How to Make People Chase You: 3 Steps (Simple) | Girls Chase

How to Make People Chase You: 3 Steps (Simple)

Chase Amante

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Note from Chase: this is a guest post from Drexel Scott, a frequent contributor to Girls Chase (you can see the rest of his articles here). In this guest post, he responds to a question from a reader about how to make cool and desirable people seek you out as an addition to their lives. Here's Drexel.



Drexel ScottAbout the Author: Drexel Scott

Drexel struggled with awkwardness and nerdiness early in life. Today, after tremendous personal development, he enjoys a life filled with social and romantic success. His journey from awkward young guy to socially skilled man stands testament to the fact that social skills can be learned, applied, and mastered no matter where you start out at.


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