Want to Win $200? Submit Your Online Dating Profile & Let's See What You Got...

contestHey fellas,

Quick announcement. I’ve agreed to supervise a contest my old pal (“Black Dragon” from the old mASF seduction community boards, if you ever used to frequent there) is running to select the best online dating profile.

Winner gets a $200 pot – and there’re going to be two winners.

How come? Because BD’s running the contest with two sets of judges – one made up of women ages 18 to 32, and the other women ages 33 to 49.

It’s possible that if your profile is BLAZING good, you may win BOTH pots – a cool $400. There’s your car payment for the next month or two (or a two-year subscription to Girls Chase!).

So, think you’ve got a profile sick enough to make the female judges do backflips and want to throw money at you? The good news is (and the reason I’m posting this), I just reviewed the entries and noticed that after 4 days, BD hardly has any so far.

Which means HE needs submissions... and YOU have pretty good odds if you’re one of the ones writing in.

If you’re chomping at the bit to share your profile goodness and get a shot at that pot, head on over to the contest instructions here: 2014 Online Dating Profile Contest.

See you next week!


UPDATE: here are the winners of the contest, as of April 15th, 2014: The 2014 Online Dating Profile Contest Winners.

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Would we get some feedback on how to improve our profiles or at least a gander into the winning profile so we would know how to improve our own?

Yep! That's actually the entire point...for all of us to learn what works and what does not.

All six winning profiles will be published in their entirety for everyone to see, with analysis on why they worked.


hey chase,

what about not typical situations.
For example she requests guys to keep his photo in her wallet so she could see him every time she opens it.
Good idea, or bad idea to accept?

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