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Day Game Tips: Make Her Curious

Chase Amante

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Daniel Adebayo's picture

day game tips
If you just pop up next to a girl during day game, you’ll startle her. To avoid this – and get a smoother open – let her see you first, and make it natural.

Note from Chase: Daniel Adebayo is a Nigerian living in Canada. He’s been a member of the Girls Chase discussion boards for several years now, at a roughly intermediate skill level with girls and learning fast. His first article, on curiosity and day game, kicks off here.

Day game.

For me, those two words have held so much opportunity since high school. The idea that you could just see a girl in broad daylight and then seduce her – that was the pinnacle for me. And when I first embarked on this journey, I absorbed all the information I could find on this topic, took that material, and hit the streets.

Two years and more than a few approaches later, I’d had so many dates with beautiful girls, and even gotten a handful of them into bed. And yet, I was still quite unsatisfied. Something didn’t feel right. I mean, this was great, I was actually having sex – with hot girls too! But it still wasn’t what I had imagined two years earlier.

You see, the main thing was the amount of effort, or more specifically, the number of girls I was approaching was far in excess of the number of girls I actually got anywhere with.

So I went back to the drawing board, got imaginative, and started tweaking things. And after a few months I ended up with something enhanced, new, and better. It transformed my day game. And I’m sure this knowledge will transform your day game as well.


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