Talk in Philadelphia, Sunday 30 January 2011 | Girls Chase

Talk in Philadelphia, Sunday 30 January 2011

Join me this Sunday in Philadelphia for a talk with the Philadelphia Lair, Philly's local pick up community -- it's free!

I'll be speaking on the following topics:

  • Handling Fundamentals (posture, eye contact, voice tone, movement speed, etc.)
  • Needy vs. Aloof vs. Cool and Genuinely Warm
  • Reactions vs. Results (e.g., women flirting vs. women coming home with you)
  • Talking Less and Getting Women Talking More
  • Deep Dives and Rapid Connection Building
  • Chase Framing (setting things up so that women are pursuing you)
  • Pushing for the Close
  • Simplifying Dates
  • Going on Runs (e.g., sleeping with a bunch of new girls in a short amount of time)

Jordan, co-head of the Philadelphia Lair, has arranged for us to hold the talk at the following location:

    Mrs. K's Coffee Shop
    325 Chestnut Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19106

Time and date is 6:30 PM on Sunday the 30th. I like to take a more interactive approach to my talks, so come armed with your questions and let's make it a good session!

See you Sunday!