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How to Use Fractionation to Mesmerize Her

Chase Amante

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fractionation mesmerize herThe topic I’ll be covering today is one of my favorite concepts in seduction: fractionation.

It’s been covered on Girls Chase before, and for good reason – it is a powerful, versatile, multi-layered tool that will serve as a great asset to the skill set of any seducer.

Fractionation is also mildly confusing as a concept. It may not be immediately understandable for some readers who aren’t that experienced as seducers just yet, which is precisely why it merits another article – to make absolutely sure you understand just what you can accomplish with fractionation.

Additionally, I’ll also touch on a nuanced aspect of this tool that could be valuable to the readers who’ve already become certified lady killers.

Daniel AdebayoAbout the Author: Daniel Adebayo

Daniel Adebayo made the far trek from sunny Nigeria to frosty Canada for school. There, he leverages a strong drive for success as he applies himself to both his university studies and romantic pursuits.


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