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About Me: Chase Amante

Since 2004, I've trained extensively in the social arts. Mentored by some of the top minds in the industry early on in my seduction career, I quickly developed a style all my own based on natural game and suave, confident interactions with women. Think James Bond meets George Clooney, with a dash of Van Wilder thrown in for good measure. My angle for success with women is, boiled down, all about being cool and moving fast.

After getting my start approaching in nightclubs, bars, and cafeterias, I branched out and have met women virtually every way you can imagine. From mass transit – airplanes and trains – to street approaches – at night and by day – to online dating, I've done it all and succeeded at it all.

I pride myself on being well-versed in everything I do, and seduction is no exception.

It's been an interesting journey, to say the least. I was privileged to have worked with the premier natural-game training company in its prime, as a dating coach and as the author of its newsletter, and have offered solo training and partnered with other dating coaches since then to offer classes and workshops that pooled our knowledge for students.

After living in Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and San Diego for most of my life - and traveling extensively throughout the United States for business - I embarked on the life of travel and adventure I'd aspired to since I was young. Currently based overseas - I'm in Asia at the moment - I'm still as focused as ever on getting things down to the nuts and bolts - essentially, taking apart seduction, attraction, and relationships, figuring out how they all work, and putting it all back together in a way that generates dynamite returns.

These days, I'm running four start-up or growth-stage businesses in a variety of industries, and working to complete a number of new books, including one focused on relationships that's due out sometime later this year.

As you might guess, I'm understandably strapped for time - but it's a whole lot of fun, and I'm learning a colossal amount of new things all the time, having great successes and great defeats, and meeting some really top-caliber people.

So, welcome to Girls Chase. Have a look around, add me on Facebook and Twitter, and don't forget to check out How to Make Girls Chase, my definitive guide on succeeding with women (you can download a free demo of the book here).

I hope you'll find this site to be a useful resource in making your dating life - and everything else in life - a lot more fulfilling, a lot easier to understand and get a handle on, and a lot more fun.


Chase Amante