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Offline Another 4 Hours While We Upgrade Tonight

We'll be offline again about 1 AM to 5 AM Eastern while we wade in for Round 2 of our software upgrade tonight / early tomorrow morning.

We'll be working on our site upgrade again this evening, so expect some downtime. Should be about 4 hours. Everything should be working normally after that though, and the changes should be all but invisible.


4 Hours of Downtime Tonight While We Upgrade Site

We’re upgrading the Girls Chase site architecture tonight, which means we’ll be turning GC off for a few hours – don’t be alarmed.

Hey there,

Just a quick update that will be down from about 1 AM EST to 5 AM EST this evening while we upgrade the website architecture.

This should not affect how you use the site, and any changes you see to GC should be minimal.

If you're online at this time and need your fix, the forum will still be open.


Let a Girls Chase Pro Plan Your Next Hook Up

4 of the Girls Chase authors are now signed up to offer phone coaching, too. Let a guy who’s been there and done that plan it out for you.

It’s been in the works a little while, but we’ve just finished rolling out a revamped phone coaching platform.

Now, you can get direct one-to-one coaching from your favorite Girls Chase authors and have them tackle your biggest girl and dating issues with you personally, monopolize their times and pick their brains, and put your girl-getting on rocket fuel.

We’re Hiring – Come Write for Girls Chase

Girls Chase is hiring – if you have a fresh perspective on women and dating, this is your chance to join the team.

UPDATE: We're now closed to new submissions. Thanks to everyone who's applied!

Hey there,

Do you have a way with women, a skillful pen, and a knack for teaching other men to do what you can do?

We’re looking for a few exceptional men to come join the team to write for Girls Chase. We’ve got spots on the roster, and are looking to fill them – if you’ve been wanting to put your pen to the pad and you’ve got tech with girls that simply needs to be put out there, now’s your chance to show other men the ropes.

girls chase is hiring

“Get Laid on Tinder” System Available To Own NOW

Use Colt’s Tinder System to meet bountiful numbers of bouncing women off Tinder… and never worry about lacking girls to sleep with again.

laid on tinderI’m really, very, extremely excited to let you know that Colt’s Tinder system is now available for purchase, and his final presentation on his methods (and the system itself) is up:

Colt’s Tinder System + Final Presentation

Just in case you haven’t been following along:

  • Tinder’s just about the most promising, fruitful place to meet women we’ve seen in ages

  • Tinder’s also a NEAT place to meet women because it doesn’t just have the crazies and bargain-barrel chicks on it like you see with most online dating sites / dating apps, but – because it’s “trendy” and an “in” thing to do – it actually has scads and scads of attractive, sexy, regular girls on it too. And while some of these are looking for Instagram followers, many of them are extremely curious about seeing what all the noise is about and going on some Tinder dates (and a lot of them already are doing this)

  • Colt plowed 500 hours last year into decoding the rules of the game on Tinder and building a complete end-to-end system for himself (and now you, if you want it) to basically pipeline women by the dozens off the app and out into person, and from there into his bed

  • I’ve been working with Colt since last May or so on fleshing out the details of the program, and the past month has basically been nothing but Tinder for me – I personally pulled out all the stops to make sure this was as useful, and also beautiful, product as we could possibly create for you

Tinder Webinar #3: Post-Sex Retention

Colt’s Tinder webinar #3 highlights why many men face retention problems on Tinder after sleeping with girls – and what you can change not to.

Colt Williams’s Tinder Webinar #3 is now online (and if you’re on the launch list, you should’ve already received the link). This is the last short webinar before we release the complete Tinder system presentation and open up the cart this Tuesday, January 20th.

Tinder Webinar #2: Using Tinder Efficiently

In Tinder webinar #2, Colt goes deeper into what women look for in your pictures. He then shows you how to get lots of matches quickly and not waste time.

We’ve just completed uploading and arranging Webinar #2 in Colt’s Tinder webinar series – his second video is live. If you’re already signed up to receive the updates on the launch, you should already have an email in your inbox containing the link to the second video.

Tinder Webinar #1: An Unconventional Opener

Webinar #1 on Colt’s girl-getting Tinder system is LIVE, with tools to enhance your Tinder performance and have women leaping to get to know you.

After lots of nearly-sleepless nights getting all the pieces ready and a lot of hard work from the team, I’m extremely pleased to let you know that our new site for Colt’s Tinder program is up and running – and his first webinar is LIVE.

tinder webinar

In Webinar #1, you’ll learn:

“Get Laid On Tinder” System: What Should We Include?

The Girls Chase “get dates and lays on Tinder” system is nearly complete – but before we finalize it, we’d like some feedback from you…

All right gents, it’s been a while coming, but we’re nearly ready with Colt’s Tinder system. Apologies for the delays – I know everybody wanted this YESTERDAY, but I’ve been trying to ensure that when we get this one out, we make it good, we make effective… and we do it with style.

2014: The Year in Review + Top 64 Posts, & Passing the Torch

A list of the top 25% of Girls Chase articles from 2014, plus a peek at what’s to come for GC when we ring in the New Year.

The year’s drawing to a close, and like we did last year this time, I’d like to review this year’s top posts... both in my own humble opinion, and judging by the interest from comments and social shares.

2014 saw 268 articles (well, 270, including this one and Cody’s piece on meeting women on New Year’s that goes up tomorrow) written by 15 different contributors (several with only one to three articles, but many with a whole lot more). Leading the charge were:

  • Hector Castillo’s 4 articles on getting girls in college and the power of ‘alone’

  • Darius Belejevas’s 5 articles on sexy attire for summer and winter alike

  • Halvor Jannike’s 6 scribings on revamping your mind and approach

  • Drexel Scott’s 7 pieces on attitudes toward women and being a man

  • J.J. Jones’s 7 articles on making things happen fast and taking them sexual

  • Ross Leon’s 15 articles on getting your mind right and getting women bought in

  • Cody Lyans’s 24 meditations on being intriguing, seductive, and romantic

  • Alek Rolstad’s 33 pieces on fast sex, sexuality, and cultural norms

  • Colt Williams’s 49 articles on women’s minds, cougars, and next level seduction

  • And my (Chase Amante’s) 112 articles on mindsets, seduction, and relationships

... not to mention a contribution apiece from Eric Reeves, Ethan Fierre, Robert Hortzclaw, and Sarah Williams (that last not so popular), and two from Will Legend.

(the author links above link to each writer’s catalog of articles)

2014 year in review

Also, I’m going to use this post to talk about plans for Girls Chase for the New Year, and what you can expect to see this 2015 – we’ll do that at the bottom, after the article review here.


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