuff -- like really witty, smart stuff," he told me. "But I almost feel like it's too much for most girls -- they're going to feel like they aren't able to compete with you. And you tease girls competitively, when you could be teasing them cooperatively. It's a small difference in how you word things -- but the difference it makes in how women respond to you is huge."

At first, I wasn't quite sure what to make of that advice. How do you tease a girl cooperatively? I wondered. I filed it away in the back of my head and figured maybe someday I'd come back to it.

Well, nowadays, I tease women cooperatively almost exclusively. Almost all the humor I use with women is about what she and I are going to be doing together, or what she's trying to do with me, and I am a more-or-less willing participant. That's probably a little hard to follow, but I'll explain it more; chase framing is one part of this that we've touched on before here.

And, the times I tease women competitively verbally, I use vocal tonality that makes it explicitly clear I'm just giving her a playful ribbing and that I'm actually warm and affectionate toward her.

The end result when you use this style of humor is, instead of building attraction while pushing women away, you build attraction and pull women in close to you.

Sound appealing? Let me show you how it's done.

teasing a girl


Teasing a Girl... the Right Way

There are as many ways to tease women playfully as there are stars in the sky, but only a handful of ways to do it right, without offending and without pushing those women away. What I'll share with you here is what I've found to work, consistently and reliably, and what I've seen work for other guys I've known and trained.

  1. Put yourself on the same level. This is part of the "cooperativeness" of the teasing; you don't let a girl get cast into the tease alone. You go with her.

    We can do this by rewriting the example from above:
    "What's with the word mix ups, are you mildly retarded?"
    like so:
    "What's with the word mix ups, are you just trying to confuse me and throw me off the trail?"
    and voila, now instead of imply that she's retarded -- and you aren't -- you're implying that she's mixing up words to try and confuse you. She's subtle and sneaky, but you're onto her. It's cooperative, fun, and most definitely not insulting.
  1. Avoid commenting on sensitive topics. These include physical features, style and fashion, intelligence, social skills, family, anything like that, in anything that might be remotely construed as insulting about a girl herself. Instead, comment on people at large -- and make sure you reassure the girl you don't mean her.

    So, you wouldn't say to a girl:
    "I love your hair... it looks like a bunch of small animals made their nest on your head. Creative."
    but you might say:

    "I love how people dress in this city. Not you, you're fine -- you're fashionable and you look good. But I'm not sure I get the whole leggings-meet-tutus thing they've got going on here. Scary."

  1. Keep it critique-free. Don't like how a girl does something? That's fine -- but don't tease her about it. That's called passive-aggressiveness, and it stings. I did it plenty when I was young and angry and had a bone to pick with the world. Stay away from it and play nice -- nobody likes being told they suck.

    Instead of saying:
    "You're pretty awful at thinking logically, aren't you? Maybe you should stick to emotions."
    you might instead remark:
    "Let me go see if I can find an intermediary to resolve this debate. No, I'm kidding, how about we leave the ideological wars until Date #4? I'd rather get to know you than sit here and tell you you're horrible because you like Bach and I'm a Beethoven guy."
    Note that when you go this route, you always want to pick some very silly topic rather than the one at hand to defuse the argument (e.g., maybe the two of you were beginning to debate politics or religion, when you disarmed this by joking about her liking Bach and you liking Beethoven... a harmless contrast, and one that can let you switch back to lighter topics with ease).
  1. Suggest instead of veto. This one is giant, not just for teasing, but for all forms of deciding what you're going to do or where you're going to go. For the purpose of teasing though, remember that you always want to suggest an alternative rather than veto something outright with a flat negative.

    You'd replace:
    "Hey, you know what would be a really good idea? Not that one you just had."
    "Or we could just go play skee ball. Or maybe go back to your place and put on sexy movies and... talk, or something."
    This is a much better response to a girl suggesting something you don't like the sound of. So, if she suggests you go hit some club and you don't feel like managing a party date, you can tease her this way instead.
  1. Be absurd in place of mildly against. This one's kind of fun, but basically, whenever you might otherwise suggest you don't like something, instead go over the top and let her know you really don't like something. This takes the edge off your not liking it and changes it from something awkward to something amusing. Like so:

    "What kind of music do you like? I hope it's not Britney Spears."
    "What kind of music do you like? If it's Britney Spears, I'm jumping out the window and landing on a samurai sword."


When you're teasing a girl the right way, you'll know it. She'll be smiling, laughing, enjoying herself, and getting warmer and warmer and closer and closer to you. Her attraction tells you your teasing is good -- and her closeness tells you she's feeling cooperated with, not competed against.

Bring women close to you and attracted with your teasing, and it becomes an extraordinarily powerful tool in your arsenal.

A pair of other notes to point out about that reader's conversation with the girl at the start of this article -- at one point, he says, "IM hungry. Make me some soup," which, as it turns out, is asking for too much investment at this point in the interaction. But that's for another post! It's also a bit choppy in flow, but again -- we'll have to get to that another time ;)

For now, happy teasing, and here's to a great upcoming weekend.

Chase Amante

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.


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Anonymous's picture

I just had two dates with a guy who teased me constantly. He was perfectly fine otherwise. But I started to really hate him. When he went in to kiss me, I was disgusted and pulled away. I felt guilty about it, which sent me to the web. I hope he finds this article. The constant hostility was very trying. Great advice, thanks for the piece!

Anonymous's picture

AWESOME post here man. I really needed it. I went to a party here there was a very good-looking girl, but I did not tease her very much and it felt a bit awkward. Could you give me some teasing lines that are not "cheesy". I want to see the variety of teasing.

Thanks Chase.

bliss's picture

i just got a text from some1 overseas ...then i saw some1 nt knowing hw to teese then i said pretty waz up with ,,do u know wat she said,,,,would tell u if u just turn back ....ah am enjoyin g this

Jake's picture

How do I say, "I don't like something and the fact that you do and want me to love it is seriously annoying" in a kind and appealing way? So far I've been trying to evade the subject but...she's kind of relentless. So what if I don't like colour, is that a big deal? Also WHY does she keep going back to that subject? Does she realise I don't want to talk about it???

break_bread's picture

This completely blew me out the water!
I think I love this style better than anything. It's sweet and non domineering. It leaves the other person feeling more at ease.

The conventional is more suitable for buddies etc because other oriole can laugh at you're jokes and it's cool. This style here is for depth and firm intimacy.
Thx chase

gambetto's picture

This one is spot on. I HATED the guy who teased me the wrong way. It hurt. But if a guy can be funny the right way, that's very, very attractive and makes me very happy. I've seen both.

Pretty Little Liar's picture

I think this is a really nice piece as it provides useful information about teasing. Before I read this, I had a hard time struggling with boys' teasing. I felt like they were making fun of me all they want. Thanks to chase, now I know that teasing can be both competitive and cooperative. I hope boys can tease cooperatively to make girls feel more at ease. I hope I can learn from this and be able to deal with these different kinds of teasing from now on. Overall, thanks for the nice piece of information and keep up the great work!

N2Paul's picture

Hey man good article but I've got a question. What about C&F ? Some years ago I was very c&f and it worked but now I'm just appearing arrogant, many girls told me that, I dont know why because I'm using the same lines and things ? I really like it when I was c&f , the attention I've got and the fact that it made appear very powerful . I mention that I am a good looking guy , maybe thats why this thing didnt worked anymore. Please man if you can help me Id be very greatious .

Anonymous's picture

hahaha! that samurai sword thing was hysterical! best article EVERRRR

Robbie yaytes's picture

I was getting on really well with a girl, we seemed to click and we were into each other. We kissed passionately and I was on another level in terms of my game. However one time I was with a mate and we decided to really banter this girl, we really went for the banter and probably humiliated her. She tried to brush it off but you could tell it hurt her, I tried over the next couple of days to contact her but she had gone cold. I'm going to leave her for a week and then turn up on her doorstep with a letter of apology and flowers, hopefully it should go well, any other tips?

Rick's picture

This works got me laid many times.

Anonymous's picture

I was too cowardly to tell a grown man to stop teasing me and it has set my confidence back considerably. It was really hurtful and I did not understand why he would talk to a relative stranger in such a way. In addition to saying within earshot to other men that I was dirty and encourage younger and more pretty women to be bitchy towards me (one called me "haggard"). On one occasion he walked up to me, liked me up and down and said "ugh!" I'm friendly and try to be inclusive. I'm nothing special to look at and although I'm social I'm not a dater. He did other stuff too. Why would someone do this?

ericj5592's picture

Its simple, this guy is crazy.

SilverTongue's picture

Some people just have no boundaries and think they can whatever they damn well please. I've noticed that there are some people who are secretly or were secretly bullies and as adults they never hung up the belt and learned.

Whether or not you're something special to look doesn't mean you're a human being with emotions. Don't worry about that asshole. He's got more issues that you can imagine.

Richard's picture

This article is excellent!

It is very useful, not just for seduction scenarios, but for many types of interactions.

What a service this is. Keep up the fine writting

Anonymous's picture

What i don't understand is your Article is "Be Short and Direct" But if you be Direct wouldn't you be less intriguing abd getting investment because you are direct and would make it less interesting.. So how do you get Investment and get her chasing while being short and direct on what you say.

Anonymous's picture

I hate the first type of teasing, I'm naturally like the second type, but I don't think it's teasing. I have a sticking point where I can't create that exciting, tense feeling with a girl, even though she's attracted. I think you're right that it's about humour, but the second part is more like 'how not to be a douche' rather than 'how to tease'.

Rizzo's picture

When she said she sucks with dire tons and don't where the street is..I Woulda have said you know those poles sticking up out the corner if the ground they have names on it,and usually those names are the names of the streets..Or when she said she's a party girl I Woulda said I got some henny some X and a Lil Wayne cd (Fuck lil Wayne I'm just saying) Or when she said I have exams I Woulda have said wow that sucks to be you I'm hate exams and studying,So wanna come by and study...He lost her at the music thing It takes 2 to tango and I get stumped sometime but that's because the girls I talk to are the equivalent of talking to a corpse in a morgue,boring as shit then they say why my so quiet umm let's see because ya ain't giving me nothing to work with. Like I said takes 2 to tango.

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