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Learning to pick up women on your own can take YEARS

“Our world class dating coaches can take you wherever you’re at with women and TRANSFORM you into a date-getting stud in just 3 days…

Live In-Field Girls Chase Coaching
  • 3-day coaching program where YOU learn The Girls Chase Attraction System™ on LIVE girls
  • Gain the confidence to approach and attract beautiful women (you'll be much more confident no matter where you're at with women)
  • Shatter your reality of what is “possible” by seeing a master seducing women up close and in person
  • Uncover the EXACT sticking points that hold you back from getting girls (and receive personalized training that unlocks a completely NEW level of dating success)
Chase Amante

Hey, Chase Amante here,

Are you finally ready to get good with girls in a major hurry?

Want to know the BEST shortcut I know to bring an armful of beautiful women into your life ASAP?

For years guys have flooded my inbox with pleas for Girls Chase to offer live in-field coaching. You know, the type of coaching where a master with women takes you out in the field to meet girls and BOOSTS your ability to attract women waayy waaayyy UP. Yet for years we’ve had too much on our plates and always had to turn these requests down...

Nevertheless, we still get loads of inquiries, and with all the other good coaching companies closing their doors, someone has to step up to the plate or guys won't be able to get coaching anywhere. I've begun to feel like Girls Chase OWES it to the thousands of men out there who NEED a good coach... owes them the epiphanies and breakthroughs they need to unlock unparalleled success with girls.

That’s why I’m excited to announce Girls Chase is launching

a live in-field coaching tour across the US and Europe this Spring of 2020!

I have assembled 4 masters of seduction to come to a city near you to reveal all their secrets and SUPERCHARGE your ability to attract women.

All you have to do is show up ready to learn…

Yet you need to sign up TODAY! This may be the only coaching tour we ever do... and we only have 36 spots.

Just read on and I’ll show you exactly how our live coaching programs work... and I’ll tell you how to secure your spot before all the spots are gone!

What Is A Girls Chase Live Program?

Program image

3 Days of Live In-Field Coaching

A Girls Chase Coaching Program will pair you with an instructor who is a master with women. You will spend 3 days going out to popular streets, malls, shopping districts, bars, and nightclubs where your instructor will train you on live women to approach and attract beautiful girls.

  • Learn EVERY step to successfully picking up a woman from “Hello..” to her going home with you

  • Instructor demonstrations to reveal how a pro meets gorgeous girls up close and in person

  • Gain a year of social experience in just a few days - (you will meet more women on a 3 day program than you have met in your entire life!)

Program image

Train With The Best

We hand-selected the most experienced coaches each with a track record of successfully coaching 100s of men. You can be confident our coaches will get YOU REAL results with girls.

  • 4 world class dating coaches. +30 years of combined coaching experience. Girls Chase instructors know the exact advice that will shave years off your learning curve

  • Small class sizes (3 students per instructor) to ensure you get the focused personalized attention you NEED to get wildly good with girls

  • Each instructor has designed his own unique program (offering day game OR night game). You can be sure we have the perfect program for you

Program image

The Most Powerful Way To Learn

Live programs are so effective because you and your coach pinpoint the precise mistakes losing you dates and attraction. Then your coach works with you to give you the exact solution to fix all your most critical issues for good. (this gives you a MASSIVE boost to your results with women right on the spot!)

  • Rapid improvement - no more spinning your wheels “wondering” what or how to fix issues losing you girls

  • Experience what success feels like so you can replicate it over and over again

  • Paradigm busting personalized feedback to give you epiphany after epiphany and overcome ALL your sticking points

Program image

Open Up Women's "Black Box"

Women think and behave very different from how men do. In-field coaching with a veteran seducer won't just introduce you to the biggest male-female differences... you'll see them clear as day, so you never forget them, and know exactly how to put them to use.

  • Discover tiny things you can tweak that make HUGE differences in how women respond to you (an expert coach can spot you doing things you'd never realize yourself in a million years)

  • Find out WHY you get stuck the places you get stuck at with women... and what to do to jump past the sticky spots

  • Learn how to read subtle signs a woman wants to meet you or move things forward with you (your coach will teach you to recognize signs it takes most men years to pick up on!)

No Matter Where You Are With Women
a Girls Chase Live Program Can Take A Student of ANY Level of Ability and
SKYROCKET His Results to The Next Level:

If You’re A Totally New Beginner

You are frustrated with your dating life and are ready for a BIG change. You have consumed plenty of "theory" to attract women but are intimidated or struggling to go put it all into practice on your own.

A Live Coaching Program Will…

Make it much easier to get comfortable meeting and flirting with girls. This confidence boost will jumpstart your dating life!

Your instructor will teach you how to:
  • Handle rejection like a man (so you are never phased by rejection again!)
  • Demolish your social fears and get you ADDICTED to approaching beautiful girls
  • Build a strong foundation of core confidence to go out and get success ON YOUR OWN
  • Lead a conversation so you know exactly what to say (and kill awkward “go nowhere” interaction for good!)

If You’re A Seasoned Intermediate

You are already out “banging the guns”. YET you’re getting annoyingly stuck, lost “why” you can’t unlock the next level of consistent results! If this is you then…

A Live Coaching Program Will…

… Reveal the EXACT unconscious mistakes holding you back with women and show you HOW to easily fix each issue right on the spot (and instantly blow past each sticking point!)

Your instructor will teach you how to:
  • The principles to effortless conversation (so you never run out of things to say again)
  • How to use sexual tension to explode boring conversations out of the water (and etch yourself deep into her subconscious as a sexual option)
  • The secrets to closing to get loads more girls agreeing to meet up for dates and go home with you (and achieve consistency)
  • How to “flip the script” and inspire attraction in girls who are “cold” or don’t give you much to work with off the bat

If You’re An Advanced Player

Women are no longer “a huge challenge” for you and although you’re happy with your skillset you know there is further to go in mastering seduction.

A Live Coaching Program Will…

Inject a newfound inspiration for seduction, fill in the blindspots you’ve never fully closed out on your own, and hand you the keys to access the “elite” tier of women.

Your instructor will teach you how to:
  • “Sniper game” so you can spot which girls are most open to being approached and already into you (so you leave mass approaching for the birds)
  • The intricacies and specifics of how to mastering specific venues (day game if you’re typically a night gamer or vice versa)
  • Achieve consistency attracting the highest caliber most attractive women and unlock “absolute abundance”
  • Have a master fine tune the last 5% of your skillset to truly MASTER women in your life (and have the dating life of a LEGEND)

Is A Girls Chase Live Coaching Program Right For You?

Our live coaching programs are taught by world class instructors that get life changing results for their students. How do you know if one of our programs is right for YOU?

Girls Chase live coaching
is not a good fit if…

  • You have a strong victim mentality and believe you can’t improve with women because of things outside of your control
  • You are closed minded or very committed to other schools of seduction systems/teachings
  • You are looking to get a good “deal” and are not willing to invest money for top notch coaching
  • You hold toxic negative beliefs about women (“all women are… [evil, liars, cheaters, sluts, etc]”)
  • You want a “magic pill” and are not willing to step outside of your comfort zone to get women in your life

Girls Chase live coaching
is PERFECT for you if...

  • You are serious about getting REAL results with attractive women
  • You are prepared to take massive action and listen to exactly what your coach asks of you
  • You are not afraid to invest money in your dating life in order to shave off years of time and frustration learning on your own
  • You are prepared to step outside your comfort zone and push past your fears to WIN BIG with women
  • You believe that you can improve with girls and are committed to seeing your dreams through into reality...

Sound good to you?

If you are ready you can book your FREE coaching consult with a Girls Chase expert right now and reserve your spot on a program. OR, keep reading to see the different programs we offer below.

Ready to begin? Superb! Let’s kick off your journey and inject the romantic equivalent of STEROIDS into your dating life... and let’s SUPERCHARGE your results with women. To get started, book your FREE coaching consult now with a Girls Chase expert. We’ll get right in touch, find out a little about you, and fit you into the perfect program for your needs.

Programs And Locations Offered

USA night game Workshop with

Executive Coach Joe Ducard

COMING TO: New York City,NY | Los Angeles, CA | Chicago, IL | Austin, TX

With over 10 years of coaching experience Joe is known for his patience and ability to blast students WAY past their limits.

Joe’s 3-day workshop will lay a strong foundation to learning and mastering night game. Students will be taken through 4 hours of deep classroom learning each day followed by 3+ hours of infield training Friday and Saturday night to put it all into practice.

The perfect program for the US based beginner/intermediate.

What students say about training with Joe...

"As someone who considers every bit of information before making a purchase decision, I always pick the best that I can get my hands on. Joe Ducard never fails to deliver on his promises, the last 2 times I engaged him as a consultant, he went beyond the scope of what he promised to deliver, highly recommended" ~ Anthony T - Melbourne AUS

“He (Joe) cares about his student's success, and that's what really separates him from everyone else" ~ John L - San Francisco, CA

"Before I met Joe I had never really approached Women at all and it made me super nervous. By the second day of working with Joe I was walking up to hot girls with ease and got phone numbers that turned into dates." ~ Dave P - New York City, NY

Euro day game Bootcamp with

Executive Coach Tony Depp

COMING TO: Berlin, GER | Krakow, POL | London, UK | Amsterdam, NED

Also with over 10 years of coaching experience Tony is a day game pro. He teaches his students how to take the stress out of approaching to make it ultra easy and fun to meet beautiful women in the daytime.

His day game bootcamp maximizes your time spent infield meeting women to level up FAST. Learning and lessons are conducted between approaches with a total of 12 hours of infield time.

Tony has taught guys as young as 18 and old as 60, making him your go to coach for ANYONE who wtans to master meeting women in the daytime.

What students say about training with Tony...

“I was shocked at how quickly my whole frame had changed, and at how I was getting results almost right away... I was no stranger to day game, having been doing 1-2 days a week for the last 3 weeks (with a terrible success rate), so it was amazing to see what a difference it makes having a pro critiquing your approaches… It was seriously awesome, with long-lasting effects, as it’s been nearly a month since then, and my day game results are now magical. It was the best damn investment I had made in a while, and I highly recommend it.” ~ M.C. Montreal, CA

“As a 41 year old male who separated from a wife of 11 years in April of 2013, I didn’t have a clue what to do as far as getting back into the dating scene…Thanks to the mentorship with Tony, I have learned the skills and techniques that helped give me the confidence to pick up hot woman.” ~ A.N. Vancouver, CA

“Tony will teach you how to be the normal guy who happens to be good at hitting on girls rather than becoming the robotic ‘pick up artist.’ I highly recommend his program” ~ G.L. Vancouver, CA

USA night game Bootcamp with

Executive Coach Denton Fisher

COMING TO: Las Vegas, Nevada (available on request)

Located in Sin City, USA where an endless stream of hottest girls come to let loose, party hard, and meet hot guys.

Denton is a master of club game and has coached over 1,000 students in the ar of night game. His edgy charisma gets even the coldest club queen’s attention (and he’s ready to give you all his best secrets.)

Denton’s night game Bootcamp is a fast paced, action packed, non-stop learn fest! A 30 min. briefing starts the night off and then hit the Vegas nightlife from 12AM until the sun comes out (or you pull a hottie). Perfect program for any guy wanting to master the nightlife.

What students say about training with Denton...

"Fools game is ridiculous. If you want to learn game this is the guy." ~ Torrey

"As a dating coach he is patient and understanding. Glad I reached out to him." ~ Ethan

"The real deal, great teacher and now a close friend. Thanks." ~ Vince

Euro Day/night game Bootcamp with

Executive Coach Hector Castillo

COMING TO: Bucharest, RO | Kyiv, UKR | Budapest, HUN | Prague, CZE

Work in person with the Girls Chase legend and King of College himself!

Based in Eastern Europe, Hector will take your game to the next level on the most beautiful, feminine women in the world.

Hector’s bootcamp will give you 3 days of 12hrs+ total infield time training in both day game and night game envrionments. You’ll leave with all the Kings secrets so you can become a sexy dominant man with the charisma to get a woman ANYWHERE you find yourself in the world.

What students say about training with Hector...

"Before working with Hector I would get attraction from beautiful sweethearts to hot status queens but every time I would always do nothing because I didn't know what to do and end up losing the girl. One day I decided I had enough and decided to seek help from a professional. I chose Hector Castillo. I have to say it was money well spent! Hector taught me the fundamentals of seduction, from approaching to talking and of course transitioning to sex. His coaching prepared me to seduce a girl I really liked, and today she is now my girlfriend! Words cannot describe the value he has given me!" ~ J.W. Lisbon, Portugal

"Working with Hector was a blast. Hector was fun, witty and knowledgeable but best of all he was honest and always told me the truth (even if it sometimes hurt). Hector's coaching changed my life and helped to move me in the direction of the guy that I always wanted to be. I’m now more confident and act as someone who goes after what he wants with no apologies. I highly recommend Hector as a coach to anyone looking to improve as a man." ~ S.W. New Jersey, USA

Packages and Pricing

Coaching Tour

(3-to-1 student to instructor ratio)


3 Days of Coaching

12+ Hours of Face-To-Face Training

Live Instructor Demonstrations

Low 3:1 Student/Instructor Ratio

Diagnose ALL Your Sticking Points

13 Cities Throughout Europe/USA

Tour Dates for Spring 2020


(1-on-1 Personal Coaching)


3 Days of Coaching

12+ Hours of Face-To-Face Training

Custom Tailored Feedback/Advice

Accountability To Ensure Success

Personal Blueprint for Post-Program Success

City of Your Choice*

Date of Your Choice**

*Any city in Europe or your choice of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Austin, Chicago or New York City

**Requires 2 month advanced notice


Ready to see if a live Girls Chase coaching program is right for you?

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Get Fitted Into The Perfect Program

Your FREE coaching consult with a Girls Chase expert is 100% confidential and secure. During the call we will explore your unique dating situation and goals with women.

Then we will realistically assess if a live coaching program is best for your situation. If it seems like a good fit we will pair you with the best instructor/program for your needs.

Sign Up Today To Get
World Class Coaching!

Chase Amante

Here's the good news: if you're reading this right now we still have coaching spots available.

But remember: we have only 36 spots total available (and they might not all be there anymore)... so if you even think you want coaching, make sure you sign up to secure your spot now!

This coaching tour will transform 36 smart and lucky guys' dating lives... and if you want to be included in this fortunate group you must sign up today before all the spots fill up and demand forces us to take this page down.

I and the rest of the Girls Chase Team look forward to working with you!

~ Chase Amante

P.S. Be sure to get in now while we still have spots available! Use the signup form above, and a Girls Chase pro will contact you to start the ball rolling on the total transformation of your romantic life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the price include lodging or travel expenses? + -

The price of our live programs includes access to the coaching program you sign up for only. Lodging and travel expenses are your responsibility. If you need help coordinating your logistics or finding the best deals your assigned Girls Chase representative will be happy to assist you with this.

2. What if I’m an older guy over 40? Is a coaching program still worthwhile for me? + -

Yes absolutely! Our coaches have experience and knowledge training guys in every age range. The day game program we offer taught by Tony Depp (our oldest coach) is accessible for men of all ages... Tony has experience successfully coaching clients up to their 60s! If you are in your early 40s you can get away with taking a night game program as well just fine.

3. Will the language barrier be a problem for your programs in countries where English is not the native language? + -

In our experience this has never been a problem. Typically English is the second language spoken in each of the countries on our European tour and most women you will meet will be able to speak English. In the event you meet a girl who does not speak English you will be able to practice your nonverbal attraction.

4. I’m worried I’ll do the workshop but not be able to approach afterward. Do you have any accountability coaching for after the program to ensure I maintain the results I get on program? + -

Unfortunately some students end up falling off and fail to go out and practice after their program and lose their results. To help prevent this we now offer a 6-12 week follow up Skype coaching course for alumni students to hold you accountable and ensure you keep getting the amazing results you worked to achieve on your coaching program. Ask your assigned Girls Chase representative about this.

5. I’m ready to book my spot for a live program but I don’t have all the money right now. Do you offer a payment plan? + -

Yes. We realize that many students don’t have all the money up front but still want to secure their spot before their location sells out. For our payment plans we ask that you put down 15% ($450 for 3-on-1 program or $1,500 for a 1-on-1 program) and pay the remaining balance off bi-weekly, monthly, or as a lump sum before the program begins. The full balance must be paid prior to your program in order to attend.

6. I live in the USA and want to do a live coaching program. However, you only offer night game programs here -- and I want to learn day game! + -

This is usually not a problem for students and in fact nightlife tends to be an outstanding environment for honing day game skills! If you can learn to hold a conversation with a woman despite all the distractions of loud music, flashing lights, and pesky friends that are a part of night game you will have a very easy time when you return to day game after your program.

7. What is the difference between your workshop and the bootcamp? + -

Our bootcamps are almost entirely spent in the field coaching where lessons are conducted “as you go”. The workshop is a slightly longer program that features a 4 hour classroom session each day to go deep into learning core concepts and internalizing lessons from infield sessions. Both the bootcamp and the workshop are the same price.

8. Why can’t I just buy without having to do the coaching call? I don’t want to be pressured into buying. + -

The free coaching call is important to make sure the program you are interested in is a good fit for you. Not every guy is going to be able to get as good of results as others. On the call a Girls Chase expert will explore your current struggles and goals. From there you will get a realistic assessment of whether or not live coaching can help you. If we feel confident we can help you achieve your goals we will invite you to do a coaching program and fit you into the best bootcamp/workshop for your needs.