Why Don't Girls Want Intelligent Guys? Part 3: Dumb Down & Get Laid | Girls Chase

Why Don't Girls Want Intelligent Guys? Part 3: Dumb Down & Get Laid

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be dumb and get laid
You know dumb guys get laid. Now it’s time to dumb down yourself – and reap the rewards. Cut the snobbishness out, and get the girl.

For those triggered by the title, go back and read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series carefully. In excruciating detail, I have explained what I mean by “dumb” and why being so works well with women.

Now that the theoretical groundwork has been laid out for any nerds looking to disagree with my points, we can move forward plainly.

I will no longer justify being dumb, but only prescribe and explain why certain behaviors work with women.

My advice mostly revolves around cutting certain behaviors as a method to turn attention away from your intelligence and more toward your sexual value – your physical and social dominance.

Let’s get to it.

Hector CastilloAbout the Author: Hector Castillo

Hector Castillo is the web’s top expert on getting laid in college. In his small town university, he went from World of Warcraft nerd to president of his fraternity in 4 years... And on the way, he bedded close to 50 women. To follow his life up close, follow his Instagram here. His book King of College is due out soon. Listen to the 40-minute interview with Hector on his story and some of his prized tech... and sign up for a 12-week coaching course with him, here:



Sebastian's picture

I love it, when I get a whole new perspective, to reframe my thinking.
You just got me with this one: lol

'He’s looking at her like she’s an 8-year-old girl trying to argue why Santa is real'.

Best regards,

BGG2Sarevok's picture

Such wisdom contained in this article, all those books I've read over the years, although not a complete waste of time but I can see very clearly now how it has fucking hindered me in hindsite. Thankyou !

Tally 's picture

how does a dump or dumped down person add value to group? If he has a vague look, doesnt talk much, cant contribute to the conversation etc. etc.,

why would he be wanted and invited again and again in a group?

Another thing is that Hector mentions women approaching dumb men, but how does that happen ? Why would they bother, especially if they are approached by other men?

Waiting for a reply, cause I'll be honest, cant wait to try this out.

Keep up the good job Hector

Marc's picture

I am someone with 130+ IQ, tall, imposing and dominant, so I can speak from both perspectives.

1. Dumb people have fun and are easily entertained, just watch them, they piss their money on shots, scream at each other, sing like crap, have hangovers, puke etc. All of these things are dumb activities that add little value to your life. BUT dumb people have fun doing it. Since dumb guys have high mood and energy it is much easier to stumble into sex. And make friends with other dumb people.

2. Smart guys get bored easier, they can't just sit at a mediocre restaurant table and have fun. They can't have dumb mundane conversations with others. When out with groups, they are much more likely to get bored.

3. Social circle leaders are almost never the geniuses, because they need to enjoy mundane activities (like midnight pizza parlor, or pointless pop culture trivia). Also they need to do things that are objectively dumb, like alcohol, drugs or wasting tons of money. 

4. Most of the high-iq guys I know exclusively do day/online game. 

5. There is an extreme correlation with introversion and intelligence.

JW's picture

I read all your articles!! you are my favorite author!! ahah

Renzo's picture

Nice. Kinda relates to music business too. Reminds me of a line from rapper Jay Z, "I dumbed down for my audience to double my dollars" To get more people interested in his music he had to dumb down(his lyrics), just like a man has to dumb down to get more women.

Mickey's picture

What happens when they start having dumb kids?

Garry's picture

Ciao Hector
I absolutely adore your philosophy and your writing about the primal style of life. I agree that one has to be versed in pop culture as it gives you something to talk about with people and makes you relatable. But pop culture is so intoxicating! The last two years I abstained from watching tv, reading newspapers and listening mainstream music because I feel influenced by it in a negative way. TV Shows are full of weak men, (e.g. TBBT or Hollywood Movies about sensitive guys who have to be rescued emotionally). If one reads the newspaper he gets filled with fear about bullshit topics and gossip about "important" people I don't give a fuck about. They suggest you MUST be intrested in celebrities, you MUST be scared about the economic situation, you MUST follow a certain trend and you MUST buy the new iPhone 2000. And they are full of sexism topics (e.g. #metoo) and how male sexuality is bad. Heck one day I even read that spreading your legs as a man when sitting down in a train should be a shame. And todays Mainstream music is full of pathetic men who are whining about their lost love singing in head voice or "strong independent" women who sing about they don't need men to be happy. It seems that fat, strong women and weak whiny men are the latest fucking trend!
I absolutely love your how to become a beast series. There you explained how important it is to be very selective in what you consume. But how can one be versed in pop culture and connect with people when he decides to only consume what makes him stronger and abstain from bullshit?

Best greetings from Switzerland

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