Relationship 101

by Chase Amante | 
Saturday, 9 July 2016
what she wants in a boyfriend
What do girls look for in a boyfriend? Lots: relationship goal fit, value fit, relationship promise, even the first kiss, all matter.
by Chase Amante | 
Saturday, 11 June 2016
Girls Chase Podcast
Chase Amante talks long-term relationships, dominance, provision, and monogamy in a monster podcast with Varoon Rajah.
by Chase Amante | 
Wednesday, 1 June 2016
relationship skills
What’s more important: the girl you’re with, or how you run your relationship with her? Each plays a crucial role in how things go, yet each in different ways.
by Chase Amante | 
Saturday, 28 May 2016
she doesn't meet your needs
If a girl in your life is not meeting your needs, you have 3 options: fix it yourself, ask her to fix it, or cut bait and abandon ship.
by Chase Amante | 
Saturday, 30 April 2016
settle down
People often never want to settle down… until suddenly they do. The mind goes through 3 distinct changes to enable this to happen.
by Chase Amante | 
Sunday, 17 April 2016
Girls Chase Podcast
Chase and Varoon talk how to set up a relationship with a new girl and keep her coming back for more.
by Chase Amante | 
Wednesday, 13 April 2016
how to be an alpha provider
If you want to keep women around long-term, eventually you’ll need to be the provider. Here’s how to be that and keep control of your relationship.
by Chase Amante | 
Saturday, 2 April 2016
sexual issue
An penis that ignores your commands, you cumming too soon, and her not cumming at all: men’s 3 biggest sex issues… and how to solve them.
by Chase Amante | 
Thursday, 17 March 2016
eat a girl out
Women are different – and you must know how to eat a girl out a little differently each time. An ex-porn star talks sucking, teasing, and orgasms.
by Chase Amante | 
Monday, 22 February 2016
bored relationship
Women grow bored in relationships – often without men grasping why. Here’s a set of tools to make sure no woman grows bored with YOU.
by Ethan Fierre | 
Thursday, 18 February 2016
she cheats on you
There are 8 chief reasons why a woman may cheat on you. Until you know them – and which made her act – you won’t be ready to confront her.
by Chase Amante | 
Monday, 15 February 2016
relationship stability
“Where is this going?” It’s a classic woman’s question; yet until you ‘get’ relationship stability, you won’t be equipped to answer it.
by Chase Amante | 
Monday, 8 February 2016
long-term value
Ever hook up with girls but not have them stick around? It might be you’re too ambitious or successful for them… or not nearly enough so.
by Chase Amante | 
Monday, 1 February 2016
why relationships fall apart
If you display a different version of “you” during the courtship than what she gets once she has you, odds are she’ll be quick to bail.
by Chase Amante | 
Saturday, 23 January 2016
break up get back together
Sometimes, people break up, only to get back together again later. Why do you get mired in this cycle though – and how do you break free?
by Chase Amante | 
Monday, 21 December 2015
girl says she's pregnant
What do you do when a girlfriend says she’s pregnant? First: find out if she really is. Second: find out if it’s yours. Third: choose how you’ll proceed.
by Chase Amante | 
Saturday, 12 December 2015
her childhood
Childhood stability or instability has ripple effects on adult world views and personality. Here’s how her childhood affects her as an adult.
by Hector Castillo | 
Friday, 30 October 2015
The rabbit hole of depraved, debaucherous sex goes deeper: yet more things to do that make men shrink in horror, and women squeal with glee.
by Chase Amante | 
Saturday, 17 October 2015
girls chase podcast
Caleb Jones (Blackdragon) goes deep on open relationships: how to start them, how to run them, and how to keep them going.
by Hector Castillo | 
Thursday, 15 October 2015
Biting, choking, covering her mouth, money shots – it’s all part of being a freak in bed. Part 3 covers these, and more.
by Hector Castillo | 
Friday, 9 October 2015
freak in bed
Hair pulling, dirty talk, slapping and scratching – it’s all part of what beginners need to get used to doing to be freaky in bed.
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