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Sleazy Sex Talk vs. Sexy Sex Talk: What’s the Difference?

Sex talk can be extremely effective at turning women on. But what differentiates sleazy sex talk from sex talk that’s outright sexy?
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Hi everyone. I hope you are all doing well. This post will be answering similar questions to last week’s post – discussing calibration and sexual escalation. Today however we will be more focused on sex talk.

sleazy sex talk

Before I begin, let me repost a relevant question from one of our readers “Anonymous”:

I was thinking, what’s the difference between the sleazy guys who talks about sex, using sexual frames and escalation vs. sexy guy who talks about sex, using sexual frames and escalation? And I read your sequence in “Physical Escalation in Public”;What happens when we escalate at the wrong sequence (too much)? thanksalek ;)

Last time we discussed calibration and escalation. Some of the questions answered last time were:

  • When should one start to escalate

  • How can one escalate without triggering huge amounts of resistance

  • Tips and tricks to avoid resistance

  • How to calibrate your escalation

Now last time we discussed “escalation” in general without focusing too much on whether we were talking about verbal or physical (non-verbal) game, because the concepts discussed in the last post were applicable to both.

Anything discussed in the previous post is valid for verbal seduction (sex talk) and hence can work as a great foundation for what I am about to discuss here. Today however we will focus on calibrating sexual verbals, and learn how to avoid triggering resistance while doing so.

Can You Beat the Bad Boy and Get the Girl?

If you go up against a ‘bad boy’ for a girl you like, how do you win? We talk contrasting styles, and beating ‘badder boys’ than you.
Social Life

beat bad boyA reader named Tom wrote in a short while back with the following question:

Can you do an article of what a man should do when he has to compete with a badboy to attract a woman?
Many thanks for reading.

Well, that’s an interesting one.

Especially considering so much of the content on Girls Chase is aimed at turning you into the bad boy.

But what happens when you’re head-to-head with a badder boy than you?

Escalating on Her in a Controlled & Calibrated Way

Escalating physically and verbally on women can be difficult to do in a controlled way. Here’s how to calibrate your escalation to the girl.
Pickup Tech

Howdy all,

Today I decided to take the time to answer a question related to escalation (being physical or verbal), and more in particular about calibration – calibrating escalation to the girl and the situation.

escalate on her

In other words, the readers were curious how one can escalate while limiting their chances of facing resistance.

Many students of seduction struggle when it comes to escalation, because they lack calibration and can easily blow things off if they do things wrong. Now, being perfectly calibrated is impossible, but great calibration skills come from experience.

However, in this post I will give you some tools that will make things easier for you.

Now onto the questions:

A reader who posted as Anonymous asked the following:

I was thinking, what’s the difference between sleazy guy who talks about sex, using sexual frames, and escalating vs. sexy guy who talks about sex, using sexual frames and escalating.

And I read your sequence in “Physical escalation in Public” What happens when we escalate at the wrong sequence (too much)? thanks alek ;)

In addition, Lawliet asked this:

Nice article bro!

Anonymous said something interesting. Got me thinking.

Just wondering what happens when we escalate too much too early or in the wrong order and what we can do to recover afterwards?

Best regards,


Both are very good questions and as they are both more or less related I decided to answer them in detail in this post.

4 Tension Locks to Use When You Talk to Girls

Famous movie seducers use them, and so can you: tension locks, a tool to regain control from girls about to dismiss you or ramble too much.
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If you ever watch good verbal movie seductions – like, say, one featuring Sean Connery or George Clooney – you’ll notice there’s often a moment when the male suddenly cuts all the cute stuff, leans in, and says something that locks the tension in and dials it up through the roof.

This is usually the moment of the seduction when you smile to yourself and say, “Wow, he’s good.”

tension lock

Sometimes when one of these men do this, the woman in question is going off on a tangent, or rambling, or even panicking.

And then he just hushes her up, leans in, drops a little word bomb on her, and the tension goes through the roof.

If they’re somewhere private, they may start kissing... then disrobing. If they’re in public, the tension might be thick enough to chop with a meat cleaver (and the man will follow it up either by lightening the mood a bit to avoid cresting emotions too high and causing the spell to break... or by pulling her somewhere private, if it’s an option).

For the sake of discussing this technique more easily, I’m going to call the phrases the male uses ‘tension locks’; there are four (4) of them, they can be really effective, and best of all, you needn’t be a movie star or a master seducer to use them.

You just need to know what they are, and when to put them into play.

Be More Flexible, Sleep with More Girls

Some guys seem to be “lucky” – they always find the girl who wants to date them (or sleep with them). Yet this is anything but chance.
Pickup Tech

flexible sleep with girlsIn the comment section of my article “10 Surprising Reasons Women Will Have Sex with You”, a reader remarked on a study on luck that discovered exceptionally “lucky” people basically are much better at noticing and seizing on opportunities, while “unlucky” people are more single-minded and stubborn, and miss opportunities.

Our reader commented that:

I totally coroborate it with my incident today. There is this cute girl in my neighbouring room in student dorm I had been planning to talk to for days. I thought over it for days and planned a silly excuse to go talk to her only to realise that she had been sick. Instead of adapting quickly and offering her to drop by place for some warm tea i completely flipped and just went through what i had planned in my mind before, Just like the article i missed the opportunity for a spontaneous casual conversational connection based on my planned mindset. think this is what most people nervous with girls and new to it suffer, presence of mind and adaptablity. Not always but specific to situation they are not comfortable with. Your views on this !

And... yes. This hits the nail on the head all kinds of ways.

You know, one of the most common attributes nearly all inexperienced guys have in common is they’re stubborn. You tell them to do something, and they won’t do it because they’ve already put themselves on a certain path and they don’t want to get off it. Or they want to finish this thing they’re working on.

And that’s a good habit to have (focus; follow-through). And I’m that way to a large extent myself, or was originally (now I’m more diversified: focused in where focused in is useful, big picture where that’s more useful), so I do relate.

But if you want to do better with girls, and if you want to sleep with more girls, a big part of that is going to come from learning to be flexible, and recognize the opportunities you’ve been letting slip by you wholly unrecognized.

How Naturals Meet Girls and Get Laid

Naturals rarely seem to approach, so where do they meet the women they sleep with? Do girls approach them, or is something else going on?
Pickup Tech

One of the big mysteries for a lot of guys who are new to pickup is just how, exactly, men who are ‘naturals’ with women meet enough women to have the partner volume they do.

naturals get laid

If you’ve ever had a talented natural friend, you’ll notice it seems like he never does a cold approach, and spends most of his time just hanging around and socializing, and yet, somehow, unless you’re doing huge volumes of cold approaches yourself, he just runs laps around you lay-count-wise.

You stop by to grab him for lunch and he’s walking yet another girl out of his place, hair disheveled and a wistful look in her eye.

Where do guys who are genuine naturals with women meet all the girls they sleep with?

8 Simple Habits that Can Get You Laid

Getting laid more gets a lot easier with the right habits in place. They can be surprisingly simple – like a weekly text, or tagging along.
Pickup Tech

I have written about the realm of opportunity in some of my other posts. “Whenever there is a girl present, there is a chance you might have sex with her.”

I have structured both my interactions and my schedule as to always put myself in a place where sex with a beautiful girl is possible. In this post I will share both the theory behind how I structure my life and also go into some practical habits to optimize your lifestyle, so you can build a lifestyle designed to get you laid.

habits get laid

Do You Want to be a PUA or a Seducer?

Pick up artists get a bad wrap. Yet, some guys approach seduction in a far more natural way than others do.
Social Life

Note from Chase: this is our second article from John Turner, a member of our discussion forum. John’s first article was about “The Seduction Triangle”; in this article, he discusses the differences between men who approach doing better with women from a more broken perspective vs. men who approach it from a healthier one. Here’s John.

In recent years, it seems that the “PUA” lifestyle has gotten more and more attention in the media, and from what I’ve seen, it has been mostly negative.

This can seem confusing to beginners:

If learning pick up is going to make me a more attractive man and a better lover / boyfriend / husband, then shouldn’t girls encourage guys to learn this, and not be disgusted and irritated when the subject of pick up comes up?

Well, yes and no.

Tactics Tuesdays: How to Meet Women on the Subway

The subway is too good a place to meet women for you to pass up. However, it can be tough to pull from – you must follow the steps.
Pickup Tech

Lately, I have been getting a lot of my dates from riding on the subway. So since that style of game is fresh on my mind I thought I would give you guys the run down on how to turn your everyday train ride into your new pick-up spot.

meet girls on the subway

How to Use Sex Talk, Part II: Case Study

What’s it look like to actually use sex talk to pick up and sleep with girls? Here’s a case study that lays it out in step-by-step detail.
Pickup Tech

When I shared my report of the night where I managed to pull a girl even though I felt terrible, a lot of people told me they wanted to read more about the way I use sex talk to seduce women.

In case you have not read it yet, my original post on the subject of sex talk is here:

I have been asked a few times to share more sex talk coverage and share more examples on how I use it in the field. As you have been asking for more posts on sex talk, I decided to write this report. The post will cover one interaction where I used textbook style sex talk in order to get laid.

sex talk

I will share my techniques and explain how they work. I will also show you how they can be used in a real life situation, so that you can see how it all fits together. Here are some of the things we will be covering in this post:

  • Transitioning into sex talk

  • Sex Talk Technique 1: Sexual Reframing

  • Sex Talk Technique 2: Sexual Prizing

  • Logistics

  • End Game

  • Last-Minute Resistance

  • & More…

We will use a real life story as an example for every technique and tactic we will be covering. Even though the real life event covered in this post is a continuation of my previous post where I covered the preparations and the warm up phase, putting most of the emphasis on the earlier hours of my night out, this post will be covering an actual seduction that took place during the night’s prime hours (the hours when people hook up).


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