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Articles by Alek Rolstad

Drinking and Meeting Girls, Part 2: Why and How to Drink

how to drink
You don’t want to get too crazy with alcohol when your goal is “girls.” But you can definitely drink a bit. How much? It depends...

Welcome back! Last week, I discussed the implications of drinking alcohol in regards to practicing seduction. The post may have expressed a rather negative and pessimistic view, but again, as mentioned in last post (to be emphasized here), having a few drinks is not harmful. You don’t need to go full-blown sober in order to practice your seduction skills or perform smoothly.

The point is to not drink too much (duh).

In this post, I will point out some benefits of drinking. Additionally, I will present some opinions on how your selection of drink affects the perception women may have of you. I’ll also give you a bunch of simple but cool tips that can really impact the way you will experience the nightlife (for the better).

Let’s get right into it.

Before I get to the pointers, I will briefly mention the obvious: alcohol can relieve anxiety – particularly approach anxiety – and make a person more comfortable in social situations. However, I believe it is a crutch. Do you really want to become dependent on booze in order to score hot ladies? Additionally, if you practice “non-drunk,” your skills will improve more quickly.

Some of you may think that on bad nights (nights where you feel anxious), it may be worth having a few drinks in order to get the ball rolling. Usually that is a bad idea, as booze can reinforce your current mood, whatever it may be (and have the opposite of the desired effect). That said, we all react differently to alcohol.

If you do struggle with anxiety, there are healthier alternatives (with better effects):

  • Teas with high levels of L-theanine (Japanese Gyokuro, and Oolongs)
  • Catuaba
  • Red (Panax) Ginseng
  • Rhodiola Rosea (rose root)
  • Cacao (yes, buy some organic cacao nibs! Not the powdered crap!)

However, note that using any of these is still a crutch, as you are still depending on “substances” to get you going. However, they may come in useful when you have bad nights. That is when I take some catuaba and ginseng. And tea is something I always drink!

Drinking and Meeting Girls, Part 1: Drawbacks to Being Drunk

drinking and meeting girls
If you do nightlife, you probably like to drink. But getting drunk isn’t always a good way to meet girls – in fact, it’s usually counterproductive.

If you go to parties, bars, or clubs, you will often be faced with the question: to drink or not to drink?

More specifically, in our community, the question is asked to determine how drinking affects seduction? Drinking is a critical and central part of modern pairing rituals that we find in the nightlife, and is therefore a question that has to be covered and answered. So I decided to give my thoughts in this 2-part post.

In part 1 (this article), I’ll cover the negative effects drinking may have on your dating life. Part 2 (next week) will cover the benefits. This should provide a balanced and nuanced discussion on the matter.

And don’t worry, I’m not going to preach on the moral implications of drinking, such as its health concerns, the dangers of drinking and driving, etc. This post will focus only on one thing – is alcohol good for meeting women?

Bust LMR with Fractionation (and Sidestep Women's Resistance to Sex)

LMR fractionation
When women resist sex, it’s easy to get frustrated. But you can beat this resistance (or often even preempt it) with a little dose of fractionation.

Hey, guys. I hope you are doing well. Today I’m going to discuss a very frustrating subject, something that if you can’t deal with can make or break a seduction at the worst possible moment – the last minute before sex.

Last-minute resistance (LMR) is what you face right before you get down to business. You could be in bed, both hot and horny, and just as you make your final move before sex (usually when you try to touch her more intimately or take off her panties, etc.), she resists. In its most simple terms, LMR is “resistance to sex” during the final phase of the escalation process.

Throughout the years, we have published several articles on Girls Chase about LMR. Here are a few:

And a report by me covering a real-life case of last-minute resistance!

This post will cover another technique you can use – in any situation – whether you met her during the daytime, nighttime, social circle, etc. As long as you are at your place, her place, or anywhere you can escalate things in peace, this technique can be used.

Additionally, this technique is rather simple to pull off and not very risky. Sure, as with any technique, practice will generate mastery, but compared to many other techniques, this one is a relatively safe bet, and I would say it’s fit for seducers at all levels.

Using Social Proof to Get Laid: A Report (with Demonstrations)

how to use social proof to get laid
Alek demonstrates how to build and use social proof to pick up a girl in a nightclub. See loads of social proof building examples and demonstrations on the way to the pickup.

Hey, guys. I’m finishing this year off with a report that will cover an event that took place last weekend. The idea here is to give you a story that will be entertaining, present some techniques, and give you an example of how they are used in real life.

Here at Girls Chase, we cover a lot of techniques, new ideas, new tricks, and solutions to issues you face in your dating life. However, in some cases, reports can be useful in order to demonstrate:

  • The context in which the techniques are used

  • How many techniques are used over the course of a night, and how they contribute

  • Which techniques fit different situations (how to analyze the situation and decide which techniques to use)

  • Which techniques work well with others

  • How it all comes together in a seduction

This can be a great addition to the actual posts covering the original concepts shared on this website. It helps put things into perspective.

For this occasion, I will be using the following techniques and strategies:

These will be the main concepts applied in this report. Things like opening, escalation, and other basics will of course be applied, too.

I know many of you are fans of my sex talk and were hoping for me to give you one of those reports. I will try to make more of those. The reason I chose this subject is because serious verbal seduction requires you to be able to talk without too much interruption. Where I live, the smoking areas tend to allow for that. Unfortunately, during the winter, it is too cold to do this outside, which means I have to stick to indoor club game, which makes sex talk difficult. I also think variation in the content of my reports is a good thing. Previously, we covered sexual tension; before that, we covered a typical verbal seduction night, and so on. Today we will focus on “social game,” although I will use some sexual gambits!

On the night in question, I was wearing black Chelsea boots (must have), a black sweater, a long necklace, a red bomber jacket with some cool “Chinese dragon” prints, and tight black jeans. With my long hair, I looked like a 70s rockstar.

A bit of background on the night: I was in this venue till 2am, and I left as a result of some drama with one of my girls. I had to let her go, which kinda sucked. In other words, my mood was not great. However, when shit like this happens, the best call is to venue change (go somewhere else). This report takes place in the new venue.

Nightlife Shadowing, Pt 2: How to Disappear in Bars and Clubs

disappear in a club
The whole process you need to vanish in bars and nightclubs. Hide from exes, stalkers, or that annoying guy or chick who won’t let you be.

Welcome to second half of this series, guys! In part 1, we introduced and discussed the concept of shadowing, which can be understood as disappearing in the crowd. It is a technique that will help you escape the social world by becoming a ghost.

Sometimes it is best to be seen publicly (surrounding yourself with girls to create social proof), and sometimes it is not. We discussed the situations in which such a strategy would be useful, and the reasons why.

Shadowing helps you:

  • Avoid female attention in order to avoid stalkers and girls who are potential cockblocks or drama

  • Avoid auto-rejection; whenever girls see you hooking up with someone, you risk coming off as unattainable

  • Avoid being seen as loner (if you happen to be alone in a club)

  • Avoid making your girl feel slutty by making her disappear in the crowd, enhancing the effect of isolation

In part 2, we will discuss the “hows.” The techniques shared in this post will be pretty straightforward and easy to implement, so they are suitable for everyone. And they apply mainly to night-game situations, so you clubbers and bar jumpers, this post is for you.

Nightlife Shadowing, Pt 1: When to Melt into the Crowd

Sometimes in nightlife it’s best if you can “shadow”: just melt into the crowd and disappear. In this article, we talk when and why to do this.

Today I want to share an old concept of mine that I originally shared back in 2009, I think. I haven’t really revisited the concept since then, but lately I have found situations where the concept has proven to be extremely useful to me, and these situations are not uncommon. Based on this, I thought you all might find the concept of “shadowing” to be very useful. It is easy to understand and not difficult to apply, so this post is for everyone.

What is shadowing?

In basic terms, it’s the “anti-social proof,” but it’s not something that will ruin your social proof. It just works differently.

I have covered the concept of social proof (and preselection, which is the result of social proof) multiple times. Social proof is the tool that makes women preselect you (i.e., choose you before you even approach). Attraction can be generated as a result of women seeing you with other women.

  • The more women you are seen with, the greater the effect of social proof, and the more you get preselected

  • The hotter the women who provide you social proof, the greater the effect

  • The more into you those women appear to be, the greater the effect

Check out some of our posts on the subject if you want to learn more about it.

In order to get social proof, the following is required:

  • You must trigger attention

  • Be positioned where people will see you

  • Be a social butterfly

Shadowing, on the other hand, is the opposite. In other words, it is a tool to avoid attention; you become a shadow rather than a social butterfly.

I feel some of you may be skeptical already. “Why the hell would you do this?” is probably a question on a lot of your minds. Isn’t getting attention necessary to trigger approach invitations from women? Isn’t it good to be seen with other girls? Yes, those are all really good things – but not always.

I consider it my duty, therefore, to elaborate on why and when this technique can be useful before I get to the “hows” of becoming a shadow. Therefore, the practical part will be covered next week in Part 2.

As for now, let’s cover the theory behind shadowing.

Hit and Run Social Proof for Girls You Meet at Bars

hit and run social proof
If you’re already in a chat with girls, it’s easy to both excite those girls and set up backup plan girls… by stepping away for a second to meet someone else.

I’ve got some more great pickup tech for you guys. Hopefully by the end of this year, you will have a huge arsenal. This post is primarily related to social proof, which we have covered a lot here in September and October. And you may be asking, “Alek, why didn’t you just share this technique while covering those other aspects of social proof?”

I have only one answer to that: Well, I just discovered this technique.

Yes, I am going out every weekend – and sometimes weekdays. I am out there meeting girls, banging girls, and discovering new strategies, techniques, and tactics all the time. This means I am sometimes sharing my techniques as I discover them. And in case you’re wondering, I give them 3-5 field tests before sharing in order to secure their validity and also get to observe their nuances. I believe techniques are best served fresh. I hope you are enjoying it.

Either way, let’s get on with it. Note that this technique is made primarily for night game (bars, clubs, house parties, etc.).

Make Yourself the Sexual Prize by Showing Her Your Sexual Standards

sexual standards
A mighty new way to position yourself as a sexual prize a girl simply must have: communicate exciting sexual standards to her that also turn her on.

Welcome back, gentlemen!

Today I will share a cool verbal technique that will help make a girl perceive you as a more attractive lover (through sexual prizing). It also gets her to comply to sexual behavior that you find preferable.

Yeah, that sounds pretty juicy, but this strategy is not too hard to pull off. It can be used by intermediate and advanced players. Beginners can give it a shot, too, but I believe it is key to have your fundamentals in check before attempting this. I also believe a minimum amount of sexual experience is important when it comes down to using this technique.

This technique is based on the concept of having standards (and how to use them to attract women). Women find men with standards to be of higher value. In other words, a man with standards is perceived to be more attractive. Women find it attractive when a man knows what he wants and how to get it. A girl will also feel more desired and attractive when she feels like she is being “accepted” by a guy with standards.

Note that I used the word “accepted,” which assumes she is the one chasing him and he is the one accepting her, which is by itself a good frame. Additionally, through the use of standards, you can challenge her, disqualify her, and force her to qualify. All of this sets the frame of you being the prize, which amps up her attraction.

Now, if you haven’t read yourself up on the importance of standards, their roles in seduction, their benefits and limitations, and how they can be used to “qualify her” and “disqualify her” (i.e., forcing her to qualify to you), then I suggest you check out the following posts, as they constitute crucial fundamentals in seduction (and posts covering fundamentals are must reads).

And for those more advanced players out there who enjoy using sexual game (including sex talk and other methods based on sexual prizing), check out this post that discusses how to use your standards to make her qualify sexually.

This post will discuss similar concepts, and the idea will be to use your standards to make her qualify to you sexually.

Going Out Momentum: Hot Streaks and Cold Streaks

going out hot streak
As you go out to talk to girls, you will come into hot streaks… and stumble into cold ones. This article is about why that happens.

I have on multiple occasions written about momentum as it relates to seduction. It’s one of those underlying mechanisms that profoundly affects your vibe, mindset, and results with women.

Today I will focus on some pickup theory that will help you make sense of the “unlearning mechanism” that takes place in your journey. I’ll discuss why many can experience some negative momentum after a positive streak. In fact, I will explore how there is an equilibrium effect at work that balances things out.

Momentum is the overall state of mind in which you find yourself during a period of time that snowballs and affects your results moving forward. Positive momentum denotes a good state of mind, which in turn, results in a sexier vibe. You get onto a hot streak. Negative momentum, however, generates a negative state of mind, giving you an unsexy vibe. You slide into a cold streak.

Momentum can snowball in a positive or a negative direction. For instance, if you approach three girls and they all seem receptive to you, positive momentum is created and your vibe becomes sexier and more attractive. If you get rejected harshly three times in a row, the momentum works the opposite way.

The example above is a case of what I have referred to as micro momentum. It’s the momentum that affects you on a micro level – during a night out, for example.

Macro momentum, on the other hand, takes into account the bigger picture – the overall momentum over a longer period of time. For instance, some of you may have noticed how summer holidays tend to be more wild. You may rack up lays during the summer, feeling like a true god of seduction. Things may even start to seem too easy and straight forward. And you feel this way until you experience some disruption in macro momentum. Let’s say that during the winter you may, for whatever reason, have less success with women or find it very difficult to meet new women. You then develop a case of negative macro momentum.

What to Do When She Won't Join You Somewhere

girl won't join you
Girls won’t always agree to move with you, sit with you, or head somewhere else. If you’re not afraid of a little risk, though, you can often change their minds.

Hey, guys. I hope you are all doing well.

And I hope you found my posts on attention seekers useful (part 1; part 2). The first post examined the underlying mechanisms, where we had a quick look at female psychology, and the follow-up discussed the technicalities (how to deal with the issue at hand by using her strong desire for attention against her to generate attraction and compliance).

The techniques covered were mostly based on concepts such as showing mixed signals and taking away the attention from her through disqualification and rapport breaking. Those techniques can be useful in most settings.

Additionally, the techniques covered do have a general “attraction-building effect” on most girls, but they happen to work even better with attention seekers. The more attention seeking, the more dynamite the results, even to the point where her desire for attention reaches new heights, which she would be willing to fulfill through sex.

In this post, I will share a technique that is very simple on paper but may require some calibration. The techniques covered will serve as a resistance buster for whenever you are trying to move her (to isolate her or actually extract her back to your place). This is a form of resistance that is especially common among attention seekers. They resist being isolated with you, because becoming isolated with you results in lower amounts of attention for them (other men will be less likely to hit on an isolated girl and give her the attention she truly seeks). Same thing goes for extraction, which basically means “the attention seeking is over.”

Two notes to make before moving on:

  • Just like in my previous post regarding attention seekers, this technique can be used on most girls, although it will have more effect on attention seekers. It is key to emphasize this.

  • This strategy is fit for night game (bars and clubs). It can also be used at parties (extended social circle). I haven’t really tried this with day game. I didn’t really have to, as usually resistance toward isolation and extraction in day game is more genuine because of a lack of rapport or logistical hoops (she actually has plans to go somewhere). In night game, however (clubs being the sanctuary for attention seekers), there will be many attention seekers, and that’s where this post will come in handy.