How to Make Girls Chase | Girls Chase

How to Make Girls Chase

The Most Comprehensive Book on Seduction Ever Written

This dense, information-packed tome spills out over the brim with content designed to turn you into a man who is not only a marvel with the opposite sex -- but a man women actually pursue. Learn things you won't find anywhere else, like the difference between Implicit and Explicit Value, the different modes women find themselves in and how best to identify them and use them to your advantage, and the thunderous power of Social Momentum and how you can use it to transform a listless, boring night into one with women competing for you and pressing to take you home.

How to Make Girls Chase

All of this is laid out in a straightforward, step-by-step format specifically tailored to guide you along the path from social beginner to social veteran -- to teach you to Become the Romancer and then, in the second section of the book, to Become the Seducer. Newly recent and hot off the presses, this masterpiece of instruction in the social and seductive arts is the definitive reference on all things pick up- and seduction-related.

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