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First off, this isn’t an ordinary sales page.

If you’re accustomed to the Internet, you’ve seen a few pages similar in appearance to this one before. But you haven’t read one with content like this.

Think I’m full of hot air? Read on.

You came here to learn how to be a pick up artist. Before we dive into that, let me ask you this first... Does any of this sound like you?

Need More Dates To Go On
Need Better Things To Talk About With Girls
Keep Seeing Other Guys Pick Up Girls But Not You
Spending Too Much Time Chasing Women Who Never Say "Yes"
Trying Everything But Nothing Works

If any of that sounds familiar then keep on reading... because what I’m going to show you here is going to change the way you see things completely.

Did You Know That 10% Of Men Do 65% Of The Dating?

And Did You Know The Biggest Reason Why Men Fail At Pick Up And Dating Is Because They Don’t Get A Process Down?

RE: More Dates, Lovers, And Knowing What To Do With Women NOW
From: Chase Amante

Dear (Struggling?) Modern Day Man,

Running one of the biggest men’s dating advice websites on the Internet puts me in daily contact with endless legions of men who just can’t seem to get anywhere with girls. They want to learn how to be a pick up artist and get girlfriends and lovers of beauty and brains with ease but no matter what they do or what they say nothing seems to work.

Instead, they end up standing there watching other men get the girls that THEY wanted... and feeling too clueless and frustrated to do anything about it.

They have things like this happen - they:

  • See a girl everyday in class or at work, try to flirt and make conversation with her, but it never leads anywhere
  • Meet a girl, things go great... and then despite texts, phone calls, even voicemails, she's never heard from again
  • Get a girl out on a date but can never seem to really "connect" with her
  • Get a girl out on a date but just can't get her home
  • Keep meeting girls at bars, nightclubs, parties... but the girls ALWAYS eventually choose some other guy instead

Yet with nearly 3,500,000,000 women in the world it’s nearly impossible for you to NOT get massive amounts of success with women anywhere you want IF you set yourself up to get that success correctly.

With thousands or millions of attractive, eligible women available in your town alone right now there is NO reason you shouldn’t be getting natural results with women IF you address attraction and seduction correctly.

The big problem we all have is there are so many “gurus” out there promoting “Pick Up Lines” and “Pick Up Routines” and magic bullets that we get seduced into thinking that getting success with women is as easy as memorizing the right words and phrases.

The cold truth though is that you actually need to DO SOMETHING to start getting phone numbers, dates, and take girls to bed and have them as girlfriends and lovers. A lot of people reading this letter will know what I’m talking about but others won’t want to believe it takes work to learn to pick up a girl and get success with women.

There may not be an easy snap-of-the-fingers presto-change-o solution that transforms an average man into a seduction superstar at the push of a button BUT there is a simple formula that if you follow will give you all the attractive, charming, desirous women you can juggle (and more):

Fundamentals + Process = Pick Up Success

how to be a pick up artistIf you can generate attraction in women then you can start to follow your process to capitalize on that attraction, but the KEY elements you need before you can start picking up women are ATTRACTION and PROCESS.

Here's the thing about attraction though, that none of the other pick up artist "gurus" seem to want to own up to: the words you say have NOTHING to do with it!

That's right: throw your pick up lines, cocky and funny, and all the rest out the window... women don't care.

Oh sure, they might laugh a little, hit you on the arm, and be good sports... but flirtation is a far cry from attraction, and despite everything else you'll read out there, the two are not even CLOSE to being the same thing.

You see, women are paying attention to something a lot more primal than words... a lot more fundamental. And if you don't know what that is you can miss the boat BIG TIME.

What Are The "Fundamentals" Of Attraction?

You might have heard women describe what they find most attractive in men before. Some of these qualities you'll hear tossed about include:

  1. Confidence
  2. Good looks
  3. Sexiness
  4. Wealth / Good Job
  5. "Knows How to Treat a Girl"

To most guys, those sound like insurmountable obstacles.

I mean, how do you "get" good looks? Sexiness? And what about "confidence"... what does that even mean?

You can forget using wealth as a means to get women while you're at it. Even if you could go that route, you'd quickly find it's no easier to meet good women as a millionaire than it is as a day laborer... and the women you do meet often turn out to be gold diggers more interested in your paycheck than the guy you are underneath.

As for "knows how to treat a girl"... well, you DO know how to treat a girl... don't you?

The answer to becoming what women want - and you will have to make some adjustments - lies in the fundamentals of attraction.

What's that?

Well, it's things like your walk. Your posture. Your voice.

More than that, it includes things like how you talk to women, what you talk to them about, and how it makes them feel.

And I'll tell you a little secret... the key to making women become attracted to you is in being attractive without trying to impress them. Everybody else says this, yet the routines, lines, and methods most pick up artist "gurus" out there are teaching are aimed at doing exactly the opposite! They're totally, completely, utterly focused on getting YOU to do all the talking, showing off, and "displaying higher value" or being "cocky and funny" or throwing out some witty lines or charming dialogue.

They're telling you you must impress.

But when you try to impress women, all you end up communicating to them is that you feel they are worthy of you exerting effort to show off how attractive you are.

In other words... the man who does this is competing for them.

He's not playing his game... he's playing theirs.

If you want to turn the tables, the first step is your fundamentals; the first step starts with you.

Where Process Steps In

how to be a pick up artistWhat if I told you that all you needed to get girls was:

  • A little attraction generated naturally by sound fundamentals, and
  • A solid set of steps to follow to take women from strangers to lovers

Sound like something you could get behind?

I've been doing this since 2006, and in all those years of teaching one man after another how to be a pick up artist the world over, I've discovered one simple fact: most men fail with women because they have no process.

Simple as that.

Don't know what that means? Put yourself in these scenarios:

  • You see a beautiful girl you'd like to meet. What do you do?
  • You're talking to a girl you really like. How do you get a date?
  • You're out with a girl and it's going great. How do you get her home with you?
  • You've got a girl alone with you at your place. How do you take her from friendly acquaintance to intimate one?

Most guys freeze up, fumble the ball, and otherwise can't get it done when they find themselves in these situations.

Opportunity's knocking, but they can't figure out how to get the door open.

Process is the master key that opens all locks. It's how you know what to do when that attractive girl smiles at you from across the room. It's how you know what to say when you can tell the woman you're talking to expects you to move things ahead. It's how you know the right move when you can tell she's excited being alone with you but a little nervous and a bit hesitant.

With the right process, combined with solid fundamentals, you can pick up all kinds of girls with all kinds of ease.

Of course, you've got to do the work to get those fundamentals in place, and you've got to put in the effort to get that process down.

And, you've got to have a trusted source of information to guide you along the path toward mastering your fundamentals and solidifying your process.

Learning How To Be A Pick Up Artist

how to be a pick up artistKnowing the right fundamentals to target and the right process to build is something that you're likely to spend years figuring out, piece by piece, putting together from trial and error, successes here and failures there, and various Internet forums, chat rooms, blogs, and videos.

You'll try out one thing you heard was good; it doesn't work. Try out something else; no dice. A few weeks working on something additional... yeah, that seems like it might work, but it needs tweaking. Try adding this to it, no go. That... okay, that makes it better. But now what do you need to get girls saying "yes" when you ask them on dates? Or how do you get to the point where women want to talk to you instead of you having to drive everything?

You'll ask friends for advice. Other guys more skilled than you. Random men you meet at bars and nightclubs who look like they know what they're doing... at least, you think they do.

You'll email people on the Internet, random strangers on random websites who seem like they've got a better handle on some aspect of picking up girls than you do.

You'll go through plateaus where it seems like you just can't figure out what else you can do better... then, 6 months or a year later, it'll come to you and things wil start to click better. At least until the next plateau, that is.

Or... you can grab a copy of the package I've put together here answering every big question about how to be a pick up artist I've ever been asked - and get all the solutions to getting girls placed in your hands immediately.

Your Toolset For Success Is Here

In this 406-page eBook and 63-minute video program, I arm you to the teeth with everything you need to know to do all of the following:

  1. Turn yourself into an attraction machine who does it all right, from talk to nonverbals and everything in between
  1. Become a man able to meet women ANYWHERE - from bars to parks to cafeterias to bookstores to shopping malls to beaches and back again
  1. Never again be trapped in pointless banter unable to push things forward, like so many men end up being with new acuqaintances
  1. Use the difference between what women REACT to (“flirting”) and what women RESPOND to (results) to get the girls who REALLY like you
  1. Shut down “auto-rejection” and stop women from walking away because you were TOO funny, sarcastic, or “cool” ever again
  1. Employ the principle of investment and use it to get women committed to talking to you and engrossed in finding out more about YOU
  1. Learn to move FAST with women and KILL hesitancy - and never end up in the “friend zone” ever after
  1. Master the “tension gap” to transform awkward interactions with women into intimate ones
  1. Start using a simple, POWERFUL method of getting phone numbers and emails from women that turns it from difficult... to a “hole-in-one”
  1. Free yourself from the uncertainty of how to respond when women ask you difficult questions and ALWAYS know the right thing to say
  1. Unlock the POTENT SECRET of the “hard push” and discover an ability to pick up a girl that only the greatest Casanovas have possessed
  1. Defeat uncertainty in women with the technique of the “panoply of reasons” and make them HAPPY to do what you ask
  1. Discover how to make girls chase you mere minutes into a conversation... and sometimes even earlier
  1. Transform yourself into a master seducer with “deep diving”... and get to know new women better in MINUTES than most men EVER WILL
  1. Find out how to stop talking TOO MUCH and get girls talking INSTEAD - making things MUCH EASIER for you, and MORE EXCITING for them
  1. Understand the difference between “bridges” and “gaps” - and why most men destroy their odds with women by not knowing this
  1. Prevent women from slotting you into the “boyfriend role” and HALT the slow, painful seduction death most “boyfriend candidates” suffer
  1. Give out “good feelings” appropriately, instead of to girls who haven't earned them - and make women treat YOU right to get it
  1. Train yourself to be a logistics PRO and become able to find a way to get physical with women almost ANYWHERE you find yourself
  1. Apply the power of chase frames to your conversations and get women literally PURSUING YOU with only a few subtle suggestions
  1. Recognize “escalation windows” the instant they appear and know EXACTLY how to act on them to give girls what they want
  1. Adapt yourself to handle transition points smoothly and keep women engaged with you during these CRITICAL moments in an interaction
  1. Implement the physical escalation “master plan” for making the first move so you never miss taking another girl as a lover who wanted it
  1. Build your own custom-made process tailored to YOU that will put your pick ups on ROCKET FUEL and make girls all but yours for the choosing

Put simply, this material teaches you the mechanics of succeeding with women, the simple steps you need to follow to implement them, and the mindsets you need to pull it all off. This program package is the missing weapon in your pick up arsenal.

Please take a look at how easy it is to learn this material:

I know what you're thinking, this sounds like The Answer. If it's so easy to do... why isn't everybody already doing it?

how to be a pick up artistThe reason why, of course, is this: it takes work. And most guys want a quick fix.

But, here, look at this -

The average man:

  • Works 2000 hours per year
  • Spends 2065 hours at leisure per year
  • Watches television 986 hours per year

Imagine what would happen to that same average man's life if he took half the time he spent watching other people live their lives on television and instead used this material and went out and got himself beautiful, wonderful girlfriends and lovers?

Imagine what would happen if YOU put that much time per year into using this material to transform your dating life. Would you still need to scour the Internet hoping to find the answers you need to finally learn how to be a pick up artist... or would other people want to learn from YOU?

What If I Could Save You $100,000?

Ever seen the Porsche 911 Turbo?

It's a cool car.

Here it is, it looks like this:

how to be a pick up artist

Nice, right?

Any idea how much it costs? I'll tell you: it starts at $123,000. That's without all the trimmings, of course - if you want those, you'll pay a good bit more.

Do you know why men pay so much for cars?

I'll give you a hint... it's not to impress their moms.

But does this strategy work?

As it turns out, a 2008 study in Germany found that drivers of Porsches have less sex than drivers of any other car type... even Fords, Kias, and Hondas.

How's that for a reality check?

So if shelling out the big bucks for a super cool car doesn't get women into bed... what does?

Well, we just went over it, in fact.

And how much does that cost?

Like I said, I'm going to save you $100,000.

No, this package does NOT cost $23,000. But would you argue it was a bad deal if it did?

$123,000 for a car that's supposed to help you get women but doesn't.

$23,000 for a program that's supposed to help you get women and DOES.

But like I said, it's not $23,000. In fact, it's a heck of a lot less.

This total package - the whole kit and kaboodle - weighs in at a VERY affordable $167.

Think that's a good deal compared to the Porsche?

Throw in another $22,833 or so for a decent Toyota sedan, and you've got a solid set of wheels AND more beautiful girlfriends and lovers than you can handle (or fit into the back seat).

Take that, 911 Turbo.

Just click the “Get Access Now!” button and you'll be taken to the check out screen. Fill in your information, hit “Review order”, make sure your information is correct, and press the “Submit order” button to complete your purchase.

You'll receive the links to download the complete program almost instantly to your email address and be reading and watching MINUTES from now. Click here:

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Of course, I want to give you NO EXCUSE to not get this incredibly powerful program TODAY and teach you how to be a pick up artist and get the kind of success with women you've been dreaming about having for so long and putting off getting.

How am I going to convince you to make your life better like this?

You see, you, and every dime you invest in this program is covered by my...

mastery pick up package guarantee

This is it, the point in your dating “career” where you decide to stop bumping into the wall in the dark and to throw the lights on once and for all. You get to say goodbye forever to frustrating nights of women walking off for reasons that just don't make sense and sure-things slipping out of your hands when you were certain you had them.

Download this program today, and I'll be seeing you on this side of things (the better side, where stuff with women makes sense and you know how to get the things you want with them) real soon.

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My life has NEVER been better...

Hey Chase, ever since I've been reading your site and practicing my skills my life has NEVER been better. Its been a month and I've been seeing solid results since day one. This book is for anyone who truly wants to get better with women and have a better life. Chase, you give the facts and easy-to-follow steps that ANYONE can do.

I never expected to find this site after my last break up... but I'm so glad I DID.

T.J., New Hampshire

I had no idea things could move so fast...

Chase, I followed your articles and book as best as I could.... and things TOTALLY worked out! I got together with this girl on the FIRST NIGHT, and I had known her maybe a DAY. I had no idea things could move so fast if you just make every action one that moves things forward.

Thanks, Chase, for all the help. I certainly wouldn't have made any moves or gotten this far without your book.


Accented my abilities in business and with women...

The book showed me a LOT of parallels that could be drawn... Your breakdown of the techniques was well done and enabled me to look at how I interact with women now and in the past. I can now see why I did so well... and sometimes not. While I'm very happily married, the techniques (and those of mine that I've realized and enhanced with your information), have accented my abilities in business and in everyday situations dealing with women.

Nice work and THANK YOU for such a well laid-out manual.

R.M., California

And the girl just can't get enough of me...

I'm pretty much killing it now thanks to your book... had a couple flings and what may become an LTR now and the girl just can't get enough of me. I still get soft sometimes but I've gotten pretty good at recognizing and passing shit tests and keeping my value above hers... and my body language is AWESOME (she's said as much).

So thank you man. Really.

M.S., Iowa

I have renewed hope in my ability to meet and land women...

Hey Chase, I just wanted to THANK YOU for this website. I discovered this site last week as I was becoming increasingly frustrated with a woman I've been pursuing and I felt myself starting to OBSESS over it... and I was searching for ways to stop obsessing.

I ended up spending several hours reading through the various posts and realized all of the mistakes I've made through the YEARS with women. You repeatedly described in vivid detail what has happened to me so many times. The empathy really shines through in the way the material is presented.

I bought your book shortly after discovering this site and I am still reading through it. I have renewed hope and confidence in my ability to meet and land women of the caliber I have always expected for myself. This is life changing stuff here.

Again, I just wanted to thank you and PLEASE keep this site going!

K.S., Ohio