Make a Girl Chase Until She’s Hooked, Ripe, and Ready

make a girl chaseSeveral caveats about this article:

  1. This is reasonably advanced game. Don’t do it just yet if you’re new

  2. This is not ‘all the time’ game. It should not be your staple or go-to method

  3. I don’t advise you use it with girls you’re really into; it probably won’t work

Okay, so, this is a way to make a girl chase I generally call “putting her on the hook.” It’s where she’s hooked, she wants to see you, she’s excited to see you, and then you just... leave her there.

But not too long. Not long enough for attraction to expire or escalation windows to close. Thus, why it’s fairly advanced: you must be able to gauge where she’s at emotionally to use this style.

Then, once she’s ‘ripe’, you reel her in for a very straightforward date where you don’t really need to do anything more than kick back, hang out, and hook up.

If that sounds pretty good to you, then read on.

Quit Letting Girls Off the Hook So Much

I’ve seen a sickness in men, and it is chucking out validation like bread at the duck pond.

Here, I’ll show you what I mean.

Let’s say you compliment a girl, and she refuses it. Like so:

You: Your hair is spectacular.

Her: Oh, actually I haven’t even combed it today, haha.

What do you say next?

If you’re like most guys, you let girls off the hook with something along the lines of:

You: Well you can’t even tell. It looks awesome.

letting girls off the hook

Or, let’s say you text a girl, ask her out, yet she declines (in a nice way). Like:

You: Andie, let’s go to this wine tasting they’re having Thursday night!

Her: Oh no, I sooo want to go, but my parents are in town this week! I have to spend time with them!

How do you respond? If you’re like most guys, it’s something like:

You: Oh man, well, I’ll miss you, but have fun with your parents!

Do you sense anything slightly wrong with these responses?

Is there an almost indecipherable air of excess ‘niceness’ in them?

That excess niceness you’re picking up on is validation – and letting her off the hook.

What Makes Winter a Tougher Time to Meet Girls

Hi there everyone. I hope you are all doing great. This post is about seasonal differences in pick up. I have mentioned in earlier posts (especially in the one about the 5 factors of successful pick up) that things such as HER mood and YOUR mood play a drastic role in seduction.

meet girls winter

If her mood is right, and she is feeling all happy and horny, getting laid will be way easier than if she isn’t really feeling it that day. Here are some examples of mental states she can be in where she will feel more open to having sex with you:

  • Horny (duh)

  • Open to meeting new people

  • Adventurous

Now, on the other hand, consider those more negative states – you will see that pulling off a lay will become much harder in these circumstances.

  • She’s on her period

  • She feels tired

  • She is pissed off

Similarly, your chances of getting laid will increase if you are feeling great – and there are many reasons for that:

  • You will have a stronger presence: i.e., everything you do will come across as more powerful, and you will get away with more (even when you are less calibrated)

  • You can become more ballsy: which helps, because many times we men sometimes lack the balls to do what has to be done

  • You will have more momentum and more drive: which will help you create more opportunities (by for example approaching more women)

Where I am currently living right now, in Scandinavia, winter has taken over. You might be from a different part of the world, where you never see any snow, never experience the eternal darkness and cold – if you live in such place, this post might not be for you, and honestly, I envy you for that.

Want Results Picking Up? You Need Quantity AND Quality

Does putting in the time to go out and practice picking up women guarantee you are going to get good? Not necessarily. Many can spend years upon years trying to further their seduction skills only to find they are doing nothing but spinning their wheels.

quality and quantity pick up

I find the saddest recurring theme among the seduction community is that of someone putting in the time but not making headway even years into this. I have witnessed strangers, acquaintances, and friends alike unable to puncture whatever ceiling they have hit; only able to get a certain level of girl or reaction after thousands of hours of working on this skill-set. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see this repeated over and over. So I am dedicating this post to helping those of you who find yourself stuck and helping you onto a new paradigm of what is possible.

15 Signs a Girl Will Waste Your Time

girl wastes timeI see a lot of guys starting out who devote themselves to trying to hook up with girls who are, to a more experienced eye, clearly just bad leads: they’re women who are willing to continue to hang around a guy, and continue to let him hope he has a chance with them (whether because they want the attention, or because he is too blinded by hope to pay attention to the clear signals they’re sending him).

The sad thing about distractions like this is that a girl like this will literally waste your time – you could be off meeting women who legitimately like you and find you attractive (and would very much like a roll in the hay with you), but instead you squander your entire outing on a woman who, for all practical purposes, really presents very little value in exchange for the time you spend on her.

Now, it’s all well and good for you to make female friends and get to know women better, and, particularly as a beginner-to-intermediate, you should absolutely be doing this (in particular, make friends with the demographics of women you’d most like to date, so you can empathize with and relate to these sorts of women more easily).

However, one thing you should not be doing is confusing women who have no intention of shacking up with you for women worth your persistence and sticking around for.

That in mind, here are fifteen (15) signs a girl will waste your time... and that you should probably cut bait and move onto the next girl.

Girls Chase Podcast Interviews Ep. 9: William Gupta

Girls Chase author William Gupta (read his articles here) talks race and dating with Varoon Raja. Namely, how big a role does race play, what are the stumbling blocks different racial minorities run into, and how can men of minority backgrounds succeed with all types of women?

Topics covered in this podcast include:

Girls Chase Podcast Interviews Ep. 8: Nick Glover

Nick Glover (who posts as PrettyDecent on our forums) talks to host Varoon Raja about his journey from sexual inexperience to consistently good with girls. Along the way, he takes time to discuss sexual tension, including how to use it right and what

Falling in Love, Part II: Finding Love at First Sight

This is Part II of a 2-part series on reaching the point where you feel comfortable feeling emotion for women. You can read Part I, on ending your own fear of romance, here.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to experience love at first sight... regularly.

love at first sight

How can you train yourself to spot girls who are perfect for you, feel that connection for them, and then, ideally, act on it?

There are three (3) prerequisites for you to do this:

  1. You must live in a decent-sized city (say, population over 500,000)
  2. You must have experienced love at first sight before
  3. You must be at least a little excited by beautiful women

It might still be (probably is) possible to pull this off if you’re missing one of the requirements, but you’ll face a bit of an uphill battle getting there.

For best results, you’ll want all three.

Why Every Man Should Read The 48 Laws of Power

A man’s effectiveness in life can usually be equated to the books that he reads. And outside of the usual books about good seduction, relationships, and the female mind, I’ve found that The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene really taught me a lot about both navigating life as a man and keeping my mental axe sharp in interacting with women.


In essence, Greene distills 3000 years of human history, conquest, conflict, and romance into 48 laws of attaining and defending yourself against power. I found that a lot of these laws apply to everyday situations, so you don’t have to be someone who is trying to be a prince or king to get value out of it.

Although I believe that every effective man should read the whole thing, let me summarize the key laws for you and tell you about how they can strengthen your abilities with the fairer sex.

How to Convert One-Time Sex into Regular Sex

regular sexMany years back, I had dinner with a girl I’d recently just slept with. We were both young and inexperienced; our date had been fun, but the sex mediocre.

On this second date, we had a nice time, and chatted. I didn’t have much more time in town, and would be leaving soon. At the end of the meal, I invited her home.

At first she accepted, but then she stopped, mid-walk: “Wait, you’re leaving, right? You know what, I think I’m just going to go home.”

I didn’t fight it. I said okay and let her go. I’d be lying to say I wasn’t disappointed.

If you’ve been hooking up a while, you’ve no doubt experienced this too:

  • Sometimes she’s happy to sleep with you again and again once first sex occurs

  • Other times, you sleep with her once, and that’s it

... and there isn’t always rhyme or reason to it either.

A girl you had a great date and phenomenal sex with may not call you back, and a girl you bumbled your way into the bedroom with and prematurely ejaculated in front of may fall all over herself to meet you again.

So what gives?

What’s it take to convert a girl you’ve slept with once into one you sleep with again and again?


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