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How to Get Girls: 12 of the Easiest Ways Ever to Do Awesome with Women

how to get girlsUnless you’re an old dusty mummy, you’d probably leap at the chance to do better with women.

Chances are at some point you’ve asked yourself the age old question: “How do I get girls?

Well, in fact, there are 12 “shortcuts” you can use to meet, get dates, and get relationships with women easier than ever... and easier than most of your pals.

Here they are: the 12 easiest ways how to get girls you’ll ever tap into.

#1: Use Flattery

Researchers from Brookhaven National Laboratory and Ohio State University discovered in 2011 that women valued self-esteem boosts from compliments more highly than good food, a paycheck, or running into their best friends.

The secret? Compliments must be genuine.

A genuine compliment of an actual characteristic (“You have the most adorable laugh”) trumps generic ones (“You’re pretty”), hands down.

#2: Ask Her Out

One of the biggest things guys can do more to do better with girls?

Ask girls out more!

how to get girlsYou’ve probably had a girl you thought liked you, but you never asked out.

In fact, if you’re like most guys, you’ve probably had LOTS of girls like this.

But if 50% of the girls you asked out said, “Okay,” and 50% of those girls you got somewhere with...

How many more girlfriends and lovers would you have had if you only asked them out?

The big issue for most guys is not getting publicly rejected.

Here’s an easy way to avoid rejection: chat for a minute or two, then tell her this:

“Hey, let’s grab brunch or a coffee sometime.”

If she isn’t into you she’ll decline, but it won’t be an outright “rejection.”

If she is into you, she’ll know what this is, and you’ll get a yes immediately.

#3: Excite Her

What do most guys do on dates?

Sit around and have boring conversations.

Not only do these fail to stimulate her mind, they fail to stimulate her desires, too. This isn’t an effective “how to get girls” recipe.

A 2011 study published in research journal Hormones and Behavior discovered that nervous system arousal actually leads to sexual arousal.

What that means is the more excited or stimulated she gets, the more turned on, too.

Some of the easiest ways to use this to excite her about you on in a hurry:

  • Scary movies
  • Amusement park rides
  • Paintball or laser tag
  • Anything fun and physical

#4: Wear Red

how to get girlsSound silly?

Au contraire.

A 2010 study (scientists actually investigate this stuff) found that across 7 experiments, women universally found men in red sexier and more arousing than men in anything else.

The funny thing was, the color red did not make women:

  • Like a man more
  • Think him nicer
  • Or find him more outgoing

It just made her want to drag him somewhere they could be along together.

#5: Ask the Right Questions

A team of researchers led by a Ph.D. nuclear physicist discovered 3 questions men can ask that immediately make women completely receptive to him.

The effectiveness of the questions blew away anything else researchers asked or said to women for getting women to agree to go out with a guy (or go further than this).

Because of the questions’ potency, the research team does ask men using them be responsible.

A video on the use of these questions is available here:

how to get girls

#6: Turn Up the Touch

A hormone released inside the female brain called “oxytocin” acts as gatekeeper to intimacy: when the hormone circulates in a woman’s brain, she becomes increasingly attracted to whatever man she’s with while feeling it.

Oxytocin is released the most during female orgasm (which is no help to you before you’ve got her!).

However, the second most effective way to release oxytocin in her brain is prolonged physical contact with a man.

To get oxytocin flowing, you must be in physical contact with her for more than 20 seconds.

The easiest ways to do this:

  • Sit next to her with your legs touching
  • Place your arm around her shoulders
  • Position your hand on the small of her back
  • Hold hands with her

#7: Talk Deeper, Later

Researchers published a study in the Journal of General Psychology that found men who successfully got women to agree to go out with them spoke to those women higher and faster at the beginning, then gradually dropped how deep they spoke, and how slowly.

The researchers’ recommendation for men wanting to know how to get girls?

Start out with your voice a little higher and a little faster, and every time you want to take things more intimate, talk slower, and deeper.

#8: Stare into Her Eyes

how to get girlsTouch and orgasm aren’t the only ways to stimulate oxytocin. Staring into her limpid pools works too.

Researchers from Clark University discovered that simply staring into the eyes of an opposite sex stranger for 2 minutes ramped up feelings of passionate love.

Of course, you probably won’t have 2 minutes of uninterrupted stare-time on a date. The way to use this to get excite a woman you talk to is to take 5-second pauses, smile warmly, and look into her eyes.

Then, continue talking as usual, only now with added romantic attraction.

#9: Speaking of Pauses...

Use more.

A study published in Statistics and Society in 2012 found the most persuasive men were “moderately disfluent” – they didn’t sit there like lumps, but neither did they talk non-stop, either.

Instead, persuasive (and attractive) men uses pauses throughout their conversation to increase women’s engagement.

Sometimes, saying nothing really is the best option.

#10: Display Social Dominance

Sound like a mouthful?

Don’t worry, it’s simpler than it sounds.

Social dominance is another pivotal element of how to get girls.

Here are some of the big ways to show yours:

  • Take up more space with your body
  • Change locations more frequently in a venue
  • Playfully slap/shove other men more than they slap/shove you
  • Glance at women you want more often and more assertively

#11: Be More Obvious

One of the biggest problems guys have is they think they’re showing more interest than they are.

To not look “too obvious”, they tone it down – and women don’t even realize they’re interested.

Men often think that a woman should know they’re interested just because they’re talking to her, but this alone isn’t enough.

Instead, to make interest more obvious, do all the things we talked about above... a bit more dramatically than you otherwise might.

#12: Be Confident

Easier said than done, right?

Confidence is the #1 trait women say they look for in men, across the board.

But you can’t just turn a knob and say, “Today, I’ll be ‘more confident’.”

Instead, what’s required is an understanding of how the female mind works and why she does what she does, plus exactly which of her buttons to push to hook up and get girls.

For the whole enchilada on how her brain works and why she goes for the men she does, plus how to use this to get any girl you use it on, check out this video:

how to get girls


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