Truly Beautiful Women Have More Than Looks: 7 Long-Term Things to Look For

Beautiful women – they are the desire of men the world over. You could look at them, talk to them, talk about them, and be in their presence until the day’s end.

beautiful women

Or could you? Is having a beautiful woman at your side the key to your happiness…or is there more? Today I’m going to break down the concept of beauty and what we men really need to be happy in the long term with the women in our lives.

What Do Men Want?

She and I were on our fourth date. We had already had two nights full of passion and everyone and their mother had no qualms with constantly reminding me of how lucky I was to be with a woman so beautiful. And yet…I wasn’t convinced. She was stunning; there was no doubt about that. But, my instincts were telling me that I was being led astray.

We were sitting across from each other over the stereotypical glass of wine, and she was telling me – once again – about her obsession with some show called “New Girl”. I tried to move the topic to self-development, then books, then world issues, then her childhood. And each time, the conversation thread ended back up at television and celebrity gossip.

I deeply gazed at this marvelous face, my chin softly in my palm, and thought: “This girl sucks.”

I didn’t care how beautiful she was. I didn’t care if she was the most attractive girl I had dated until that point. I just wanted to go home and read a book.

It was a strange and disillusioning feeling. I thought that the dream was to get a stunning woman? Or maybe that was just society tricking me again – but, maybe not. Either way, I made sure that that was the last date the two of us would ever share.

After this whole experience – and the absolute puzzlement of all of my guy friends – I really got to thinking: what is it that men want? Do we just want a hot girl? Well, if my experience resonates with anyone else out there, perhaps the answer isn’t so simple.

I Ain’t Sayin’ She’s a Gold Digger

I’m not sure if there’s something floating around in the air or if it’s the fact that we’re coming right off the heels of Valentine’s Day, but I’ve seen conversations and articles popping up left and right about the same topic: gold diggers. I guess having all of your attention focused on a holiday that surrounds women and exorbitant spending will do that.

But the gospel that I always hear ringing through the hills is “I would never marry a gold digger. I would never marry a woman who only wanted me for my money.”

These statements seem obvious on the surface. But I think it takes a little bit of unpacking. Here is a question for you, dear reader. When a guy starts bragging about a girl that he recently hooked up with, what are the first words that come out of his mouth? Something along the lines of “You should’ve seen that girl I hooked up with – she was so hot!”

That’s because there is one marker for sexual attraction in the minds of men: a woman’s physical appearance. That’s it. If you think a girl is physically beautiful (i.e., she has a symmetrical face and a .7 hip-to-waist ratio, both markers of genetic health) you will go to the ends of the earth to become her lover. You care little for her personality, her past, or any other irrelevant details. Vice versa, if you can really relate to a girl, but don’t find her sexually appealing at all, you may be fond of her as a friend, but you won’t go out of your way for her (nor would you brag to your friends).

And this reasoning is exactly why men build up resources. They get prestigious jobs and try to make truckloads of money mostly for one reason: to attract women. And from a biological standpoint, accumulating resources is attractive to women. It demonstrates that you can provide for her and a potential family and pass on the genes to children who could do the same.

Beholding More than Beauty

And from a logical standpoint, this value held by men and women would have to lead to an equivalent exchange:

  1. The man brings the money, strength, and security
  1. The woman brings the beauty and the babies

Seems logical. And yet, men don’t go for this deal. But, why not? Isn’t physical beauty what men are looking for?

beautiful women

Well, it is what we’re looking for…in the beginning. If you’ve ever dated a woman before (and I know most of you have), there inevitably becomes a point where you get past her physical appearance, for better or worse. If she’s average looking and you have a great connection with her, you instinctively bump up her attractiveness in your head and you find yourself very content. If she’s a hot girl but is lacking in personality, she eventually becomes less attractive in your eyes and you’ll bump her down despite her looks.

And once you get past the phase of only considering a woman’s looks, you can get to the bigger picture:

  1. Men have emotional needs as well. I know a lot of men like to think of themselves as stoic and too strong for emotional nonsense. And while we may not be as emotion-driven as our female counterparts, men definitely have emotional needs. And when looking for a long-term relationship, men want women who are caring and nurturing. This shows that she can care for the children and take care of the man when he needs respite from gathering resources.

  2. Beauty is temporary. The exchange of money for beauty is in reality not a fair exchange. Beauty is temporary. Money is not; in fact, if you manage it correctly, you can get more and more money as time goes on. In the world of investing, you would call beauty a depreciating asset. A woman has less of it as time goes on, and she can never get it back. Money is fluid depending on your skills, but if you are skilled, it can be an appreciating asset. You can have more and more of it as time goes on. So simply exchanging beauty for money is not only imbalanced, the scales get even more uneven as time goes on.

Every once in a while Chase makes reference to short-term vs. long-term partners when women are making decisions about men. And it turns out that men do the exact same valuation.

  • In the short term, men want the most physically attractive option.

  • In the long term, men want a combination of looks and womanly charms.

Once you start thinking in the long term, and truly develop an absolute abundance mentality, you realize that beauty truly is a dime a dozen. But finding a woman who is beautiful inside and out…now that’s rare. And that’s what men are really looking for.

So what are the signs that you’ve found such a woman?

What All Truly Beautiful Women Have

1. She Has Actual Hobbies/Interests

No, binge-watching Downton Abbey is not a hobby. Regardless of whether or not a woman is attractive, do keep in mind that if you plan to spend a considerable amount of time with her, you’ll need to enjoy her company when you’re not having sex. A woman who has hobbies is a woman who takes an active role in cultivating herself and leading an interesting life – which will mean that she will keep you interested as well. And if her hobbies overlap with some of yours, then you’ve found someone who you can deeply connect with.

If a girl does any of these things, take notice:

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Rock climbing
  • Volunteering/mentoring
  • Knitting/crocheting
  • Running/exercising
  • Yoga
  • Reading (books and/or quality mags)
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Writing

I’m sure there are plenty of other things that I haven’t mentioned, but you get an idea of what I mean. If a girl is passionate about the things in her life, then that’ll translate into her having passion and interest in a sexy man – you.

2. She Has a Network of Good Family and Friends

In the 7 Key Qualities of Men Women Want I talked about how women are always wary when a man doesn’t have any friends. Well this same point applies the other way around too. If a girl has a solid network of family and friends, then chances are she is a pretty independent woman. A solid network means that she will have a life outside of you (no clinginess) and is a generally loving and sociable person.

So, if you’re looking for beautiful women for the long haul, then pay attention to her relationships and the kinds of people she surrounds herself with.

One important caveat: Watch out if she has too many male friends. Always be wary of girls who prefer the company of men. They are more likely to sleep around – not because they are malicious – but because they often have a higher sex drive and a wide pool of orbiters waiting for any possible opportunity to get her in bed.

3. She Has a Low Partner Count

With every new sexual partner a girl has, the chances of her cheating on future men increases. Moreover, I often make mention of the fact that women simply weren’t designed to have sex with droves of men. It takes a very large toll on their bodies in the long run.

Finally, women with high partner counts start running into emotional bonding issues with future men as well. Whenever a woman has sex, her body is flooded with oxytocin, which tells her to form a strong bond with the man she is copulating with in order to build a solid foundation for rearing a child. Well, when a woman has this bonding experience with 10, 15, 20, 30, (70?) men, you better believe that her ability to bond with a particular man become severely impaired.

So get excited if you encounter beautiful women with a low partner count. They will be loyal to you, and you can make them sexually liberated if you know how to be dominant in bed. And you’ll (almost) never have to question their loyalty.

4. She Has Ambition

Most women don’t have the same conquering instinct as men, but never underestimate a woman with ambition. This doesn’t have to be ambition toward the same goals that you are striving for, but ambition in her own endeavors and a general drive to keep bettering herself.

It’s an incredible feeling to have a beautiful woman by your side who is constantly inspiring you to be the best man that you can be.

beautiful women

Caveat: Pay attention to your life directions. Some men choose women who are on vastly different life paths than themselves. It doesn’t seem like a very important detail when bringing beautiful women into your life, but it certainly is.

Imagine you’re a man who wants to settle down in his hometown and advance his career. You then encounter two beautiful women; one is a family-oriented girl who wants to work on her art career and meet a great man to settle down with. The other is an intrepid traveler who wants to visit 35 countries by the end of the year. Yet both are equally charming, sweet, and attractive. Which one would lead to a quality relationship?

They both could be viable options in the short term, but in the long term, the second girl would probably be leaving you frustrated, or worse, vying for a long-distance relationship.

So find a girl who’s ambitious, but do pay attention to whether or not you’re on the same general life-scape that she is.

5. She is Adventurous

Most girls are open to somewhat new experiences as long as they are not too far out of their comfort zone. But truly beautiful women have a taste for and love of adventure. This doesn’t mean that you have to go skydiving or bungee jumping every time you go out, but it does mean that she’s not afraid (at least not too much) of going off the beaten path – spontaneously going on a trip with you out to the wilderness, accompanying you to a new class or workshop, having public sex, these are all activities that’ll keep the dynamic fresh and exciting.

There has been much cognitive science research that has shown that it’s in fact novel experiences that keep couples bonded together. The reason why having a new girlfriend is so exciting is just that – she’s new. You have loads of dopamine rushing to your brain and you’re imagining all of the possibilities.

But once you get used to her (i.e., go through the 2-year drop), that novelty fades away. However, you can bring it back by getting new reference points through new experiences. It’ll bring back all of those same exciting feelings that you felt in the beginning. And the more exhilarating the experience is – the better.

So hold off on the candles and wine to bring the sparks back – go cart racing or hop in a hot air balloon instead. Non-adventurous girls need not apply.

6. She is Loving

In the West, women are strongly encouraged to compete for resources in the spheres of men. They are taught to put their careers over all else and that all they need to be happy is themselves. And after years of having this idea drilled into their head, most women lose the natural tenderness that they would otherwise have toward men.

This is why I make the distinction between physically attractive women and beautiful women. Beautiful women will be kind and tender toward you; they will not be offended or ashamed of having some basic level of domestic skills; they will support you instead of compete with you.

In short, beautiful women will love you.

7. She Never Stops Being a Little Bit of a Challenge

The best relationships and marriages that I have seen all have couples who are trying to win each other over a little bit even after years of being together.

In the same way that a girl should never get so comfortable as to think that you can’t replace her, truly beautiful women know that if everything were to fall apart, they could replace you. And despite what men may say, we really do love the thrill of the chase – as long as what we’re chasing is actually attainable in our minds.

So when there’s a mutual understanding between both parties that they can’t rest on their laurels, there’s a playful and sexual back-and-forth that never really fades away and keeps the relationship healthy.

Wrapping Up

The distinction between physical attractiveness and true beauty is one that is not explored nearly often enough. But the two qualities don’t actually come hand in hand. Just like the refinements of a truly quality man, becoming a beautiful woman takes effort that goes beyond just putting on makeup in the morning.

So if you’re looking for something more substantial with women, look past how “hot” they are, and find out if you’ve got yourself one of the truly beautiful women.

Carpe diem,


Colt WilliamsAbout the Author: Colt Williams

Raised in the American Midwest, Colt Williams made a name for himself in dating with a style based on soulful poetic seductions and playful dance floor antics. His style is all about inspiring girls and drawing them into one’s world. You can book phone coaching with him here, or get a copy of his guide to getting laid on Tinder, the product of months of study and experimentation by him on the medium.


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Darkwings92's picture

Your right Colt. When u meet a women that's truly like this you'll find yourself falling head over heels and loving every moment of it. These are the women who truly support you,love you and go out their way to keep you happy and satisfied so long as your a strong,sexy man.

Colt Williams's picture


Absolutely. When you've found a woman like this, she only boosts you up in every way. You are two independently strong people who can build something great together. And to me, that's a keeper.

Sam2's picture

Colt, this is very topical...

Last night, I saw a fat guy french kissing a very hot woman and for a second I thought "how could that be?".

We often get distracted by physical attractiveness and fool ourselves that this would be enough. Personally, I changed my mind when I met a "hot" girl with a truly problematic personality and zero interests/hobbies.

Having said that, the questions naturally coming up in mind are the following:

- How often can an active man who plays the field encounter such women?

- Are there any specific ways in which a man can increase his odds of meeting such women?

Anonymous's picture

..."How often can an active man who plays the field encounter such women?" What ratio, 1/100 approaches.

Also could I request an article...

I've been reading this site for a while now and have been working on my sexiness.
Before this site I used to date cute girls, attractive sure but never a hot girl. But I recently have met a girl who is closer to hot than cute and she says I'm hot, sexy and edgy, bad, nobodies fool but I'm also good hearted (which is awesome thanks!)...

...anyway it's got me thinking, I've never dated a woman who is Hot, they don't seem to respond the same way as cute girls do, so my question is (and the article I'd like to see) whats different. (I feel like I need to be more of a dick almost) what do I need to do, how do we treat hot women compared to cute girls? I'm guessing in live pickup I'm coming across a little different so I tried online with the same approach I use on cute girls and I just get very Luke warm responses if at all and I've never been able to get anywhere with them.


Colt Williams's picture


All hot girls are different. I think the first thing that determines how to treat them is how *long* they've been hot. If she's been hot her whole life, you want to be especially dominant and masculine. If she is an ugly duckling turned swan, you want to shy away from highlighting her looks and be more chill.

It seems like your girl is more on the former side. Also, read this article to get a better understanding of what's going on with hot girls:

Also, read Alek's new post:


Colt Williams's picture


I'm going to be honest, finding a woman with this ideal combination is very rare. They wouldn't be the cream of the crop if you could just find them left and right, ya know?

I'd say the best chance you have is during day game. You're simply not going to meet these girls in bars and clubs. Going to cultural events (museum exhibits, book readings, etc.) business events, and health venues (natural grocers, yoga studios, dance studios, etc.) will be your best bet. Basically, if you go anywhere that people go to enrich themselves physically or intellectually you have some chance of finding a quality woman there.

Good luck!


David Lee's picture

Nice article, Colt! These are definitely qualities men should screen for if they want a long-term relationship.

Peacer's picture

You are hundred percent true my man.. ! Awesome article.

Anonymous's picture

ok, what if the girl I cant stop thinking about is like this? She has lots of good frieds, does lots of cool stuff, we are at school still, she is inteligent, has great dad, hobbies, always seem interested in me and asking what I have been up to. We laugh, she has sexy girly voice is an inch shorter than would be perfect for me, gorgeous face and her style is just better than others. Blondewith blue eyes, fit body, maybe a half size smaller breasts than would be perfect for her. And sometimes she seems judging but that is like once a 2 months she says something like that. She is not perfect but on an overall point scale she is like 9.5. Thosd little imperfections are things I could live with. I dont meet girls like this, I met this ond in age of 21, now am 23 and we are friends. How can I find a girl so great like her that I would stop thinking about her?

Colt Williams's picture


Look at what I posted to Sam. It's all about just putting yourself out there and getting the greatest return for your time. Go to the places that quality women frequent. And you're still really young, you have plenty of time to meet all kinds of women. Just keep going out, keep approaching, and keep improving. If you just keep doing that, you'll find someone who will make you forget all about this girl.

Anonymous's picture

This article is so true colt. I couldn't agree any more.. True beauty is more than what meets the eye.

Lawliet's picture

How do you do that?
You said to sexual liberate her with our dominance (sexual awakening) and not having to worry about her loyalty...

Doesn't her sexual awakening cause her to stray? Just like the filipino girl you mentioned in your "What causes infidelity article"
If you got a solution to this dilemma, please share bro!

Stay classy!

Anonimoose's picture

Lmao, seems like a contradiction doesn't it? There's probably a large difference between virgins and girls with low partner counts (3-4 partners) though. The former has you as her only reference, the latter has at least had some experiences with other men.

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