How to Get Laid Every Time, Part II

how to get laidIn the first edition of this two part series on how to get laid every time, we covered all the ground rules… all the fundamentals about why girls sometimes resist having sex at first, and all the most important ways to deal with it.

Now let’s dive into the topic a bit deeper and look at a few more little ninja tricks and tactics – so you will always know what to do, no matter what the situation.

This is called contingency planning, and we discussed it more broadly in the post on when she doesn't have time (and other contingencies)… today we’ll look at it specifically in the context of the last few yards.


Lean Back…

What if she resisted sex and you didn’t care? What if it wasn’t a big deal to you?

And the thing is, it really *is* no big deal.

It is the most natural thing in the world for a female to resist the male’s advances… as I had mentioned previously, it’s part of the mating dance in many species and does by no means imply that she is not interested.

Hey – she came back to your place to be alone with you there… she’s obviously got *something* on her mind!

Just watch the discovery channel… females resist. They are wired to… just like we are wired to be afraid of the approach.

The reason is a biological need to protect her genetic investment, and to make sure she only procreates with a man who:

  • Will stick around when she’s pregnant to provide for the offspring, and/or who…
  • Will not be phased by her reluctance.

The first point is of lesser importance if you sexually frame the relationship, because you are, then, not the provider, but the lover… and somebody else will do the child rearing.

The second point, however, matters a lot… because it says so much about you as a man.

If you are really a high value guy who has women flocking to him and who has more sex than Gene Simmons from the rock band Kiss, why WOULD you care if this one isn’t into it… or at least not yet?

Getting flustered about a girl’s resistance is negative pre-selection. It’s a sure way of demonstrating to her that you don’t get laid a lot… which, to her, means that if you’re not good enough for other women, you’re probably not good enough for her.

So be cool, Fonzie.

Look at it this way… if even the California Pimp gets a whole bunch of resistance from his girls almost every time, why would you berate yourself if you do?

The only difference is that with him, the girls resist the camera and the idea of being filmed… once he’s over that hump, he has enough compliance built to escalate towards sex pretty quickly.

For us, the resistance is about the sex per se… but it’s part of the process, so don’t think you dropped the ball when it happens. Just stay cool, and keep going. The game is ON. If it wasn’t, she would have left.

(A disclaimer that shouldn’t be necessary: if she says no while unzipping your pants, it’s just her style of foreplay and by all means… keep going. But if she really stops you… stop. This ain’t monopoly and we don’t have any get-out-of-jailfree cards for sale on this website.)


Take Her Game Away

how to get laidHave you ever tried to steal a woman’s lines before she can say them?

This is hysterical… because what can she do now?

Maybe she can play a little catch-up… but basically, you own the frame at this point.

You know how women often say “Just so you know right now, I won’t have sex with you tonight” before they come home with you? STEAL that line and say it to them before you take them home.

You want to calibrate this one a bit to the situation… if you don’t anticipate much resistance, this can hurt more than it helps and she can end up in auto-rejection, but if you think she’s going to play hard to get, then you be the one to play hard to get FIRST.

THAT is the art of making girls chase.

And by the same token, you can also be the one to resist your own sexual advances. You escalate, AND you resist escalation.

You pull her in, and you push her away.

You tell her that she’s so fucking sexy that you can’t resist her… and then you say “never mind… you’re probably too much of a good girl for me… I would be a really bad influence, you should really stay away from me.”

This drives girls wild.


Pleasure Delayer

Have you seen the movie Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz?

There is a scene where they’re alone in her apartment together for the first time, and the sexual tension reaches the absolute breaking point.

And then… Tom LEAVES.

This increases the anticipation even further… he delays the pleasure in order to further augment it.

Now, in general, I don’t recommend this. It’s usually better to sleep with a girl sooner rather than later, because it will set up the relationship dynamic in a more productive way and also frame the relationship as sexual early on.

Relationships that start out lukewarm often stay lukewarm… and that’s how you end up with couples that watch TV together… on two separate sofas… and call that a date.

Insane, I know… but it happens.

That said, women *do* enjoy anticipation… and if you have a hard time relaxing in the face of a woman’s resistance, getting into the mindset of “pleasure delaying” might help you to take your time… and it will keep you from coming across as needy or pushy (which will almost certainly transform her TOKEN resistance into the REAL thing!).

Another movie that speaks about anticipation, by the way, is The Tao of Steve. There is a sage quote about how to get laid regarding a woman’s resistance to sex in that flick… remember that next time she won’t spread, it’ll make a world of difference:

“Women are on a different time table. They want sex as much as men do… but they’re ready for it about fifteen minutes later. So if you hold out for twenty, she’ll be chasing you for five.”



Sleep with Her... Or *Sleep* with Her?

Another thing a lot of guys don’t realize is that when you *actually* sleep with girls it often leads to… sleeping with them.

So one simple thing to do when a girl doesn’t want to have sex with you right there and then is to simply spend the entire night together. More time will have passed, additional comfort will have been built, and you’ll touch women a lot more throughout the night.

Just take off (most of) your clothes and get in bed – chances are she will do the same, and simply by merit of the two of you being almost naked in bed together, she will get so horny that she won’t be able to resist any longer.

Even if not… it might happen when you wake up next to each other in the morning.


High School Escalation

Guys often overcomplicate escalation a lot… and yeah, there are some ways to get a girl incredibly horny very quickly. But, there is also a very old-school way of escalating to sex that will rarely meet with resistance... the one you first learned way back when you were originally deciphering how to get laid – I call it “high school escalation”.

It’s what you did back in high school when you had a girl over for a movie… you very simply and gradually run all the bases.

You see, there are really two ways of going about this – either you mix it up completely and escalate in a way that she’s not expecting, which gives her less to resist (for example, touch her between the legs by reaching across her back from behind before you’ve even gotten to her boobs).

Or, you can simply take your time with a very traditional style escalation and take it in baby steps, backing off each time you see a sign of resistance, and then taking it a bit further than you had previously as you reinitiate.


  1. Switch on a movie, lean back and after a while, just take her hand.
  2. A bit later, put your arm around her.
  3. Then smell her hair and her neck.
  4. Brush your lips against her ear.
  5. Finally start kissing her… but don’t go for the full make-out; instead, give her the softest kiss she’s ever received in her LIFE.

And continue this way, escalating little by little without ever giving her anything to resist, pulling back if she does and reinitiating a bit later. This won’t get you laid 15 minutes after the approach (there are other solutions for that), but hey – it worked in high school and it still works now.

Sometimes it’s best not to reinvent the wheel.


Plausible Deniability Again!

Sometimes you’ll get resistance to sex long before you’re ever trying to get a girl in bed or even alone with her… she’s fine with everything else, except with explicitly (or even implicitly) agreeing that the two of you will have sex together.

She can never be a conspirator in her own seduction – those are society’s rules, and even with proper sexual framing, sexual positioning, and chase framing, many girls will play by these rules.

A fellow friend of mine, experienced with women and an expert of some of the finer elements of how to get laid, was talking to a girl in a club once, and she was all for it – kissing him passionately and completely into him. So he decided it was time for the bounce and said to her: “So, wanna go back to my place?”

He forgot to give her plausible deniability – a way to make it look like sex just happened and wasn’t something that she helped to make happen.

So of course she said “no, I can’t do that…” while giving him a look that pretty much said: “Come on you dumbass, I WANT to sleep with you, but don’t screw this up for us, don’t put me in a position where I HAVE to say no!”

He knows the score though… he gets it.

So he just said: “Okay, no worries”, went back to normal conversation and a couple of minutes later went for the bounce again, this time WITH plausible deniability in the picture.

“Hey, I downloaded the latest episode of South Park earlier today, wanna go watch it?”

And off they went.

No, they never watched that episode… but a seduction always needs to be structured in a way that, if her girlfriends ask her the next day how she ended up in your bed, she needs to be able to say: “I don’t know, one thing just led to another.”


Blame It on HER

how to get laidThis is one of my favorite ways to bring the mutual arousal to the absolute breaking point… blame everything that’s happening on her and on how desirable she is!

The best way to get a woman sexually engaged is to make her feel like she’s the seductress… like she’s irresistible and she’s having a powerful sexual effect on you that you can’t resist!

So when she resists you, tell her

  • How sexy she is…
  • …how amazing her skin looks…
  • …how incredible she smells…
  • …and how you can’t resist her any longer because she’s turning you on so much that you HAVE to have her.

After all… you’re just a simple man… what can YOU do in the face of the feminine weapons of seduction?

If you REALLY want to take this to the next level, combine it with a proper push-pull dynamic and keep sending her mixed signals:

“Oh my God, you smell so amazing… but wait, we can’t do this (push her away) you turn me on too much, you really shouldn’t do this to me (blaming her again), why are you doing this to me?” …and so forth…

Ideally, you want to keep doing this until SHE escalates on YOU.

When she’s starting to moan with sexual frustration because she wants to feel you inside her already… then you know you’re doing it right.


How to Get Laid: A Summary

In this two-parter, we’ve discussed a whole arsenal of things you can do when a girl doesn’t want to sleep with you… or rather, if she won’t sleep with you YET even though she DOES want to, which is more often the case – due to some of the reasons we discussed above.

Go over this check-list before you go on your next date, so you’ll be able to free her to let her act on her own desires:

  • Frame the relationship as sexual
  • Disengage romantically when she disengages sexually
  • Fill in the canvas of your life for her – be a three dimensional person
  • Screen super conservative girls and time wasters out early
  • Tell her that you want to be just friends
  • Put her hands on your dick (this one’s a nuke!)
  • Figure out why she’s objecting (e.g. a hidden boyfriend), and respond accordingly.
  • If she’s on her period, alleviate that concern
  • Lean back and stay chill
  • Steal her lines and run her own game on her
  • Delay the pleasure and build the anticipation until she can’t resist any longer
  • Actually  go to sleep with her and escalate the next morning
  • Blame your desire on her
  • Run the bases like we did in high-school
  • Give her plausible deniability

I’ll go ahead right now and say that if none of the above work, you’re likely in the friend zone and it’s probably a good idea to simply move on.

But as long as this is not the case and she hasn’t pegged you as “just friends” yet, one of those WILL make it happen.

Every time.

Onward and upward,


Ricardus DominoAbout the Author: Ricardus Domino

Ricardus was one of the most prolific and respected coaches in the men’s dating advice industry. He’s dated some of the planet’s most beautiful women, ranging from a Miss World contestant, to a model for Coca-Cola, to one of “Brazil’s Next Top Models.” His specialty is daytime street stops. He is most remembered for his “Are you single?” opening line. Ricardus is currently retired from the dating advice industry.

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